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That the best response a New York City councilman can manage after a triple murder is to call for a gun buyback really isn’t news. Just another hack politician grabbing a little pub, wanting to be seen as “doing something.” Yawn. But when the local DA – not to mention a public radio outlet – questions the effectiveness of the, um, strategy, that’s something worthy of note. The response to Councilman James Sanders’ bold brainstorm seems to be a resounding “meh.” Which in one of the most anti-gun cities in the country counts as progress. A baby step, sure, but one in the right direction . . .

As reports, the Queens borough DA isn’t isn’t going to dance to the councilman’s worn out tune. At least not now.

“We have used gun buy backs in the past and we will use them again when we deem them appropriate. We are in constant dialogue with the NYPD about where and when to have one,” (Richard) Brown said in a statement.

Brown also says individuals they can always turn guns in at their local precincts for $100.

What’s that? New Yorkers can drop a gun off at the local cop shop (at least in Queens) any time and get a c-note? Does John Boch know that?

Anyway, WNYC – yes, a National Public Radio affiliate – at least acknowledges in their report that gun buybacks are pretty much a waste of time.

…Jon Vernick, professor at the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research, said that although the programs are popular there’s no evidence linking them to a reduction in street crime.

“It’s often the case that buy backs have to promise a fairly substantial monetary or other incentive, and when you total up the cost that these gun buy backs incur, that’s money that could be better spent elsewhere,” Vernick said.

Here’s an idea for that money: instead, buy some guns for citizens who live in crime-ridden neighborhoods but can’t otherwise afford them. But that’s just kooky talk.

Vernick said guns turned in tend to be older, lower-caliber revolvers. He says the guns used in crimes are usually high-caliber and semi-automatic pistols.

He also says gun buybacks don’t reach the population most at risk to engage in street crime: young men.

No news there, at least not here. But props to WNYC anyway for playing it straight, no? Speaking truth to power. Stickin’ it to the man. (Whatever sixties-ish lefty slogan raises their self esteem is fine by us.) Given prevailing attitudes towards boomsticks in Bloombergia, you have to take your progress wherever you find it.

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  1. Here’s an idea, buy the guns for 100 then sell them to out of state legal customers at a discounted rate… I’ll take one of those 1911’s

  2. Talk about under powered and older that to left gun looks like my great granddads 22short vest-e-pocket by rohm he brought it over between wars in Europe thing is worthless dollar wise but I won’t ever give mine up due to its history

  3. Is anyone else tired of hearing “low caliber” and “high caliber” in media reports.

    I twitch every time I hear that.

  4. time to start collecting the junk non working guns and shipping it to NY just like there neighbors in chicago between the 2 there is a lucrative business here…

  5. Quick, sell back all those non-working rusted out old guns before NYC stops their buy-back programs.

  6. New York City can easily reduce its crime with a “police buyback.” Turn in your non-working policemen and get a $100 gift card. Get a $200 gift card for turning in Ray Kelly. Just be careful. According to Kelly, he’s been a streetwalker and is likely to feel you up stop and frisk you in the interest of public safety.

  7. Turn in guns for $100 bucks? Are you kidding me? Tell them fools I’ll give ’em $150!

  8. His stand on gun-control doesn’t give him the options to do anything useful, but he has to be seen doing something.

  9. With all the violence in New York city, the elected officials need someway for their friends to get rid of firearms used in crimes. What better than to buy them for $100 with no questions asked. Their friends are $100 richer and they can forget about be prosecuted for the crime. The elected officials don’t have to worry about being associated with known criminals. A win win situation for all. This cesspool of a city is one place I never ever plan on visiting.

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