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by Lee Williams

Do you watch movies at AMC Theaters? Was the film produced by Bad Robot?

Do you eat at Chipotle, Shake Shack, Panera, Burger King or Subway, or had a meal delivered by Door Dash?

Do you wear clothes from Levi Strauss, the Gap or Gucci?

Do you watch CNN, MTV, NBC, HBO, MSNBC or Showtime?

Do you browse Tinder, Yelp, eBay or Pinterest on a Microsoft computer with Comcast internet?

Do you shop at Costco?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have financially supported companies that want to strip us of our God-given constitutional rights.

Shake Shack CEO Danny Meyer
Shake Shack CEO Danny Meyer (Photo by Scott Roth/Invision/AP)

The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms maintains a list of anti-gun businesses, which is also known as the “Don’t feed them” list. To be added to the list, a company and/or their decision makers have either instituted an anti-gun corporate policy or lobbied lawmakers to draft or support anti-gun legislation. In other words, they had to take action – anti-gun action – against the Second Amendment. None of the firms made the list by accident.

“We’re not calling for a boycott of these companies,” CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb said last year when four more firms were added to the list. “But we are providing this information to American gun owners so they can make informed decisions about where to spend their hard-earned money without unknowingly supporting efforts to erode an important constitutional right.”

Costco CEO Craig Jelinek
Costco CEO Craig Jelinek (AP Photo/Nati Harnik)

One of the beauties of the American Free-Market system is that it allows business leaders to run their company in any manner they choose, and the marketplace will then decide whether their decisions were prudent or ill-conceived.

Like Mr. Gottlieb, I don’t support boycotts as they’re a favored tactic of the gun prohibitionists. Nowadays, they seem ready to scream “BOYCOTT!” for even the most minor of reasons or for no reason at all. Still, I work hard for my money, so I would rather patronize a business that supports my constitutional rights – all of my constitutional rights. Therefore, I use the list to screen out those firms that don’t support me. That’s not a boycott. It’s being an informed consumer.

Some of the businesses won’t be missed. I’ve never needed a $1,350 Gucci man-purse, especially after they donated $500,000 to March for Our Lives. I don’t watch CNN or MSLSD, browse Tinder, eat at Burger King or subscribe to HBO, especially since the Sopranos ended.

Costco, on the other hand, will be difficult. I hope someone talks some sense into their CEO, Craig Jelinek. This gun owner already misses his great deals.


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This story is part of the Second Amendment Foundation’s Investigative Journalism Project and is published here with their permission.

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    • yes you do, you just don’t know it. For example, like I posted below, Alphabet Inc is the parent company of Google; Just about every web site in the world uses Google Analytics, and most have some form of advertising that’s served up ultimately by Google or some form of tracking and there is not a place you can go on the internet and not pass through a server that is untouched by a Google something or other in some way.

      • Oh you just ruin everything, damn it.
        But your right.
        This phone wont run without a google app. Now my YouTube needs updated and it’s a google app. My you tube still needs updated, now and forever.

        • Very few corp clowns have a clue about the racist, nazi history that is deeply embedded in Gun Control. These people are sheltered incompetents with the minds of children fearful of making a pop tart gun. Nonetheless I try my best not to do business with people who stand for nothing and fall for anything.

        • “Very few corp clowns have a clue about the racist, nazi history that is deeply embedded in Gun Control”

          mostly because it’s boolshevik.

        • No, in the US, it’s more Nazi. Our 20th century “progressive” movement envied the fascists and emulated them as far as they possibly could.

          Not that the distinction really matters. Communists and fascists are two sides of the same evil coin, and the only thing they’re good for is live target practice. Although I have heard that some people have had a lot of fun with lamp posts and helicopters, too.

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  1. The shorter list may be corporate entities that don’t support an anti-gun agenda. Unless living entirely off the grid, it’s nearly impossible to avoid all of these companies.

    • yep. For example, Alphabet Inc is the parent company of Google; Just about every web site in the world uses Google Analytics, and most have some form of advertising that’s served up ultimately by Google or some form of tracking and there is not a place you can go on the internet and not pass through a server that is untouched by a Google something or other in some way.

        • ‘cuz memory is free, the device costs cents to manufacture and the bandwidth is subsidized by the rest of us suckers.
          landlines need copper.

  2. I do patronize some of those businesses and chuckle as I carry my Sig right past their no guns allowed signs. In my state, you can legally ignore no guns allowed signs. All they can do if they catch you is ask you to leave.

