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Well that certainly didn’t take long. Following the shooting in Newtown, the NRA stayed on the sidelines for almost a week, trying to allow the families time to grieve and heal before they were thrust into a fight over gun control. Naturally the gun control activists didn’t have any such compunction and used the NRA’s self-imposed time out to pummel the civil rights organization. This time the NRA isn’t sitting idly by while the New York Times demands that the U.S. Government begin a program to confiscate firearms from law abiding citizens . . .

From the NRA’s Facebook page:

The NY Times editorial, along with President Obama’s attempt to blame the NRA’s 5,000,000 members for the events in San Bernardino, should serve as a wake up call to law-abiding gun owners across the country. Reaffirm your commitment to the Second Amendment by signing this pledge to Stand and Fight with the NRA:

OK, this one isn’t much, but the NRA has shown recently that it can be much lighter on its feet, responding to attacks much more quickly. At least they’re doing something to combat the constant cries from the usual suspects that our rights need to be revoked in favor of the appearance of safety.

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  1. Where in the constitution does it say my civil rights can be removed for the good of my fellow citizens? The constitution is about individual rights. Not group feel goods.

    • And despite erosion over the last 200+ years, the bill of Rights is about what the government MAY NOT DO and is intended to protect our natural rights from the government we created to serve us.

    • It’s right next to the part that says the government has the right to read your emails or grab your balls at the airport in an effort to protect you from terrorism, or take a third of your income, because some large campaign donor deserves it more.

      • I just flew in August. I’ve traveled by air any number of times since this TSA security theater crap got started.

        Never once has anyone offered to fondle my balls. Maybe one of you lawyers can tell me if I have a discrimination suit of value here.

        Or is this just a perk of being an Uglo American?

        • All they ever did was SLOOOOOOOOOWLY explain how they are going to use the back of their hand and touch certain areas. Oh my ass, grab THEM for gods sake! Get busy! I’m a guy, not a nun!
          Hell, if they they were fondling me correctly, I’d fly more often!

    • You are absolutely right we are a republic not a full blown democracy to protect our rights from emotion and the week willed every time something happens.

  2. they need to take out a full page ad and list numerically each demand of the gun control, sorry, gun confiscation crowd. then next to them, list out the last few mass shootings with how those demands would not have stopped the shooter. at the end, just state, all they want is control not safety. boom. drop the mic.

  3. “it would require Americans who own those kinds of weapons to give them up for the good of their fellow citizens”

    Translation: surrender or die at the hands of the agents of the almighty state.

    Religion of peace, newspaper of peace. Both deadly killers who come with smiles and leave with blood.

  4. What’s so funny about this is that the GOA is so irrelevant that even the anti-gunners ignore them.

    • Most anti-2a individuals or groups think the NRA is the only pro 2a organization out there, which is why the NRA receives all of the slings and arrows. That is not necessarily a bad thing.

  5. WE NEED to go on the offensive and DEMAND are RIGHTS are not taken and what was taken, returned. Enough of the defense game, time for offense!

    Demand national Reciprocity
    Demand Shall Issue in every state
    Demand dismantling of the NFA and ATF

    • Demand constitutional carry. Unless I committ a crime(just carrying a gun is not a crime) it’s no business of the .gov what I’m carrying or how.

    • I am in. Find the organization that will aggressively lobby and I will send real money. I just re-upped 5 years with NRA, already in with GOA, SAF, NHFC and maybe another that I can’t think of right now.

  6. ‘…for the good of their fellow citizens.’

    That line reminds me of the line in Hot Fuzz, ‘for the greater good’.

  7. I have OFTEN used (in social media and personal conversations) the well-crafted quote from one of the TTAG regulars that goes something like:
    “Our Constitutional Rights are subject neither to the democratic process nor to arguments grounded in social utility.”

  8. They should swing even harder-as we wait on president satan announce what he’s gonna’ do-“for the good of the nation”…damn I wish I could afford an AR(which I might never shoot). I guess I could invest in more shotgun shells and pistol ammo…

    • If you are only interested in making a statement and not actually shooting the thing you could probably afford an AR lower, which according to the BATFE is the component that IS the firearm, whether or not you own the rest of the necessary pieces.

  9. Wasn’t this Nazi Germany’s same refrain right before they marched 3 million Jews to the gas chambers?
    Sounds like the NYT’s inciting another bloody US civil war. Molon Labe, I won’t be handing over my firearms to anyone. You’ll have to send your jackbooted thugs to take them from me. Lock and load!

  10. If they could magically get rid of all guns, then why not just magically get rid of the bad guys’ guns? Magic – problem solved!

  11. The Washington Post, no friend of gun owners they, called out the NYT on this front-page op-ed. One of the call-outs was that the call for surrender of guns and confiscation basically validate the NRA’s point all these years.

    Well, there’s no way to unprint what the NYT has done. It’s out there now, and the NRA can point to that piece of self-congrulatory solipsism on the part of the NYT and say “See? See? We’ve told you so. Can’t deny it. Front page of the NYT.”

    All the dissembling by the grabbers that they’ve not been calling for confiscation is now over.

