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Bianca Campbell (courtesy

“While out shopping in Georgia at my favorite bookstore, the same day the Emanuel AME Church reopened its doors after the mass shooting, a white man in camouflage entered the store openly carrying a gun on his hip,” Bianca Campbell (above) writes at “In my home state, we recently allowed licensed individuals to bring their guns into bars, churches, and college campuses, all for the sake of ‘safety.’ Yet, in this moment, at the bookstore, I realized that such gun control laws only ensure certain people feel safe, while others who do not wish to own a gun are left feeling powerless.” Sigh. So much fail in so few sentences. Let’s start with this . . .

If a black woman feels powerless with an armed white man nearby (trust me: we’re going there), I recommend she get a gun, strap it on her hip and see if her apprehension dissipates. Not that owning a gun is about cloaking yourself in the mantle of ballistic confidence, but who’s to say open carry wouldn’t cure her open carry phobia? I believe the technique is called “flooding.” Or perhaps “empathy.” There’s no law against it. In fact, Ms. Campbell has a Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, just like the white dude.

What Ms. Campbell does not have: a Constitutional right to feel safe (despite the Supreme Court’s recent decision to magic a Constitutional right out of thin air). But feelings are really important to Ms. Campbell. So much so that she projects her desire for a feeling of safety onto the gun rights advocates who managed to restore a measure of Peach Tree State residents’ firearms freedom. Note: they did not expand permissible open carry to feel safe. They did so to be safe. And to reflect that keeping and bearing arms is a right, not a privilege.

Reading Ms. Campbell’s anti-open carry rant is something of a privilege. It’s one of the more glorious PC WTF editorials I’ve encountered in some time – and I’ve read more than my fair share in the last few weeks. Check this out:

This tense moment was still too soon. Too soon after Charleston, after the deaths of Eric Garner and Rekia Boyd—and even too soon after Emmett Till. Too soon after cops in Georgia attacked Kenya Harris until she miscarried.

Too soon because I haven’t processed the constant surveillance and prosecution I experience as a dark-skinned Black person navigating a society where I can be tried and executed in the streets without jury.

The gun-toting man had a wide-shouldered build and was probably shorter than me once he took off his combat boots. Looking back, I probably could have taken him on in a fair fight. Lord knows, I’ve fought men bigger than him before.

See what I mean? Campbell packs a whole lot of crazy into a very small space. A white guy openly carrying a firearm in a bookstore shouldn’t be allowed to do so because Ms. Campbell isn’t ready for that. Because she hasn’t “processed” her own “prosecution” (I think she meant “persecution”) in a country that [allegedly] feels free to execute dark-skinned black people in the streets. Wait. Does that mean that it’s OK for a white man to exercise his right to keep and bear arms if he’s in the presence of a light-skinned black person?

I’m half-joking. But I think we must take Ms. Campbell at her word: she was seriously contemplating the possibility of beating the shit out of the white guy. Clearly a thought which she could have entertained more comfortably if he hadn’t have been armed. A thought which would have, in different circumstances, made her feel less powerless and more relaxed. All of which strikes me as an excellent reason for him to be armed. Hmmm. Maybe she did mean prosecution . . .

The bookstore employee, who will go down in history as my favorite bookstore employee ever, immediately said to the man, “Woah, that’s a gun! That makes me uncomfortable.”

Anywhere you stood in the store you could hear his reply: “Well, it shouldn’t be a problem so long as I don’t feel threatened.” The way his voice trailed off as his eyes panned the room froze me temporarily. I tucked myself behind a bookshelf where I could still see and hear what was happening. He also said he has an open carry license—as if that would make us feel safe.

How do I put this? Bullshit. The white guy with the gun in the bookstore said no such thing. I’ve met the full spectrum of open carriers – from polite ambassadors to YouTube police confrontation wannabes to Chipotle Ninjas. Not one of them has ever expressed the belief that other people shouldn’t feel threatened if they don’t feel threatened. That doesn’t even make sense. In fact, I reckon it’s more projection; that’s what Ms. Campbell would says if she was an asshole. I’m not saying she is. I’m not saying she isn’t. I’m saying he didn’t say it.

Note to Ms. Campbell: a bookshelf is concealement (a gunman can’t see you) not cover (it won’t stop bullets). Just thought I’d put that out there.

And then to change the subject, as if carrying a gun in a bookstore is no big deal, he shared that he had been scoping out the bookstore for some time, but only just decided to come in. I popped my head over a bookshelf to lock eyes with the bookstore employee. We widened our gaze and raised our eyebrows at each other to non-verbally confirm that this situation was indeed absurd.

But what troubled me most about the situation as it was happening was the realization that our legislative system was working as intended in that moment.

Long before I walked in to buy a copy of Octavia’s Brood, so that I could think about a world where my body is free through activism-driven science fiction, the system set things up with discriminatory gun control laws.

Should Ms. Campbell ever decide to write [more] fiction, she should know that my extensive knowledge of spree killers tells me they don’t stride in to their target location with guns on their hips and tell their victims that they’ve been “scoping-out”a  bookstore for a mass shooting – just like they don’t print-up business cards announcing their homicidal aspirations.

Oddly enough, mass murderer Dylan Roof did scope out The Shoe Dept. and Bath and Body Works at a local mall before “settling” on the Charleston Church. He was unarmed at the time. We know this because his questions to sales clerks raised their suspicions to the point where they called the police, leading to his arrest.

