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“And that’s the truth. Literally, not allowed. My wife won’t let me have a gun. Not sure I want a gun, but it doesn’t matter. Not allowed. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’d sooner be granted my lifelong wish to frolic in a chocolate pudding bath with Jennifer Love Hewitt before my lovely wife would let me wrap my hands around a Glock Magnum 747 . . . Even if my wife said I was allowed to own one, I still don’t know if I’d get one. Without sounding too much like a pansy, the fact remains: Guns are scary.” – Jeff Edelstein [via]

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  1. Well I guess we need people like this in modern, civilized society… forgive me if the reason doesn’t come to mind at the moment though.

    Really though, if you’re a scientist or engineer or artist pushing the edge of technology/culture forward I can forgive this kind of ignorance, because specialization is what drives our world forward at such a fast pace, but there’s no way it’s gonna be this easy for the 1st world too much longer.

    • What really comes to mind is a host of issues of how the american male has been “sissified” over the last few decades.

      Guess this fine example of a ???(person) that never heard or understood the term “man up” in his lifetime.

      I bet this is one of the many reasons for the above 75% divorce rate in the USA today, huh?

      I guess when the time comes for his home invasion he can remind his “wife” of all the reasons she did not want a gun in the house while she is being gang raped.

      • Wait, most engineers I know have a ton of guns. At least us mechanical types. Those electrical guys might be fearful of guns.

        • I’m a EE and so is the father. We have enough guns to arm the neighborhood.

          Remember, even though we engineers are smart, doesn’t mean we all have wisdom 😉

        • Dad was a Civil Engineer. They knew I was gonna have a .22 rifle before they knew whether I was gonna be a boy or a girl.

  2. Well now we know why Jeff “The Cowardly Lion” Edlestein has such a controlling wife – he’s a total pussy.

  3. It always amazes me when Jews are anti-gun, or don’t own guns. If my relatives had been rounded up at gunpoint and taken off to be exterminated, I think I would keep some arms.

    Stupid people with no comprehension of history.

      • Then why are firearms so heavily restricted in Israel?

        It is not that they have no comprehension of history. It is why history turned out the way it did.

        • Despite the strict laws, since well everyone serves in Israel most have guns in their hands on the street at some point in their lives.
          There are also folks who have to carry, like teachers, or others. Folks who live in the territories get CCW almost without question.
          If you are active military then you can get one almost as easily, especially if you are in longer than the basic term.
          Yeah I know they have goofy laws, you can’t by an M4 off the shelf, and I am sure there are folks who want to change this.

    • Yeah, and there are a lot of them. I don’t get it, but maybe that’s because I had a very non-typical Jewish upbringing. I think it’s really a northeastern liberal thing, but unfortunately most Jews in the NYC / tristate area are northeastern liberals.

  4. This engineer is not afraid of guns, will not excuse ignorance, and totally wants a Glock magnum 747. Even though it does not exist.
    R.F. you should have your next contest be to have user submit pictures of this awesome, (but nonexistent) gun.

    • The author probably knows that a Glock Magnum 747 doesn’t exist. I think he was trying to say “the biggest baddest handgun I can get”.

  5. My brother in law felt the same way (anti-gun) until grand jury duty made him realize that “there are a lot of really bad people out there”. Than he got his concealed carry, a .40 Glock, and learned how to use it.

  6. This is wrong on so many levels, I’m incapable of responding. I just read it, brain farted and drooled.

  7. This is what I posted over there:


    I had a biting and sarcastic post formed up when I read your column, but I’ve thought better of it. You have it in your mind to defend your family. This is the rational response when your realize the police can not be everywhere at once and there is a small, but real chance you may have to stop bad men from doing bad things to the people you love.

    Your real problem isn’t your wife. It is the state of NJ. Whatever her feelings on the matter, NJ’s are set in stone and enforced by law. They don’t want the average citizen buying their first firearm and they make the hoops you must jump through high and ringed with fire as a consequence.

