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President Obama (courtesy

SPOILER ALERT! Just kidding. I hope. But Dan and I are sitting at the secret TTAG above-ground bunker waiting for President Obama to announce . . . something. We both believe that the CIC will talk about terrorism in general, the Paris and San Bernadino attacks in specific and then segue into some sort of gun control initiative. Dan reckons the President will take Executive Action and merge the “No-Fly List” with the NICS background check system to prohibit anyone on the List from purchasing or transferring (where applicable) a firearm. I think the New York Times editorial hinted at a new assault weapons ban, through the exact same methodology (no NICS approval for certain rifles). What’s your guess?

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  1. He is going to expand the no fly list and attack nfa items with the atf 41p rule change on trust.

  2. If they use NICS to institute a de-facto ban on common firearms I think that would clearly show the supreme court that NICS is a violation of the constitution.

    • Really hard to ban stripped lowers when all it says on the form is “receiver” and “caliber:multi”

  3. He’s going to abolish the 2nd Amendment and demand all guns be turned in….. In other news the 2nd civil war has just started in America.
    (God I hope not) ?

  4. Something evil this way comes. I’ve been speculating on here all day. Banning AR’s at the least-by executive BS. Time for impeachment…oh yeah stock up.

    • My mom just got my dad his first AR for Christmas. It’s nothing special, ~$500 entry level DPMS, but I’m glad we have one! That and 1400 rounds + five standard capacity magazines.

  5. Today at the Walmart I work for, our rifle and ammo case has been totally cleaned out. People are definitely assuming the worst.

    • It’s because we can’t vote “him” out. Every non-‘sporting’* gun sale is a vote against the potus. Think about it that way.

      *gun not purchased for a specific hunting or competition use.

  6. I think there will be one real thing buried in a speech otherwise full of hot air and empty rhetoric, which he’s really good at spouting. The one thing will probably have something to do with enhancing background checks in some way, and will probably be immediately challenged by firearms rights groups like NRA, GOA, and SAF. Why would he do it then, you may ask? To give his would-be successor some ammo (pardon the pun) for the upcoming election year so as to rally their base. He knows he has limits, even if he acts otherwise, or he would have done some bigger gun control stuff before now. Nope, he’s always campaigning and this is to boost Democrats next year…and to just be a general pain in the backside of the American people, too.

  7. He is in a polling and approval free fall, which will extend to his party in the next election cycle. As we’re seeing in France, the political winds have changed direction and are blowing hard. He’s botched ISIS calls with near 100% accuracy, calling them the JV team, saying they’re on the run and twice saying there’s no imminent threat just before an attack. He’s being shown to be the amatuer most of us knew him to be. He’s still going to go forwards opening the floodgates to hundreds of thousands on so called refugees from Syria. He’s going to try and blame anyone and everyone for his failures. I wouldn’t doubt that we see a cheap shot at George Bush as he tries to blame away what’s going one.

    I for one am expecting some sort of ISIS attacks on xmas day. I’m functioning on the premises that the’re here, they’re organized, and they’re ready to pounce with a vicious message.

    This POTUS and his community activist incompetence have put this country in grave danger. Grave danger!

  8. He will announce that he will under going a full gender transformation, like Bruce Jenner, and from here on out, will be known as Brittany Obama.

  9. I think President Sparklefarts has finally realized how irrelevant he has become and he is now more dangerous than ever.

    Desperate is as desperate does.

    I have removed all heavy throwable objects and loaded firearms from the room where the TV sits.

    I can’t let this POS cost me another wide screen

    • “I have removed all heavy throwable objects and loaded firearms from the room where the TV sits.

      I can’t let this POS cost me another wide screen”

      That made me laugh out loud. Thanks Bud, I needed that.

  10. He *may* classify AR platform weapons as NFA items.

    If he grandfathers existing ARs, the value of existing ARs will skyrocket.

    If he unilaterally puts *all* ARs in the NFA category, America will erupt.

    And he will be cool with that, since it would demonstrate gun owners as violent inbred pig-fornicaing hicks.

    My .02…

  11. I planned to buy an AR next year for my son, but ordered it on Friday after I heard his response to terrorism in the US was to blame the guns, not the terrorists.

  12. I don’t know what he’s going to do, but I just spent quite a lot of money (for me) on ammo for when the price reaches stupid levels again and I can’t afford even steel cased stuff.

  13. No fly list huh. Has the great constitutional scholar ever heard of the 14th Amendment? Its called DUE PROCESS. Or, does he just want us to denounce enemies of the state and put them on the “secret” list? Sounds rather Soviet to me. Perhaps Comrade Sparklefarts is the appropriate alias.

  14. And on second thought, a question. How many employees of Homeland Security (aka Leibstandarte Barack Obama) are on the No-Fly list?

  15. My LGS told me he sold 5 AR’s the morning after the shooting. Prices are going up again. I’m so tired of not getting to enjoy shooting the guns I have, waiting for the next faux crisis to pop up that will jack up ammo prices.

  16. He’s going to try to generate outrage-cover for grabbing another chunk of discretionary turf into the executive. “Something must be done, and we’re just the guys to do it.”

    Really, I wish this administration would occasionally act a bit less like the set up to the big climax of Animal House. (I thought the last guy was reactive, unilateral, high-handed, & etc. How wrong was I.)

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