Equally odd (though not entirely unexpected considering her views), the book Ms. Campbell cites (not yet released) offers “Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements.” I think it worthwhile to share the book’s description, to glimpse the utopianism that drives Ms. Campbell’s anti-gun animus:

Whenever we envision a world without war, without prisons, without capitalism, we are producing speculative fiction. Organizers and activists envision, and try to create, such worlds all the time. Walidah Imarisha and adrienne maree brown have brought twenty of them together in the first anthology of short stories to explore the connections between radical speculative fiction and movements for social change.

I seriously want a copy. Especially after reading this:

The idea of openly carrying a gun to protect myself has never been a realistic option—only when I’m imagining myself as Storm from X-Men dismantling oppressive systems with Black feminist thunderstorms and a small silver glock just in case. In reality, if the cops saw me with a gun, a bag of Skittles, or even a loosey cigarette, they would probably shoot me and ask questions about my permit later. As a Jamaican-American whose parents had to navigate the country’s unjust immigration system, I’ve almost always known that papers and permits don’t save dark-skinned people.

This is one of those black is white things. Campbell doesn’t want a gun because Black people are oppressed. The idea that they’re oppressed because they aren’t armed – better yet openly armed – never occurs. I don’t suppose she realizes that all of America’s gun control laws – which she supports with fiction-flamed fervor – were born of racism. Nope. Probably not.

And so now, Georgia’s open carry policy, the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, and the whole foundation of America’s justice system works as it was always intended: allowing certain people to feel safe at the expense of others existing in fear. I was without arms and face-to-face with a man who may or may not have wanted to kill meand a man who had the freedom to make that decision without repercussions.

Sure Ms. Campbell, he could have shot you on the spot without any repercussions. Because he’s white. And he couldn’t have shot you on the spot if, say, he was carrying a concealed weapon. This is a textbook (more of which she should read) example of passive aggression: “the indirect expression of hostility, such as through procrastination, stubbornness, sullenness, or deliberate or repeated failure to accomplish requested tasks for which one is (often explicitly) responsible.” A task like self-defense? Could be . . .

I don’t know why he came in armed. I don’t know what his intentions were. I don’t want to know. I want to know a world where I don’t have to be caught up in fear in the first place. I want a world where none of us feel the need to carry a gun. A world where the Confederate flag and a CVS aren’t more important to our political leaders than seven burning churches, the countless dead at the hands of militarized police, and those empowered with the false hubris of white supremacy.

I want to live in that peaceful world, too. But I don’t. In the same sense I don’t want to live in a world where ignorance doesn’t seek to perpetuate itself through lies, exaggeration and mischaracterization. But, as you’ve proved, I do.

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  1. Sounds like a bully that got a wake up call. And like all bullies in such circumstances she’s now throwing a tantrum.

    • No not a bully……but rather a Special Snowflake that doesn’t like the warm real world outside her Marxist Commune (i.e. state university)..

        • Speaking of drama queens, I notice black people tend to exaggerate everyday life experiences. Call me a racist. I don’t give a shit. I am just speaking from experience. Born and raised in Red Oak GA. Lived and schooled in South Fulton County. Now working at a job that embraces affirmative action the way Bill Clinton embraces an intern. I know black culture. I just don’t emulate it. I know red neck culture too. Don’t emulate that either. I hate country music and I hate rap. I am an observationalist. I see a black man talking to another one and he is getting loud and pacing side to side throwing his arms out to the side, grabbing his crotch from time to time, clapping his hands for emphasis as he explains how tire pressure affects gas mileage. “Man! That’s some serious shit right there. Fo shizzle!”

        • Can we be serious for a moment and lay out the question for some serious comment . Is there ever a need for us to open carry our firearms in public and even though we know we are not going to shoot another person unless we are threatened , Is there a legitimate reason for the non carrying public to fear an open carry citizen ? I have open carried , but personally I feel like I am inviting the two or more groups of thugs to try and take my piece when I do so . I used to open carry at my office .

          • Yes you need to open carry. When someone says they feel threatened by the gun, say if you were a threat then the gun would be in your hand and not in your holster. Attitudes need to be changed the same way attitudes have been changed about desegregation.

            • “Open carry” is weird to me I think because where I grew up carry in the open was incidental: taking a gun between where you kept it and where you used it. So, “open carry” is this special name for when you carry yr gun, you know, without hiding it. So, like normal. That’s a thing? Who knew?

              Hey, you wanna get a couple cups of coffee while your friend pumps gas? Sling your rifle & go inside rather than leave it outside unattended. If you’re doing legal stuff with yr gun, why require hiding it?

              The bad stuff in principle addressed by restricting “open carry” is already covered. Brandishing any kind of weapon is illegal in general. Anything threatening of harm is assault, however you do it. Pointing a gun to cause real danger is negligence, at least. Actually shooting people is illegal in itself (if the shooting is illegal.) Once any of these actual harms is involved, getting the gun out to do so seems incidental. On the other hand, what’s the big deal with having a gun out in the open if you’re not brandishing, threatening, pointing it, or actually shooting someone?

              The harm of “open carry” seems to come down to: “I don’t want to know there are guns in the world.” It is inconvenient to have one right out there in front of your eyes if you are trying to pretend such things don’t exist. (BTW inconvenient to be reminded that sometimes you are over-matched, if you are trying to believe that you are impervious to any threat or harm.)

              Well, nobody ever guaranteed a right to have your cherished illusions confirmed by reality. Indeed, that’s one working definition of reality: the stuff that’s so whether you agree with it or not.

              I suspect our distraught book-browser had more than one cherished illusion shattered that day. Yes, there are guns in the world. And look, the broad-shouldered, camo-wearing, gun-toting white guy didn’t shoot her, despite all the racial history, white privilege, epidemic violence and whatever else. And yes, you snark at someone going about their business, you might get some snark back rather than an apology. Still not leading to a shooting. Not so much of a hair-trigger there.