    This is what I would do: Tell your wife you want to get your Firearms ID card, strictly for fodder for your column. In 6 to 8 months when it is finally in your hand, go to an independent gun shop. Take a look at the pistols in the display cases. Apply for a Pistol Purchase Permit. Buy a nice 9mm and a sturdy pistol safe. Join a local range. Before I moved to CA, I belonged to the CJRPC. They are down the road from you near New Egypt. They are very laid back and the members are friendly to newbies. A lot of local police officers belong to the club. Take your time and become familiar with the operation of your pistol. Don’t worry about hitting the bulls eye as much as having a relaxing and good time. When you get home be calm, but enthusiastic when talking to the Missus. Eventually her curiosity will win out and she’ll want to try shooting. She’ll be looking for a reason to hate it. Don’t give it to her. Be calm. Explain everything 10 times if required. If things go well, she’ll want her own pistol because sharing one pistol sucks.

    Finally, unless you plan on hunting or trap/skeet shooting, don’t buy a 12 gauge shotgun. They are heavy and unwieldy. They are harder to store safely. The recoil will intimidate your wife and she’ll be afraid to use it when the time comes.

    Good luck to you and don’t let the state keep you from defending you and yours,


    • Most of the comments over at the newspaper were similar to yours – Comforting and encouraging. He is fighting a mild case of hoplophobia and a disagreeing wife, but he is willing to try.

      That’s how you can “turn” someone like this. I’ll bet that he will visit a gun range soon, try a couple guns with a good instructor, and find out whether he is serious about this or not.

  8. Come on guys, do we really want to encourage people like this guy this to buy a gun? He’ll be the kind of person who would pull it out in an emergency, but refuse to/be incapable of using it, and end up getting it taken by the criminal. Then he’ll be preaching “I had a gun and it didn’t save my family.”

    • “He’ll be the kind of person who would pull it out in an emergency, but refuse to/be incapable of using it…”

      Maybe, maybe not. He seems to understand that having a gun is a good idea under certain circumstances. That alone means he “gets it”, at least to a point.

      I was tempted to tease him for saying “my wife wont let me” but the fact is that everyone has issues about what is and what “is not” allowed with their spouse. Maybe its guns, maybe its motorcycles, or cars, or threeways… you get the point.

      As for whether or not this fellow could effectively use a gun (or other weapon) to defend himself or his family…. we wont know unless something horrible happens (God forbid). But I have a feeling that if someone threatened his little girl (or boy, or wife) he would probably summon the gumption to drop-the-hammer on the scumbag. People tend to get downright fierce when someone threatens their family.

      So yes, we want to encourage average Americans (like this guy) to stand up for themselves, their safety and their rights.

      • “Maybe its guns, maybe its motorcycles, or cars, or threeways… you get the point.”

        Maybe I’m really lucky, but I have had all 3. Take your pick at which3. 🙂

  9. I would like to “to frolic in bath with Jennifer Love Hewitt”…I’m not too sure if i have any of my guns i’d be willing to trade for that opportunity…uh…oh Sh!t thats tough…

    In all seriousness though, my philosiphy has been: better to have and not need than need and not have

  10. Wow, talk about an utterly perfect example of everything wrong with the modern American male. The only worthwhile thing this “person” can do is take his castration from figurative to literal so he’s incapable of reproducing.

    Firstly, there is no “allowing” in a relationship. The second my significant other “bans” me from doing or owning something is the day divorce papers are signed. But it would never come to that in the first place because I wouldn’t marry that type of woman.

    Second, the whole “guns are scary” thing. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but it fits perfectly with the kind of self-hating, masochistic worm that abides a wife like that. He loves it, he loves being controlled, whether it’s by a shrew of a wife or an oppressive government. The fact that these people have the same voting power as me is a symbol of what’s flawed with democracy.

  11. “Without sounding too much like a pansy,”
    — Pathetic. The dude is a pansy and a puzzy and owned by his wife.

  12. If you married a woman who doesn’t trust you with a firearm, whatever the reason, you both married the wrong person.

      • If youre responsible enough to drive a car, youre responsible enough to shoot a gun. Really the only difference I see is that a gun will run a lot longer than a car if you dont have enough oil in it.

