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Immediately after stating my belief that no one reads TTAG who hasn’t already made up their mind on gun rights, this email hit the inbox. Winning? The exception that proves the rule? A drop in the bucket? I report you deride.

To whom it may concern,

Just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed your website/blog. It’s been an eye opener in more ways than one. I ran across it after doing a google search for reviews on Glocks. The review was well done and kinda funny, so I stayed on the site and kept reading. I was looking for a gun because . . .

I can’t really pin it down honestly. Protection is a buzzword but frankly I hope I’m never in that situation. My guess is like a female who takes personal defense classes because she runs in the park a night after work, I would like a gun because on a occasion I find myself at risk. At least I feel that way. Jury is still out on whether I buy a gun honestly.

To my surprise I found no “Gun Nuts” on your site. Not a lot of ranting. I read some common sense arguments. Whether I agree is beside the point really. The point is common sense and truly listening to apposing views may seem like a lost art, but its not, really.

You’ve made some compelling arguments, and I’m listening. Bravo to both of us.

I know you by your website but you do not know me. My name is Antonio. I’m not a gun enthusiast. I’ve had a family member die in “gun violence”, but at the time we (my family) didn’t think of it as such. It was just a cowardly act by stupid, evil people. It will continue to be just that.

I’m a Democrat. I vote my conscious but I vote party line too. I’ve voted for Obama 3 times, Democratic Primaries, 2008 general election, 2012 general election.. Hey, don’t act like you haven’t made 3 mistakes in a row before! LOL, I kid, I kid.. I like to make fun of myself and of others so that was a gimme. I’m proud of the fact I vote. I don’t think you’re an idiot because of who you vote for, I only think you’re an idiot if you don’t vote period.

There is probably a lot of other stuff that make me different than some of your readers, and that’s ok with me, I’m going to continue to keep reading. Hope that’s ok with you.

Have a great weekend,


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      • For those not familiar with Oregon, Multnomah County is a county that got invaded by leftist from Southern California in such numbers that their vote overrides the vote of the rest of Oregon. The majority of Portland sits in Multnomah County, a city that is so bizarre they made a TV show out of it. It is so bad here and is such a lost cause that after five decades in Oregon, I am moving to Arizona in the Fall.

        • I can vouch for this. I used to live in NE Oregon. No big cities, lots of farms, pickups, and guns. Most people on the east half of the state are right-wing conservatives. If you go out to the west half of the state expect to see a lot of subarus and birkenstocks.

        • Bob2,
          My family moved to Arizona from Portland, Oregon. If it wasn’t for this move, I don’t think I would’ve gotten into shooting.

  1. I help start the Greens in St. Paul during Reagan. I voted for Obama.
    I am also a firearms owner and CCW permit holder (I reasonably believe, that the freaks and nutz shouldn’t be the only ones armed.) I also believe that the NRA no longer represents the firearms community but are simply an organ of the gun industry.

    Our biggest threat in modern times, is not Government, but Multi-national Corporations. The Corporations fund anti-goverment astro-turf organizations because they know that the citizens’ best defense against corporate monopoly (As Teddy Roosevelt understood) is banding together in government.

    –From a A gun toting, meat eating Liberal in Minneapolis
    that buys America manufactured Firearms because I support America Workers

    • Yeah, that NRA, between killing kids and causing Boston attacks they sure are a diabolical bunch.

      • Really interesting point you make Lee Love. Do you have a suggestion for an alternative to the NRA? I don’t. They are not an “organ” of the gun industry. They represent gun owners, first and foremost. The represents the gun industry, and from what I can tell they are not all that bad. I have been a life member since Bill Clinton was President when it became objectively clear that this whole gun control thing was about disarmament not making society safer.

        Rather that assert some sort of apology for the NRA where they are actually (IMO) doing the best job they can, I will say that the NRA supports me for what I give them in membership and donations. I agree with the NRA on gun safety education, which they get almost no credit for despite the fact that they seemingly carry this task alone. I agree with the NRA that gun ownership by citizens is a Natural Right. I agree with the NRA that the 2nd amendment reasonably and clearly is a right of the people to own, and carry guns.

