Mayor Ted Wheeler Portland
Mayor Ted Wheeler makes an announcement of a new initiative to combat surging gun violence in Oregon's largest city on Thursday, July 21, 2022, in Portland, Ore. The initiative directs $2.4 million to community groups and violence prevention efforts. (AP Photo/Claire Rush)
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[ED: After George Floyd, the city of Portland cut its police budget while daily Antifa and Black Lives Matter protests racked the city. Crime soared. Portland racked up more murders last year than larger cities like Seattle, Boston or San Francisco. The city was forced to replace part of the police funding cuts last year, but the department is now drastically understaffed. Yesterday Wheeler declared an emergency over the “gun violence” and will use taxpayer dollars to fund “community-based messengers” to try to convince violent recidivist criminals not to shoot each other quite so often.]

By Claire Rush, AP

Gripped by gun violence that’s affecting cities across the nation, the mayor of Portland, Oregon, on Thursday issued a new emergency declaration with the goal of reducing gun killings by at least 10% over the next two years.

The initiative directs $2.4 million to community groups and prevention efforts.

“Emergency declarations can get results the status quo cannot,” Wheeler said during a briefing at City Hall. “We will not stop until the gun violence stops.”

The number of shootings in Oregon’s biggest city soared above 670 in the first half of 2022 – ahead of the pace for the same period last year.

Guns have been fueling a surge of deadly violence in Portland in a trend that’s been playing out across the U.S. Firearm homicide rates nationwide jumped 35% between 2019 and 2020, the highest rate in more than 25 years, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In the face of growing violence, many cities are now trying to navigate how to maintain public safety while also addressing the calls to reform and “defund” the police sparked by George Floyd’s murder, as racial justice activists seek to have police budgets reallocated to other social services.

Portland, which was roiled by near-nightly Black Lives Matter protests for months in 2020, cut the city’s police budget by $15 million that year. But in November it reversed course, funneling $5.2 million back to the police department as homicides skyrocketed.

At the briefing, Portland Police Chief Chuck Lovell announced that 16 new police officers were sworn in on Thursday in what he described as the “largest new hire event we’ve had in a very, very long time.” The officers are part of the 300 additional police bureau staff the city aims to hire over the next three years.

Portland ted wheeler mayor
Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (AP Photo/Craig Mitchelldyer)

But despite the recent recruits and funding bumps, Lovell said personnel shortages are hampering his department’s ability to fight crime.

“It’s one of our high priorities to bring the staffing level at the bureau back up,” said Lovell. “We are working as hard as we can to solve these cases.”

Signaling a shift away from the city’s recent cuts to its police budget in 2020, Wheeler said he plans on increasing the department’s funds. “As long as this crisis exists, there will be funding,” Wheeler said.

The initiative aims to enhance and centralize cooperation between law enforcement and community groups with the goal of increasing outreach to individuals at risk of being involved in gun violence.

Wheeler’s emergency declaration came in response to a report released by the Portland Police Bureau and the California Partnership for Safe Communities, a nonprofit that advises cities on reducing gun violence. The report found that last year Portland had a homicide rate of 13.5 per 100,000 people, roughly double the nationwide rate.

The number of homicides in Portland surpassed more populous cities like San Francisco and Boston. The Oregon city had twice as many slayings compared to its larger Pacific Northwest neighbor Seattle.


Portland reported a record 89 homicides last year, a 65% increase compared to 2020, according to the Portland Police Bureau. The vast majority of those homicides involved a firearm.

Shootings in Portland disproportionately affect communities of color. Black people make up just 6% of the city’s population, but account for nearly 39% of homicide victims.

Communities across the U.S. are grappling with the spike in shootings, with many still reeling from a string of killings that targeted a Fourth of July parade in a Chicago suburb, Black shoppers at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, and children at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas.

Congress last month to pass its most significant gun violence bill in 30 years. The legislation will enhance background checks for gun buyers under 21 years of age, toughen laws preventing domestic violence offenders from obtaining firearms, and provide billions in funding for mental health and crisis intervention programs in communities and schools.



