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“Top Gun actress Kelly McGillis says she has been issued a conceal and carry gun permit after being assaulted during a break-in at her home on June 17,” reports. “The 58-year-old wrote on Facebook on Thursday that she was ‘rushed’ through a conceal and carry course and is now “armed and ready.'”

The Witness star went on to write that she was gang-raped at age 12, later held up at gunpoint during college, attacked on the New York City subway, and then raped again by two men in 1979 – a horrific ordeal she’s previously spoken out about.

“I have been stalked by an ex-girlfriend who took great pains to try to poison my animals and wreak a swath of destruction of my personal property,” McGillis detailed. “After each one of these attacks I moved thinking I could find a safe place. Not. The incident Friday night has now pushed me over the edge. It has been my tipping point. No I am not a victim. I am a survivor.”

While I’m glad to see Ms. McGillis take personal responsibility for her security, perhaps she could now speak out about the importance of gun rights, so that other woman don’t experience the horrific attacks that led to her decision to carry. Especially women in New York City.

“All I have ever wanted is to feel safe. Safe in my own home…. I can’t think. I can’t eat. And I am terrified to be alone…That’s why I am going to start carrying a gun.”

Here’s hoping a self-defense firearm will alleviate these symptoms. And one more thing Ms. McGillis: home carry.

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  1. Where does she live? I’m just trying to get an understanding of the significance of her getting her permit.

  2. she was ‘rushed’ through a conceal and carry course and is now “armed and ready.’”

    where does she live and who does she know that she managed to get a “rushed” CWP? and just the thought of “Rushing” through a course in firearms is enough to make me cringe. i am all for being armed and ready but is she really ready if she has “rushed” training and feels that is enough?

    • I agree. Rushing through training is a very bad idea. She needs to properly learn how to shoot. Then “Kill them all” 🙂 No one should not feel safe in their own home.

      • The statutory requirement in California is for up to 16 hours of training, half of which is classroom on the applicable laws and when lethal force can be employed. The rest is range time. Shooting proficiency requirements vary by county, from being able to pass the same test officers must pass at various ranges (3 to 15 yds, 85% proficiency score) to being just being able to put bullets on target at 3-7 yards. The rest is pretty much the NRA basic firearms safety class. I suspect that the whole program could be reduced to four hours with a one on one instructor.

        • Mark – If that BS ‘good reason’ CC law is passed, will your local sheriff give them the middle finger and deem all he usually issues permits to have ‘good reason’?

      • Bearing Arms had an article about this yesterday. Apparently she’s a gun owner already, or whoever she shares the house with is — there were guns in the house, but she wasn’t carrying and couldn’t get to them.

        The inference I drew is that she already had a suitable firearm and at least a modicum of familiarity with it. She just needed to fulfill the state’s proficiency requirement ASAP.

    • She has been routinely victimized since she was 12 years old 46 years. Whatever happens now can hardly be called rushed.

      Besides, whatever unconstitutional hoops she had to jump through to get a government permission slip to carry a defensive weapon, the Second Amendment mentions no training requirement for “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms…”

      In their opinion a “Well regulated militia” was a good thing, but it was not noted as a requirement for the right to exist, it was meant as a reason for the right to be protected.

      • On top of that, “rushing through” the hoops to become armed and ready *now* does not preclude continuing training until you are satisfactorily proficient. Remember, we had a guy a year or 2 back who killed a home invader with the first gunshot he had ever fired in his life. Training is nice. A loaded gun is indispensable.

    • Meh. Took me 3 weeks total in CO, from taking the class to having the permit in my wallet.

      • 4 weeks in TX, 2 weeks from when the final requirement was transmitted (fingerprints) – the stated minimum.

        That she did everything in rapid succession is not a problem, and I’m sure the course provider managed to squeeze her in – easy advertising when people here that she went there.

      • Delays are a good thing to discuss/minimize, but now that I’ve held my license for 17+ years (and carried for decades before I got it), the important thing is to get going, get it done. AND home carry. 3 weeks is not forever, I’ve never needed it yet, but I will have it if I need it.

