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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again…guns are for everyone. Everyone who wants one and can own one legally. Race, color, religion, sexual orientation…the Second Amendment has no restrictions, qualifiers or competency tests.

A columnist, Jenice Armstrong, just discovered  Myisha McGahee-Wooten who runs an online business that encourages concealed carry and responsible gun ownership:

A 27-year-old divorced mother of two, she has been licensed to carry for three years. McGahee-Wooten, who moved as a child to Philadelphia and now lives in Germantown, also operates an Instagram business called Muslimah Concealed Carry that not only encourages Muslim women to arm themselves but teaches firearm safety.

“She’s responsible in the way that she does it,” said Aliya Khabir, a communications consultant who is also Muslim, female, black, and licensed to carry. “She gives out information about the law in each state and what you should know about a firearm prior to purchasing one.”


What got McGahee-Wooten started carrying a firearm?

McGahee-Wooten, who works for the U.S. Postal Service, toyed with the idea for years before actually applying for a gun permit and purchasing a firearm.

She sometimes thinks of her ex-husband, Bobby Jenkins, who was killed in an armed robbery in February while making a pizza delivery, and wonders how things might have gone down had he been armed.


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“I’m standing up against somebody hurting me or somebody else,” McGahee-Wooten told me this week. “I’m standing up against somebody taking my life. I’m being brave and protecting myself.”

That’s every American’s right, as the Constitution makes perfectly clear. May it ever be thus.

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    • And wouldn’t the less-cumbersome attire of her husband make it more practical for him to carry for her whenever she goes out, because we all know she can’t go out alone?

      I know, I know, we all get to pick & choose what we obey in our particular religion…

      • Very religious countries don’t allow women freedom. America isn’t that country, so she can go outside on her own. Since she is a Muslim, and a female, she has to cover up so men don’t covet her.

        If Trump can arm the Saudis, American Muslim women can carry around whatever gun they want under their burqa without negativity directed toward them.

        • “So men don’t covet her” that’s one way of putting it, lol. There’s a very practical reason women aren’t allowed to walk around without (male) protection in those places, and it’s the *exact* same practical reason they were veiled centuries ago.

        • but can everyone wear a mask?

          If a guy was to go out wearing a mask, or just a normally clothed woman, well, you can imagine the outcome and they would not make it far in public without police intervention. Throw a conceal carry on it, and enter the swat team, national news stories, politicians outraging etc etc…

          make sense now? This is America, not a muslim country. If they can wear masks, so can anyone. Plain and simple. Our reasons may be different, but if equality is what we aim to achieve, the lets not discriminate against people in masks.

          But also, if you ever wanted to avoid attention from police, you could dress this way too. Be honest, what LEO is going to take on the case of stopping someone wearing one of these ninja suits?

      • Yes, wearing the burka is a choice. Islam requires a “hijab”, or veil. It is open to interpretation, but basically means don’t walk around nude. It does not mean go out in public wearing a damn bedsheet.

        • Islam is not a religion, it’s a death cult and should not be allowed in the U. S. Not compatible with a civilized society.

        • It means “do what is necessary to avoid being raped in the street by Muhammad’s goons as they conquer your area.” Literally, that’s why the veil appeared; a bunch of horny guys pillaging for wives & fun in the name of the almighty. Plural marriage leading to a surplus of horny, listless guys in general afterward. By remaining hidden from view, strictly segregated, and keeping an armed escort (which doubles as a billboard to say she is “off-market”), women can operate in a brutal dump like Yemen or Afghanistan without being continually attacked (and only occasionally), as is seen in even deeper dumps like sub-Saharan Africa or India.

        • @KROGLIKEPIE:

          Holy sh!t, someone on the internet said something that’s actually correct about Islam (and on TTAG no less). Impressive.