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  1. Emergency declarations–expect to see more of these, as a way of leftists increasing their power after flushing society down the toilet.

  2. If there isn’t a crisis to not let go to waste, one must be invented. Gaining emergency powers (as covid proved) grants authorities dictatorial power.

    • I’m old enough to remember the freak out over what Trump could do with emergency powers. Yet, those same people are down with a potential “Climate Crisis” emergency.

  3. These Mayors who run big cities don’t seem to get it that when you defund the police crime rises. They are the ones principally responsible and they have never been held accountable for aiding and abetting criminal behavior. They should all be in jail.

    • Quote: “These Mayors who run big cities don’t seem to get it that when you defund the police crime rises. They are the ones principally responsible and they have never been held accountable for aiding and abetting criminal behavior. They should all be in jail.”

      The Mayors know exactly what they are doing. They are working to further the democrat part (communist party USA) goals of destroying America.

      With bitme in office and communists in control of the federal government they are winning.

      Don’t believe all the garbage on the media of a republican landslide in November. Democrats have demonstrated in the last three national elections they have the procedures, the people in place and the money to win (steal) elections by”finding” however many ballots they need for their pawn to win.

      There will not be a good end to all this.

      Be Prepared !!!

  4. “and will use taxpayer dollars to fund ‘community-based messengers’ to try to convince violent recidivist criminals not to shoot each other quite so often.”

    Why do I sense an upcoming shortage of ‘community-based messengers’  ?

    It’s a little refreshing though that finally something the anti-gun industry has avoided saying is the problem… the criminal.

  5. “…with the goal of reducing gun killings by at least 10% over the next two years.”

    Read that over and over. And over.


    George Floyd was NOT “murdered” He killed himself with the massively large dose of lethal drugs he voluntarily ingested. He’d have died at almost the same time, perhaps even sooner, had the cops never been able to find him.

    Stop feeding lies to your readership We are smarter than that.

    • I have a fakebook friend who lives just across the river from Portland in Vancouver,Washington. I get a running tally of all the tomfoolery & mayhem. Meanwhile Washington state will soon be as bad or worse. It’s left coast disease is spreading everywhere & needs to stopped by what ever means necessary(heard that before?)

  7. Just flew home through Portland after several days of meetings. Almost every freeway interchange was crawling with homeless people, their makeshift tents and garbage. Oregon is beautiful but Portland has devolved into a trash ridden homeless encampment. No law and order. Maybe there’s a correlation? Hmm

  8. OR, just lock up violent people?
    How many times have we seen a known, violent offender released time after time right up until they murder someone?

    • “OR, just lock up violent people?”

      You just don’t understand….

      Talk therapy has a long history of successfully leading tens of thousands of criminals out of “the life”.

      And talk therapy provides legitimate jobs for those who otherwise might end up on the public dole.

  9. I totally agree with re-funding the police. However, to pump money into “social contact” to convince criminals to not kill each other is a waste. USE THAT MONEY TO BUILD MORE JAIL SPACE, ARREST AND INCARCERATE the criminals. Now that stops crimes.

  10. All these new experiments to stop arresting and stop putting criminals in prison is a fool’s errand. It took thousands of years to develop a system of police, courts, and prisons to keep crime and murder as low as possible and the new wave just doesn’t get it. Maybe the problem is lack of a good education and learning some history.

    All I know is I get more nervous everyday about the follow-on negative effects of having to protect myself and family since politicians are hellbent on creating the danger.

    • It’s not a fool’s errand. It’s part of a plan.

      They will create chaos. The public will whine like the children they are about how something needs to be done while taking no responsibility for the fact that they elected these idiots in the first place. Lefties will step into the void they’ve created and answer the demand with a new police force that is loyal to them.

      And you shall have the police state that was asked for. Whereupon it will immediately set about achieving the actual goal of its creators, which is not to your benefit in any way.

      At no time will it actually target the problems John/Jane Q. Public wanted to be targeted. Instead it will target Mr./Ms. Public.

      This is a rebranding of the Ministry of State Security. It’s the same product but with a kinder, genter name so that you will allow it to be created and thank it for bashing your face in for no apparent reason.