              So, yes, Virginia there are guns in the world. And bad actors who sometimes do bad stuff that some of us would like to deal with without being over-matched (which situation seems to have bothered you so much.) And mostly good actors in the world who will browse books in a bookstore without shooting a black woman nearby, despite being broad-shouldered, camo-wearing, armed, and even snarked-at.

              Imagine that.

        • Well mikes, I’ve OC’d for seven years in NM, much of it in Albuquerque. By doing so reminds the populace, as well as myself, that it is the citizens that are the first responders to any crisis caused by predators.

          That ultimately, it is in the citizens, not the government that the real safety and security for a free people is in the hands of the people, and not the government.

    • Seems that way doesn’t it ? Only problem is the crime is all in her mind. How do you prevent that or punish someone else for it ? I certainly don’t think she should ever own a gun considering her delusional personality.

  2. You might want to edit: A bookshelf is concealment (he can’t see you), not cover (it won’t stop the bullet)

    • Well, depends. If the bookshelf were full of books and the long way between you and the shooter, it would probably be cover as well. Several feet of book paper would stop almost any round and certainly any handgun round.

      • True enough–I was just pointing out that RF referred to “cover” as the one you can’t see thru, and “concealment” as the one that stops bullets; actually “concealment” is the one you can’t see thru, and “cover” is the one that stops bullets.

  3. I want a world without Bianca Campbell. I guess we’re both going to be disappointed.

  4. I think you may have confused cover and concealment.

    Cover would be something that stops bullets.

    Concealment would be something that prevents you from being seen.

    • Ah yes. Thanks to internet blog comments and forums, Billy Madison has cemented it’s place in cinematic history. A hundred years from now that line will be as vividly remembered as ‘Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn’, or ‘I could have been a contender’ or ‘Say hello to my little friend!’ A modern classic!

  5. Bianca Campbell is obviously always going to feel threatened and powerless and offended by something. It’s the way she has decided to face life. If it’s not guns, it’ll be something else.

    • There’s a million dollar point if ever there was one.

      This should serve as a wake-up to those that favor gun control because they’ve been told it makes sense but have never really given it much thought beyond that.

      *IF* the anti’s got their way and guns were banned, the worldview that includes such a degree of projection will not change. The object of hate will shift to something else…large cokes, french fries, SUV’s, long pants, whatever. It does not matter.

      The object of hate is the not the issue. The desire to control is the issue. The belief that they are entitled to control others is the issue.

    • Yep. It’s object vs agent.

      You either see yourself as an agent of your own free will or as an object which is acted upon by others.

      Agents are seen as threatening to objects because agents can act upon objects, but not the other way around. Agents can also see objects, and other agents alike, as threatening. The only difference is agents feel they can do something about it.

    • You see , here is the problem . I conceal carry and open carry here in WV . I will generally , if not always , conceal when I am in public . I see no reason to let everyone know I am armed . I sometimes conceal two firearms on me . I have until recently , open carried at my office where I take care of fair amounts of cash and working all day often creates sweat on my tummy , which is where I generally holster my pistol . I prefer appendix cross drawing and I don’t like the moisture on the gun . Last week in a corporate meeting between my other two partners I was informed that they felt uncomfortable with me open carrying in the office . Their opinion is that clients ( customers , patients ) might feel threatened by my attire and would prefer I conceal while at work . I offered them my opposing argument and politely agreed to honor their wishes . I am not always right about everything of coarse so rather than standing my ground and creating a problem I simply untucked my shirt and concealed . We are all three equal partners at 33.33 percent give or take a fraction so I could have lost the argument by vote anyway but after reading this story I thought I would ask other gun carriers their opinion . Why would a customer feel threatened by a business owner openly carrying a firearm in their own business . Just to add clarity , neither of my business partners carry a firearm , ever .

      • Mark, I suppose it depends on the type of business and the clientele. If you are a Private Detective it might make make your clients feel more secure and make you look more professional. In any case I would not be offended or feel threatened by a business owner carrying a gun. After all, it is my choice to go into their business. They did not come looking for me so how could I possibly think they are going to harm me ? OTOH, if you are a gangster and I am another gangster coming in to do “business” with you then I may feel threatened. But, in that case we would likely both be carrying so the point would be moot, I suspect.

        • @gatha58–“Mark, I suppose it depends on the type of business and the clientele”
          You nailed it.

          Mark, if your business is catering to liberals like it obviously seems to be then you can’t stand up for your principles over your paycheck, which is called having some integrity. Just surrender your principles for your paycheck like a good American.

          What happens when your partners say your concealed carrying offends them as well? You are providing free security services for them and they still are repulsed by your personal responsibility. I would boycott your anti-gun business

      • “Why would a customer feel threatened by a business owner openly carrying a firearm in their own business . “

        You probably already know this answer to this question…or one of the major answers.


        “Customers” are told nearly every day, and have been told for 2-3 decades at least, that “presence of gun = bad guy” unless badge and uniform is present.

        It’s the result of multi-generational brainwashing by the combined efforts of media, education and ‘pop culture’ (movies and tv)…and politicians, of course.

        In my opinion, your play with your partners involves forcing them to face their own cognitive dissonance. Make them see that what they THINK they know about guns/gun owners/gun carriers simply is not the reality they SEE EVERY DAY.

        Both your partners and you customers have been lied to in this issue for a very long time. It’s not easy to undo such organized effort to propagate a lie, but you are living proof to them that it is a lie.