        • for real. I’ve known practicing muslim women who cover the entire spread, from full burka and concealed face, to hair wrapped/covered in a hijab, to light transparent scarf over the head, to no head scarf at all and “normal” clothes. I’ve even known some muslim women of questionable morals who were considerably less modest than all that. Try walking around some of the campuses and you’ll even see a strange mix of hijabs, cleavage, and yoga pants (pro-tip, treat them like “regular” girls and question their morals later, not sooner).
          Whatever works for them, great. As long as they’re part of the overwhelming majority that is happy to live and let live, just like most of the rest of us.
          And if a hijabi feels the need to pop the top of some extremist trying to acid attack her just for walking alone in the evening… no sweat off my sombrero.

        • @Ed Schrade:

          “Islam is not a religion, it’s a death cult and should not be allowed in the U. S. Not compatible with a civilized society.”

          There are millions of Muslims in the United States. Presumably, even if their religion is outlawed they will continue to practice it. What do you suggest be done to them if is the case?

        • I’d suggest doing to them the same thing they would do to me, if they had the chance, for instance in Yemen, or Libya, or Afghanistan, for failing to be a muslim. If a sword was not immediately available, a 1911 and correct attitude would suffice.

    • Why can’t you strap a belt around the outside and OC?

      And yes, before some numbnuts chimes in, you can OC in Philly just like the rest of the state, as long as you have your license to carry firearms. I and many others have done it. PPD should be well aware by now of it’s legality and I can name 3 lawyers willing to take the case if they “forget”.

  1. What it must be like to simply think rights don’t apply to you or your kind for 20, 30, 40 years or more then one day you pull your head out of your ass and realize “oh shit, those rights are mine too?” Suddenly you begin to regret the past four decades you spent fighting against what turned out to be YOUR rights.
    That person is either a royal dumbass or too chicken shit PC to admit she wants to revoke the rights of that Muslim woman.

    • Aristotle’s cave allegory; imagine being the first guy *ever* to have that same realization. “Got-DAM we’ve been stupid!”

        • I have approximate knowledge of many things, lol…besides, wasn’t Aristotle the source for everything we know about Plato, anyhow? 😉

        • No. They were partial contemporaries with Plato being the older. Aristotle studied under Plato at Platos school and then the roles reversed until Plato died and Aristotle went off to teach elsewhere. Education was odd to our way of thinking back then.

          Either way, the analogy of the cave comes from Plato’s Republic and the cave is written as a argument between Glaucon and Socrates himself. We have a number of Plato’s works themselves as well as Aristotle.

          You’re likely thinking of Homer. No one is really sure who Homer was or if it was even one person.

        • @barnbwt

          Well, Aristotle did say that it is the mark of an educated mind to rest satisfied with the degree of precision the nature of the subject allows and not to seek exactness when only an approximation is possible.

        • I loved Plato as a kid. I made all kind of little creations with it. I even had a fun factory. It smelled weird though

  2. ********If your rights haven’t been compromised by your local and state governments.
    In certain places your age or economic situation can make it no different than living in the UK. I’m glad this woman is able to defend herself, notwithstanding Bizarro Casper stuff. On the other hand, I may need a burka too with all this facial recog privacy intrusion business. Don’t choke on all that freedom people.

  3. Antifa have guns too. So? We should celebrate the enemy enjoying parts of the same Bill of Rights they want to destroy? The same people who will keep their guns and take yours?

    Not much to celebrate here except the Tactical Burka line at the next SHOT show.

  4. Well bully for her!
    She’s found an alternative means of income selling cankle holsters and such. Maybe next she can consider selling innovative items – like kevlar burkas, the next level of Muslimah protective wear.
    As long as they’re in basic black, of course. It’s the “American” way.

  5. Wow… I never thought about it, but after seeing the flick of the chick in the burka , I got to admit, that’s a great way of packing a AR around,,, conceals a long gun perfectly,,, not very stylish, but you could conceal a bazooka under one of those things…🔫

    • Scotsmen are supposed to have a large Sporan for the pistol, and 3 shown knives. Long socks for a few hidden. The flashes on the socks hide knives nicely; anyone who thinks they are for show misses their real purpose.

      Why yes, I have a full kilt. 🙂
      I’m one of only a few who doesn’t own a real Claymore (sword). I want the other Claymore, but how to legally get one?

