Screen capture by Boch. Via Leaked Reality.
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Armed robbers are basically bullies, using a firearm as a tool to intimidate their victims into compliance. Like most bullies, when they face someone on an equal or superior playing field, they tend to retreat. Usually rather urgently.

Leaked Reality has surveillance video of an armed robbery at a cluttered little antique shop. The video has no information as to the location or date of the robbery, but it surely looks as though the robber was protecting himself from COVID with a face diaper. He soon found that it did little to protect him from a good guy’s bullets.

The robber walked in and brazenly demanded cash. The guy sitting in the chair either had nerves of steel or was higher than a kite.

One of the other employees came crawling out and drew his pistol from the appendix carry position. Then, when the robber reached over the counter and struck him on the head with the pistol, the employee came up and opened fire.

Screen capture by Boch. Via Leaked Reality.

It looked as though the robber was so surprised to see his “helpless” victim coming drawing a gun that he dropped his own mohaska before attempting to retreat as fast has his feet would carry him. Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t outrun 1200 fps.

The employee’s rounds found their mark despite a far from perfect shooting technique. In fact, the defender fired until slide-lock as the offender kept moving. Barely.

Screen capture by Boch. Via Leaked Reality.

Fair warning, NSFW (graphic violence).

Obviously the armed shopkeeper didn’t see the bad guy’s gun go sailing over his head. He started shooting to stop the threat, even though the threat was retreating. The defender had no idea whether the bad guy was simply retreating to a better position to continue the robbery. He fired and he kept firing in the heat of the moment.

In the end, the robber’s career has ended rather abruptly. Clearly he won’t be reoffending and taxpayers won’t be paying to incarcerate him. That’s a win for all of his future potential victims.

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    • lol, he is pretty funny. I was almost asking myself if he were crippled or something, but at one point he raises himself up off his seat to better position the chair. Strange. Maybe he was a bad boy, and Mommy told him to sit there, and don’t move for any reason?

  1. BINGO!!!! We have a winner in the Defective Citizen Stupid Games for Stupid Prizes Extravaganza Lottery. Limit one prize per winner.
    Ultimate Edition of Jackass The Movie.

  2. It wasn’t the bad guy’s gun that flew out his hand when he hit the good guy on the head, it was the magazine falling out of the gun.

  3. didn’t this happen a while back? I remember seeing this over at Concealed Nation last year.

  4. Ok, the technique was a little unorthodox, but it looks like it turned out exactly as it should have for everyone involved.

  5. He died as he lived: Pathetically, and making a mess on someone else’s property. Good riddance.

    To keep with the bully analogy, there’s also nothing more satisfying than watching a bully start trouble, then immediately fall apart when it dawns on them that they’ve just created a situation they can’t control and it’s too late to back down.

    Also, that last bullet got him right in arse, and I think that’s funny.

    • Bob, when I was in the infantry we called that a high crawl, but whatever. It looks like he used cover and concealment as best he could and closed with the aggressor. Good for him. What was it Patton said? “Attack!”

  6. “So anyway, I started blasting, and kept blasting”. That was a sloppy draw and almost cost him his life, but when he got the upper hand, he didn’t let it go till the POS bad guy was good and dead. That’s how you stop the threat and make sure the threat is not a zombie who will rise from the dead. Good Job.

  7. I can’t understand why Bad Guy lost his weapon. Maybe he has cerebral palsy or something, and can’t clench his hands? Ooops, I meant “had cerebral palsy”. He ain’t got nothin’ now. Not a care in the world! This world, anyway.

    • Its not known if this guy died eventually or not. He is still moving when the cop shows up and the video ends.

    • they’ll put him down as covid-positive anyway ….

      along with a voter registration as democrat ….

    • Not sure how many shots are fired – but I think the first 15 or so are entirely justified. We could quibble over any that were fired after the magazine was empty. Oh – – – wait – – – he never reloaded. It’s all good.

    • In Brazil, where this happened, translated into English, its called, unofficially, ‘follow up defense’ and its legal as long as the guy could still reach the gun and was alive. The gun was under the guy and he was still moving.

  8. Think of it as evolution in action.

    The lead bullet enema was a nice touch.

    How much you bet that he rises out of his grave in 2024 to vote for Biden/Harris again?

  9. ” And another one bites the dust.”
    Good thing this happened in Brazil and not in a US city run by Dementiacrats. They’d be charging the shop keeper with murder and trying to make the criminal into a martyr and hero.

  10. Dude, it’s Brazil. They will stop shooting once the threat has been removed… from society. If the shop owner doesn’t finish the job, the impossibly slow ride to the ER after being thrown in the back of the police pickup truck does the trick.

  11. And Biden and his fellow Globalists/Traitors would disarm us to abide by a small Arms Treaty signed by Democrat and Traitor John Kerry for Democrat and Traitor Barack Obama

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