        Keep hammering (tactfully, of course) that point home with them. They may never admit out loud they are comfortable with your OC in the office, but they will face a harder and harder position to defend why they believe that way with each passing day that you don’t “go postal” and shoot ’em up.

        Now, you might say, “My partners are not anti-gun; they don’t oppose CC in the office.” My point still stands. We see the effects of the “gun=bad guy” meme HERE among professed POTG all the time. One does not have to be a true-believer anti to succumb to those cultural influences. It can be subtle stuff.

  6. Because guns are scary and white people. That’s all I got from this nonsense.

  7. She made her own choices, the rest of the world made theirs.
    Get her a pair of combat boots, maybe she’ll fell better, being a little taller.

  8. Well, Bianca, I’m offended by the way people use their voting rights. A vote for Hillary, for example, goes against what most of out founding fathers and colonial warriors fought against. But I don’t fight against voting, I labor to destroy the idiotic and unconstitutional BS that is inexorably infecting this nation.

  9. 1) i am a light skinned black dude

    2) she is bat sh!tcrazy

    3) she needs to get over herself

    4). The 7 black churches burning is not true. Only one is suspcious and FBI thinks it was used to cover up a robbery

    5)emmit till was lynched for whistling @ a pretty white woman, something she doesnt need to worry about. Ever. More like me chasing after shannon. But I digress.

    6) she strikes me as someone who blames the system and whitey for her shortcomings in life. Including her crappy writing career

    • As a card carrying whitey I proclaim my innocence in the downfall of Bianca’s career. Never heard of her before this post.

      If I was supposed to wreck her life I didn’t get that memo. My bad. Don’t tell my boss.

      • Woah. Never heard of her? Well now, that sounds like a micro-agression in your lack of writers that are not of your particular skin color…

    • “1) i am a light skinned black dude”

      After the GZ trail, I suddenly became a “white hispanic” according to people like Bianca. Watch out, keep talking like that and you’ll be a “white-black dude” before you know it.

    • More like me chasing after shannon. But I digress.
      My idea of chasing Shannon would look more like the mob with torches and pitchforks chasing after the monster at the Frankenstein castle. Er, wait, I was thinking of DiFi.

      • Some media outlets are coming forward with the truth after Fox News busted the racist church burning lie. Most of them were due to lightning strikes.

      • Here some basic information to put 7 Black Churches catching fire in 10 days.
        On average, 4,000 places of worship catch fire in the United States.
        If you average this out, more than 10 such places catch fire daily in the United States. Though the incident levels are not even. During rainy season, when lighting strikes are more common, more places of worship catch fire.
        This means on average, 1 Black place of worship will catch fire every day, so, 7 in 10 days is not in the least unusual.
        About 16% of such fires are caused by arson, though motivated arson is actually very rare. Most of the arson is by kids playing around in the Church and accidentally setting fire. There are candles and other flammable materials in such places, and such places draw the interest of people, especially at night.
        The Macon Ga Church fire was the most suspicious of those listed in the 7 Black Church fires, as the doors were wired shut, and there appears to be no natural cause for the fire.
        But, the building itself has not been used in months, it has recently had a series of thefts where video and audio equipment was stolen.
        So, what is more logical.
        1. A racist decided to burn a concrete Church that was majority Black.
        2. Thieves breaking in set the place on fire.
        How would the racist even know the Church was majority Black, when nobody is attending services there?
        Remember, Churches are often the tallest buildings around, are are often old and made of wood.
        There is nothing unusual about them catching on fire.
        In 2014 over 300 Black churches caught fire. In 2016 over 300 Black churches will catch fire. Some of these may be motivated by racial hatred, but the simply fact is that this is exceedingly rare, and the overwhelming majority of such fires are caused by natural forces.

    • Do you have a link to back that up? I’m seeing that two are lightning and one was an electrical fire from faulty/damaged insulation, but 3 or 4 are thought to be arson in one form or another.

  10. Doesn’t she know Glocks make bad people go away? I am curios though, would she fee threatened if the man was muscle-bound, or armed with a club, or was with friends, or was wearing a ninja outfit, or had swastika tattoos? So much to ban, and so little opportunity to do it.

    • I suppose I should ask this on Bianca Campbell’s page, but I expect I’ll get a more accurate answer here:

      Do Glocks even come in silver?

      (Bianca? Really? Doesn’t having such a white name make her a race traitor or something?)

      • Duracoated one for Breast Cancer auction in pink. Save The TaTa’s charity brought in $5500 for a G17 gen 4. Pistol and materials donated. The lady who purchased it bought a G19 for carry had it done in metallic purple.

  11. “The way his voice trailed off as his eyes panned the room froze me temporarily. I tucked myself behind a bookshelf where I could still see and hear what was happening. . .”

    This is a woman so caught up in her own self-loathing that she compulsively projects it onto others, in this case some while guy who had the temerity to be temporarily occupying the same physical space—a bookstore for cryin’ out loud—she was in. Having read a lot of these breathless, I-was-really-really-scared-by-one-of-THOSE-people-who-aren’t-like-me lamentations from America’s class of permanent victims I’m always struck by how profoundly unhappy these people sound. This is a woman trapped in a marginality of her own making. She hates herself for being there, even as she knows she doesn’t have to be there, hates that she can’t bring herself to change, and hates the rest of us—especially OCing white guys who innocently want to buy a book or two—for not being just like her. And then she decides that, gosh darn it, this is something important enough for the rest of us to know about . . . Typical. Completely pathetic and typical.

    • The reaction to the “scoping out” comment was sadly hilarious. It doesn’t occur to them that maybe he was checking the bookstore out as a place to buy books. They’re so busy being oppressed they can’t even consider any other possible interpretations.