    • EXCELLENT point. I’ve TOTALLY had people use the “you’re being paranoid, no one wants to take” gaslighting on me before, and pointing to feinstein quotes wasn’t getting the job done.

      This is about as good as it gets for drawing a clear line. The NYT must really be full of passionate unthinking people on the issue, if they thought that actually coming out and saying it on the front page was a good move at all.

      The lines from the other side are finally drawn in public view. Things may now get interesting.

    • Wow. Excellent point actually. I read the op-ed and of course it infuriated me. But it could actually work against them, couldn’t it?

  12. Yes, it would require those who own those weapons to put them to use for the good of their fellow citizens.

    –FIFY, NY Times.

  13. Asking people whose guns are about to be registered or confiscated “for the good of” terrorists and criminals to sign their name to a petition seems like kind of a stretch.

    Asking people to take an action which shows solidarity and strength and willingness to actually act would seem like a better move. How about “Send the gun rights group of your choice $5.00 on Friday, December 12, 2015 to show your support for the Constitution and personal rights and freedoms, here are the links” would allow gun owners of all kinds to show their strength and it could be done via anonymous means like PayPal or BitCoin. Those organizations could then show how much support actually exists.

    We’ll find out whether the “Constitutional Scholar” President actually follows the Constitution in his speech in about 2 minutes. I hope this great nation and the principles of personal freedom and liberty may yet endure.

  14. With the stated logic of the NYT on the 2nd amendment that no right is absolute and in honor of the 150th anniversary of the signing of the 13th amendment , I ask:

    Under what conditions may I own a slave?

  15. Boycott the NYT, they are already circling the drain, lets just hasten the process.

    we need to communicate with the folks who just dont believe in guns, that if the 2a goes the 1a is close behind. Such things as “hate speech” definitions being expanded are good examples

    • Lots of newspapers are circling the drain as is our local paper. Clearly seen are obvious signs of tighter revenue evidenced by lower quality journalism. High quality journalism is virtually non-existent as writing is no better than that of a high school graduates. The big revenue makers like the classifieds have been depleted as free services like Craigs List are the clear choice.

      People are increasingly cognizant that newspapers are manipulating the news and public opinion and have become resistant and intolerant of that effort.

      The failure of gun control efforts and a huge change in attitudes away from gun control are examples of just that.
      The desperation of the gun grabbers is clear. Gun control has lost and lost big.

  16. I think the NRA and NSSA should buy a controlling share of the NYT. Break it up and sell it off.

    Alternatively, identify the NYT’s major advertisers and provide the members a letter to send to them explaining how the NYT’s departure from the reservation cast their products in an unfavorable light.

    The Gray Lady is suffering from dementia in her old age.

  17. The NYT is nothing less than a propaganda newspaper for the Democrat Party. You would think that they would understand that gun confiscation didn’t work so well for the British during the American Revolution. I am amused that these Liberal Fascists do not comprehend that there is absolutely no way they can win this. I went to one of my local gun ranges today, and it was packed with brand new shooters. The line of potential new gun owners waiting to see and buy guns was enormous. The board showing upcoming basic firearm courses showed that all the courses were full. I have to give NYT, Obama, and all Progressives credit for waking up America. I have never seen this much interest in firearm ownership until these prospective tyrants began threatening to take away the right.

  18. Incrementalism! We’ll get there eventually, but we can’t get that today. So go for what we can get today.

    And we should go on the offensive. Every time we are forced to defend our position from their attacks we lose just a little.

    National reciprocity.
    Shall issue everywhere.
    and repeal of the NFA and GCA.

    These are things we can win today, if we use the power of about 100 million gun owners (voters) to get them.

    • You hit the nail on the head here. The greatest problem with our government, in general, is the incremental-ism going on. We are losing ground on taxation, government spending, gun control, and many other areas in continuous tiny steps.

  19. I hate to say it, but we can’t afford to be sensitive to the victims’ families any more. The antis kick their propaganda machine into high gear immediately following any shooting. All we do by being sensitive and keeping quiet is allow them to set the tone until such time as we decide it’s proper to speak out with our side. I say let the antis comment first, and then immediately counter. Then when they accuse us of insensitivity, we can point out that they waved the bloody shirt first.

  20. I responded to the NYT demand by taking a .308 semi auto rifle to the range and putting about 40 rounds downrange.

    Fortunately no one else there was the jumpy type who doesn’t like really loud rifles.

  21. Well, the mask is off.

    In the end, the goal is disarming other citizens, whatever the cost (to those others), so they can feel that they are safer, no matter how wrong that deduction.

    Whatever it takes.

    Surprising no one with a clue, some people are not so on board with that.

  22. Blaming the NRA and all others who support our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms for the acts of criminals, the deranged, and terrorists is like blaming the ACLU and all others who support our First Amendment right freedom of expression for child porn.

  23. “For the good of their fellow citizens”

    Lol famous last words? I’ll give mine up when all the cops, feds, and elitist bodyguards do.

    …on second thought I won’t even then. That in a weird way is an incredibly in American statement.

  24. They should make COKE, Meth and Marijuana illegal too…. that’ll stop drugs from being sold on the streets

  25. Seems the left has crossed over or getting very close to falsely shouting fire in a crowded theater.

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