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10 minutes to showtime. Grab your popcorn and your Pepto-Bismol, pull up a chair, and watch this event with your fellow TTAGers.

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  1. I hope there are updates. There isn’t enough pepto on God’s green earth for me to make it through a gun control speech by our dear leader.

  2. So, looks like he is calling for violations of the 2nd, 4th, and 5th amendments, no boots on the ground. On the positive side he seems to understand that he can’t do a damn thing without Congress.

  3. “We’ll continue to train thousands of foreign allies to counter terrorism.”

    How about spending some of that at home? Let’s offer professional-level counter terrorist training here to those who are interested? Let’s mobilize the organized militia and issue appropriate weapons technology to citizen volunteers.

    Blah blah — No Fly List, can’t buy gun. But at least he’s calling Congress to do that.
    Blah blah — No reason for people to be able to buy “powerful semiautomatic weapons.”

    Screening for those entering US without a Visa.

    Actually, I’m surprised that he didn’t hammer on guns a lot more – he just did the two throwaway lines for two control items that have zero chance of passage, and he didn’t mention anything about Executive Orders. He also finally admitted that Ft. Hood was a terrorist act.

    • He’s calling on congress to use the no fly list for his ban because he knows its an anti-gun measure (which costs Republicans points with gun owners) and because it’s likely to be swatted down in court eventually.
      Congress would have to be pretty foolish to fall for that one.

  4. Um yeah…anyone think dear leader is grossly lacking in testosterone tonite? Did he finally quit smoking? Or did Moo-shell kick him in the nads? Remarkably free of anything specific so far-amazingly BLAND. More NOTHIN’ than usual…

  5. there is only one reason a politician wants gun control…

    to assure the government has a monopoly on violence and to make sure an angry mob of gun owners can’t overthrow a tyrannical government when the tipping point happens.

    The 2A is there to protect ARs and AKs because they are the tools for a free society to remain free. It is not there for hunting rifles and O/U shotguns.

  6. Explain to me again how further restricting what weapon I can afford to purchase in the form I CHOOSE to buy is going to stop these dickheads from killing me?

    Explain to me again, given the criminal overreach of the NSA, FBI, CIA, and Law Enforcement, how yet deeper infringements of MY right to privacy is going to help them catch these dickheads when they can’t even keep SUSPECTED TERRORISTS on a watch list under constant surveillance at the present?

    Explain what use is a surveillance state if it cannot even keep its eye on terrorists, why does ISIL have a recruiting presence on social media? Why can you not track it, and stop it from being accessed by anyone anywhere? Why can you not do the job you were put in office to do? Why do you and the Feinsteins and Bloombergs of the world, think you can hammer a nail by cutting off the board you are working on?

    Explain to me again why certain features that are standard on many law enforcement rifles are too mind blowingly scary for civilian use, why the constant use of the misnomer, Assault Weapon and the stupidly useless term of Semi-automatic being conflated with fear, why dear mister president can you not understand that the manner in which I choose as a consumer and American citizen to outfit my personal weapon can not, and will not ever be decided for me by any other man or woman on earth if I don’t consent to that change, irregardless of arguments of the greater good or national securitiy, and sure as shit not by you?

  7. I guaran-f#ckin-tee you, they pay more attention to sites like these than ISIL or whatever they are going by today. He is seriously insane. Republicans, the NRA, Tea Party, Trump supporters, now they are the REAL enemy in his wacky world. My question is, who is doing his dirty work? Have rank and file federal agents been corrupted enough to turn on their fellow Americans again?
    Are they going to have the will to fight?

  8. The Liberals got this all wrong about congress.

    Congress did not FAIL to enact gun control.

    They SUCCEEDED in obeying the constitution.

    However, we, the people, have to keep nipping at their heels and barking in their ears and keep
    and every-watching eye on them.

    The grant of a little bit of control breeds only a desire for more control.
    It is WE who have the leash of the federal government
    (Legislative, Executive, and Judicial).
    Not the other way around.

    Have you ever taken an energetic dog for a walk on a leash.
    You constantly have to give a little tug on that leash to remind that dog who is boss.

    And we have to do whatever it takes to remind the federal government who is really the boss.


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