      • “a new [government agency/military] that is loyal to them”

        I think this is part of the reason for the non-vaxxed personnel purge.

  11. The Mayor is now concerned about murders and violent crime?
    Perhaps if he would have arrested and jailed the rioters when the crap first started, strengthened law enforcement and made it clear to the criminal elements of his city that such behavior will not be tolerated, he would not be facing the problems he has today.

  12. I have lived outside of Portland for 33 years and have to go into Portland occasionally for business. It has become third world in the last 6 years. Homeless camped out in front of businesses. Buildings with the first floors boarded up so they won’t keep breaking windows, open drug use. Trash is everywhere and in some areas over a 100 beat up RV’s that are parked in what are the new shanty towns.

    The majority of the shooting and killings is the drug users, the homeless shooting each other (they steal their guns) and the gangs. GO outside of Portland, Salem, Medford areas and you do not see this crap.

  13. It wasn’t de-funding police…it was police reform.

    It wasn’t not putting criminals in jail…it was criminal justice reform.

    It wasn’t allowing BLM rioters to pillage and plunder … it was racial justice reform

    Every time a Democrat uses the word “reform” society gets screwed.

  14. I lived in Portland for a few years. Wheeler is corrupt A.F. A significantly amount of that money is going to drop directly into his ‘reelection fund’. Which itself will mostly drop right into his pocket.

  15. I’d suggest hiring the strongest drug gang to suppress all other gangs.
    Most shooting is gang to gang so back one side and the shooting stops.
    Street drug prices will come down so that’s votes in the bank! Less shooting, cheaper drugs, reduced gun violence, that’s all that matters. Right?

  16. It amazes me that idiots like Wheeler refuse to look at human nature. We didn’t become the apex predator on this planet by being nice. “Community based messengers” WTF!!!
    I realize that this idiot and others like him are politicians who are only after a vote and think that the rest of us are members of the idiocracy as well.
    Unfortunately, too many voters in Portland live in a fantasyland where the better part of human nature will prevail. I fear they are doomed to live in a sh*t hole for a good long while.

  17. LET IT BURN!
    They won’t ever admit they were wrong. Let the companies flee, and the city go to hell.
    When there is nothing left maybe then the people who voted in these idiots will learn.

  18. The Libertarians Liberals and the Left had their chance. But they called the authorities “Trump’s secret police”. And the Three L’s rioted, they burned the city and tried to murder the occupants inside the Federal courthouse in Portland Oregon.

    The Three L’s hate the police. Let Portland Oregon go. Or any Liberal Libertarian Left wing City that sides with rioters, instead of the police. Let them burn their own City to the ground. They don’t support the police. And they don’t support private property owners killing people, if necessary to protect their private property, from being looted and burned.

    Let it an object lesson for other people to learn what not to do.

  19. What’s compensation package for Community-Based Messengers’ and when do you become vested?

    I’m looking for a loafing job.

        • I got a job, loafing at the bakery.

          “Lou Costello: What’re you doing?

          Bud Abbott: I got a job at a bakery.

          Lou Costello: Good! What’re you doing there?

          Bud Abbott: Loafing.

          Lou Costello: [reacts] Loafing?
          Loafing – Bud Abbott confuses Lou Costello about loafing around vs. making loaves of bread — loafing — at a bakery

          Bud Abbott: Loafing!

          Lou Costello: Where?

          Bud Abbott: In a bakery.

          Lou Costello: You working?

          Bud Abbott: Well, certainly.

          Lou Costello: Doing what?

          Bud Abbott: Loafing!

          Lou Costello: That’s what I was doing here, I was taking it easy …

          Bud Abbott: No, no, no, not that kind of loafing. You’re just a lazy idiot.

          Lou Costello: I was taking it easy, same as you.

          Bud Abbott: I work when I loaf!

          Lou Costello: How can you work and loaf at the same time?

          Bud Abbott: Why not?

          Lou Costello: Can they do that?

          Bud Abbott: That’s what they pay me for!

          Lou Costello: They pay you for what?

          Bud Abbott: To loaf!