    • What’s the deal TTAG? I’ve been censored using the “b” word. Now you post THIS. Make up your mind…

      • I always figure when my post are getting moderated it’s just spyware digging information. I’ve noticed most of my moderated post come when I reply to a commenter whom I’ve not commented to before.
        Sometimes you go fishing and can smell fish but cant see them.

  3. What would help is the other list of 2A friendly companies. I don’t have time to research “good” alternatives to consider.

  4. I can understand and except using services from Comcast by the general public. Companies are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to Microsoft annually. People are not going to stop using Facebook. Any shift in getting away from AMC theaters will translate to Netflix.

    Do you really want to deal with the problem or just deal in rhetoric?

    How much Google code are you running within the pages of this site? While updating your Facebook and Twitter accounts?

  5. I doubt very many of these CEOs really even care about gun control any more than the ‘critical race theory’ bullshit they push on their employees. The problem is that the far left practices what Andrew Breitbart described as the politics of personal destruction and the right doesn’t. They know how to make a dozen activists appear to be a hundred thousand disgruntled former customers on line and the CEOs aren’t even aware of this. So they cower to the leftist mob. This is just an insurance policy for these spineless executives. Sure, you’ve got a handful of Ben and Jerrys out there, but most are just covering their asses.

    • I generally agree with you, Gov. It’s mostly virtue signalling and CYA acrobatics.

      As for Ben and Jerry specifically, check out this article:

      They try to punish Israelis in the West Bank area by not selling their ice cream there. Those Israelis, if they want it, can simply cross over the line and get it whereas the Palestinians basically can’t. Ok, what? Your statement against Israel is hurting the group you are trying to defend? Then they are asked by the reporter why they still sell ice cream in Texas and Georgia, what with all the hoopla over voting and abortion legislation that is being enacted. Answer: hmm, that’s a good question. It’s a hoot but it’s sad.

      Aside from the consumer purchasing aspect of this discussion, I’d point out another question. How many of us own shares in mutual funds, that include shares of these companies? Or, maybe even own individual stocks in any of these companies? We can try to justify it by saying that we are extracting money from them in the form of dividends or increasing share prices, but in order to do that, we first have to buy a piece of the company, which means that we provide to them a chunk of working capital that they can use for company operations, or CEO bonuses, or to support Giffords and the Squad and whatever other nefarious dealings they may have. It gets pretty complicated pretty quickly, and may be impossible for a purist to parse through.

      • Of course, everyone knows that Palestinians don’t eat ice cream, so it’s not the ‘oppressed’ that will be denied their Ben & Jerry’s but the evil Joooos. A lot like MLB pulling the All Star game out of Atlanta, the second largest majority minority city in the country, over the new election law, only to move it to Denver, one of the whitest cities in the country, which already had more restrictive voting laws than the new Georgia law. Who’d that hurt? Black small business owners, that’s who. Never underestimate the stupidity of corporate CEOs.

    • “…the far left practices what Andrew Breitbart described as the politics of personal destruction and the right doesn’t.”

      Yep. Consequently, they get traction and we don’t.

      I used to hate the idea of boycotts, but I’m 100% behind them now. Bowing to “progressive” authoritarian bigots, and especially being one, SHOULD fucking hurt. The message won’t get through if it doesn’t. Remember, the progs won’t stop until we’re all dead…or our way of life is. These are people who *deserve* to have their finances destroyed. Our survival depends on it, because it really is them or us.

      Bottom line: Don’t give money to people who hate you.

      It’s impossible to avoid all the tentacles these evil people have sent out into society, but it’s not hard to identify a few easy targets and just stop feeding them.

  6. I generally avoid companies that disrespect the 2nd Amendment, but that isn’t always possible.

  7. need to stop being distracted into focusing on the companies and start focusing on the individuals driving all this. you can boycott all the companies you want but if those individuals are still operating in the background you’ll get nowhere.

  8. All of the Big Tech corporations oppose the 2nd. If they are Silicon Valley, or do a lot of business with Silicon Valley, they are anti-2nd. Microsoft, Oracle, Alphabet/Google, Facebook, Twitter –

    Add Hollywood to that – they’ve spent 100 years promoting violence on television and the big screen, but they hate guns.

    All the major news outlets – CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC, Turner, Hearst all hate guns. And, I’m not sure about Fox.

    The list of companies that support the 2nd is hard to find.

  9. In costco they are still selling gun safes. And less a than two years ago they were selling ammo cans. I purchased a dozen of them.

