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Clearly, today’s Quote of the Day was spot on: the President of the United States is attempting to reassure “moderate” gun owners that he’s not going to grab their guns even as his administration plans to use [as yet unspecified] Executive Orders to infringe upon Americans’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Divide and conquer. Cleverly, he uses his previous term’s inactivity on gun control as “proof” that he’s pro-Second Amendment. And what’s the bet the Vice President will make some reference to the SHOT Show when he unveils his civilian disarmament program tomorrow? The gloves are off even as they’re on, if you know what I mean.

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  1. What the President doesn’t seem to get is that an AR-15 is one of my guns. So, when he says that he wants to ban “assault weapons” and also that he doesn’t want to “grab my guns,” I know for a fact that he is lying.

    • If you use an AR for 3-gun or high power, you are a sportsman. If you use one for hog hunting, you are a hunter. It follows that he wants to take guns away from hunters and sportsmen. Lying sums it up.

    • I used a 6×45 18″ AR to take my buck this year, so yeah, he’s lying. Either that or every gun owner who uses an AR for hunting or sportsman activities gets an exemption. Hmmm, you decide.

      • If you have an AR, you aren’t the person he’s talking to. You’re one of those homocidal raving gun-nut militia guys who are a hair away from snapping and killing everyone. As far as he’s concerned, if you own one of these guns, you aren’t a citizen, you’re a threat.

  2. WHO exactly created the demand, Mister Drone Killer – gunmakers or your evil, psychopathic machinations?

    • Right. Most gun makers have raised prices and discontinued promotions to dealers. How does that increase sales? It doesn’t. Obama knows he’s been the best gun salesman the nation has ever seen, but he’s being consistent in his inability to take responsibility.

    • You Moron!!! The Gun Manufacturers are no different than any other greedy corporation taking advantage of the market and not only are their prices already way to high marked up about 1000% but raping the American people of their hard earned money. This is usury and it is a grevious sin unto The Lord. They, just becaue they make our guns and are Americans are the least patriotic of all. Greedy men raking in the money while they can. I get so sick of men who can’t think past their biased and ignorant noses. When will foolish men open their vain eyes and be honest with themselves. Gun dealers are greedy rapists. Period!

      • Kevin:

        “You Moron!!!” Great way to start a Comment!

        “The Gun Manufacturers are no different than any other greedy corporation…” Hum …. It must be hard for you to know this about “every” corporation!

        ” ….raping the American people of their hard earned money.” How do they “take” our hard earned money by force?

        “This is usury….” Usury – the lending or practice of lending money at an exorbitant interest.

        Well, that is enough said!

        Ron – HAND!

  3. I don’t think his scholarly records were ever made public, but I would like to know what he got in economics. The “surge” is his own fault.

    • To quote the YouTube video “Hitler’s response to Obamacare” – “No wonder he won’t release his grades. Bush got C’s, Obama failed lunch.”

  4. Wow. He really hates private industry doesn’t he? Probably even the gun industry moreso because they manufacture those evil devices that kill people.

    I don’t usually partake in Obama bashing, but he is displaying some very irrational hatred here.

    • He points to a flourishing business and tells the owner,”You didn’t build that”, when it suits his agenda. Then he creates a run on the guns and credits the manufacturers greed. Demands credit when it’s undeserved and denies responsibility when it squarely belongs to him. So predictable.

  5. No, President Fvckwad, the gun sales surge was not due to gunmakers greed. It was because people wanted to be armed before you attempt to inhibit that right.

    • And just like that, Obama increased the already sky-high demand for guns and ammo.

      It’s not their greed, Mr. President. It’s your stupidity, which makes us uncertain of the future, hence our need to protect ourselves from your nonsensical, unconstitutional laws now, before it’s too late. You’re to blame buddy, not the gun owners or gun manufacturers.

  6. The Liar in Chief’s intestinal tract must have been installed backwards because he’s talking sh!t while he pulls ideas out of his @ss.