          Lou Costello: [aggravated] How do they pay you to loaf?

          Bud Abbott: I work for the baker, I’m loafing there.

          Lou Costello: You loaf, you don’t do a thing! How much do they pay you at the baker store?

          Bud Abbott: A dollar and a half an hour.

          Lou Costello: For loafing

          Bud Abbott: I’m a union man! I belong to the union!

          Lou Costello: I’m loafing here, and I don’t get nothing for it!

          Bud Abbott: You’re not supposed to get money for that kind of loafing!

          Lou Costello: Can I loaf there with you?

          Bud Abbott: I should say not; you’ve got to join the union.

          Lou Costello: [confused] I gotta join a union of loafers?

          Bud Abbott: You can’t loaf without belonging to the union.

          Lou Costello: Well, what do you think of that? You mean I gotta join a union in order to loaf?

          Bud Abbott: Well, certainly!

          Lou Costello: Don’t say nothin’ but I was loafing here the union knowin’.

          Bud Abbott: No, you weren’t loafing here, you can’t loaf here! You can’t loaf here, you’ve got no dough.

          Lou Costello: I got no dough? That’s why I’m loafing, because I don’t got no dough.

          Bud Abbott: No, no, you got dough you could loaf. Then you’d have to get a card and join the union.

          Lou Costello: You mean, you’ve gotta have dough to loaf?

          Bud Abbott: Well sure, how can you loaf without dough?

          Lou Costello: That’s very hard, I’ve been trying to do it.

          Bud Abbott: You can’t do anything.

          Lou Costello: I can’t retire right now, I’ve got to have a job.

          Bud Abbott: Someday come down to the bakery, I’ll show you how to loaf. I do real loaf. In fact, you know, I’ve never told you this, my whole family were loafers.

          Lou Costello: No kidding.

          Bud Abbott: Sure, my father was a bigger loafer than me.

          Lou Costello: He was?

          Bud Abbott: Yeah, he was one of the best loafers in the family.

          Lou Costello: I think you’re a better loafer than your father.

          Bud Abbott: I know that now, because he taught me how to loaf.

          Lou Costello: You know you’re a bigger loafer than your father?

          Bud Abbott: Oh sure, sure.

          Lou Costello: You’re a bigger loafer than me too, ain’t ya?

          Bud Abbott: You’re no loafer.

          Lou Costello: I’m not?

          Bud Abbott: Certainly not.

          Lou Costello: What?

          Bud Abbott: You’re just a lazy, no good for nothing … whatever you are.

          Lou Costello: [angry] How can I be lazy? You just told me I’m no loafer, you’re a loafer, not me!

          Bud Abbott: But I get paid for loafing, you don’t!

          Lou Costello: That’s what I don’t understand – work in a bakery store, get paid a dollar and a half an hour for loafing!

          Bud Abbott: That’s right!

          Lou Costello: This I don’t understand!

          Bud Abbott: What do you mean you don’t understand? What’s to understand?

          Lou Costello: I don’t understand you working and loafing and getting paid for it!

          Bud Abbott: Wait a minute …

          Lou Costello: Can I get a job there, doing the same thing?

          Bud Abbott: No …

          Lou Costello: I can’t get a job there!

          Bud Abbott: You have to belong to the union.

          Lou Costello: All you do is talk, talk, talk, and all I hear – you don’t say nothin’ – loafing!

          Bud Abbott: I don’t say anything?

          Lou Costello: No!

          Bud Abbott: Look, you go to the union, you get a card, you go to the baker, they give you dough. You knead the dough first …

          Lou Costello: I need the dough, and how I need the dough!

          Bud Abbott: You knead the dough in order to loaf.

          Lou Costello: I need the dough in order to loaf?

          Bud Abbott: That’s right.

          Lou Costello: Give me some dough and I’ll get something to eat in the joint.

          Bud Abbott: You can’t get any dough…”

    • You get all the medical care you need for gun shot wounds and a free T shirt with the mayors picture on it with his campaign slogan.

      You become fully vested at your funeral.

      • You’re mistaken my intrest for wanting to break a sweat, I’m all about the benefits and the comps. Given the current status of the city I’ll probably have an accident the first day that will justify a medical retirement.

