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“Since the attack at Pulse nightclub in Orlando that killed 49 people there has been a spike in gun sales within the LGBT community, and with St. Pete Pride set to bring thousands out into the streets the city’s police chief has asked people attending this years’ parade to leave their guns at home,” reports.

“This year it definitely is more intense,” police spokesperson Yolanda Fernandez told the Florida TV station. “This is an event with a lot of alcohol, a big crowd, and we’re going to have a huge police presence both in uniform and undercover. If something should happen and people pull out weapons, how are we going to tell who are the good guys and who are the bad guys and it’s going to slow down our response.”


Yup, that old saw. A good guy with a gun defending life and limb makes mass shootings worse. They force — force I tell you! — cops to shoot the wrong person! Which is something cops never do, even without encountering an armed good guy. [/sarc]

By the same token, if the St. Pete police are infiltrating undercover cops into the Pride event, how are uniformed officers “going to tell who are the good guys and who are the bad guys” should the undercover cops start shooting bad guys?

“Please don’t bring them. There’s nothing worse than having a gun and alcohol,” Lisa Hobbs, pastor at Christ the Cornerstone Church in Pinellas Park advised. “I think there’s a lot of fear in the community and I’ve spoken with a lot of people outside of the church who aren’t going to be attending this year because they’re afraid.”

So rather than tool-up and refuse to be a victim, it’s OK to cower. As for the gun/alcohol combo, I think an unopposed spree killer is a lot worse than a drunk good guy/girl/bi/transgender concealed carrier. Not that someone carrying a gun and drinking will necessarily be drunk. But if we’re talking worse case scenarios, let’s get real.

“We’re not telling legal gun owners what to do, that’s their business,” po-po spokesperson Fernandez added immediately after advising Pride visitors to leave their guns at home. “We’re just suggesting that common sense tells you: maybe it’s not the best venue for a lot of weapons.”

Agreed. As long as “a lot of weapons” means more than an everyday carry piece and a backup gun. And maybe a knife. Does pepper spray count?

Seriously, what does it take for the LGBT community to understand that they, like every other American, are best advised to take responsibility for their own safety, using the best possible tool for the job. A gun.

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    • They don’t care who has to die in order to protect their turf.

      I’ll spell it out: if people are able to protect themselves, then there is less need for the police. This means fewer officers, the police chief gets a lower salary, and they will do anything to avoid that.

      The police do not like competition.

      • I’ve been saying this for years… considering thereselling one cop on duty per one thousand citizens, on average, you need to be your own first responder. If one percent carried all the time, that’s one armed citizenry per hundred people, ten times the force of the police. Of course, that jeopardizes their importance. Cops also need some crime to justifyou their jobs, so if we were to seriously curtail that, what’s the point in having more police and the associated costs?

  1. Well they don ‘t want gunz at the massive Chicago happy dance. And it’s funny but we know some happy couples in the antique bidness-none of THEM believe in being beat up/killed/terrorized…

    • The police understand that these kind of events draw people who dont want to take responsibility for their actions/safety and would rather act like drunken idiots enmass….. The police cheif is saying that she expects everyone there to act like an irresponsible adult-child and that she will be their mother and take care of all the children at the party. Here’s a tip: encourage people to behave responsibly and hold them accountable for their drunken/destructive/violent/etc behavior.

  2. “Seriously, what does it take for the LGBT community to understand that they, like every other American, are best advised to take responsibility for their own safety, using the best possible tool for the job. A gun.”

    Agreed. The police did not protect the people in the Pulse Club. They couldn’t prevent the initial crime, and when they did arrive they followed set procedure and tried to negotiate with a terrorist who had already committed himself to murder people and by pledging his life to ISIS essentially made the commitment to die. In so doing they not only failed to prevent the initial crime, they facilitated the slaughter.

    Finally, none of those people in that club were armed, and yet the police still managed to reportedly shoot some of them themselves. None of this should fill the LGBT community or anyone else with confidence that the police will protect us and the government will take care of us.

    I carry wherever and whenever I can legally carry, and nothing will ever stop me from doing that. I do not violate the law, but I refuse to hand over responsibility for me and mine to anyone under any other circumstances than if I am forbidden in violation of my right to defend myself by an uncaring government. People, I don’t care if you are man, woman, straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, transgender or anything else. Carry. Protect yourself from criminals and terrorists, because nobody else can or will.