        As for your concern about “Multi National Corporations” How about Government and Business, in Connecticut we have a interesting situation with Government Officials not necessarily pandering to “Big Business” but strangely exploiting both business and their constituents. Right now we have a Commissioner of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection that is very very slick and well credentialed. He gets money from “Big Utilities” (consultant fees), gave a briefing to clients of the investment firm UBS Securities on the eve of the scheduled vote of an important energy bill, even as ‘Political Intelligence’ is becoming one of the newest forms of corruption. Oh and his wife is Elizabeth Esty, U. S. State Representative. She just gave back contributions from a energy company that her husband was “working with” that “accidentally” clear cut some state land for a wind energy project.

        All this wrapped with a Green label, the green of money. He is also a Professor of Environmental Law and Director of Business and Environment. One of his books is “Green to Gold: How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage”. While Gov. Malloy is trying to destroy the gun manufacturers in CT, and drive jobs out of state if they are Gun jobs. Gov. Malloy and DEEP Commissioner Esty have some close connections that smell a lot like George Washington Plunkett’s “Honest Graft”.

        Gov. Malloy is the same guy that has personal meetings with Bloomberg on gun control strategy, and pushed through the soon to be discovered costly gun control in Connecticut by using a Emergency Certification and bullying of the legislature (honestly some didn’t require that much bullying IMO), That worked so well for him that it is becoming apparent he may use the same tactic of Emergency Certification to push through his budget plans through a declaration of “Financial Emergency” and isn’t that how excesses of power works.

        I think the threat of “Multi-National Businesses” is a bit simplistic.

    • Wait how is the NRA an organ of the gun industry – that you seem to think you should support for the ‘American workers’? Thought the NSSF was the “organ of the gun industry” – which again, you seem to think it’s a good idea to support. Every time I hear someone rail on the NRA, especially gun owners, I recoil because legislatively they have been a huge help in the last few years.

      Do the liberal Democrats you vote for support your 2A rights? How dare you paint us as ‘freakz and nutz’ when you do nothing to advance the cause and actually hinder us by voting for anti-gun politicians who actively work to hinder our rights. The CCW “privileges” you seem to enjoy were not enacted into law by liberal Democrats or the Obama types. Do you honestly believe if all of your elected reps were the liberal Democrats you vote for you would enjoy the same freedoms you do currently?

      You do realize you don’t have to buy coke or nikes right? MNC’s are based on voluntary transactions. The government is based on using force to compel you to obey it. What seems like a bigger threat to you?

      BTW – the government that is big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take it all away.

    • And I’m an anarcho-Capitolist who thinks you’re a dumb@$$.

      But I’m glad you own guns.

        • The only thing an anarcho-capitalist wants is to be is left alone. We are no threat to you.

        • I’m a leave-me-the-hell-alone-ist too.

          To me anarcho-anything has severe negative connotations — but once we’re past that, it looks like we’re not so different. Two sides of the same coin, you might say.

    • Lee,

      Did you ever think you might be a tool of a leftist organization when you parrot their viewpoints with no original thoughts of your own?

    • You make the same idiotic mistake as Occupy Wall Street — you properly identify big corporashunz as a major menace to society, yet fail to recognize that government and corporashunz are one and the same. Expecting corrupt government to rescue society from corrupt corporashunsz is just plain delusion.

      Sample test question: How many cabinet secretaries came from Wall St? How many will go back?

    • Lee, after reading your comment, I went online to add another year to my NRA membership. Thank you for reminding me why I support the NRA.

    • That’s why we have a 1st Amendment. In America we don’t have to be in lockstep with our neighbor…or the Administration. Lee, your comment would have been taken better by a lot of us if you had not trashed 5 million NRA members, many of whom are certified instructors, teaching young people safety with firearms, instructing and providing a range for our Olympic shooters, working to get you your right to “carry” and working to protect that right. You are not required to belong to the NRA but you might want to re-think trashing them until you know what they do and what they represent.

  2. I’m actually the same way. I found out that stumbleupon had a guns category and viewed every page in a 24-hour marathon. Several TTAG articles came up. Long story short, I’m now a regular reader, sometimes commenter on the Worlds Largest Firearms Blog, and a proud gun owner/concealed carrier.