  10. List of anti-gun corporations:

    999,999) [there are probably 999,999 anti-gun corporations]

    List of pro-gun-rights corporations that are not actually in the business or making or selling firearms or firearms accessories: This must be a short list.
    1) Wells Fargo, maybe? Maybe not pro-gun, but more tolerant than other financial companies.
    2) Hobby Lobby? They sell some gun-related home decor stuff, anyway.

    • I go in Hobby Lobby here armed all the time. No one has ever said anything about it.

      Ok, here’s the thing about guns in stores basically any store. The corporate level or corporate parent may have some restriction for customers going armed in their stores, mostly for the sake of saying they did something for most of them, but they leave it up to local stores manager to decide if its implemented at their store or not. Some mangers go with the corporate policy or further but many do not and don’t mind people being armed although sometimes they ask that you not carry openly but hey concealed is fine too.

      For example, Walmart corporate policy is they ask that customers do not openly carry firearms into Walmart or Sam’s Club locations in states where open carry is permitted. But in two of the Walmart stores within 20 miles of me the mangers will tell you its fine to open carry (which is permitted here) because corporate left it up to them in their stores. But a third store less than 10 miles away from me has at least 8 signs up on doors saying zero firearms and not a one of them is the state required sign to prohibit firearms and without that required sign they can’t really do anything to you except ask you to leave if you enter armed so just go concealed and no one bothers you.

  11. Why are Apple, Google, Nike and Facebook not on the list? I see too many firearms promotions where they want you to sign up or log in with a Facebook or Google account.

  12. I will say that I certainly do shop from these people, however they are certainly not my first choice. I’ll pay a buck or two more (in many cases it’s not really a buck or two more) or miss out on easy transactions to walk a few steps farther metaphorically speaking to a company that’s neutral or better. Even “de emphasis” dilutes their brand, reduces revenue and in turn their power. Avoidance entirely is like avoiding the rain; Almost impossible.

  13. “…with Comcast internet”

    It isn’t like there are multiple companies to choose from. All of the cable providers in my area have a monopoly over a particular region. I assume it’s like that in most places.

      • I dumped cable TV a couple of years ago. I use Comcast for high speed internet access. Where I live, it’s either that or the phone line. The phone line is slower without being less expensive.

  14. Switch to Duck Duck Go as you web browser search engine. It will stick it to Google in a good way.

    Switch to Cloudflare for your IPv4 and IPv6 DNS settings. Just add these to your router and computer internet settings.

  15. That’s all well and good but if you pay taxes you’re funding the very apparatus that will outlaw you, kick your door in armed with guns and equipment you paid for and lock you in a cell you paid to build with a bunch of sodomizing welfare cretins you paid to raise and educate.

  16. I have not done business at any of these businesses or bought their products for quite some time. You can also include Target Stores in that mix.

  17. You can rattle off individual businesses all day but the depth of the issue goes far beyond “brand names” to the Corporate level… Even popular brands that do not openly participate in the anti-gun crowd they could be (and probably are) ultimately owned by a Corporation that DOES support the gun grabbers… It has come to the point where you are spending more time researching looking for gun friendly companies… Pretty soon you won’t be buying ANYTHING… I quit drinking Coke because of some pretty radical ideologies and searched ALL the brands under their control, they own bottled water brands, juices, and even tea companies… Finally settled on Luzianne tea from Reily Foods, a family owned company with solid Conservative values that makes an awesome Southern style iced tea…

  18. I personally don’t use or buy any thing from the woke business’s ,
    I’ve Known who they were before it was a thing ,
    This article actually missed a few others.
    My friends actually think I’m kinda strange, but they do make me prove my point. Which 99% of the time is easy to do.
    But these folks watch mostly M S M balony.
    This is what happens when you live in a blue state.

  19. It’s a great list. I, for one, refuse to every buy a Gateway computer again.

    ‘Geez, do they every scrub/update this list?

  20. Unless you’re willing and able to live mostly or completely off the grid, I don’t think it’s possible to boycott (aka not patronize) some of these companies occasionally. We each have to draw our own “line in the sand”. In AZ, my line is businesses that post a NO GUNS sign. (Predictive text wanted NO GINS, which I would also boycott!) My response when asked why I object to this sign is, “You have created a victim rich free fire zone, and I don’t feel safe here”. A host at one restaurant actually argued that their sign ensured customers’ safety. I suggested he hide behind it if anyone ever started shooting.

  21. Funny how this page has a pinterest button on it. Maybe you should remove it.

    I have made every attempt to boycott every anti gun business I am aware of but most people do not stand for their convictions if it means inconvenience themselves. Which is very sad and why will might not ever win.

