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Here’s the scenario: you’re kicking in doors in a village in the sandbox, when your M4 gets a double-feed and you transition to your M9. After swappping shots with Johnny Jihad for what seems like an eternity, you realize you’ve run your gun empty. Johnny hears that you’ve stopped firing and sneaks a peek around the compound wall. Now is a great time to A) reload your M9 and blow him straight to Allah, or B) wait for him to charge you so you can stick him with the magazine-mounted pistol bayonet your mall-ninja nephew mailed you for Christmas.

If you chose B, you’ll love the Manly Innovations MBX pistol bayonet. Make the jump over to The Truth About Knives to learn all about it.

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  1. Actually, the full article at TTAK pretty much covered all the things I initially thought would go wrong…..leaving the gun empty to use the knife, dropping the knife through your foot…..

    Not to mention that that would be a pretty slow and awkward motion used to employ the blade…..

    • The motion is actually no different than holding a knife in a reverse grip, so that isn’t a huge deal. Everything else about it, however, sucks.

      • What I was thinking, and didn’t actually say, was that when the gun runs dry and you try to employ the knife your arms will already be outstretched in a shooting position. If the BG is at bad breath distances that’s a bad position to be in.

  2. Well gee whiz. This sure looks like; A. a self-inflicted accidental knife wound waiting to happen and B. “evidence” of your obviously overly aggressive nature in the event of an otherwise justified DGU incident. I’ll pass.

  3. If for some reason you are retarded or are out of ammo, then you transition to a real edged weapon, not this crap.

    • It’s a suicide-preventer. Anyone dumb enough to buy it on impulse soon feels humiliated and wants to commit suicide. Wanting to commit suicide, he grabs his MBX-equipped pistol knife. Grabbing his MBX-equipped pistol knife, he can’t decide which part of his pistol knife to use on himself. Utterly indecisive, he eventually goes back to playing video games, relieved to know that he could have done it with either end of the thing, if he didn’t have a video game to finish before going to his local voting precinct.

      Thus the MBX should be mandatory according to Shannon Watts standards because, as I have demonstrated, it will likely reduce at least some gun violence.

  4. The video was really, really horrible, and it’s a shame it got pulled. It was something you had to experience to understand. There’s a new video on their website that includes some of the footage from the original, but it’s not the same, and the new soundtrack is horribad.

  5. If they could come up with a way to make this a switchblade that automatically deployed when the mag ran dry I think they would win some sort of nobel prize.

  6. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, Over????

    Actual use of this in combat should result in at least an automatic Bronze Star (and probably a Purple Heart to go with it).

  7. As Sergeant of a 3-man Rapid Tactical Force, this is exactly the sort of innovative equipment I and my team need to protect our nation’s retail shopping centers.

    • As Sergeant of a 3-operator Rapid Tactical Force, this is exactly the sort of innovative equipment I and my operators need to protect our nation’s retail shopping centers.

      Fixed it for ya. Nice to know all those unemployed Ma Bell employees can now find gainful employment.

    • well im with you gecko also did you ever figure out about how to properly carry trauma plates …..

  8. You’re all missing the point. This nifty device allows you to eject the magazine when it runs dry, and then easily retrieve it later. You’ll find it conveniently stuck upright in the floor, without the danger of it skidding away.

    • …or perhaps conveniently stuck in your own thigh or foot, depending on your position when you drop it.

  9. I think it’s a fantastic idea!
    As an NRA basic pistol instructor, I’ve always wanted a way to get students to stop using the cup-and-saucer grip. I think this could do it.

  10. This might be the dumbest thing to ever make any a million dollars. There are enough tactical douches out there who would leap at this. Ooh, let’s paint it lime green and put a zombie biohazard sign on it while we’re at it.

  11. If they make one for a .380 mousegun you won’t need to complain about “that pinky that hangs off the bottom”…. it would be “that pinky on the floor”.

  12. Black coating, serrated edge, extra attachments for OC, tazer, pliers, seat belt cutter, re-holster the blade with the mag attached then re-load with fresh belt attached upright mag and fresh blade. This could be really big stuff. When they get publicly traded I’m buying shares.

  13. The M9 does enough damage without this thing. The nub at the base of the pistol grip is sufficient for skull cracking and the blade front was designed with the potential for slashing in mind. Thanks but my M9 is just fine the way it is.

    • Glock fanboys just don’t understand why their plastic wunderwaffens aren’t suitable for military use. An M-9 or a 1911 is suitable for driving nails and cracking skulls. We don’t need no stinkin bayonet.

    • If this thing sells just think of the possibilities the Armed Inteligencia could come up with. We could all be millionaires!

      Tactical pic rail mounted pencil sharpener.
      Tactical bubblegum that smells like napalm in the morning and tastes like victory.
      A rifle mounted tactical paper shredder to maintain OPSEC while in the field.
      Zombie themed ghillie suits IN arctic white!!!
      Mag mounted lasers for “backup targeting” just in case your primary, secondary AND tertiary lasers fail.
      Pic rail base plates for magazines… The ULTIMATE in customization! You could even put a bipod on your magazines!!!

      Now all we need are investors…lol.

  14. Actually, this is a great idea! Multiple attackers, fists and knives. Gun runs dry. About to reload when guy 3 metres to your right charges you with fists. OMG what now?! Flick wrist to the right when you eject the mag. Bayonet goes flying through the air into his chest. Bad guy dead.


    Slap fresh mag home, finish off attackers. Somehow cause building to explode when you exit. Don’t look at explosion.

    Go home and have crazy hot sex with twins that look like Shannon Watts, but younger and sexier.

    Smoke Cohiba while playing mad guitar solo.

    And that, dear friends, is how you use a pistol bayonet.

  15. Or C
    I attach Bayonet to my Rifle and use that like I was taught…
    Or D
    I use my E- Tool… (which has been used in this capacity before,)

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