    • >> concealed carrier

      Be careful: this is contagious, and you will spread it to people you contact with a lot!

  3. What a great letter. I love this guy and I love that he took the time to put his positive and thoughtful words on paper. I would have to call myself more of a Libertarian than a conservative because I believe that both the Democrates and Republicans want to get more government into our personal lives and I don’t like that. Anyway, this is really not a “political” forum so I’ve probably said too much already. I’m just proud that Antonio wrote that letter and I also want to thank you for all the good work that you do with TTAG.

  4. At this point it isn’t important whether or not anyone voted for Obama, the important thing is whether or not we have all learned our lesson and can work on voting people into office who will stop the assault on Liberty (ongoing through two presidents from different parties) in this country.

    As soon as the POTUS referred to gun control as something “we are working on under the radar” I knew better than to vote for him in 2012– even though I voted for him in ’08.

  5. Yes there are. 20 somethings. Socially liberal, distrustful of politicians, experiencing the results of both the left and right’s failures, and know the system views them as fuel to burn. I meet them in my town, send them to TTAG, and bring them to the range, then help them pick out their first firearms.

      • You guys just described me. Except I already knew what my first firearm was going to be.

    • A portion will definitely be Libertarian and highly engaged in their nation’s future, but there are two sides to the coin. Us twenty something’s can be the most politically complacent and hardest partying kids you’ll ever meet, or some of the most passionate and engaged up and coming Americans. Growing up through the War on Terror, drastic fiscal irresponsibility, and government stagnation has made a mark on us for good and bad. Some will reject their mantle of responsibility to insular lives of pure capital and enjoyment while others have been stoked to engage and develop a greater America. My generation is still in its infancy, our power is still small, but We Are Coming. The good, the bad, the complacent and the Patriots.

      PS- The culture of individuality lives on and by extension the understanding of personal security. 3/4’s of a college class of mine had fired a weapon and half owned one. Small case but bodes well and I live on the border between North and South

    • Yup, you just described me. I also hear that we’re called “Libertarians”. Who knew?

      Hardcore conservative, religious, rustic, etc, don’t have a monopoly on gun nuttery these days!

      9/11 was my Senior year in high school. As “We Are Coming” suggests, the War on Terror – more importantly, how the government chose to carry it out under both Republican and Democratic leadership – really has defined our relationship to the government in our young adulthood.

    • I’m a 24 year old in Louisiana.

      I’m disillusioned because, well, I’m 24. That’s the cliche. More than that though, I’m genuinely interested in politics and the economy. I’m going back to college soon and am considering going down a path to teaching economics actually.

      I support the NRA but at the same time feel they’re lacking. The purpose and mission of the NRA is a good one. The execution and presentation of those things can be a bit off at times IMO.

      I don’t vote Republican. I don’t vote Democrat. I just vote. The parties seem to go far crazier than the NRA can hope for. At times, such as recently with the GOP, they’ve lost all contact with reality. The Dems have done the same on many many occasions. Frankly, they both suck at times.

      All that said, I’ve been told I’m a crazy neo-con and loliberal. Can’t be both. I just try and make sense of things and do what I think is best. For firearms, that means supporting(and in some instances, expanding) the right to own them. It also means that I feel like some TTAG readers would call me all sorts of names for how I feel about regulating them.

      Point being, extremists exist on both sides and you can find them here or on anti-gun blogs as well. Call me on the fence I suppose because I and many friends and acquaintances near my age don’t fit a template. I honestly wish more of the people making decisions didn’t fit one either. If you want to win people over, the best bet is reasoned and sensible discussion based on hard evidence. That discussion needs to be free of derisive comments and as unbiased as we are capable of being.

      If there comes a time when we’d all be better off by handing over our firearms, I’ll do it and I’d hope others would follow suit. Fortunately, we’re not at that point. The trick is convincing others of this…and following a party line, being passive-aggressive, or tossing out thinly veiled insults won’t do it.

  6. “I don’t think you’re an idiot because of who you vote for, I only think you’re an idiot if you don’t vote period.”

