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Waitresses deal with a lot of difficult customers, but things took a wild turn at a downtown Atlanta Waffle House earlier this week when a server allegedly pulled a gun on a complaining customer. According to customer Candy Franklin, a dispute over his breakfast order ended in “gun violence.”

“It all happened over cheese eggs. At first, they didn’t bring them to me. Then they brought me normal eggs and I said that I ordered eggs with cheese on it,” Franklin told FOX 13. “I tipped her and everything. It was all a normal dispute over food. I never in a million years thought it would come to gun violence.”

“I was looking down at my food making sure it was right and that’s when I just saw people running. I look up and she had the gun at me,” he explained. “I didn’t think she would shoot then she cocked it back. So, I was like maybe she is about to do something. Now, it’s time for me to turn into Rambo and get out of there.”

The customer said he was particularly frightened because he’s been on the other end of a firearm before and recently “lost a brother to gun violence.”

The waitress, now identified as Angelica Patterson, had a different version of the story. She said Franklin took issue with his order immediately and she corrected it multiple times. When she went outside for a smoke break, Patterson said Franklin followed her out and continued to complain.

No witnesses have verified Franklin’s account of the story, but police and Waffle House management are investigating, WKRC-TV reported.

The main takeaway here: if you order cheese eggs and you get plain ones, you might want to just eat them. The cheese just isn’t worth the Rambo story that you concocted in your head. Oh, and tip your servers well.

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  1. ANYONE that uses the BS term “gun violence” is full of it. I throw the BS card on this guy’s fable.

    • Yep. That alone is enough to make everything this guy said and did worthy of suspicion.

      Not that the waitress looks any better…a mind-boggling amount of stupidity in that particular Waffle House that night.

      • Well, we’ve heard one side of the story. Until we hear the other side, who’s to say that this customer didn’t threaten the waitress with an asswhooping, or worse. He’s sober in the video, I think – he may have been a raging drunk on the night in question.

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  2. “I’ve been shot before and I lost a brother to gun violence” was all I needed to hear….

  3. It’s Atlanta so there’s that….and now I’m hungry for a couple of Egg, Cheese, and bacon sandwiches. My fav Waffle House meal and a side of hashbrowns…

    • There is never any good reason to order anything but the cheese omelet, I have mine with hashbrowns scattered, smothered, and covered and sausage patties, with a large OJ. Haven’t managed to order anything else in about 20 years.

      • I’d recommend you try the steak & eggs with a side of grits some time, except for the little detail that I had to have two stents put in a week afterwards. Still my favorite place, but mostly just in dreams now.

        • Those stents do make you rethink your diet. I also loved Waffle House before the heart attack. Probably the only reason I didn’t have the heart attack sooner, is I have to drive 50 miles to the nearest Waffle House – or much of anything else.

        • Two miles down the road from my house. I drive past a couple times a day, nearly every day. During the wall to wall covid lockdowns last year, it was one of the few places in town that braved the gov’t thugs and remained open, even if only for carryout. I did stop once or twice. Stents still good after 6 years, but the wife and daughter keep me on a short leash. They want a few more years of mortgage and tuition payments out of me.

  4. There are always three sides…his, hers and the truth…usually somewhere in between.
    Waffle House I got to here in Florida has a “no guns” sign on the front door.
    Maybe that is only for customers?
    If I conceal with a permit I ignore those. Safer on me than in my car.
    The signs have no legal weight.

      • That, exactly. When I approach a business, any business, I’m looking THROUGH the door and the windows. It would suck to be looking at signs, and the boogeyman jumps out from behind the door.

  5. True, the guys story is probably bull crap. Almost always, people will downplay if they did something wrong especially when another person is involved. The mind can also affect what you see, which is why eye witnesses are not trusted in court proceedings as much as other evidence. But even if this guy came out to complain about the eggs on her break, unless he threatened her, she should not have pulled the pistol on him (and it was never mentioned in the story as the woman feeling threatened). So where this bothers me is that all this story does is cement in the minds of gun control Nazi’s that they must control all our guns or get rid of guns altogether, as if they need more reasons to go after our guns. Gun owners need to play things smart or the liberals win.

  6. When you read his statement it hits all the points and uses all the key words the leftists do. It literally sounds like an anti-gun script. Money down this is fake, nothing more than false media presentation and actors on a set. Funny there’s no camera footage from the five cameras inside every waffle house location.

    • Agree.

      There was a protest / prayer-vigil outside my local school district’s administration meeting immediately preceeding a school board meeting with an extremely hot topic on the agenda.