      • yeah, i saw that too. when I scope out a place, i never even use a scope. I just walk in and see if I want to buy what they are selling, prices and availability type things.

    • Campbell left out the part where she hid in the corner and compulsively sucked her thumb.

    • An immigrant from Jamaica where everything is obviously so rosy and wonderful that they decided to come here instead. But she obviously doesn’t like here, either and has decided that she has the right to bitch about and try to change America.

      Am I mistaken, or doesn’t she have every right to grab a boat and go back where she came from? You don’t like America? We didn’t ask you to come here. We tried through our immigration system to make sure you belonged here at all. Since this was not the utopia you expected, we have apparently failed, so feel free to keep looking elsewhere while not trying to destroy what we have (barely) managed to preserve of our Constitutional Republic.

      • How can she, an immigrant, lay claim to the American Black Heritage of racism, persecution and slavery? Neither she not her ancestors lived through it. Isn’t this the same thing as saying that I, a middle class white dude who is Czech immigrant from the 1880s on one side and Pennsylvania Dutch on the other, am heir to America’s guilt for slavery? Sorry, I buy neither proposition.

        • Didn’t we just have a white woman claim to be black and get a high placed job with the NAACP? Seems like that white woman and this black woman are identicle. Frauds.

        • are you serious? all non-democrat/leftist americans are racist, believing all black people in the country came from, or are descendants of people from africa. thus every black person is a descendant of a slave. and black persons anywhere outside africa are also descendants of slaves.

          it is ok for mohanedians to benefit from and currently practice slavery.

          jes’ sayin’

        • In fairness to the woman, blacks in Jamaica really didn’t have a great time of it–as in, they were imported to be slaves on sugar plantations. Race-based chattel slavery is not just an American thing.

  12. Georgia open carry didn’t go into effect till July 1. This supposed incident took place on June 21. So open carrier is breaking the law. If he actually existed in the first place.

      • The law that says people have the right to FEEL safe, whether or not they actually are. It”s called The Soccer Mom Amendment

        • Just thinking, if people like Bianca were to be considered mentally deficient due the the lack of ability to be rational, would she/they fall under the Americans With Disabilities Act, and be eligible for some sort of government supervision and monetary benefits?

          “Liberalism is a mental disorder….And it will get us all killed.”
          – Michael Savage, radio talkshow host

    • Georgia makes no distinction between open and concealed carry; you can do either with a license for many years now. The law to which she refers (that made it easier to carry into bars and churches) went into effect last July.

  13. I’m uncomfortable with the number of idiots on the road, so I practice situational awareness, wear my seat belt, and pick safe vehicles. I’m uncomfortable with the attempted home invasion in my subdivision, so I have lights, locks, an alarm, and I choose to arm myself. I’m uncomfortable with ill-informed but well-meaning individuals thinking comfort can be legislated or that criminals fill out a 4473 to get their gat, so I offer COMMON SENSE arguments and support my position with DATA. Your comfort does not come before my ability to defend myself or others. And for the record, if a bigot stepped in to go after any soul based on whatever sick prejudice his mind may hold, I would do my best for you, Bianca, with the gun on my hip.

    • “And for the record, if a bigot stepped in to go after any soul based on whatever sick prejudice his mind may hold, I would do my best for you, Bianca, with the gun on my hip.”

      Whoa!! Slow your roll Scooter. You can’t say that because all gun owners are racist bigots, who shoot innocent people because of a flag or statue, or the inanimate object on your hip has a racist mind of its own.

      You can’t say soul either because that makes you a Christian, who is a delusional person for believing in an inanimate God. That delusion should disqualify you from owning a gun and having the chance to protect you and yours, and by coincidence them and theirs.

      What people like this don’t get is that to Christians all innocents are part of you and yours, worth sacrificing your life for, which hopefully turns out to just killing an evil bastard intent on harm. In South Carolina 9 Christians died, not 9 Black Christians, but it can’t honestly be said that the shooter was the only individual indoctrinated with racist ideology in the sanctuary. No Shepherd of men willing disarms his flock, except when reverend is a synonym for community organizer not a man of faith. Behold I cast you out as sheep amongst the wolves. Be innocent as dove but wise as a serpent.

      • To those whose eternal beliefs are in the category of living as Moral worm food the quoted scripture is about how some in the sanctuary actively promoted making others defenseless by impeding the acquisition and bearing of the best swords available to defend the gift of life.

        Some sheep are content being deaf and dumb, while being lead to slaughter, and some sheep kill the wolves.

  14. WARNING: micro-aggressions all over the place !!

    I have absolutely no sympathy for people who claim and act on permanent victimhood. These professional victims are not powerless, they are evil. The desire to feel utterly and inviolably safe from every imaginable discomfort are not unfortunate, misguided or ignorant. They are a drain on life itself. They seek comfort above contribution, comfort above achievement, comfort above all else. I learned long ago, “winners want pleasing results, whiners want methods that are pleasant. If people of the bubble wrap life cannot face reality in concept, let them face reality alone, unarmed and unaware. The darwin principle is likely our only hope for these egg yolks.

    • You are close, but she is using being a “victim” as a weapon to ensure reparations and retribution so as to get free stuff pried from her “oppressors” by the “justice” of an all powerful leftist socialist government. A lot of minorities play this little race card game very well with our politicians. She is using her “victimization” as a weapon against the white “supremacist” inspiring fear and trembling in the bookstore.

      • Makes my point. Thank you.

        Why is it that no one of any notoriety ever asks the poverty pimps, NAACP, leftists and democrats to specify just how much reparation is enough?