  22. Soon there will be an alternative to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    Everyone will be glad to hear that Donald Trump is forming his own social media platform just for right wing conspiracy theories, disinformation and propaganda.

    And the best part is, he is partnering with the Chinese communist party intelligence operations based in, wait for it… Wuhan, China!

    It puts a whole new spin on who’s responsible for the Covid virus, doesn’t it make you feel funny in your tummy to know Trump and the Chinese have been working you all along?

    “According to the release, the company was formed using a special purpose acquisition company, or SPAC, which the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website says is a “popular vehicle for various transactions, including transitioning a company from a private company to a publicly traded company.” The SEC says these companies are often referred to as “blank check companies.”

    Patrick F. Orlando, who according to the release is the chairman and CEO of the Digital World Acquisition Group that is merging with the former president’s new media company, is also CEO of Yunhong International, which itself is an international blank check company incorporated in the Cayman Islands with headquarters in Wuhan, China, according to Bloomberg.“

    What a bunch of rubes, so easily snookered by a New York City con man.

    • Your sources are Bloomberg and ABC?

      You might think that TTAG readers recognize that almost nothing truthful come from those agencies.

      Unfortunately, we have also learned that we can’t trust your word or “facts”. So your claims will be handedly dismissed as sophistry.

        • What claims? Perhaps this one?:

          Hmmmmmm, Must of missed it, Don’t read anything labled Minerwhatever or the clown that calls everyone Jethro and Hillbilly…

        • OH OH OH… Ragnar and Max…

          I asked if you guys were “feeling funny in your tummy?”

          Well….. I just finished one of my NAMBLA meetings and now I feel squishy in the tushie!!


      • Rag, dismiss as you like, but the facts are not affected by your opinions.

        And it appears that trumps new social media site is already down and it seems he may have engaged in a bit of software piracy to set up his latest grifter website.

        “Donald Trump is accused of stealing code from Mastodon for his ‘Truth’ website.

        Former President Donald Trump’s new social network, “Truth Social,” looks to be based on Mastodon’s social media platform, according to the inventor of Mastodon, which provides free open-source software that allows users to establish social networks.

        Trump revealed on Wednesday that Truth Social would be available to a select group of invited guests in November, then to all users in the first quarter of 2022.“

        • Wait!

          I said “..Trump is accused of stealing code from Mastodon..”

          Then I said, in the very next line(!), “..Mastodon, which provides FREE open-source software that allows users to establish social networks.”

          I’m so completely stupid I forgot what “free” meant.

          Or is it because I have never had an original thought, and cut and paste from fake “news” propaganda sites?

          Obviously this is another smear campaign by the Marxist media.

          Hmmm? I’m probably not the right one to figure this out… I’m mind numbingly dUmB. No really I am…

        • Mastodon, which provides FREE open-source software

          Pretty hard to “steal” FREE open-source software… Anyway glad someone else caught it, I can’t give IT the satisfaction of a response even in light of such blatantly obvious ignorance…

        • “Pretty hard to “steal” FREE open-source software… ”

          Max and Fake Miner, I understand your cognitive abilities may restrict your comprehension of the printed word, but Trump loves the “poorly educated” so you’re in!

          I’d like to acquaint you with a legal expression that applies in this case, ‘Terms Of Service’:

          “And yet, somehow, this is probably not Truth Social’s biggest headache so far. The entire site may be violating the terms of use for the very software it’s built on. Last night, a crowd on Twitter started noticing that the Truth Social website used a particular social-networking software, known as Mastodon. It’s open source, meaning users can modify the underlying code as long as they abide by Mastodon’s licensing agreement.

          Truth Social used Mastodon’s open-source code liberally, but, in what some may be tempted to call a classic Trump move, it seems not to have made the code publicly available or provided users with a copy of the general product license—two violations of Mastodon’s terms of use.

          Mastodon’s founder, Eugen Rochko, told TPM that Truth Social is in apparent violation of its terms of use. He intends “to seek legal counsel on the situation,” he added, but wouldn’t get more specific, other than to note compliance with Mastodon’s AGPLv3 license “is very important to me,” because it’s “the sole basis upon which I and other developers are willing to give away years of work for free.”

          One could speculate that Trump doesn’t want the modified code publicly available because it contains data mining features designed to surreptitiously survey all the users and collect their personal information for use/sale.

          In any case, it’s more Trump plagiarism, using others intellectual property for their own personal gain, just like Melania plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speeches.


        • Wait!

          I meant to say “..In any case, it’s freedom fighter and The Greatest American President Donald J. Trump, using FREE intellectual property for THE NATION’S personal gain..” YAY!