      Some Far Left flunky claimed that he and his daughter briefly inquired with the protesters and then left his 10 year-old daughter outside and unattended at the protest / prayer-vigil while he went inside for a while–and then claimed that the protesters insulted his daughter repeatedly as well as telling her several times that she was going to he11.

      It isn’t even interesting that no one believes that Far Left flunky’s claims.

  7. If people keep pulling guns on this guy, he must be doing something to really really piss them off.


    alleged victims first name is “Candy”, seriously?

    And “Angelic” Patterson ? Her parents must have really liked her or were not able to pronounce “Angelca”.

    Angelic Patterson (the apparently evil devil waitress according to “Candy”), was charged by police with aggravated assault but she was not arrested. An aggravated assault charge usually indicates some severity aspect to the assault. It could be a weapon of some sort, like brandishing a firearm in anger or threatening with it. But if it were that simple the police would not still be investigating and would have arrested her if she did have a gun (or at least most places if its a gun involved you get arrested when the cops arrive and not just charged only). Maybe they felt kinda guilty and didn’t want to arrest someone named “Angelic” fearing divine retribution, this is bible belt country after all.

    Yet according to police, Angelic became enraged by the customer’s complaints and pulled out the weapon. I’m sure they are reciting the statement “Candy” made.

    There were no witnesses to corroborate Candy’s story. Yet, according to Candy there should have been plenty of witnesses because as Candy said …

    “I was looking down at my food making sure it was right and that’s when I just saw people running. I look up and she had the gun at me”

    So there were other people there, including the on duty Waffle House staff. Ya kinda think there would have at least been one of them, or someone with the Waffle House staff, see something to do with a gun or why else were they running away? Were they running away because they thought the “Angelic” waitress would smite them with fire and brimstone, or maybe hot coffee or a waffle? So maybe they did not find a customer as a witness because they had all cleared out but surely they were able to speak with the Waffle House staff.

    Or maybe, its just too early to know, and the media never tells you the whole thing anyway.

    And a guy with a name like “Candy Franklin”, its like a boy named “Sue”. “Candy”, seriously? Is he a stripper or a hooker or both or does he somehow identify as a “Candy”?

    • Ok, after a little more digging – she was upset and quite possibly threatened him verbally with violence involving serious bodily harm, supposedly when Candy came outside to where she was taking a smoke break. In Ga a threat of serious bodily harm coupled with “touching” (read that as hitting or pushing – unsure right now) the other person can get you an aggravated assault charge but not arrested then but if any weapon was used you get arrested then and charged. This could explain why she was charged with aggravated assault but not arrested when police arrived, she didn’t have a gun (possibly) or maybe the police could not find it and apparently there being no witnesses to the gun part could not justify an arrest.

      But she was charged and not Candy said so, something happened. I’m betting she told the police what happened outside with Candy, the break stalker of Waffle House, that she did threaten and “touch” (read that as hitting or pushing – unsure right now) him to get him away from her. That would account for an aggravated assault charge but no arrest at the time. She said she was upset due to Candy and this is the reason she took a smoke break and now Candy has intruded on her break time wanting to continue the confrontation with her.

      Candy got up from the table and went outside to where she was to continue the confrontation over some cheese eggs? That’s her story, but who the heck does that? Gee whiz Candy, all you needed to do was ask for another waitress and re-order, or speak to the on duty manager, citing your concerns and displeasure and the whole thing will be free – its basically a waffle house policy – that’s what normal people would have done.

      • Candy says he “tipped her and everything”.

        Candy, do you normally tip waitresses who you continue basically hostile confrontations with for issues that you failed to resolve before it got to that point by doing what normal people do and that’s speaking with the on duty manager?

        Why would you tip before you got your proper order, and if not then why would you tip a waitress who you claim pulled a gun on you?

        So when did you tip for an order you claim you didn’t get because it was not correct and while you were running out of the restaurant because the waitress pulled a gun on you? Did you like stop along the way running out of the restaurant to put down a tip on the table even though you supposedly felt you were in danger? Did you stop to include a tip on the receipt if you paid by card even though you supposedly felt you were in danger?

        Its not gone unnoticed that although she was charged with aggravated assault that she was not arrested which in GA would indicate a weapon was not used, and no witnesses confirm your story.

        At Waffle House you do not pay and tip until you are done eating and are leaving, usually, but I guess you could have pre-tipped when they put the order receipt on the table by jotting one down, but why would you tip for an order that was not correct and a waitress that you claim was hostile towards you? But you claim your order was not correct and the waitress was hostile and pulled a gun on you, but you tipped so either you are as stupid as a bag of rocks or you’re lying.