  20. lol. Portland is not repairable. A complete termination of everyone who is any position of authority in Portland and the county that encompass’ it would be a good start. However; you’d also need to purge the entire voter rolls and likely restrict voting to property owners. Further, my guess martial law would need to be declared for a period of 6-8 weeks. Antifa would need to be made an illegal organisation, rooted out, arrested, and imprisoned.

    So, in short, we’d probably have to become the very facists the accuse us of being, to turn that city around.

    • Maybe an incentive program would help?
      Free 100 doses of benzo-dope and a one way ticket to Venezuela?
      Would a lot of antifa people go?

  21. The First Victim In The Indiana Mall Shooting, Victor Gomez, Was Also Armed With A Handgun But Had No Time To React

    But Dicken was able to respond …. the more ordinary armed citizens in a mass shooter proximate area the more likely some of them will be able to respond to stop the mass shooter threat in that most important time before police can arrive.

  22. “Black people make up just 6% of the city’s population, but account for nearly 39% of homicide victims.”

    I wonder what percentage of the murderers are members of that 6%.


    Blazak said Portland’s situation was exacerbated by the number of far-right groups that had been operating in the Portland suburbs. Since those rallies have begun, Blazak said there have been reports of Proud Boys members from outside the state joining in.

    “There is this false narrative that Portland is burning down by ANTIFA and the city is being run by communists. That brings the far-right wingers to Portland and that’s for photo ops,” he said.

    Since the protests and clashes begin last year, Proud Boys members and figureheads have claimed the anti-fascist groups in Portland needed to be protested and fought.

    Blazak said that despite what some reports might say, the majority of people who took part during last year’s George Floyd protests were not part of any violent far-left group.

    • Of course Dacian would blame Portland being awful on the right! Next Dacian is going to say that Chicago, LA and Seatle have been infiltrated by the alt-right in order to elect incompetent bearuocrats to push far left policies and cause these cities to implode.

      Yes Dacian, homeless people taking dumps in people front yards, revolving door criminal policies, passing out needles….definitely caused by the Proud Boys

      Let it be known Dacian, the left is now feeling sorry for pedophiles! Instead they’re calling them “minor attracted people”, or “MAP”. Let that sink in for a second, the left doesn’t want to hurt a pedophiles feelings, so now they’ll call them “MAP”. Let’s also not forget what “critical race theory” does to people, making them feel bad about their race for something their ancestors did. Let’s also bring up “gender theory” which is being taught in schools and radically confuses kids sexually……Say what what you want about the right Dacian, but the left is truly disgusting.

      • There ain’t enough proud boys nation wide to fill a short bus. But herr dacian sees them behind every bush. He’s paranoid to the extreme.

        His mental illness is out of control.


        The far right has infiltrated all the major cities.

        Especially Chicago.

        I know because one slightly chilly night I went out for a Subway sandwich at 2:00am and the next thing you know two far-right-wingers jumped me, tied a noose around me, and said “THIS IS MAGA COUNTRY”.

        Oh the horror, how can this happen to a gay French man such as myself?

        Here is a video detailing the horrors I suffered;

        • Reminds me of tge Russian propaganda that convinced poor soldiers they should expect SS Legions playing “Lily Marlene” on loudspeakers goose stepping on the innocent helpless Ukrainian they must save from Nazi hordes.
          They did find a skinny guy with a “Satan’sChoice” tatto they tortured until he admitted he was reincarnated from 1944.

  24. Didn’t the white people in charge make drugs legal in Portland Oregon??? OR at least some of the drugs. That way “they said all the crime would just go away”.

    • “That way “they said all the crime would just go away”.”

      I have, on many occasions, pointed that “law” is the single source of all crime: no “law’, no crime.

      When will they ever learn?

      • The belief that morality is not a factor in crime control is always a downfall in atheist thinking.
        It would be best if they all lived in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, or some other Democrat party controlled City.

        That way the police will be out of their way and they can do as they please
        They created what those cities have become.