      • Absolutely. If a woman is having the children of a man she feels she can’t trust with the responsibility of a firearm, she’s doing it wrong.

  13. I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you this but, you’re in an abusive relationship. Your wife is dominating and controlling you, and it sounds like you’re letting her. A marriage is supposed to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

    I might be a chauvinist but I believe the genders have roles. Not set in stone mind you, but there are certain things that very few women are going to be better than me at and there are certain things that just about any woman on the planet will be more adept at. I was raised and taught that as the man of the house, my family’s safety and security are my responsibility.

    A nagging wife puffing her chest up and barking “rules” at me isn’t going to stop me from acquiring the tools necessary to provide for her protection. Granted, she probably wouldn’t have wound up as my wife anyway but w/e.

  14. Can any one here explain to me how marriage benefits a man nowadays? I certainly know how it benefits a woman, but really what is in it for us? In my entire life i’ve only met 1 man who was a stay at home dad, he used to be my boss, and quit after his wife got a large promotion at Abbot Labs.

    • As much as I don’t usually like responding to your comments, you have brought up a good question. Modern marriage version 2.0 does not usually benefit a man much if at all. Most women to different degrees have been poisoned by feminism and society’s modern entitlement attitude. Today’s marriage now includes a third ‘person’ in the union and that is government which favors the woman. While men are starting to wizen-up, most men are still in denial of how dangerous and risky marriage is for a man. Men are by nature more risk takers and often are gullible when it comes to judging how a doe-eyed smaller smiling woman who professes her love can ever be a threat.

      You might like these men’s rights sites:

      • The only thing you can only get in a marriage as I see it, is a contract that states that we will produce and raise our children in a home with a father and a mother. That alone is more than sufficient reason to support marriage, and to oppose same-sex marriage.

        Several people out there will disagree with the above. Sorry. That’s too bad. It’s what I believe, and I’m not changing to cater to your PC BS.

        • Your contract can be broken with a no-excuse divorce. Then, the man can often end up with alimony for life payments and not seeing his kids after his wife does an eat, pray, love trip the man is a monster routine. I could care less what you believe. What I wrote was hardly PC politically correct. It was if anything anti-PC since I took the side of advocating for men’s rights. You want to be a naive white-knight then you go right ahead.

        • You’re right Aharon. And that is one of the problems in modern day America. We need to inherently morally change the culture back to the way it was in the ’50s as regards marriage and divorce. Back then a divorce was a terribly embarrassing thing, because it publicly demonstrated that you had FAILED at one of the most important things in your life.

          Our divorce laws haven’t changed much (you could get a divorce if you wanted one), but our attitudes about divorce have completely changed. And it hasn’t been a good change.

        • Bob,

          In all respect to you, while I acknowledge men and husbands can be bad and have faults I also find modern western women morally corrupted and in denial of reality beyond belief. Many men (and women) often take the approach of always or usually blaming the man or husband. I have a different view. I do not believe in reforming morally corrupt women by continuously being kind and good to them. I am not a parent though I have studied the sex-war issues and dynamics to a degree way beyond most people.

          I can support a patriarchal dominated culture that holds men and fathers to act honorably and responsibly to their wives and children. With the way things are today with the misandry (hatred of males) in our growing matriarchal dominant culture within society and the laws, I cannot and will not be chivalrous with women. Sure, I know not all modern women are bad yet far too many are bad.

          There is an old Biblical teaching: when kindness is shown to the cruel then cruelty is being shown to the kind.

        • Not Too Eloquent,

          Thank you for your support. Some of my political rants on other posts the previous weeks did not get published. Not sure if RF deleted them or if it was a technical problem. I think RF knew what my response would be to this post today.

  15. When I was a kid I loved guns and had several. In high school my interests changed, and by college the only gun I owned was a single-shot bolt action .22.
    When I got married, I never talked about the 2A, never talked about .gov overreach, and only went plinking about once a year.
    I now own a shotgun, 2 handguns, the .22 and a 30-06, and my wife remarked yesterday that I was not the man she married. She honestly may not have married me if I had been this enthusiastic about gun rights and gun ownership. When I first told her I wanted to buy a handgun, it was like I was suggesting we give a bowl of antifreeze to her favorite kitten. Needless to say, it wasn’t an option. But after patience, research, carefully worded conversations, and constantly forwarding her any local news story about rape or robbery I could find, she finally consented. The same process was followed with respect to getting her a gun, and in the end SHE’s the one who suggested we stop by the gun store to look for a gun for her.
    Women totally opposed to the idea of guns in the home can and will come around if you’re quietly firm on your position and give them time and opportunity to realize the logic.

