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Piers Morgan’s mea culpa for his despicable treatment of gun rights advocates is despicable, draped as it is in qualifiers. Still, I think Morgan’s backtracking indicates a turning point in the way that The People of the Gun are perceived by the mainstream media. With the advent of the IRS enemies list and Associated Press phone record grab scandals, could we be looking at one of those “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” deals? Meh. With friends like this who needs enemies?

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    • The grin on Morgan’s face when he fired a .50 cal M2 was undeniable. Resistance is futile. He MUST comply.

        • Non citizens and permanent residents should not be afforded the same rights as natural born citizens.

          Gun ownership included. The fence jumpers that eventually get amnesty should never be allowed to own guns. my 2 cents.

        • They’re really not. Lacking the right to vote, they also lack true representation in Congress, which means they’re more subject to the whims of those in power than usual. This is especially true when dealing with immigration, where bureaucrats have immense and arbitrary power to determine your future.

          And it’s already true in a lot of places that permanent residents are denied gun rights. I wonder why you’d see this as a good thing though. Piers Morgan aside, many immigrants are here because they see the US as a better, freer place to live, and have permanent resident status while waiting to satisfy the requirements for citizenship. Why treat them as an inferior class of person?

        • Gun ownership is not a right given to us from the government. Government should not be able to take away what it does not give.

  1. Don’t hold your breath for that poofter to join the NRA. The entire media is getting ready to blame the GOP for Obamas scandals, this little bit of dissent was just so they could brag they are “unbiased.”

    • Yes – rather like gaining the vote of Snowe or Collins and then claiming that a bill has “bipartisan support.”

  2. what a dolt…day late & a dollar short, pal, the horses have already run out of the barn…a full apology would be nice, but do not pass go, do not collect $200, head on back the uk, you subject 🙁

  3. Really… why are we still talking about this asshole.

    What is he still doing in my country? He was going to self deport. How’s that going?

  4. God Almighty in Heaven can accept any Repentance Piers Morgan has to offer for his despicable behavior towards People of the Gun and their Supporters. And I Thank God Almighty in Heaven most humbly and sincerely that I do not have to make that decision…for I would FAIL the test.

  5. With A THIRD of committees in House of Representatives are now investigating Obama administration they are just now finally getting a clue that nobody trusts the government? Over half of the millennium generation saying they do not trust government it gives me hope for the future.

    All I hope for is that come 2014 that nobody forgets and everyone finally votes even if the for the first time. Hopefully people have FINALLY become pissed off to get involved.

  6. To many posters, I sympathize with the way you feel. However, in general, it is often good to allow a defeated enemy save face as much as possible. Makes the clean-up after the fight go more smoothly, and makes it more likely that people will end up permanently in our corner (though I have no illusions that Piers will convert).

  7. I always thought the primary purpose of all his anti-gun interviews were to get the most ratings, and he did indeed get more attention than any other anti-gun anchorman. His pseudo-apology is only part of the same gambit: to keep the spotlight on himself so that viewers who are entertained by controversy, no matter how fabricated, will continue to watch his show.

    This is not to say that he doesn’t believe what he says against guns, just that his primary purpose was marketing.

    • Indeed.
      Once again he has licked his finger and stuck it up into the wind.

      His ratings must have sagged with the passing of the gun “crisis”.

  8. Call a spade a spade and be done with it.

    Tyranny is no greater a reason to keep and bear arms than making a decision to live elsewhere, out of the ‘Tyrants’ range.

  9. The enemy of my enemy…… is not my friend because he’s the enemy of my enemy. Piers is sleaze, whether he’s pro or anti 2a, and I don’t want to get close to sleaze.

    • “my argument is less persuasive…?” your argument is nonsense, and you are covering your backside 🙂

      • By “less persuasive” he means “proven wrong”. And I do mean proven. They make an absolute argument “the government would never…” It takes but one counterexample to prove that argument false. Our argument is “the government could…”, it takes one example to prove that argument true.

        What he doesn’t realize (because he is a media-politico) is that we should rely on the integrity and correctness of an argument, rather than the persuasiveness. Persuasion is deception.

  10. On May 9, Pierced Organ received an award from the Brady returds for wingnut advocacy. He hasn’t seen the light. He’s just butthurt that the G turned on his boyz from the AP. He’ll get over it, make all kissy-face with POTUS and then he’ll be breaking our chops again.