          AGAIN…I’m so completely stupid I forgot what “FREE” meant…. a second time!

          Or is it because I have never had an original thought, and ONCE AGAIN cut and paste from fake “news” propaganda sites…?

          Obviously this is another smear campaign by the Marxist media. (DING DING DING)

          AND I TOLD YA… I’m probably not the right one to figure this out… I’m mind numbingly dUmB. But apparently I tried anyway…SAD

          And to my buddy Max, stop calling me “IT”, I’m your pal Marxist49er… Er Miner49er

    • LOL, it’s called Truth Social. A company called “Truth” from a guy who physically cannot speak words without lying.

      • Lying?

        But that’s all we Leftist have left, now that everyone of our Communist/Marxist policies have completely failed.

    • “So easily snookered,” says the sneering dupe who voted for the potted plant/communist whore presidential ticket.

      Side note: I love how infrequently you post here, now that there’s a non-progtard frequently posting under the Miner49er handle.

      • By all means, please rush to logon to Donald Trump‘s new social media outlet ‘Truth Social’, in order to ascertain the validity of my claim.

        The CCP will appreciate the business, it is probably already licensed under one of Ivanka Trump‘s 31 Chinese trademarks so you know they are getting their cut.

        • Oh and Ing,

          While you are there, look me up and say Hiiiiiiiiii

          My Truth Social handle is “Jerks_It_To_Ivanka_31”

          See ya there good buddy!

  23. Interestingly enough,a couple of years back I picked up some side work , doing armed security details at a large AMC Theater in Massachusetts. To say that there was a wierd relationship between the client contact, some of the staff and the security contractors was the understatement of the year.
    It’s been a few years since I was actually in a movie theater as a customer,so I guess that AMC is one I’d not darken the door of.

  24. I don’t use that stuff and the last time I went to a Costco was ten years ago in TAIWAN because they sell American food.

  25. Costco has just ban concealed carry in their stores if you read the listing for them. It is not an official decree and many stores do not have the cross out firearm indicator on the doors of the store fronts. If you read the corporate charter for Walmart, the are in bed with Everytown anti-gun group. See links below.

    Selling Firearms Responsibly
    Walmart is a charter member of the Responsible Firearms Retailer Partnership, organized by Walmart and Everytown for Gun Safety.

    • Walmart is far worse than Costco. Families just can not stop buying things. In many rural areas, families do not have much of a choice in the purchase of items from a store. We just need 2nd Amendment friendly stores to buy from and right now we do not have alternatives. Wished the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms would put out a list of 2nd Amendment friendly stores to buy from.

      • I go in walmart armed, never had a problem.

        Look, saying you are not going to support these businesses or should not support them because of their anti-2A stance is one thing. But if you want to eat and need groceries or your family is in need of clothing or other supplies, thats another.

        At some point for some businesses you will need to use them.

        I go in anti-2A stores armed, concealed yes most times but armed. I also go into places like Walmart open carry many times. The managers can set their own local policy and they do not have the required state prohibition signs up and the managers do not mind (at least here).

        Its one thing to be all idealistic about it like the list implies, but its an entirely different matter to need things to live and need to use a anti-2A store to get those things. So go concealed, properly concealed, and they will not know unless you let them know and unless they have the required state sign/notice up in a conspicuous place prohibiting firearms or there is a law prohibiting it the most they can do is ask you to leave but to do that they have to know you are armed.

        Seriously, gun owners can’t possibly claim 2A rights yet not exercise them freely by their own choosing. They want to get all upset and protest and march for gun rights and claim self defense rights and face bad guys, but entry to a store scares them? Don’t let their stance stop you from living your life. Its nice to think you would only support 2A friendly businesses, I wish we could too but the reality is that at some point we still need some of those anti-2A businesses. But you can also make them 2A friendly without them knowing it by simply carrying concealed in a store if there is nothing in law that specifically prohibits you going armed in the store. A corporation saying it does not make it law, so the most they can do is ask you to leave and then that’s probably only going to happen if they know you are armed and its none of their business what that slight bump is (which you should not have anyway is properly concealed) and you have no obligation to tell them you are armed.

  26. I quit CostCo when it was pointed out to me they had gun prohibition on the signs at their entrance. Have not been in there in over ten years. I go to Sam’s Club instead.

    I quit going to movie theaters entirely over the volume. Movies are played so loud I’d have ringing in my ears and painful earaches. This coincided with the general bans on carrying a firearm concealed in a movie theater, which also would have made me stop going. So the insane volume and the gun bans came very close together, to be all fair and honest about it.

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