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Families of Newtown Victims Look for Answers on Gun Violence. That’s the headline The New York Times puts on the story. And boy, does the NYT want the newly formed non-profit group out of Newtown Connecticut to come out for new civilians disarmament legislation. “Several parents whose children were killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting joined the national debate on gun violence on Monday, gathering here to begin sketching their response to the massacre by helping start a nonprofit organization intended to help prevent the kind of bloodshed that turned this quaint New England community into a national symbol of grief.” Wait. No mention of gun control there . . .

In some of their first public statements since the Dec. 14 shooting that killed 20 children and 6 staff members at the school, the families of 11 of the children and adult victims appeared at a news conference and called for a national dialogue around issues of mental health, school safety and what their organization, called Sandy Hook Promise, described as “gun responsibility.”

Huh. Gun responsibility. Complete with air quotes.

“On Friday, Dec. 14, I put two children on the bus, and only one came home,” said Nelba Marquez-Greene, whose 6-year-old daughter, Ana, died that day. “I hope that no parent, grandparent or caregiver of children ever has to go through that pain.” But despite the enormity of their loss, the relatives did not offer any specifics meant to address the issue of gun violence or gun control.

Well I’ll be damned. Oh wait. Let’s save that condemnation for The New York Times. That said, it must be hell for them, not getting the final piece in the civilian disarmament puzzle. They have to wave the bloody shirt by proxy.

The gathering came as President Obama and Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. prepare to unveil gun-control proposals as soon as Tuesday that are expected to call for a ban on the kind of assault weapon and high-capacity ammunition magazines used by Adam Lanza in the Newtown shooting.

But asked where the group stood on tough new gun measures, Tim Makris, one of its 17 founders, said it was still in the process of educating itself before taking firm any stands.

OMG! You mean they’re thinking before acting? It’s a lesson the President of the United States and the rest of his NWAC (Never Waste a Crisis) Boyz.

Make no mistake: this is a serious blessing for Americans who seek to defend and extend their Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

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  1. I relish the thought that some day after the dust settles some real action will be taken to prevent gun violence such as this from occurring in the future. I do not equate the solution as trying to ban all kinds of weapons and magazines from law abiding owners. Making it more difficult for crazies to get their hands on guns definitely counts. But so does helping friends, parents, families identify behaviors that suggest that someone they know might have a tendancy toward a violent act.

    Guns aren’t the only pattern in these killings. I’m still stuck left wondering how someone could end up in a state of mind that says that killing a room full of helpless children and teachers sounds like a good idea. I’m also stuck with awareness that there are a lot commonalities with these shootings. Generally young men in their late teens, early twenties, significant mental health issues, some already diagnosed and in treatment.

    I’m a proud gun owner, and I too would like to see an end to gun violence.

    • Two realities that cannot be discussed are the roles of brain drugs and demons. The first has too much $ protecting it. On the second, few people believe there are unseen realities, which is bizarre and completely modern. Normal people also underestimate how evil others can be.

      Maybe stuff like this has always happened and the media circus is newer.

      • Stuff like this has happened before, but never in history has it been more difficult to take dangerous people off the street.

        The irony is that if a law-abiding gun owner makes a trifling error, he’ll be pitched into jail and his life will be turned inside out. But a dangerous psychopath who is clearly a threat to himself and others can’t be confined until he wipes out a roomful of innocent people.

  2. “I Promise to do everything I can to encourage and support common sense solutions”

    I’m sorry, but whenever I see the phrase “common sense solutions” I know exactly what it means. And is has nothing to do with common sense or solutions. It means “bend over.”

  3. The families of the victims are not politicians, they have no agenda, they are just dealing with the grief and sorrow the best they can, and I have immense respect for how they have handled being forced into the national spot light in such a circumstance.

    • I agree. The problem arises when Brady chicken hawks swoop in and dangle the promises of an end to violence like carrots in front of these victims faces. These people are in unimaginable pain, and it’s unrealistic to demand they immediately view their loss in a clinical and logical fashion.

  4. Common sense solutions? Is NY’s proposed AWB a common sense solution?

    No solution will be common sensy enough for these people until all guns are banned.

  5. Some of them will come out in favor of gun control eventually, because statistically, some of them were for gun control before this happened.

    That said, I applaud their “educate then decide” plan of action. Hell, even if they come down opposite me on this issue, at least it appears they did the math to come to that point, and I can respect that to some degree.

  6. As a father and grandfather I cannot even begin to understand the pain of loosing a little one would bring. I hope that I go before my young ones, the way it was meant to be.

    I hope that their common sense solution recognises that the cork is out of the bottle and no real plan can exist without trusting vetted members of the community on campus with guns.

  7. “Gun violence”; the two words are joined at the hip, media-wise. How come they never call Obomber’s DRONE ATTACKS “violence”?

    Oh. Forgot. Brown children. Far away. Foreign language.

  8. Maybe they understand that focusing on guns is only the proximate cause of the massacre, not the ultimate cause.

    Maybe they understand that unless the ultimate cause (social, human, psychological…) is addressed, the problem won’t go away.

    Maybe they understand that all of the politicians assholes who are focusing mainly on the proximate cause are doing so for their own political benefit.

    Maybe they understand that addressing the ultimate cause is complicated and difficult and that politicians the assholes can’t be bothered.

  9. The solution to future school tragedies? Have a few school officials (so one or more are there at all times) with the intrest, training, and access to a high capacity handgun that is locked inside a gun cabinet.
    If shots are heard of they are notified that something is happening, they head to the cabinet and go to where the ruckus is.
    These freaks are zoned into shooting their prey and wont even notice being capped in the back of the head, and even if they knew people with guns were coming, they would usually kill themselves.
    End of story.

    • Look at what happened at Columbine High: One armed security on campus, one armed cop at the perimeter when the shooting started. Most of the killing happened after they had shot at Harris.

      • Columbine guards were trained in containment, not rapid confrontation of the shooters as is practiced now. And there is evidence that by engaging one of the shooters allowed one person to escape and seek refuge means that act saved a life.

  10. I could never imagine the sorrow of the loss of my own child, and I pray for those who lost their lives, as well as those who lost their loved ones.
    My full support to those that would genuinely wan’t to open constructive dialog on how to eliminate, or at least minimize future instances such as this. At the same time, I pray that those using this tragedy to forward their agenda are exposed, and stopped.
    Why must upstanding citizens be demonized? We have a huge asset in our gun owning citizenry, many of which are ex military, police, firefighters, etc., why are we not looking at ways for those deemed qualified by local law enforcement, to train with them, as volunteer units for casual, and emergency assistance units. The extra eyes, and respondents we cannot afford? This may not be the answer, but it is better than name calling, demonizing, and disarming good, and decent citizens.
    We might also consider that one tried, and convicted of murder looses all rights, instead of incentivising them with things like a sex change operation.

  11. Really i think this should be diagnosed as soon as possible to make people feel save cause that is what exactly we need cause if no save no life

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