  11. Anyway the wind blows, doesn’t really matter to me, to me

    Mama, just killed a man
    Put a gun against his head
    Pulled my trigger, now he’s dead

    He has no actual principles, just a desperate need for attention and ratings.

  12. Morgan will change his stance (again) after the next jack@ass tries to misuse a firearm and it gets press coverage…

  13. I would be happy if the presstitutes would just turn from advocacy to journalism. We don’t need them on our side if they are truly objective in their reporting.

  14. Nothing like a little abuse of power, chilling first and 4th amendment freedoms to remind people that you cannot trust the government. I realize many people hate Piers and the left, but the truth is that the civil libertarians on the left can be won over, particularly when it comes to registry. The “confiscate” argument does not resonate, but the privacy argument certainly does.

    • I think conservatives generally don’t realize how many civil libertarians there are among the liberals. When it comes to the Second Amendment, a lot of liberals are sidetracked by the negative baggage that comes with guns, but they’re concerned about individual rights and they recognize (and loathe) abuse of power when they see it.

      With the IRS and DOJ targeting both conservative orgs and the AP, using the exact same powers that would facilitate gun control, there are bound to be some liberals who are rethinking their assumptions about the trustworthiness of the government and the arguments that we gun people (of whatever political stripe) have been making all along.

      Not that Piers Morgan has anything to do with it…he’s a weasel who will twist whichever way the winds of publicity are blowing.

      • I think that the going assumption has been that Democratic Party-led governments could be trusted. The Dems have been in denial about Obama’s attitude towards civil liberties for a while. Hopefully this is a wake-up call.

  15. I think Jon Stewart opened an escape hatch for all the crazies to realize how absurd their arguments have become 🙂 I guess that’s… a good thing? Lol

  16. If he wasn’t a lousy lilly livered limey he would be ok. He is so he isn’t. Can’t we just let Jeremy beat him to death? I’m thinking PPV here, Randy

  17. Where’s the rest of the video? I got 50 seconds and really wanted to hear the rest. I looked for it but kept coming up with the same 50 seconds.

  18. PM is a snake and he has not transformed into an eagle. CNN management long ago embraced a progressive agenda. There is no new enlightened ethical and factual awakening going on.

    • Quite right. There is nothing to hope for from the leftist media, nor will there ever be. There is only the occasional and accidental departure from the script.

  19. What never gets mentioned is how “universal background checks” open the door for the gov’t to start regulating the sale of any legally owned personal property for whatever reason they come up with. Who, where, how, and why I sell legal privately owned property is none of the government’s business.

  20. Piers Morgan is nothing more than a sycophant for the state in my book. When they start rounding up people for death camps, he’ll be first in line to cover it up, or worse express how the state is doing a good thing.

    If Obama knew what was going on with this whole IRS fiasco, then he is culpable and should be made to answer for what has happened — I’ll be waiting for his friends in the media to cover his ass on this one like every scandal his looney toons of an administration has been involved with.

    If Obama genuinely did not know what was going on with this IRS fiasco, then we have another problem, because that will mean that the bureaucracy is out of control, it has gone rogue, it has gone off the reservation, which is even worse when you expand it out to its logical conclusion.

  21. I was an anti-gun progressive… now I’m pro-gun progressive… all in the space of Sandy Hook and one month of independent research and critical thinking. It can happen; and highly intellectual libertarians like Penn Jillette can make him see the light.

    • Conrad, good for you. I think you’re giving Mr. Pierced Organ too much credit. He is not capable of critical thinking.

    • I would wager you are more liberal than progressive. Pro gun liberal is not really that rare. Pro (civilian) gun progressive is practically an oxymoron. True progressivism hinges too tightly on absolute goverment control on society, control that flys in the face of civilian armament (and critical thinking, for that matter). Regardless, glad you saw the pro gun light! You will probably lose friends and draw scorn from family, but most of us have as well, you’ll be in excellent company.

  22. “this has got nothing to do with guns” he says, or close enough. He doesn’t concede the point. Some of you are hearing what you want to hear.

  23. It takes a significant amount of honesty and courage to admit that you were wrong. I can definitely respect that.


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