    • My wife won’t let me purchase a modern sporting rifle and has also used the “you’ve changed” line with me as well now that I am more enthusiastic than ever about individual liberty. Luckily, I think the AR is crap and I enjoy having sex more than I enjoy shooting at inanimate objects. It would be nice to at least have the option to own one.

    • @ TR – That’s if you are with a woman that is willing to find the logic herself…if you’re one of the gazillion men in the world that doesn’t have that kind of woman then you still may to “man up” and do what you need to do. If you do it with the right spirit/care/concern, she will come around even if you did it “against her will”. Waiting for a woman to approve or agree with everything you need to or want to do is a losing proposition for most men. Sounds like you have a good lady on your hands.

      • Thank you sir, she’s quite a catch. She is a rarely logical woman who prefers to research, analyze, and adjust her behavior accordingly. When I wanted a gun because they were cool, that was a no-go because we can’t afford ‘cool’ toys because they’re cool. When I wanted a gun to defend our family and could show her statistics to back it up, she set emotion aside and agreed. Now my gun collection is slowly growing because she enjoys shooting with me, as well as having options for defense if I’m not there.

    • Way to Go TR…. My wife grew up shooting (one of the reasons I married her) but this approach works. Well done Sir…

  16. Seems to me like this dude and his friends were raised and influenced by stereotypical (and often commonly true) dominant Jewish American mothers and at least this dude has now a dominant Jewish American wife. It ties in with my observations that Judaism has de-evolved (at least here in the West) into two ideological camps:

    1) Social (religious) conservatives who bow to the woman/wife/mother dominating and ruling much of the home life.
    2) Social progressives with the panzied men nicknamed manginas supporting and kneeling to femminism which is essentially a male-hate female supremacist movement. Manginas are known for letting women take the lead, respecting their wishes, and supporting laws that are biazed towards men.

    When it comes to grasping the harsh dangerous realities of the world around us I think men have a better sense of it. Without the male atlas upholding society the American fantasy land would collapse. Unfortunately, modern society has convinced many women and even men that women are wiser and better, and need to defer to their wives and other women.

      • It doesn’t matter what my mother was like. All that matters to be debated or argued are the logic and facts of my statements. Feminists and many women who have difficulty staying focused and being logical resort to personal and character attacks to ‘win’ their arguments by exhausting their opponents. We are men and can handle the truth.

  17. …including one mom who was convinced we were (very literally) sniffing glue when sitting at her kitchen table decorating our faux-weapons. Yes that’s right. Decorating them. Personalizing them, really.

    How do you decorate a bb/airsoft gun? What could you possibly glue to it, glitter?

    In the meantime, I do sleep with a kiddie-sized aluminum baseball bat within reach.

    Why did a grown man decide on a youth baseball bat?

  18. I looked up “pussywhipped” in my Urban Dictionary and found this guy’s picture. Hey, Jeff, man up and grow a pair, okay?

      • Yeah, I was up in Boston celebrating nothing in particular with some friends.

        It always brings me great joy to visit enemy territory knowing that I’m carrying while the residents who support the place are denied their rights by their “leadership.” Fun, fun, fun.

        • Getting going man. You have lots of catching up to do. We are entitled to expect lots of comments (more than normal) from you to make up for your time off on your mini-vacation.

  19. There is a fine line between being a total pansy and being a misogynistic dbag. The line is called “being a man” and keep in mind that there ways to fail at it in both directions.