  25. Great idea !!! Just throw some social workers at the problem. Let us know how that works for ya…. Gawd these people are true idiots.

  26. One day, perhaps, people will realize the wisdom of TTAG poster Nero’s moniker.

    Until that day the word games will continue and the level of bullshit will continue to rise.

    Robespierre was probably a bit of a loon but he wasn’t wrong when he said “Le secret de la liberté est d’éclairer les hommes, comme celui de la tyrannie est de les retenir dans l’ignorance”.

    Four generations of a population consisting of a majority that is brainwashed has consequences. But the *funny* thing about it is that the brainwashed can’t see the root of the problem.

  27. Portland is nothing but a clown show,
    The Governor is a bimbo, the mayor of Portland is a cross dresser, the attorney general is a Soros bought & paid for useless puppet, & yes the blacks & Antifa are getting away with Murder & mayhem every day in OREGONE. Fact.
    This is what happens when you have a Democrat super majority running the state, everyone on the east side of the state wants to join Idaho for good reason.

    • Please, I’m talking about a government job, not a real if I understand that you, the business climate in Portland is welcoming?

  28. “and provide billions in funding for … crisis intervention programs in communities and schools.”

    Now you know why the mayor is suddenly interested in reducing the twice-the-national-murder-rate in Portland. The $$$$

  29. This is not the Oregon that I grew up in. Unfortunately the state of Oregon has been thoroughly Califonicated north of the Douglas County line. Most of the rest of the state outside the Willamette Valley is still livable. However, the majority of the state’s population resides in that hell-hole.

  30. Are they going to provide firearms for the community messengers? If not, I hope they have a whole bunch of ’em, ’cause the messengers won’t last long.

  31. Next time Antifa sets Wheeler’s apartment building on fire, they can send community messengers to teach the fire that it’s wrong to consume buildings.

  32. “Gripped by gun violence that’s affecting cities across the nation, the mayor of Portland, Oregon, on Thursday issued a new emergency declaration with the goal of reducing gun killings by at least 10% over the next two years.”

    Ok, I’ve been doing so research on this statement. I kept wondering why the ‘10%’. It seemed so arbitrary and weird for a city that has around twice the murder rate of the rest of the country. I mean, what about the other 90% ?

    It turns out, when not yet prosecuted are taken into account; in ~ 88% of the murders and assaults in Portland the criminals don’t use guns. Only about ~10% of the murders and assaults in Portland the criminals used guns. But there is also a very close correlation with who does these crimes, more then 85% are criminal gang related or associated in some manner and the majority of those have a drug trafficking connection.

    At first this seemed like it was just a political thing to push a gun-control narrative. But then I looked at Portland’s finances, into the overall thing not just what is in their financial reports because their reports only basically covers how they budget for what they have in the report but not how much they really owe. Overall, Portland has (on average) ~$8 billion in bills to pay (considering everything) but has about (on average) ~$2 billion in assets they can apply towards those bills and has budgeted at ~$4.5 billion to keep city government operating. Overall, Portland is basically in a ~$6 billion mismanagement financial hole it can’t climb out of.

    So this effort by the mayor is ignoring ~90% of the murder and assault crime in Portland. Its being done for the federal funding $$$ because under the recent bill there are billions in federal funding to be made available for gun violence programs. Portland is going to spawn a whole new ‘branch’ of bureaucracy and ignore ~90% of the murder and assault crime in Portland for the money because it has grossly mismanaged its finances.

  33. Be interesting to see what Portland looks like in two years.

    What do you want to bet the community based messenger takes the salary, and a bribe to look the other way from the criminals working in the messengers “district?”

    • Gonna be lots of numbers games. One ‘messenger’ talks one criminal out of shooting one person on one day….so the criminal does it the next day…but that’s going to counted as a 100% success because of the one on one one day a zero shooting by the one criminal and zero shot by that one criminal that day thus …voila’ a 100% program sucess rate. Anti-gun has their own math, it would not be the first time they used it.

  34. “…. issued a new emergency declaration with the goal of reducing gun killings by at least 10% over the next two years.” The other 90% gun killings are considered OKEY DOKEY by the Mayor?????

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