      On topic, if it is gun safety and respecting my rights (in particular freedom of religion), cool. Burka Sheepdogs.

      That said, I do believe businesses (e.g. banks) have every right to prohibit hidden faces.

  6. A black woman, dressed in black Muslim clothing, carrying a black gun. She must be triggering a lot of different people.

  7. boasts about 2nd rights and woman’s rights….but is Muslin

    I am SO confused….she does not compute!!!!

    BECAUSE if she was 100% muslin…then she would have no rights??….right???

    Sharia law anyone??

    • Women don’t get to choose… Once you become a Muslim you can’t leave without punishment. Nor can you criticize the religion without punishment.

      She is stuck between a burqa and a Quran.

      At least in America she can get away with a lot.

    • The punishment for leaving Islam (apostasy), according to Wikipedia:

      Apostasy in Islam is commonly defined as the conscious abandonment of Islam by a Muslim in word or through deed. It includes the act of converting to another religion or non-acceptance of faith to be irreligious, by a person who was born in a Muslim family or who had previously accepted Islam.The definition of apostasy from Islam, and whether and how it should be punished, are matters of controversy and Islamic scholars differ in their opinions on these questions….
      As of 2014, laws in various Muslim-majority countries prescribed for the apostate sentences ranging from execution to a prison term to no punishment. Sharia courts in some countries use civil code to void the Muslim apostate’s marriage and to deny child-custody rights as well as inheritance rights. In the years 1985-2006, three governments executed four individuals for apostasy from Islam: “one in Sudan in 1985; two in Iran, in 1989 and 1998; and one in Saudi Arabia in 1992.”

      • Great comparison of punishments, from “who gives a shit?” to cut off her head with a sword, in public. Wouldn’t you think that eventually someone would come up with the idea to let god handle the punishment for violations of what we are told are his own laws, not those of a local priest? Applies to a lot more than muslims, BTW.

  8. Well, that article’s subject gets it; the author seems a step behind…

    “America” is for everybody, and free to no one. More precisely, “America” is an agreement, open to everyone who honestly joins it: Your life is your own. We work together to hold space where that’s true for all of us; to govern ourselves to our own advantage.

    The anti-“American” crime is forcing your preference on someone else. The “American” conundrum is how much must we do the same way, together, so we can do the rest each as we wish, as together or not as we choose. The “American” failures are when what we do together falls short of that ideal. The “American” project is to get better at living, and extending that agreement.

    So, of course, the 2A is for this article’s subject. Part of our solution to governing ourselves, to our own advantage, is that citizens can be armed, if they choose. She gets it. The author is late to the party.

    The anti-people want to leave us all with only the choice to step between your rabbi and a shooter; only a credit card machine to face down a whack-job desecrating your mosque. Their propaganda is so pervasive that this simple notion is buried. They can’t have you realize that citizen-arms in “America” are so young, single Muslim women in the U S don’t get killed while simply living their lives.

    Some of us would leave you, and ourselves, more options.

  9. My first thought is wow she has NO trouble concealing a full-size Glock 19. Hell she can CC a Glock 40 or even an ar15 for that matter.

    • There are plenty of states where carry of a rifle is not restricted at all, Texas is but one. The concept of “concealed carry” has rarely even been discussed in relation to a rifle. I’m pretty sure that a woman in a Burka could legally carry a full sized or SBR AR-15 concealed, without a license, in most of the country. Which is cool! Whoa, just struck me, so could a MAN in a burka, you can’t tell the gender anyway.

  10. Islam is a political system masquerading as a religion.

    Yes, I’ve spent time in the Middle East.

    No, it is not compatible with the US either politically or culturally.

    • Some of Islam is good (or “American”), but the intent/outcome is designed to be very bad. Judaism and Christianity also have good and bad things; they both have anti American stuff within.

      What sucks about these religions is you can’t pick and choose… You must pick one and follow it as written. These religions fight for control of the people. Violence is inevitable…

      It’s best that religion be separate from government. Unfortunately, some religions say to create a government/state to impose the religion. These religions are not disappearing anytime soon.

