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Jeez, I’m busy for a few days and all hell lets out for lunch in Portland? As Farago reports, the Illegal Gun Ordinance Oversight Committee has proposed a voluntary (for now) gun registry to ‘track’ stolen guns back to their owners. It doesn’t say anything about actually returning said guns to their rightful owners because all this douchebag Committee really cares about is finding more reasons and methods for banning guns. Too bad for them I’m back on the job . . .

And luckily for the rest of humanity, this indescribably imbecilic ‘voluntary gun registry’ proposal faces two insurmountable obstacles that will prevent it from ever hurting anyone. The first is Oregon’s strong state preemption of local firearms laws: not a single word, apostrophe or semicolon of that preemption law can be changed without majority support of both houses of the state legislature in Salem.

The second obstacle is that That Ain’t Gonna Happen – Ever. Outside of the northern I-5 corridor (roughly from Eugene’s anarchists to Portland’s hipsters), Oregon is a centrist/conservative state, where all the PMS (pissin’ & moanin’ syndrome) of Willamette Valley ‘progressives’ will avail them not a single additional legislative vote.

Oregon, as Crimson Trace and their friends have enthusiastically shown us, is the home of a large and diverse shooting-sports industry. CT, Leatherman, Laupold, Danner, Uncle Mike’s, WD-40, Kershaw, Gerber, CRKT, and Coast all call these rainy valleys home, and if those traitors at Kimber hadn’t up and moved to Yonkers, NY we’d still have a first-rate rifle and pistol maker here too.

The local economic juggernaut, Nike, is even helping sponsor the Midnight 3-Gun Invitational that Nick is currently shooting. I didn’t know that Nike was down with the shooting sports, and my opinion of them as a company just went way up.

But I digress: this isn’t the first time that Portland navel-gazers have tried to “Keep Portland Weird” by encouraging its citizens to sign away their constitutional rights. Nearly twenty years ago, then-Police Chief Charles Moose launched a similar ‘voluntary program’ to reduce the city’s astronomical rate of automobile theft.

Chief Moose (pictured) encouraged Portland sheep residents to enroll their cars in a registry which would allow police to pull over and search them without any semblance of probable cause during certain hours of the day or night when the owners didn’t think they’d be driving them.

We can pickle anything

Portlandians may be “weird” but they proved not to be stupid: only a handful of credulous fools ever enrolled in the “Please Pull Me Over” program and it died a quiet, miserable death. The Illegal Gun Ordinance Oversight Committee remembers this dismal failure and they must know that this equally stupid gun registry is already as dead in the water as the Costa Concordia.

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  1. Chief Moose was the Montgomery County Sherriff who was sure that the DC sniper was a deranged 30-40 year old white guy in a white van instead of the two Nation of Islam goons in the car. Because of his racial profiling more people, including my officemate, were gunned down by this bizarro-world Batman and Robin. It wasn’t until the FBI got involved after my officemate was shot that the real investigation got started and the search began to focus on Malveaux and Mohammed. In the end it wasn’t the law enforcement community who found them but armed citizens at a rest stop on I-70 north of Frederick Maryland. Truckers recognized them from a description provided by the FBI and they blocked the rest stop entrance and exits with their trucks and called 911.

    • I lived near that Home Depot at the time. A friend of mine in the FBI said that incompetent moke was basically sidelined as badly as a scene from a cheesy summer blockbuster once the feds got involved.

        • Near 4-mile run and Columbia Pike. I feel like there are a decent number of current and former DC metro people on this board. And Moose is an idiot. And the guys that I know in the military were deeply offended that those two scvmbags were called “snipers.”

        • I live in Westover and I take my hounds on the bike trail down to your old neighborhood when the weather is cool.

    • Chief Moose was the Mongtomery County Police Dept Chief, not the County Sheriff. They are two different departments.

    • 10-4 Moose’s son was an acknowledged drug dealer while in Portland.
      Portland is a Sanctuary City. Portland has a thriving Islamist Terror Network, I could go on. Suffice to say Portland is Commieville on the Willamette River

  2. ” only a handful of credulous fools ever enrolled in the “Please Pull Me Over” program ” Really? Who the hell would voluntary sign up for something like that? Only time i would even THINK about this is if Kate Upton ever became a cop in my town.

  3. HAHAHA, their mayor looks like such a hipster he would have to be from Portland. Pretty sure no other city would elect a 50 something guy with glasses like that. THough he does make a mean beer.

    • Sam Adams was the same gay mayor who a few years ago got caught kissing an underage male city intern named Beau Breedlove. Seriously, that was the kid’s name. Adams kept his job since technically kissing a minor is not considered an illegal six act.

  4. “Jeez, I’m busy for a few days and all hell lets out for lunch in Portland?”
    — Yup, the PDX government was waiting for you to get distracted for a few days before releasing their latest anti-gun proposal. They know who you are.

    “faces two insurmountable obstacles that will prevent it from ever hurting anyone.”
    — “from ever” is a very long time. If you look at the long term trend, thirty plus years ago, Oregon had a sizable number of more registered Republicans than Democrats. Now, that has flipped. However, the now huge number of registered Independents has really jumped from a small percentage a few decades ago.

  5. At least Adams isn’t running for re-election. I don’t have faith that the state legislature won’t pass something stupid though. I think the house is 50/50 and the senate is just barely has a Dem majority.

    • Get busy! You have the chance in this general election to kick some of the gun-grabbers out of office. This could be another election like 1980. Use the national dynamics on the local level.

  6. Actually Portland Metro and Eugene metro account for 65% of the state’s pop. I just ran the numbers because it was important to various rebellious plots…

    On a somewhat related note I was thinking about Open Carrying in downtown Portland and educating hipsters on their ability to buy a machinegun before it becomes mainstream. We could totally get them in on the gun issue if we push it before it is mainstream. As for other socialist/communist folk (I say as I wear my people’s republic of Portland shirt) I have had good results with the following: “Naw man, In a perfect commune everything is distributed, we all farm, we all help, everyone is responsible for a little bit of everything, even safety man! We just all gotta be responsible man!”


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