        • “Why is it that no one of any notoriety”

          Simple enough answer is they are all dependent upon the government one way or another with their money. Honesty and Integrity are not positive attributes once you hit a certain tax bracket and comfort level. Greed is the root of all evil, and those roots extend far from the central core, and all are affected if the core finally succumbs to it’s disease of control.

          Look at whats happening with Trump, for his generalization on illegal foreign invaders, guess what they are all criminals so he was right. Trump has money to lose for his convictions, but he will eventually cave for political correctness in the form of a lynch mob. Even though his concerns are validated by border states crime rates and when an illegal invader killed an innocent woman on the S.F. Pier last week.

          If amnesty is granted what happens when law abiding Americans decide to use their free federal felony that the invaders get. Nothing because that is what makes us good law abiding serfs, oops I meant citizens.

  15. “The idea of openly carrying a gun to protect myself has never been a realistic option…In reality, if the cops saw me with a gun, a bag of Skittles, or even a loosey cigarette, they would probably shoot me and ask questions about my permit later.”

    There are plenty of black open carriers that would likely disagree, some of whom have been portrayed in the news as white open carriers with video that carefully hides their skin color. As long as you don’t bash someones skull into the ground, try to grab their gun while trying to beat them unconcious and genuinely threaten their life you should be fine, at the very least if you are actually innocent the offending office will most likely be indicted as in the stairwell case.

    “I don’t know why he came in armed. I don’t know what his intentions were. I don’t want to know.”

    He came in to look at and probably buy a book. Oops, you didn’t want to know. Sorry.

    “I’ve almost always known that papers and permits don’t save dark-skinned people.”

    The papers and permits that you say work against you are the hallmark of progressive government, the very sort of government you seem to support.

    “I want to know a world where I don’t have to be caught up in fear in the first place.”

    That’s this world, that was the world of the armed man in the bookstore. You don’t have to be caught up in fear but you choose to, you have the power to choose not to.

    “I was without arms and face-to-face with a man who may or may not have wanted to kill me”

    This was your choice, so choose differently

    “and a man who had the freedom to make that decision without repercussions.”

    Without repercussions? What are you talking about. Did the Charleston shooter act without repercussions? My understanding is he was arrested and is being prosecuted for his acts. Sounds like repercussions to me. The officer in NYC involved in the stairwell shooting was indicted (I leave it here only because I do not know what has happened past the indictment), that sounds like repercussions to me.

  16. 1) when did Glocks come in silver, esp “small ones”?

    2) she is too fugly to be Storm. Here is some one who seriously is projecting if she thinks she looks like Hallie Berry

    • DD, I just watched Halle Berry on TV in “Extant.” That woman is 48, has two kids and is dressed way down for the part, and she’s still a 9.5 on the Fujita scale. A major hottie still, after all these years.

      • There was a totally forgettable Bond movie that was saved by Halle Berry in a wet bikini. Saved…..

      • You should see my wife Ralph-better than Berry at 55. AND dark brown. Seriously I nearly laughed audibly when she thought she could kick white boyz azz…and she lives in Georgia too mon…I wonder if she freaks out when she sees a white cop?

  17. I saw a open carrier at Home Depot Thursday, the only thought I had was ,”huh, why is he open carrying a Glock 19? Wouldn’t a Glock 17 be a better choice?

  18. I am sure that all of Bianca’s problems and fears in life are caused by white people and the NRA. I am sure that she is a fearful slave of the white legal, economic, and political systems in place. I am sure she is oppressed due to extensive white privilege and suffers much emotional and intellectual distress from it. I am sure that every armed white person she sees reminds her of her former slave master and her hard life on the plantation. She has been brutally exploited and needs more socialist utopian programs to set her free. She needs to be free of want, free of fear, and most importantly to be free of being free.

    • “…every armed white person she sees reminds her of her former slave master and her hard life on the plantation.”

      Quite aside from EVERY black person who was ever a slave in America being long dead by now, this person and her mother immigrated here, voluntarily and apparently with no small amount of unexplained difficulty, from Jamaica. If they ever had a slave master he is still in Jamaica and NOT my problem, nor a justification for screwing with the Bill of Rights, all of which apply to her as a new American citizen, regardless of the color of her skin.

      As noted elsewhere – this woman is a RACIST.

  19. Guns aside…Bianca sees a white person and assumes he’s a white supremacist based only on the color of his skin? How is this not a textbook example of racial prejudice?

  20. This is actually the second article within a week to have the cover/concealment mix up

  21. Well, I think the only necessary reply to Bianca Campbell is: “You make my point for me. Thank you.”

    When you unwind the emoting, the baseless assertions and the gross (over) generalizations the remaining argument is: “I felt over-matched by someone not like me. And that made me feel unsafe. So they shouldn’t be allowed to over-match me.”

    The point of peaceful people carrying guns is to not be over-matched by thugs. That’s only a problem if any random-body is likely to thug-out at any time, for no reason. That’s not what I’ve seen.

  22. “…unjust immigration system”? The system is what it is when ones enters said system. Please let all know what a “just” immigration system might look like? Perhaps any and all are welcome, regardless or intent or past malfeasance?
    That said, she was on private property, and if property owner wished to ask oc guy to leave, he should have done so, and oc guy should be respectful and comply (or, just cc – if legal in that state – and not bother anybody).
    “…Bear…” definition is truly the heart of these issues…what and where is “Bearing”?

  23. America: the White Supremacist capital of the world that Jamaicans want to live in.

    • Yeah. What up with that. People have cell phones and Skype. Yet STILL, people from all over world keep fighting and actually dying to come to this “white privilege” hell hole of oppression and crushing poverty of those that aren’t white.