  3. With her history she’s just now gunning up? Wow.

    On a related note. Home carry folks. 100% of home invasions happen where?

  4. So, basically, she only saw the benefits of armed self-defense after someone tried to take her breath aah-waaaaaaay…

    • Laughing but feeling guilty about it at the same time….
      Im praying this woman developes her skill set to have a positive outcome if she ever had to use her weapon.

  5. How is it not common knowledge that you ALWAYS ALWAYS start 911 calls by stating your address?

    • 90% of the people calling 911 on a cell phone think a magic blinking light will pop up on a computer screen showing what room in what house they are in. NO SUCH THING. A cell phone is the WORST choice for a 911 call. Depending on what generation of equipment and where you are located may give the operator nothing at all useful for location.

      EVERY landline 911 call in the US (not thru a internet service) will link to an address.

      • I’ve only needed 911 twice. Once on the highway for someone else, but the one time I called from home my cell routed me to the wrong county. Always lead with an address…

  6. Wow all the crude remarks. Yeah she finally gets it after being attacked,raped twice,stalked and terrorized. Sorry guys-having a gun and being willing to USE it is 90% of the battle. Lots of little old ladies shoot bad guys with zero instruction. Sure training is great-but how many women die or get beat waiting for the state( like New Jersey) to deem them worthy of self-defense…maybe she can be a gay poster gal for Pink Pistols.

    • This. Whenever anyone decides they need to protect themselves by carrying a gun, it’s the decision that counts and not when, where,or how it was made. I’m glad she made the decision.

    • Guns, guns, guns?? Some of the details of this latest attack on her indicate she could have defended herself with a knife.

  7. Hendersonville NC. I am sure she was able to get the course and the permit application in a day or two. There are a lot of wealthy connected types that live there. The state has up to 60 days to issue the permit but I believe they have an expedited process if you have been the victim of a crime, especially stalking or domestic violence. And in her case I expect a personal call from the Sheriff to the area State Police commander to the head of the CCW department. Meanwhile for us peons in other counties, it took me 60 days just to get the appointment at the Sheriff’s office for the application and prints, and I am sure it will take the full 60 days to get the permit. The silver lining is that it means a lot of people are getting permits. There were between 20 and 30 in my class and 5 or 6 in my fingerprint appointment group. Lots of women, Afro American people in the class.

    • Hendersonville, NC with population of only 13K is not the safe place one would think it is on a per capita basis:

      Ms. McGillis, here is some gentle advice from an old timer. Don’t think and call yourself “a survivor” unless you want the universe to dump on you more things to survive. Quite simply, your thoughts plus emotion when added together equals manifestation.

      • Hendersonville is a fine example of the haves and the have nots. You have folks like Mcgillis and poor people. Though the population is quite small it is predominantly comprised of have nots. It is about 4 hours from me and in the mountains or “hill country.” Plenty of meth and moonshine to go around.

  8. I wa driving my 30ft RV along a airport runway when a single prop Cessna was taking off.
    I thought this was just like
    Top Gun
    Then I thought, only sort of.

    • Your 30ft RV should have been going about 50 knots right down the centerline of the runway with the Cessna on top of it *taking off on top of it*…

  9. Top Gun actress Kelly McGillis appears to be more “manly” than her co-star Tom Cruise. I would think dating people with mental illnesses as are a majority of her community, Ms or is it “Mr.” McGillis would be used to violent attacks.

  10. Concealed and carry? Is that what states call it when you can’t legally open carry without a permit?

  11. Jim Crow lives. SInce she is a a celebrity, she got “rushed” through a course.

    I guess other peons have to wait in line to be able to protect themselves.

    Constitutional Carry should be the default carry. If you can own a gun, you can carry said gun.

  12. Gang-raped at age 12, later held up at gunpoint during college, attacked on the New York City subway, raped again by two men and stalked by an ex-girlfriend? She must be the unluckiest person in the known universe.

    • Ralph,

      See my comment below. Several violent attacks are possible in a person’s lifetime.