    • The question was on what he made of all the long lines for guns, even people in CT are in line. The MSM doesn’t get it. After all the hard work they have put in they really expected people to voluntarily give up their guns by now, not purchasing more.

  7. Wow.

    I had hoped that he was smart enough to avoid this fight. I was wrong. He was just waiting for an opportunity.

    This statement is just moronic in the extreme.

  8. I’ve heard the same rhetoric w/respect to breed bans. “We don’t want to take away your Pitbull, German Shepherd, Rottie, etc. , we just want to make sure you sensibly maintain them behind a 6 foot fence, wear a tracking collar @ all times, have liability insurance, etc (read modern sporting rifles) …. but if you have a golden retriever or Labrador you have nothing to worry about (read hunters)”

  9. Serious question, how could manufacturers drive up demand? The only answer would be to lower prices and prices are higher than before. That is economics 101 and I don’t think you have a Business degree anyways liar in chief.

  10. Ok, the surge is not due to the greed of the gunmakers, but the fact that during the surge some manufacturers & distributors eliminated wholesale ‘dealer’ pricing is an unequivocal sign of greed.
    I am also looking forward to the rivers of alligator tears that will start flowing when the idiots who have been paying $50-$80 for pmags, $1500-$2500 for Bushmasters & DPMS’s and the absolute morons who have been paying well over 5k for HK’s & Scar’s, Credit card bills start showing up.
    FFS people quit with the idiocy already, a 100 unit case of PMAG’s went for $7800 on gunbroker the other day!?!?!?!?!

    • Greed–uh, no. It’s basic supply and demand–something Zero detests (unless of course it’s one of his million dollar donors).

      And if you’ve got the coin to drop that much bank on PMags–more power to ya. I sure as hell wish I did.

  11. This asshat currently residing in our WH will go down in history as the WORST POTUS ever…

    And that is probably bringing a smile to the face of Jimmy Carter!

  12. I so agree with Obama, Cabella’s showed up at my door, took my credit card and made me buy something! Sarcasm off\

    • Yep. Sure that’s going to get a lot of votes in the House. “Maybe we DO need more gun, then?”

  13. But isnt the surge a good thing!? Mr. President you promised us more jobs and you have created job security over the past couple of months. Now you are planning to take jobs away.

  14. I have a 100% way to curb gun violence. STOP FORCING STRAWMAN PURCHASES TO DRUG CARTELS! These bastards are unbelievable.

  15. How typical, another uninformed politician. It would have served him better to just have STFU. OBAMA is the reason for the surge. All this makes me sick!!!

  16. I was certain the The Sand Hook tragedy would be he used up by the POTUS. It was his golden opportunity to get gun control under way.

    Sunday night after the shooting, I listened to Obama speak. It was obvious that the AWB was going to be given a platform immediately. I went to the gun store at 9:00 on Monday to stock up. I have a few guns so I was worried about ammo and magazines mostly. I walked out with what I needed.

    Simply put, Obama made me and millions of others stock up!

    I don’t trust the man in office it is as simple as that.w

  17. The hell of it is this frenzy has taken on a life of its own. Even if no new laws are passed this fevered pace of grabbing everything gun will continue. Likely at least for a year and maybe longer.

    regardless of what his intentions were when he got elected he will go down in history as the POTUS who oeversaw the largest arming of civilians, quite possibly, in history.

    The jokes on all those people who saw him as a gun control president and supported both his election bids. I’m betting the Brady bunch has a dart board with his picture on it at HQ.

  18. In that this mongrel marxist cur believes gov’t should create everything it’s odd he doesn’t take Credit for stimulating this segment of the economy… You know damn well he’ll use any new hires or overtime paid as proof he’s “fixing” the “economy”…

  19. I’m not ordering an AR-15 because I think you’ll take them away sir. I’m ordering one because I know you’ll do everything in your power to make sure I can’t buy one after your bill passes.