  20. “The Moral Obligation and solemn Duty for all adult-age males to provide themselves with, and to keep and bear arms for defense of self, family, other persons, property and possessions has existed in America since the 1600’s.
    With the transition of colonies into States and the several States into these United States, this Duty has been extended to include defense of ones State and of these United States as required.
    Once made aware of these facts, the primary question is whether or not to accept this Moral Obligation and solemn Duty.
    Since no logical, rational argument has ever been presented for an adult-age male who is not physically impaired or mentally incompetent to not own at least one working firearm, ammunition for it, know how to properly handle, shoot, clean and care for it —at best, one may willfully choose to shirk ones own Moral Obligation and Duty to keep and bear arms, or at worst, attempt to justify it by making excuses.”

    • Not the same Gw, right?

      The trouble with quotes on the Internet is that you can never know if they are genuine. — Abraham Lincoln


      • Gw as in ‘Ghostwriter‘.
        While the words are common to any dictionary, the phrasing is original.
        BTW, should anyone think the statement worthy of repeating, feel free to do so without reservation, restriction or attribution. Edit if you should so choose.
        Caused to wonder why a person would remain in a marriage and have their rights trampled, when they could go anywhere and have their rights trampled?
        Counseling strongly recommended.

  21. I’m with TR. When I got married, I had no guns, and guns were never a part of the conversation. My wife was not raised around firearms, nor was I. The first firearm I ever handled (my grandfather’s old revolver), it was scary–fear of the unknown, recognition of the power of destruction, and not knowledgeable in how to control that power. I think it is normal for people to fear the things that can kill them if used improperly.

    • Oops. there is more.
      I don’t know what eventually motivated me to purchase a firearm, but it had nothing to do with defense of family, but rather that I had always been fascinated by arms. I bought a .22 bolt action rifle. I didn’t tell the wife, who I knew would not approve. In fact, I have never told her, but I have taught my kids to shoot, and she knows that we like to go to the range. Nor have I told her about the shotgun or the three pistols. My kids have kept the “secret.” I didn’t get caught until a blackpowder pistol (my second) arrived on the front porch. So she knows of all three of my revolvers, and for some reason finds them acceptable–but modern firearms still terrify her. I have no desire or need to feed her fears, only a desire and need to protect her–and what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her, but will protect her should the need arise. And maybe she does know, but plays the charade because it suits.
      Never underestimate the value of domestic tranquility. Just ask Ralph.

    • One hundred to one odds she dictated how to decorate and furnish the house, what house to buy, etc and as a portion of their combined income for personal purchases her possessions from clothes to jewelry outnumber his and they spend far more on her in total.

      With the wife’s attitude about guns, if a thug ever breaks in and attacks them she should be the first one to fight the intruder.

  22. I’ve got a friend with this problem. I keep telling him he’s being ‘whipped. He says “I know.”
    Moral of the story: Don’t marry someone you don’t share common interests with.

    • Two problems are that women lie when courting men and women change over time. You often don’t know who you are marrying in a modern culture that lacks clearly defined social values and codes of conduct, and btw I’m not saying the opposite is ideal.

  23. Yeah, this guy needs to promptly REMOVE HIS BALLS from his Wife’s purse…and be a friggen man. What a pansy. His own attitude (he is “scared” and likely doesn’t even trust himself with firearms) is what his wife is clueing into. My lady originally hated the idea of firearms too (when we moved in together) and I held firm. We went back and forth for quite a while about the subject. She finally relented. After a while, it blew over. I bought more firearms. She now doesn’t seem to mind the safe full of “lead-throwers” when she goes in to grab her earrings for the evening. She even hits the range with me once in a long while. I can tell you that I know she feels more comfortable on some level feeling that I’d likely be able to take out several perps in the event of a home invasion, if need be. She now knows not to mess with me when it comes to my GSXR, my Z06 or my firearms. I don’t mess with her when it comes to her car, or as many mani/pedi’s, hair appointments, spa treatments or shoes/purses her heart desires. Overall we just keep our spending in check and our marriage works well. 😉

      • Thanks NTE…the fact remains, if a man isn’t secure with himself and “in charge” in a healthy, balanced, manly (not overbearing or egotistical), way…the woman will try to take over and “run things” so she can feel safe. In reality, she doesn’t really feel safe (or have respect for you) if she’s doing the man’s job. Even though she may fight you when you try to take this “territory” that is rightfully yours back, once you do she feels even MORE safe. That’s when the “magic” happens. 😉 There are far too many emasculated, wet-noodly men that constantly struggle with their wives, that are missing this important point. Jeff Edelstein sure seems to be one of them.