        • After some more digging; Candy started arguing with the waitress and berating her the moment he placed his order. When he got his order the first time, he claimed it was not correct even though it was and kept doing that for every order she bought him.

        • Ha Ha, the tipping mystery… After some more digging; Candy actually eventually got an order that he decided to eat, Angelica served it to him after several attempts at serving the same order prepared just like he originally ordered it and he kept rejecting the orders and arguing with and berating her. He started arguing with and berating her when he first arrived and ordered the first time, and kept that up. After he was finished eating he paid and tipped then left the restaurant. He left not in fear like he claimed.

          That’s why he tipped, he tipped when he paid the check and left after finishing his food. A person that eats a meal then tips sure does not sound like a person in fear of their life like he is trying to claim. Then she went outside to take a smoke break because she was upset, he then approached her outside.

          It doesn’t seem he entered the restaurant again after approaching her outside (but gotta wait to find out I guess).

          Apparently, something happened when he approached her outside that eventually led to her being charged with aggravated assault, but she was not arrested. He then called the police and told them his tale when they arrived.

          Now we know why no witnesses validated the woeful tale of ‘Candy, the Waffle House break time stalker’ – its because it didn’t happen like he claimed.

    • Why y’all taking the waitress gal side??? Did she give a “statement”? It ain’t rocket science…mebbe ballistic science😉

  8. I ate in a Waffle House in KC so small you couldn’t turn around. Much less turn your back, 4 booths and 7 stools.

    • we have a couple of them around here. I’ve eaten in them, its the only place around here that’s serving hot freshly cooked food between midnight and 6 AM. They do fine on the orders including the eggs.

    • That’s part of how they are always open 24/7, 365, even in the middle of a power failure caused by a Cat 5 hurricane. Real food, good food, not real cheap. I love the little dives.

  9. What has 6 boobs and 17 teeth?

    The midnight crew at Waffle House. Now you have to add a gat into that joke.

  10. Don’t know the actual story but I can sure relate with cooks that don’t know how to cook a g– d— egg. We have Shari’s around here based out of Oregon. I generally order my eggs over easy. The whites aren’t runny and the yokes are runny. Over medium is the yoke slightly runny. I ordered more than once over-easy and the egg came with runny whites. The waitress says I want them over medium in that case. (wrong) I quit eating at that place because the retards couldn’t seem to make the order correct or eggs the right way.

  11. You “lost a brother to gun violence”. Was the gun violent or was it the person with the firearm? Indoctrination of people was the wrong words.

    • Well, it started as a normal day. He was on his way to Waffle House, Candy warned him not to go but he did any way. Along the way there was this gun that suddenly appeared at his car and demanded to be cleaned and oiled, when he refused the gun pulled its own trigger then dissembled it self so it could blend into the trash on the street to escape from the “gun violence” scene without being noticed.

  12. “The main takeaway here: if you order cheese eggs and you get plain ones, you might want to just eat them.”

    How about just avoiding Waffle House restaurants. The staff probably spit in the food.

  13. that’s not very cash money, grouping all waffle house waitresses with one bad one. It’s a somewhat hairy job, most are surprisingly nice and there are laws to take care of the one that goofed.

  14. Waffle house has a long history of anti-gun stupidity, including not serving uniformed police officers because they were armed.

  15. Cheese-and-eggs is actually my favorite dish. Cheese-and-eggs, scattered-covered-diced, raisin toast, side of sausage.

    And I’ll pass on the gun play…..

    • if they are working. In one of the Waffle Houses here they haven’t worked in over two years.

  16. There is no allegation, at least in the story, that he ever threatened her. Following a service employee asking for service is not a threat. Complaining about service is not a threat.

    Let me just go out on a limb here and speculate that there are no real journalists at TruthAboutGuns so we won’t get the benefit of real journalism that actually follows up by reading arrest records, interviewing sources and following court proceedings to give us the answer to unanswered questions.

    Nope, much to the detriment of the self-defense and gun-rights communities, Truth About Guns’ journalism will be limited to fan-boy howdy-doo-dee stories about new guns and gollee-gee-she-pulled-a-gun clickbait stories such as this one. Yep. That’s why we lose elections. Mentally lazy people on our side. Shape up TTAG.

    • Yeah, exactly. “Rambo” and “Running away in fear and bedwetting terror” just do not work together!

  17. Or just don’t eat at Waffle House. There are far better diners in most areas. Your body will thank you.

  18. I am suspicious of his story but it would take real investigative journalism to dig out and report to us the true details. As TTAG is lacking in this department, all it works out to be is a peculiar tale.

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