  3. The kicker and I maybe wrong, was a off duty police officer in the gay place when muzzie shooter started plinking. Was told to attack the shooter but bailed. If true, leaves a lot of confidence on the back porch when the gay blades’ step off in parade.

    I would love a Rue Paul type to tell the Chief Spoke spud to sache away, the armed bitches will take it from here.

    • I saw a report that stated that police were attempting to breach the area the shooter was in but, HQ told them to evac and let SWAT handle it.

  4. St. Pete LE is very anti gun. Loudest voices against open carry in FL come from Tampa/St. Pete. The county sheriff is even more anti gun

  5. Since Florida isn’t an open carry state who is going to go. But do think if you are going there to drink and whore you are probably better off leaving the piece at home.

  6. the police were afraid that without being told, the queers would have brought guns? (suicides for the mentally ill?)

  7. Maybe my few gay friends are older and more conservative than most, but they wouldn’t be caught dead at one of these gay pride shindigs. They are embarrassed by the excess.

    Besides, how can a guy hide a M1911 in a thong?

  8. I think the cops just got that off their PC check list….knowing full well that a shit load of people are going to carry.
    Kids I’ve talked to are now having a designated shooter when they go out.
    That person doesn’t drink and watches over the group, oh the times have changed a bit.

      • People adapt to the times, i see alot of twenty somethings near my business…here in St Pete Fl btw.
        They are developing strategies to cope with the random bad stuff, i give them a big thumbs up!
        And i always put my two cents in where ever i can.
        2A alive and well from my perspective.

        • I live up I-4 just past Tampa, and when I want the waterfront, I preferr St. over Tampa in most of the time.

          About the only time I hang out in Tampa is if I catch a Lightning hockey game.

          The waterfront in St. Pete is the star of of the show. There are absolutely places you *don’t* go in St.Pete.

          US 19 has a bunch of pawn shops usually worth checking out on the way into St Pete…

      • That’s been *me* for the last 5 years. My friends don’t mind a gun around, and know there is a sober driver to get everyone home safe.

    • Sadly, we take turns carrying at church. …some of ny nongun types ask if I am carrying when we are out and about…I always tell them yes, I care about my family…..

  9. Jihadist Moslems just gotta L-O-V-E, LOVE, those cops, for the terrorists it’s like shooting Gays in a barrel.

  10. Now the Police Chief just announced to the Jihadist World, only worry about the Cops. In Israel a few months back the Mayor of Jerusalem
    broadcast the all gun owners should carry their guns and use them decisively. This was during a period of terrorism. Almost every terrorist was neutralized with the minimum casualties that could be expected under the circumstances. Police Chief, I hope you read this to understand what it is you did wrong.

    • “Police Chief, I hope you read this to understand what it is you did wrong.”

      You ask a lot.

      Kidding aside, he understands quite perfectly. His response is calculated to produce the desired result.

      The left has sold out our country to the Muslims and criminals in general. That police chief would no more lament an Orlando-like attack than he would a free steak.

    • Shows that not all police are the same. Here in Arizona, a county sheriff for a county on the border advised hikers and campers to carry guns because the border has become excessively violent due to unchecked smuggling, illegal immigration, and a war between rival drug cartels.

      • There’s a distinct difference between the police and sheriffs.

        As an example I do tense up whenever a city cop starts following me, not because I’m a criminal or I have done anything wrong but because my experience tells me that is rarely a pleasant thing. On the other hand I’m always at ease around a sheriff or deputy. Again my experience has been that they are generally pleasant to interact with.

        One will typically go out of his way to find something to ding your monetary reserves with while the other go out of his way to let you know he’s there to serve.

  11. If somebody is shouting “Aloha Snackbar” – probably a bad guy. That’s my PSA for the deductive reasoning challenged police for today.

  12. When seconds count… if a ccwer shot the bad guys, people would realize the cops aren’t much use. Hard to justify the big salaries and benefits if that happens.

    • Nope, people wouldn’t realize a thing. It would be under reported and the one or few people who did die (including the attacker) would still be counted as victims of gun crime. And as many people in this case were in heir twenties you can bet they will be counted as “child victims” like gang members taken out by their own kind or the police.