  24. aharon, with his attitude if anybody fights the intruder it will have to be her. bet he sleeps on the wet spot.

      • Aharon, I’m glad you’re back, because your comments are straight-forward (no BS) and completely honest about how you feel. HOWEVER, some of your comments (that I have seen) are very very close to flames. I haven’t seen you use bad language or racism, etc, but you can attack someone very fiercely. Are you sure it isn’t the Flame Filter that is blocking some of your comments?

        Just saying…

        (Getting into my fire resistant suit now.)

        • Bob,

          Thank you for your constructive criticism. I do appreciate it and will do my best in most cases not to veer near to a flame or personal attack in response to a comment. There are a few exceptions of course.

  25. Oh good lord, more “man up” nonsense. While the guy is a wuss and likely perpetuates the problem on personal and legal fronts via feminism and/or white knight chivalry, most folks telling him to “man up” need a dose of legal reality. The current legal system regarding marriage does more to de-ball a man than the anti-gun rhetoric.

    Any man not yet married should realize that if your gal doesn’t want guns around before you marry her, don’t marry her and tell her why. If she won’t come around, ditch the witch.

  26. Mr. Pansy should obey his wife because he’s the type that would Mexican carry, and he’d most likely blow off the only ball he has left.

  27. I don’t think Jennifer Love Hewitt would be interested in this pansy. “Guns are scary”, I can’t think of words to describe the sheer wussiness and stupidity of this opinion.

  28. Even if my wife said I was allowed to own one, I still don’t know if I’d get one. Without sounding too much like a pansy, the fact remains: Guns are My wife is scary.

    Come on, I can’t be the only one who was thinking it.

  29. Your wife wont let you? here’s some advice: grow a pair and be the man of the house. jesus christ, have some confidence in yourself.

  30. Women deal with a lot of crappy treatment from dbag men, usually because macho guys are overcompensating for some kind of insecurity, but barring such personality flaws, guns, whiskey, eating animals, and p*rn are non negotiable.

    • So what the married commenters are saying is the following, right? (I’m single, so I wouldn’t attempt to advise men who have given a large portion of their freedom to a woman.)

      If your wife disagrees with you on one or two of those four things, consider yourself in a good marriage.

      However the guns issue is actually for her safety too, and it is your responsibility to protect her if you can. So you need to get the gun over her objections, but use EXTREME safety precautions until she begins to warm up to the idea of having a gun in the house.

      • Pretty much what I think. There are very few women who wouldn’t enjoy shooting a .22 single shot bolt-action at a reactive target of some sort. No scary bang, no big recoil, just lots of fun. That’s how I eased my wife into it, and it’s working well. That, and constantly pointing out dangerous situations and forcing her out of condition white by dropping small comments. When you subtly and consistently present people with the scary reality we live in, the only logical solution is to go armed. My wife doesn’t carry (yet), but she now asks if I’m carrying and thanks me for doing so, where she used to roll her eyes at the ‘unnecessary’ exercise in paranoia.

  31. That said, the man in the article has no such issue. There are two possible issues in his situation: 1) He married a brainless trophy wife incapable of any independent thought not put there by the talking heads of her favorite network whose only response to the topic of firearms is a knee-jerk emotional wail about 23 children a day being killed by guns that just go off. 2) (and this is the more likely one) The guy is scared piss-less about the prospect of having to defend himself or others. He knows he’s too gutless to ever take action in the face of a threat to life or limb. To mask his cowardice, he transfers the fear to the object and blames others for his inadequacies. If the man wanted to defend himself and his family, he’d find a way to provide for it.

  32. Jesus Christ man the fuck up and tell that yenta to shut her fuckin yap. You’re either a boss or a bitch.


  33. I think the guy should worry about getting his stones back from his wife, not a Constitutional right. : )


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