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KelTec produces some of the most unique, innovative firearm designs in the business. The only problem some have had is getting their hands on the guns they want. Now the company has announced a significant expansion, spinning up a new production facility in Wyoming that should help them meet demand now and into the future. Here’s their press release . . .

Kel-Tec CNC Industries is expanding its production capacity with the acquisition of a 33,000 square foot facility in Rock Springs, Wyoming, augmenting its 125,000 square foot industrial space in Cocoa, Florida.

“I am thrilled to be a part of this new adventure in our story,” stated Adrian Kellgren, Director of Industrial Production. “Wyoming has a rich history as part of the American frontier and it’s fitting for our brand, being that we constantly explore the limits of performance and design, to expand out here.”

KelTec firearms are known for innovation and performance, so the new facility will focus on cutting edge manufacturing technology, next generation research and development and of course, production of the newest trend-setting firearms available.


“This is a milestone for Kel-Tec CNC Industries,” said Director of Sales and Marketing, Derek Kellgren. “While steady expansion isn’t anything new to us, this is our first expansion into another state and we couldn’t be more excited about advancing our innovative designs and production processes in Wyoming.”

While the company’s initial start-up will be small, the facility is designed to grow up to 250+ employees across multiple industrial disciplines.

“In Wyoming, we value our open spaces, recreation and hunting and proudly defend our 2nd Amendment rights,” stated Governor Mark Gordon. “Because of those values and our business-friendly environment I am pleased to welcome KelTec firearms to Wyoming.”

KelTec P15 9mm Pistol

Rock Springs Mayor Timothy A. Kaumo, echoing added support from Sweetwater County officials and the Wyoming Business Council, added “The City of Rock Springs is beyond excited and proud to have KelTec firearms locating here.”

“The future of our company is tied to the future of the American free spirit,” concluded George Kellgren, Founder, Chairman and CEO. “Wyoming has been a leading example of liberty and freedom for America, and it is right that we become part of it.”

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  1. Driven through the place several times. Nice size town. Beautiful setting. I wish them luck!

    • Had lunch there exactly one week ago from today. I love Wyoming, it would be the perfect state if winter didn’t last 10/12 months.

      (I’m from Texas, anything below 70 degrees is ridiculous.)

      • I’m from Texas but anything above 98 is ridiculous! It’s been reaching 108, 102, 112. I never thought in my life I would be happy when it’s only 95 out.

        • Had a 115 high with 70% humidity last week in southeastern OK. Shower in your own sweat weather. We’ve actually had cooler summers for the past few years. 2022 has been a return to the good old-fashioned “Oklahoma summer” we know and loathe.

  2. Finding a Keltec product is almost aa difficult as finding a Sasquatch. Hopefully this will improve the situation. I love my SU-16c. It just took about four years to find one.

    • Because they know Florida will likely be “blued” by recent immigration to the State.

      Likely doesn’t make it a sure thing but it’s… likely.

      • “Because they know Florida will likely be “blued” by recent immigration to the State.”

        The opposite is true, it seems.

        The past 2 election cycles have shown D support in the Miami-Dade area is waning. It seems they are waking up and are seeing the true face of the Leftist Scum ™, and are rejecting it.

        Funny thing is, the biggest gains have come from the communities that experienced actual government repression…

    • “Why not in Florida?”

      Might there be a firearm labor pool out there they’d like to employ?

      Are they close to where Freedom Arms has their facility?

      Maybe they are looking at national expansion???

  3. Hopefully they’ll have the budget to shop for fasteners somewhere other than the local hardware store. I still remember their forward-ejecting .308 bullpup on the LGS wall that had RUSTY screwheads on the receiver. 😮

  4. Glad this article was presented.
    I’ve been putting off adding the folding stock on the Mini.
    Seems it doesn’t shot as good but what the hell, it looks cool.

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