  13. Here in Western Massachusetts we have a VERY large gay community, in fact Northampton MA was once called the lesbian capital of the world. I’m about 20 min north in Greenfield. There are about 15 gay or lesbian members of my private sportsman club/shooting range that I also belong to. Talking to them about the Orlando terrorist attack I have gotten different views from almost all of them, from refusal to believe it was anything other than a hate crime, to a more right wing stance of why weren’t the bartender’s allowed to carry?. But all of them agreed to one thing, more of the LGBT community needs to arm themselves. We have several LGBT parades and festivals in the area and they said they are going to start to ALWAYS carry at these events. I asked why if you Conceal Carry daily would you have not carried at a parade or festival? My friend answered that most of the community is ignorant about guns and gets all their knowledge from the MSM. So they usually don’t carry around big groups of LGBT gatherings for fear of being singled out. But now since this attack that silly fear is gone, as my friend said- “Screw what they think! No one is shooting at this gay man without getting shot at himself!”
    At least the horrific attack in Orlando has awakened some of the LGBT community to the importance of the 2nd Amendment and self protection!

  14. There are only good guys and good girls, and bi people are not a special gender. Further, if anyone claims to be transitioned to a “gender” other than “him” or “her” they belong in a psych ward. We owe no respect towards the tumblristas, and eventually they will break down and move out of their crazy phase. inb4″I identify as an attack helicoper”

  15. St. Pete can promise to have SWAT wait only one hour, rather than the customary three hours, while an active shooter guns down helpless people. Citizens are much better off playing dead while the shooter comes back around to shoot the wounded than playing Bruce Willis. Plus, the delay will give you time to text your mom and tell her you are going to die.

  16. May I suggest an IFAK and additional tourniquets. One may have to wait some time for medical assistance.

  17. Well, others already touched on the points individually … that said this is so important that I am going to repeat it.

    If you are an armed Good Samaritan (whether police or not), you can tell who the bad guys are because they are yelling “aloha snack bar!” and offensively shooting at EVERYONE. And you can tell who the good guys are because they are shooting defensively at the BAD GUYS. Perhaps even more important, when the police show up minutes (or three hours) later they most likely won’t have to worry about determining who the “good guys” and “bad guys” are because the whole thing will already be over. If the bad guys are incapacitated and the good guys are still functional and armed, there will not be any shooting. If the both the bad guys and good guys are incapacitated, there will not be any shooting. If the good guys are incapacitated and the bad guys are still functional and armed, they will still be shooting offensively at EVERYBODY.

  18. “There was only one terrorist anti-gay killer roaming Florida, and we got him already. So everyone just relax and have a good time…”

    • Canucker, I don’t like to burst your balloon but there is a flaw in your thinking. The is an Imam in South Florida who called for the death of LGBT weeks before the Pulse. The punishment in the Quran for ‘the one who does it and the one who receives is death’. This is true across all streams of Islam. The only difference is the method of death the LGBT member will be executed by beheading by sword, pushed from a mountain or tall building, stoning, hanging or firing squad. There are 100s of Mateens in Florida.It doesn’t mean to panic. There are also 1000s of Muslims who came here to work hard and try to get ahead for their children to go to college and get further ahead. If I were you I’d take lesson to qualify for conceal and carry of a gun, practice with you weapon. It will at least give you a fighting chance.

  19. Oh for Christ’s sake. Guns and alcohol. Give it a fucking rest.

    How about guns and pseudoephedrine?

    How about guns and not enough sleep.

    How about guns and recently fighting w/ your wife.

    How about guns and having your boss tear you a new asshole 4 hours prior.

    I live in a a state where you can be knee-walking drunk and legally carry/use a self-defense gun.

    I see zero drunk gun owners acting irresponsibly.

  20. Big government homosexuals don’t need guns.
    They just call the “bigot” policeman they hate so much to come and rescue them from the bad guys.

  21. “This is an event with a lot of alcohol, a big crowd, and we’re going to have a huge police presence both in uniform and undercover. If something should happen and people pull out weapons, how are we going to tell who are the good guys and who are the bad guys and it’s going to slow down our response.”

    A finer 2-sentence example of congintive dissonance I haven’t seen in quite some time.


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