    I don’t vote and I’m proud of it. For one thing, I do not believe in attempting to impose my way of life on other people. By casting a vote I am also voicing consent to be governed by those ass holes in D.C., which I don’t. Insofar as I do participate I do so under duress. Not exactly like I have a free choice in this bastion of freedom.

      • And voting can get us out, but you have to get out there and do it. Staying at home and saying, “I am not going to participate in this farce.” – is not the way to go. They win when you don’t vote.

        • I disagree. Especially if your choices are the vote between a carrot and an onion. I don’t vote basically for this reason. Also, voting only encourages them.

          I was again despondent in my choices for the last election.

        • I’ll vote again when there is a candidate worth voting FOR! I’m tired of holding my nose and voting for the lesser of 2 evils. When the choice is between big government liberal vs. big government conservative, that won’t get us out of anything. That just kicks the can down the road.

        • voting isn’t about picking a good option there rarely I s one its about punishing someone I ways vote against someone never for anything.

          for the foreseeable future I will attempt to vote down all hope and change

      • So by not voting the bad government will be shamed into changing its ways? By not voting you simply give support to the asshats that miss manage this country and if you support 2a rights you’re falling short in your duty to your rights and the rights of others.

        How can you be a 2a supporter and not vote? Maybe enough so called 2a supporters have missed enough votes to have made these gun grabbing pols as strong as they are?

        • I agree but since you replied to my post – I stated voting does not equal consent. Just because you cast a ballot that does not mean you are consenting to be eaten by the two wolves.

          I have voted in every election since I was 18 – including primaries – and every election I voted in I voted solely based on 2A issues. I have worked for pro-2A candidates to get them elected. I also bring people who will vote the right way to the polls, and encourage those who may not vote the right way to rethink the error of their ways.

          That said, I don’t consent to >1/2 this nonsense the collective .gov’s are doing.

        • Nate, I live in Ca. so there’s probably a lot less I consent to. You were not and have not been the only commentor on TTAG to talk about not voting or the futility of voting. My reply wasn’t meant for you personally.

          We all need to stay active in the political process. Support what candidates we can and support the gun rights groups with our votes and our money.

        • Judging from your past comments about Target Masters & Chabot, I think we lived in the same area of CA when I was still a resident. I know the pain that comes from living in that area. Agreed 100% on supporting candidates and orgs that support us.

    • Wow. I’m not sure how I can even counter this vacuous stance.

      Just as I put my life on the line by taking the oath to support and defend the Constitution upon my commissioning in the Navy, I see voting as an extension of my oath.

      I may not find a “perfect” candidate to support. But, at the very least, I can vote AGAINST the candidate(s) I find to be anathema to the American way of life.

    • Ok ….Kinda hate to kill the mood….

      Yes you are an idiot for not voting. More accurately a CHILDISH idiot because if you don’t get exactly what you want than you pout and whine like the Paulbots.

      Yep, you MIGHT not be an idiot, but surely you are ignorant since after 4 years of the most divisive and SCOAMF that BO showed himself to be, you drank the Kool-aid again.

      • The “Paulbots” are where america should be. You whine about them, but deep down you know they are the voice of reason. The 2 party system has the people at each other’s throats over non issues. Each side telling people what to do and how to live. Those “Paulbots” you seem to scoff at are just telling everyone “Stop telling people what to do”.

        If you are not depriving anyone of their life, liberty, and/or property you are doing it right. All the other details are irrelevant when filtered through this concept.

        • (Those “Paulbots” you seem to scoff at are just telling everyone “Stop telling people what to do”. )

          Wow. Could the irony be any thicker?

          “telling everyone ‘Stop telling people what to do’.”

      • A very childish article and proven by the sentence that says….

        The decision to not vote is about having principles (ie non-violence) and fearlessly applying those principles to all institutions in society.

        Holding a principal of “non-violence to all institutions” is a childish leftist utopian fantasy that usually ends up as a genocide committed upon the dreamers or in most cases the victims that didn’t want to go along with the dreamers.

        • Thanks for reading my article. I could have done without the insult, but you are entitled to your opinion. Perhaps I wasn’t as clear as I needed to be. I think you are confusing non-violence (aka the Non-Aggression Principle) with pacifism. I am not a pacifist and do not advocate for pacifism. The Non-Aggression Principle, the root of all Libertarian philosophy, states that no man or group of men may aggress against the person or property of anyone else except, of course, in self-defense. It is the N.A.P. to which I was referring.