      Hmm, unless the people tell all their friends, relatives and fellow countrymen that “white Privilege’ is a bunch of hooey and that they have a better, richer and more fulfilling life here than the native country they were born and raised in.

  24. I guarantee the whole “white man with a gun in the bookstore” is 100% fantasy in this story.

  25. The only question to ask and material to provide, is what size fire hose do you need to flush the sand of fear and oppression out of your crack?

  26. ‘Whenever we envision a world without war, without prisons, without capitalism…’

    There’s the root of the problem. How do you go about ending capitalism? How did Lenin do it? How did Mao do it? Commies don’t like a fair fight. And there’s no need for prisons when you’ve got ‘reeducation camps’.

    • You could theoretically get rid of capitalism in a society in which no one had want for anything, food, shelter, education, sex, drugs and rock and roll, etc. But the moment I have something that someone else wants, BING! capitalism! The only place where there is no want is Nirvana (heaven), and you have to be dead or nearly so to get there. What’s the point of living if all you want to do is to die to go somewhere else “better”? [Which is why I believe there is no heaven–although it is a place where “everyone is dying to get in”, no one seems to be in much of an all fired hurry….Hmmm…maybe THAT is why suicide is a mortal sin–someone needs to stick around to mind the sheep.]

  27. She strikes me as the type of crazy bitch that everyone immediately detects and tries desperately to avoid, in the hopes of dodging some loud, obnoxious screams and flailing fingernails. Hell of a way to go through life, being crushed by that chip on your shoulder.

  28. I’m just really tired of all this bullshit. I spent over 20 years living and working in Madison WI. The lefties have owned that city for 50 years. It’s the “land of the perpetually offended”. The whole damned country is filled with these clowns now. I’m not changing for any of them. They’re nuts.

  29. Seeing as how she doesn’t want to live in this world and also has an aversion to guns, might I suggest she try drinking some bleach or walking in front of a bus? For the children of course….

    • There was a youtube video a little bit ago of an experiment with just that question.

      One black man in business casual dropped a real looking fake gun in front of different people, some of who were black. The black, white, asian and hispanic people generally stopped to help the black man get his gun.

      Another black man dressed as a gang banger did the same. Most people reacted in fear, especially other black people that generally turned tail and ran the other direction.

      Most people stereotype, for a reason, even other black people.

      • Isn’t that a sign of stereotyping the dress and demeanor and not the race?

        • That’s been my experience. When a person has acted as, or have been an actual predator, whether black, hispanic or white, they usually are dressed like a gang banger or their derivative.

          No one dressed in business casual, standard shirt and jeans worn up around the hips, or a suit; regardless of race, has acted like they were going to or actually tried to mug me or other people.

  30. The gun in this story serves as the wrapper in this bs. The real msg is the myth of white supremacy.

    • In the microcosm of her own head, she’s made herself inferior, and others, by default, are made superior by no action of their own…

      I’m superior to her. I’m also white.

      I didn’t generate either of those facts.

      She lowered herself below me. My genetics were determined by my parents.

  31. Poor Ms. Campbell, she was uncomfortable. Okay she was, but why?. She did not have the self-awareness to understand why. Because she is incapable of introspection she takes judgement on her environment and lays blame for her emotions there. Then she makes the typical anti-firearm mistake, she allows her emotions to command her logic and reacts irrationally. Clap clap, way to go Ms. Campbell, thank-you for the performance.

    • Hey…

      At least she was in a bookstore where they have, like, you know, real books. Real books that requires the ability to, you know, like, read?

  32. The world is how we see it. Unfortunately a great many people see what they want to see rather than the reality that is and think everyone else should conform to their perspective.

  33. —–I don’t know if I read too much into things, or if i’m just too old and senile, but did she say she beats up short white guys?…..

  34. Ironically Bianca means “white” in Italian… Imagine being named after something you hate.

    • hey, hey, hey……be careful there. “negro” means black in espanny ”
      (“nero” in italian – which has interesting implications, but i digress). bianca may become a racist word any day now.

  35. There is nothing anyone can do for this self imposed black slave. She is a slave to her fear and irrational thinking. The fact that it never occurs to her to use her free will and buy a gun is something I use to not understand as a black gun owner. But when you look at the history of the black codes, it was illegal for a black person to own a gun. Those laws were unconstitutional but the local sheriff did not care.

    The white socialist think the same way. They also think of a black and white world of white European socialist utopian perfection. I have a suggestion all open carriers. Tell those who object to their firearm you can have a gun to carry also if you can be responsible. It catch them off guard.

  36. I wonder what BOOKS on the shelves of that store would make her feel threatened or unsafe…….

  37. I know the guy in this story! His name is Adam Faux. His birth name WAS Bella as he is a female to male transsexual. He is attracted to guys (he even hit on me once after work at a telekinesis bar – not my type I prefer genderless orbs of light) which makes him gay. He open carries because he is disabled. He was wounded by the Khmer Rouge while working at an orphanage in Cambodia.

    If you are going to make stuff up then at least make it interesting 🙂

  38. In the last 18 months at everywhere from Wal-Mart to walking down the street I have had more racial comments made to me, Whitey, honky, etc… than in 30 years policing. They had. No way knowing I was a cop just a white guy. Got called a skin head in a CVS last week; took on a hurt look told the woman I had alopecia & she should feel sorry. Ignorance & stupidity is spreading the closer we get too elections.

  39. Octavia Butler – the cited inspiration for the collection of short stories mentioned in the article – has written some very powerful books and is well worth reading.