  13. Holy cow, Ms. McGillis sure has had a string of violent attacks. From the article:
    (1) gang-raped at age 12
    (2) held up at gunpoint during college
    (3) attacked on the New York City subway
    (4) raped by two men in 1979
    (5) stalked by an ex-girlfriend
    (6) home invasion June 2016

    That is five concrete violent attacks and a sixth possible from a stalker. As I have mentioned in other comments, I have experienced four events where I was legally justified to use deadly force in my lifetime … and I lived in “nice” areas and didn’t even have to contend with rapists.

    So, for all the naysayers out there who claim that violent attacks and violent crime are exceedingly rare, please explain the five events in Ms. McGillis’ life and the four events in my life where we were legally justified to use deadly force.

  14. North Carolina has permitless open carry doesn’t it? Why not go through the same process/timeline as the rest of us and simply open carry until your permit comes in. Show your stalkers that you’re done being a victim and are doing something about it.
    “You lose the element of surprise”… yeah, this is getting local news attention, I’d say anyone who is stalking her now knows she’s packing heat 24/7… unless they know she’s going to a gun free zone that day. Good luck dealing with that…

  15. I was gang-raped at 12.
    I was gang-raped at 22.
    A few years later I became rich and famous.
    Ever since, I’ve been stalked and abused by my poorly chosen mates.

    This month, somebody broke into my home.
    NOW I have to get a permit to carry a gun outside my home to protect myself.
    This makes perfect sense if you assume that my claims of previous violent crime victimhood are fictional.

  16. Wow…How strange…I did of course like her in Top Gun when I was a kid….Hopefully, she able to maintain safe living…Maybe better discretion in dating people I guess..Kind of bizzare…But, I just look at some of my neighbors…And say, OMG!

  17. She sounds mentally unstable. After decades of victimization, she still exhibits such poor judgement as:

    Not carrying a firearm.

    Leaving her house without setting the alarm.

    Entering her house upon returning, despite seeing a bathroom light on which she had not left on.

    Entering her house upon returning, despite finding her front door is unlocked despite having locked it.

    Entering her house upon returning, instead of calling at least the police non-emergency line to report a possible break-in.

    Not having pre-programmed her home address into cell phone, so that it appears to 911 without her having to give it in the course of a struggle.

    Not armed herself in advance with an improvised weapon, such a rock or tire iron.

    Yes, she has a right to keep and bear arms. No, she has nowhere near the necessary good judgment to do so safely and effectively. I wish her the best, bu I’m glad I’m not her neighbor.

    • “Not having pre-programmed her home address into cell phone, so that it appears to 911 without her having to give it in the course of a struggle.”

      Time out. You can do that?

      • Your carrier programs this information, that being said I’d imagine many carrier apps (my att, Verizon account, or Sprint app) allow you to set this information. My project fi app allows me to set my physical address. So it’s not so much “programming the address into the phone” as setting your address with your carrier.

        That being said, I’m assuming she was using an internet based home phone, as cell phones can transmit your gps location to 911, and don’t need a preprogrammed address to function.

        • This will only work if the PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) or call center has the equipment. Most PSAPs do not at this time. I am not sure what the budget situation is near her home. Just because you live in a “nice area” does not directly correlate with the nearest PSAP’s budget.

  18. “Rushed through” means she got her permit in less than 7 days (she needs to take the CHP course, then apply with the sheriff, so assuming she took the class and applied the very next day, 7 days). I’m sure if you can demonstrate immediate need (such as a famous personality that has repeatedly been the victim of crimes) you get “rushed” to the top of the list.

    Here in Mecklenburg County, the current CHP wait time is about 4 months – my friend was just rejected due to a brief institutionalization 14 years ago without incidents before or since.

  19. Many people have good reason NOT to own or have a weapon in thier own home. Some have bad tempers, some drink and are mean, others might just not trust partners or children with guns.
    As we get older, we see how much more vulnernable we are. I discussed it with the wife, after I stopped drinking and even though she was orphaned due to a murder/suicide at 11, she thought it was a great idea and wondered why we hadn’t years ago. I was flabbergasted.
    We now own more than many and feel our tiny castle is a little safer.

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