    • This thread is a bit disconcerting. Obama won because the lack of voter participation, and because of that, he is destroying our freedoms. I am not a Republican and I have some serious issues with their past record, but the reality of the world we live is that if we don’t swallow our pride and work together, we the people will lose the country forever. If you are not afraid of losing the country to these Progressives, please take a look at history as written by the people who lived it to get an idea what their style of government does to a country…to a people. For God sake, swallow your pride and vote!!!

  7. To the letter’s author: Welcome to the community, glad you are listening and actively processing the information. Take it all in, mull it over, come to your own conclusions.

    Though not wholely related to the topic at hand, I think as the current investigations continue many people who think of themselves as progressives will have moments of realization. Firmly held beliefs don’t change overnight. Facts and patience are what we need. I have family members, including a sister who thinks Obama is the greatest President in US history, who are just starting to realize how badly they have been decieved. As long as people of good consience are open to facts, they will come around in their own time. Nurture this, and welcome them to the fight for a free America with open arms. IRS, Benghazi, AP phone records, HHS illegal money raising, and probably other things to come are horrible stains on the USA and no cause for celebration for any Americans. However, if these events lead to some degree of re-unification of Americans, perhaps there is a silver lining here.

    • “Firmly held beliefs don’t change overnight. Facts and patience are what we need.”

      Now that is a pearl of wisdom.

      An impeccable authority on human nature shared this with me: if we want people to learn the truth and make wise decisions, we must be sincere, truthful, patient, and humble when we talk to them. When we conduct ourselves this way with other people, those other people know that we respect and value them. People are much more receptive to what we have to say when they feel respected and valued.

      Snarky attitudes and comments do not reach people. Neither does shouting someone down. No one wants to be “conquered”.

  8. The other thing is that the evil in the world pushes all people over time into our direction. We should be here to accept them for whoever they are. If they believe in the right to protect themselves then they are our friends. If a new person shows up on our doorstep chances are they really need a friend. Their old ones are probably already trying to make them feel guilty and evil. Dropping politics and bashing people based on it outside of RKBA should not happen.

    • “If a new person shows up on our doorstep chances are they really need a friend. Their old ones are probably already trying to make them feel guilty and evil.”

      Wow. That is a very profound point.

  9. Fire Arms fence sitters include those whom we need to convince that RKBA is one of the most fundamental rights, if not the lynchpin to all Rights in the Constitution of this Republic. They need to be convinced there are times when being a “one-issue” voter overrides all other considerations and that issue is the preservation of our Second Amendment Rights.
    Other issues may seem urgent, but most of them are transitory. They can be dealt with in a few years even though they create hardship for some of The People in the interim. Once you start surrendering fundamental Rights specified in the Constitution, there’s no “do over” or back-peddling, except, perhaps, at the cost of extreme violence and upheaval.
    So, to Antonio and those like him, I say that you should decide what you want to do about actual gun ownership in your own good time, but definitely take away from these discussions a deep and permanent understanding that preserving the Constitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms for all of The People, without undue restriction or infringement is, and must be, an absolute commitment for every American under all circumstances and for all time. It is The Peoples’ ultimate Insurance Policy for the preservation of Personal Liberty.
    You can parse how much Freedom and Liberty we “really” have in in all sorts of ways, but I do not think you can deny that when only the Government and Criminals are armed, the vast majority of the rest of us are left at a severe disadvantage (not to put too fine a point on it), which we should never accept.

    • I never would have expected to be a single-issue voter. I thought to myself that I should just try to capture the largest batch of issues that I cared about hoping that the net effect would be a general bettering of things.

      Yeah, obviously that changed.

      With the RKBA first firmly in hand, we can then have productive discussion about absolutely everything else second. Without the RKBA, liberty is just a word.

      • Agree. 2nd amendment represents the reset button of democracy. It is our last and final means to stop tyranny. If not protected, no other freedom will mean anything.

  10. “I only think you’re an idiot if you don’t vote period.”

    I became a US citizen, so I could vote and only if I vote, I feel I am allowed to complain.
    Being part of the process is what being an American is about.