    None that I have ever read, however, were about what any sane person would call a utopia, or a world where everyone got to feel safe.

    In fact, if I could identify a theme in her books it would be something to the effect that if you are skilled and lucky, you might be able to take some small measure of control over your destiny, but ‘feeling safe’ is not something you should expect in this life.

  40. So a black woman wants the police to intervene because an innocent person is making her uncomfortable? Gee, I can’t imagine any way THAT could backfire.

  41. Okay… so instead of certain people feeling safe she thinks only other certain people should feel safe?

  42. Ms. Campbell’s story about the open carrier in a book store seems a bit statistically difficult to believe. What are the chances that an anti-2nd amendment dweeb would happen to witness such an event? Sure, maybe she once say an open carrier, but all of these other embellishments along with her already anti-3nd amendment and anti-white (racist) attitude leads me to believe she is full of s$&t.

  43. If this woman is (not was) sooooo unsure of this open carrier’s intent, wouldn’t it stand to reason that of he had intended harm to her or anyone else, she wouldn’t still be around to gas or about it? Yeeesh, what a moon-gazing, passive-aggressive champion of mediocrity.

  44. If the story is true….
    I say to her. You don’t know enough unless you talk to the white man. What if he was threatened by some black man who is angry about the shooting and is carrying for specific protection? What she knows is that she feels scared. What if he’d been black? What if he’s white and is married to a black woman and is really concerned about his family. What if he had been the plumber for the church for 15 years and is heartbroken over the tragedy and armed himself to be sure it doesn’t happen again.

    Bias swings both ways.

  45. Remind me again what it’s called when someone makes wild assumptions and chooses to hate someone else based solely on skin color and nothing else? I think it started with S and ends with traight up racism.

    Someone needs to tell BIanca to shut her damn mouth and get over herself.

  46. Funny. When I saw a young black man open carrying in a holster at Wal-Mart I did not get scared or think he was a NBPP black supremacist. I had only two thought. 1. Good for him. exercising his right and duty to protect his loved ones. 2. He was probably OC because he looked too young to get a CCH.
    This dingbat racist should be in a nut house of she is really that paranoid.

  47. So…on the one hand she felt powerless because an armed man entered the bookstore where she was shopping, and that’s not okay. On the other hand she asserted that, were he not armed, she could surely kick his ass, rendering him powerless against her (at least in her own mind), and that, of course, was perfectly fine.

    Is this what seriously passes for reasoned activism these days?

    • who in their right minds expects the anti-gun crowd to rely on “reason” for anything?

      • The anti-gun crowd says the same thing about us gun-totin’ wacko’s, and for reasons that, while I disagree with them, seem valid to them. I can at least respect that most of them stick to their guns (pun actually intended…sorry). My point is that Ms. Powerless can’t seem to make up her mind whether self defense is okay (I could kick his ass if he wasn’t packin’) or not okay (eeeek!…scary scary gun!…make it go away!). That’s not activism, that’s a child who shouts “that’s not FAIR!” when things don’t go their way.

  48. From the article:

    Once he left, the rest of us still in the store let out a communal, belly-deep sigh. One customer noticed that subconsciously all the books they had collected to purchase were about men and violence. “They take up so much space,” the customer said with regard to the man who just left and the bundle of books in their arms.

    Oh. So it’s okay to say men take up space? Kinda like certain races/religions/creeds take up space in totalitarian regimes? Hmmm… I am uncomfortable that this woman writes on the Internet. Her 1A rights should be revoked due to my discomfort.

  49. “I want to know a world where I don’t have to be caught up in fear in the first place.”

    Wait a minute… didn’t you say you were a “Jamaican American”?

    Well, Jamaica doesn’t allow any guns.

    Perhaps you should get in touch with your “roots”. Permanently.

    Cruises to Jamaica leave Miami with regularity.

    • Don’t the former & current British Caribbean Slave port islands, have some of the highest violent & firearms specifically crime rates in the known world?
      And she’s afraid of someone with a firearm visible. I say go back to Jamaica where true pirates still exist. I wonder if the guy with the gun had been of the same ethnicity she would have felt the same. I haven’t been to GA in a few months went to Helen 90-120 from Atlanta saw maybe 5-6 carrying but the only ones that scared me were 2 in a 7-11 type store carrying concealed flocks stuck in the waistband. Coulda cared less about a ND removing reproductive use just didn’t wanna catch a.ricochet. This guy showed responsibility by holster use. Assuming it”s not a hallucination fantasy or Bloomberg inspired with some menthol cigs, got them votes for the POTUS why not other things?

  50. Statistically she is much more likely to be the victim of a violent crime by a member of her own race, but that doesn’t seem to mesh with her hate speech so I guess she did t think it was worth mentioning.

    I wonder what her reaction to a gang banger with a poorly concealed weapon would have been.

    This lady makes me want to puke.

  51. WRT:

    ” the Supreme Court’s recent decision to magic a Constitutional right out of thin air”

    The only recent instance of that of which I’m aware was the Citizens United case, where the justices bestowed “free speech” on inanimate objects.

  52. As looney as Campbell is, the comments of her supporters that follow her howl are just as enlighteningly disturbing & are IMO quite similar in style & tone to those from the environmental & ‘animal rights’ cults.

  53. I invite her to go back to Jamaica then which is 1. a society that is majority black so she won’t feel like a hated minority, and 2. has very strict gun laws so she won’r worry about people with guns.

    Oh wait, Jamaica has an absurdly high murder rate and is one of the most dangerous places in the world.

    This b***h is crazy, and she is spewing it all over the place

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