New(ish) from Otis – I-Mod 5.56/9mm Cleaning Kit


A couple of items I ran across in Montana last week that we missed at SHOT were some new cleaning kits from Otis. The one I liked most was the I-MOD, a compact assemblage that slips easily into a range bag or pack. Originally designed for the military, an I-MOD kit has everything you need to scrub your shootin’ iron from breach to muzzle including brushes and multi-section cleaning rod.


They offer these in nine variations including caliber-specific configurations as well as kits for popular combinations (that’s the 5.56/9mm kit above).

If you want something a little less packable but covers all your guns, check out their Ultimate Gun Maintenance System, a Cabela’s exclusive.


That all-encompaig kit will let you swab down everything from .17 HMR to a 12 gauge. Otis has been kind enough to send a couple of kits our way, so look for a review in the near future.




  1. avatar Katy says:

    Sounded tempting. $70 for the single and $80 for the combo isn’t. Maybe the price will be cheaper at retail?

    The Cabelas pack is $200.

    Yeah – too rich for me

  2. avatar Priest of the center mass says:

    Q tips and old repurposed cotton t shirts work for me. Used toothbrush.
    Set of bore brushes and cleaner + oil
    Didn’t cost that much.
    I’m just not tacticool enough i guess?
    I’m just a tacticalDad instead

  3. avatar anaxis says:

    We were issued Otis cleaning kits downrange as part of the RFI program…. and the one I got ended up floating around unused in my footlocker for the duration. Why? The standard issue M16A2 buttstock cleaning kit worked fine, and the Otis kits didn’t make things any easier.
    I don’t have a 5.56 anymore, so I just use a .30cal Hoppes boresnake, CLP, pipe cleaners, recycled t-shirts, and a GI kit for my M1 Garand.

  4. avatar B says:

    Bore snake, CLP, q tips, rags. Chamber brush and handle for AR’s. Very light grease on rails for handguns and done. Actually use Otis dry lube more than CLP now, love the smell.

  5. avatar jmmy james says:

    Those Otis kits are neat but damn they are spendy. That and I would never ever use a multi-section steel rod to clean anything unless it was SHTF and that’s all there was.

    1. avatar int19h says:

      This kit includes their boresnake (or whatever they call it), which is much better than a rod anyway. Pretty much the only reason why I can think of that you might prefer the rod, is to clear any obstructions from the barrel in the field (when you don’t have a wooden dowel handy, but you do need to get the gun to work NOW).

  6. avatar Thpbltblt says:

    Definitely looking forward to the reviews, as I’ve been considering purchasing something from Otis.

  7. avatar int19h says:

    The same kits can be had for much cheaper on Amazon. For example, here’s 5.56 for $31:

    On their website, the same thing is $70.

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