    Everyone being different is what made america the greatest country on earth. Having grown up in another country, I can tell you that this is not just hyperbole and even these days this still holds true.
    So don’t say that despite being different you will join this community and ask for permission, it is because you are different, you will be welcomed by your fellow Americans.
    Don’t feed into the MSM hype that gun owners or gun right supporters are some sort of different class/type of american. We are the same doctor, geek, slacker, mailman, housewife or office slave as the rest.
    Oddball outliers make for good tv but the ppl that fit the extreme stereotype are just that, extreme oddballs.
    Just as an example, you would be surprised by the number of atheist or gay members of gun forums in Florida.

    Welcome to TTAG, Antonio, hope you find the firearm you like, stay safe, and be yourself.

      • I’ve seen this one before. Always a classic and entirely true.

        Everyone votes for a change for the better and there never is any change for the better.

        • “Everyone votes for a change for the better and there never is any change for the better.”

          Great observation. One of the major problems we conservatives have right now is we are divided into several segments. The Liberals all vote for the Democratic ticket and we end up with their choice because our vote is divided. Personally I liked Romney but he turned out to be not very interested in running after being flogged by all the lies. If the Republicans want to win, they need to do a better job choosing the candidates that best represent Conservative Values and…not wait until two months before the election to roll out a candidate. The chosen candidate needs to appeal to a broad range of voters including conservative Republicans, Libertarians and Tea Party members. The last election was laughable with the three main sects of conservatives fighting amongst themselves and facilitating the re-election of the guy none of us wanted. Sure it makes you not want to vote but that obviously wasn’t/isn’t the solution. So now we’re stuck with the “Liar-in-Chief” and having to fight everyday for our 2A rights while we are dreading the next stupid or insane act with a gun. You’re not going to change anything by hoping someone else votes for the best guy.

          Just sayin’.

        • Everyone votes for a change for the better and there never is any change for the better.

          Hmmmmm….I remember voting for Reagen and things got better compared to that asshat Carter.

      • I love George Carlin. May he RIP.

        If I voted for some idiot who ended up winning, then I guess he has a point but if I voted for someone else….I put in my vote for what I thought would be best for this country 😉

        That our election system needs an overhaul, I think everyone agrees with, but that is really beside the point. (although it would probably allow progress to happen at a faster rate, and I am not saying we should abandon the republic and go to another system but maybe an overhaul, a modernization of a system which is hundreds of years old could be beneficial)

        But a person staying away from every election, be it local or national, I think is not going to help make the system or this country any better.
        Get involved, participate and you can make a difference.
        I respect that people don’t agree with that but most non-voters I have discussed it with, do not have anything to present to make a difference otherwise. They are simply not voting on the basis that they don’t care to be part of the process. While that is their choice and I respect that, I simply can’t back the idea that not participating will lead to any progress what so ever.
        So I stand by the concept that if you don’t participate, you have no foundation to complain about if things don’t go your way.

        • The idea is: If enough people opt out because they realize the system is hopelessly corrupt, it sends a strong message to our rulers (and the rest of the world) that the government is illegitimate.

      • So, an angry, bitter comedian is the guiding force of the NoVote crowd? Unfvcking believeable.

        • Non sequitur. An amusing video clip of a comedian does not imply that said comedian is in any way a “guiding force.”

  11. I think anyone who has never fired a gun is a potential ally to the cause. Many who grow up in cities have no real contact with firearms unless their friends or family are already involved. This pool is much larger than the FUDDs and grabbers who are already against us. Of the new shooters I have taken out over the last few years, around 10 are committed “gun nuts” and vote accordingly. Some of them have gone on to recruit more. I’m making progress on a few more. The most effective tool in our arsenal is taking people out to shoot and explaining to them the importance of voting for their rights.

    On another note, how is someone an idiot if they choose not to vote because they are insufficiently informed on the matter they are voting on? And how is someone not an idiot if they choose to vote for things which they do not understand? IMHO voting is one of the most violent legal acts in our society, as the end result of non-compliance with the majorities will involves dealing with the business end of a gun.