    That’s not irrational, and it’s certainly not driven by corporate greed. My panic buying is driven by a reasonable interpretation of your statements.

    I’ll even go so far as to say that if I believed you would try to have them confiscated I’d be less likely to buy one, since it would just get taken away.

  20. Shows Obama is outdated in his gun grab propaganda these words are so Clinton 1990s trying to divided and conqueror. Over I think Obama failed to divide gun owners.

  21. It really doesn’t take an economics major to figure out the relationship between Obama’s mouth and the spike in semi auto rifle purchases. He increases the immediate demand for semi auto rifles everytime he (or his administration) make people think that they’re going to ban them in the near future. If the market thinks they can’t get them in the future, they’re going to buy them now. Blaming the NRA and/or gun manufacturers is simply a diversion.

    Of course, Obama knows this. Call your opponents greedy, watch the media sell it to the public….lather, rinse, and repeat. By and large, it’s working.

  22. Obama, disciple of Saul (“Rules for Radicals”) Alinsky, mentored by Communist Party USA member Frank Marshall Davis, considers lying, dissembling, misrepresentation, division, fear-mongering and agitation part of his toolbox. As Alinsky preached, all the above is OK because the ends justify the means (this part appeared after his introductory dedication to Satan … yes, literally). And so the guy who said in 2008 (and now) the he doesn’t intend to take our guns, that if we liked our health care plans we could keep them and that Obamacare would “bend the cost curve down,” this is just another lying day at the office.

  23. i like how he attempted to shift the blame on private firearms manufacturers.

    what a douchebag.

    this child killing, drone flying, Bush worshipping asshat has no credibility with me whatsoever.

    you want to make a dent in gun violence? decriminalize marijuana. oh wait, you wont do that because when one of your optimistic constituents asked you about legalizing pot, you just chuckled and said, “ohhh hahahaha, i dont know about that!

    …but he smoked pot growing up!?!?!?!? he’s supposed to be “hip” and “one of us”!? nope. youve been hoodwinked again dumbasses.

  24. barack ( i dont even respect you enough to formally address you or spell your name),

    stop bringing our sons and daughters home in body bags because of your banking greed.


    a former instrument of yours.

    p.s. i have friends that work in the industry of manufacturing firearms and firearms accessories. they have produced their entire lives and have provided for their families. who the F^ck are you to label them with greed when you have produced NOTHING in your life and lived off of the capital created by those who you criticize?

    p.p.s. maybe when you get enough balls someday (which will be never) maybe you can start believing in common sense and ethics when it comes to the Constitution. after all, Bush has been out of office since January 2009. your excuses for continuing the neo-conservative hegemony games are narrowing year by year. When will you decide to do the right thing? after youve killed over a million Pakistanis and Afghanis? after youve spiraled this country into bankrupcty and debt? After youve brought the American nation down in flames in pursuit of the unattainable global empire? Try reading some history instead of Keynesian economics; maybe youll learn something.

    p.p.p.s. Im a peaceful person and believe in the ballot box’s effectiveness, despite evidence proving otherwise. Dont expect my vote…ever. I would rather take my chances with a lemon juice enema.

  25. What Obama should have said, if he was telling the truth: “Gun sales have surged because of my greed – my incessant desire to complete the installation of a corporatist, fascist, crony-statist state in the USA – my desire to enrich myself, my family, my friends, my cronies, and to buy off voters with panacea of socialist redistribution of wealth from the moderately well off to a group made continually dependent on goverment my chaps like me.”

  26. Gun sales have soared because of Gun Ban assholes like him in the White House, A.G., Shotgun Joe as V.P., Feinstink, Lautenbooger, Chuck Schmuck et al.

  27. They were and are trying to ban AR’s, 30 rd mags etc. What the heck does he expect? That is priceless coming from a jerk with the best security detail in the world guarding him and his family.

  28. “Responsible gun owners, people who have a gun for hunting, for sportsmanship, they don’t have anything to worry about”

    “If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan!”

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