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There’s no need to get cross; I’m just joking. Smith & Wesson need Madonna as an official spokesman like The Material Girl needs another hole in her head. Less. But the image from Madge’s latest tour—the one in which she tweaked the French with the projected image of a Swastika and pranced around with an AK for the Israelis—confirms what I’ve known all along: the Smith & Wesson 686 revolver is an iconic gun. The iconic gun. That is all. Oh, and there is no truth to the rumor that the crowd started chanting “do it, do it.”

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  1. My wife has a 686+ and knows better than to point it at anything she doesn’t intend to destroy (but then, my wife isn’t blonde).

  2. Boy, Madonna is really desperate for attention now that she’s going to be entering her golden years. Besides flashing her breasts and rear end at concerts and now this, I don’t wanna think about what she’ll do next.

  3. Based on the article’s title, I figured that Robert was in the April 1st Way Back Machine…

  4. Madonna has been over the hill and past her good years for a very long time. She should have retired when she was a six icon years ago. Her desperation is obvious. Lastly, I’m glad that it wasn’t a Ruger she was playing with.

  5. Oh, and there is no truth to the rumor that the crowd started chanting “do it, do it.”

    It wasn’t for my lack of trying.

  6. No matter how much they cost , today’s S & Ws are nothing compared to just not too long ago. S&W revolvers ALL used to have the greatest SA pulls. They don’t now and never will again. Sometimes I wish I was one of today’s young and just did not know any better.

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