    • I agree. To me… one of the joys of gun ownership is taking a newbie out to shoot for the first time. It is one of the reasons I’ve added .22LRs to my collection (besides they’re fun for me, too).

      In EVERY case of taking a newbie to shoot, he or she ends up with a big smile! Not once have I had someone not enjoy the experience.

      • I have come to the conclusion it is humanly impossible to resist the bliss achieved by lobbing 38gr of lead into a pop can.

  12. Just more proof that rational, calm, reasoned, and substantiated discussion CAN be persuasive.

    For many years, in various online media, I have drip-drip-dripped rational discussion about the 2A and have provided countless examples of how guns in the hands of citizens have saved lives.

    While I have had many critics over the years, I have also WON some over. Many have told me they have become first time gun owners because of what I’ve written and talked about face-to-face.

    It works! But, it takes PERSISTENCE. Calm, rational persistence.

  13. Antonio,
    Welcome! Contribute ,share ,listen and learn. Share your interest in self-defense and firearms with us, and we’ll do the same with you. Our conversation can only help all of us. And, as you mentioned, it’s a lot of fun!

  14. One of the many refreshing aspects of Antonio’s e-mail to TTAG was his use of the phrase “common sense” being used in its proper context instead of the phrase being hijacked and warped to push an un-Constitutional political agenda.

  15. Antonio, I first came to TTAG via gun reviews too. Although I don’t post many comments – mostly because I’m less knowledgeable on gun-related topics than most of the people on this site who do post – I check TTAG at least four or five times a day. There are a lot of smart and articulate contributors, both writers and commenters, on this site, and it looks like you are going to be one of them.

  16. yes, there are a LOT of fence straddlers. You would be surprised when I tell people I own guns (because I am not the “stereotypical” gun owner)… and then the flood of questions comes. Sometimes it feels like they are relieved to have a conversation with someone who will not have a smarmy terse comeback like “get a dog.”

  17. Welcome Antonio. Buy a gun, get trained, and practice at your local range. Even if you don’t home carry, conceal carry, or any kind of carry and just keep it at home locked in a safe – it will never hurt a thing. Better to have one in need than in need – not have one. Gun ownership and the responsibilities entailed carry with it a pride and solemn dignity one deserves when taking responsibility for the defense and care of oneself, their family, and their country.

  18. The liberals used to say “Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day” Give a man a fishing rod, he will eat everyday”

    Liberals dont know how to fight unless some crook in a toga with a black belt tells them how to bow before and after the wrestling matches he is paid to structure at the local gym.

    • The correct phrase is “give a man a fish he’ll eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he’ll sit in a boat and drink beer all day”.

  19. I personally know one TTAG lurker who hopped off the fence in a gunward direction. As far as I know, she’s never posted here. I might know others socially, but don’t know that about them.

    The articles and much of the commentary decided her that the next time someTHING attempts to rape her it’ll be his last act – apart from screaming and falling.

    Her tool of choice – on my recommendation – is an HK P2000, and she’s getting to be pretty handy with it.

    I myself found this site through a Google session seeking data on the M1895 Nagant, and stayed around.

    My own position on the AR-15 platform has (to quote Obama) evolved, thanks to TTAG.

    Hopefully – and I suspect that – TTAG has a much wider audience than we know.

  20. i wouldn’t call myself a fence straddler but i’m sure both sides would regard me as an enemy or at least opponent.

  21. TTAG is a fine website run by fair-minded, thoughtful and talented writers, and these comments threads have been among my favorites. Liberal, meat-eating, backwoods-living hippie gun enthusiast here, for the record. Voted for Obama the first time then got disgusted and didn’t even vote last time. I believe the spirit of the 2nd amendment means that law-abiding Americans should have unlimited access to the same quality/type of weaponry available to the military. (No one, including any military should own nuclear weapons, chemical weapons or any weapon capable of genocide with one button press. They should not be allowed to exist.) Yeh, I’m an idealist, and yeh, I know that my opinions can never work in real life. So what? I get by from day to day and try to treat every person I encounter with as much dignity, respect and help as I can muster, and if I should have to resort to lethal force to protect myself or my family (or a stranger) then I would do so. Politics is horse manure. The quality of a person’s heart and actions is more important than the quality of their opinions.

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