      Luckily for some people, they have guns (for now).

      • “Some of Islam is good (or “American”),”

        Islam is very clear on this… If they do not adhere completely then they are not muslims. To turn away from islam means physical death. Judaism, Christianity, and islam; one of these things is dangerously not like the others.

        I completely and unequivocally support freedom of religion and keeping government out of religion; even in the case of the empire building death cult created in the 7th century by the pedophile narcissistic sociopath mohammad, piss be upon him.

    • Who in the world ever told you that you can’t pick and choose portions of a religion to follow? Just the most obvious example, check out how many Catholics have one or two children and then no more. Think that is just coincidence? Because the percentages are not much different than those for religions which do NOT insist that birth control is a mortal sin punishable by almighty god itself. I have known several women who freely admit to anyone that they attend mass every sunday, right after they take their daily birth control pill. With smartass remarks like “You no play-a the game, you no make-a the rules.”, or “those are the rules in Italy, in America it’s different.”

  11. The Quran requires women (generally about 13 and above) to wear clothes that cover their hair, cover their neck, cover their wrists (long sleeves) and down to their ankles.

    It says nothing about covering their face, nothing about being black, nothing about being an tent (burka) as pictured.

    The burka and the veil is imposed by religious leaders and males of Islam as another facet of the total domination of females.

    In Saudi Arabia, the heart of Islam, women are not allowed to travel without a male relative, have no say in how boys are raised and have little say about their lives. They are owned by their father until they are sold to their husband, often below age 11 to a man older than 40 or 50 who has other wives (up to four if he can provide equally for all). They can be killed if they “dishonor” the family, like being raped.

    If she is free of a husband and is feeling empowered, why not shed the burka?

    Makes me wonder…….

    By the way, I don’t blame her for wanting to carry, being in a socialist paradise where criminals are a protected class.

    • The burka is just part of a common identity. Like gangster colors, some people are all about the visuals and love to advertise. The burka is usually for the hardcore fundamentalists. Tangling up the logic behind Islam and modern female liberalism in a Western sense will just make your brain hurt. It doesn’t have to be reasonable or even logical but there it is, right in your face.
      A burka or advocating the public wear of one in the US seriously pings my threat radar.
      When you get shot at, rocketed, mortared, or pegged as a potential victim of a homebrew IED at a vet’s fun run it changes your perception. You avoid elevators, large crowds, and urban areas. You sidestep litter or discarded cans on a sidewalk.
      That said, I hope she stays safe and makes a f-cking fortune.

    • If you own the quran, you can redact those portions with a Magic Marker, until it makes more sense. Then you can claim that you’re a prophet, correcting Mohammed’s errors. Just load your guns first.

    • I don’t think she is required to wear stuff underneath. It could be quite cool from the head down. Highly dependent on the fabric.

  12. “Everyone who wants one and can own one legally.”

    That means anyone who is not in the legitimate custody of another; unconstitutional infringement be damned. It’s past time that POTG recognize that fact and not try to hide behind the “legally” qualifier.

    Why not simply write, “Everyone who wants one and can own one”? Legally has nothing to do with it other than to encourage infringers, even within our own ranks, to double-down on their closeted gun control beliefs. It lends credence to infringement on the exercise of the unalienable individual right to keep and bear arms.

    Let’s drop the “legally” and “lawful” qualifier to being armed. Let’s support the real right to keep and bear arms EACH time we write or speak about it.

    • A lot of Republicans believe convicted felons, whom served their time, shouldn’t be able to protect themselves or vote. They are not principled people. They believe comprising principles is victory.

      • A convicted felon broke their end of the agreement. They have set themselves apart as not being worthy of reinstatement of their former rights. This that argue otherwise are going to vote for Bernie.

        • “A convicted felon broke their end of the agreement. They have set themselves apart as not being worthy of reinstatement of their former rights.”

          That is absolutely not true; “shall not be infringed.” Congratulations, you support gun control, comrade Lugnut.

          “This that argue otherwise are going to vote for Bernie.”

          That’s false equivalency. You apparently fear being free and require your betters to make decisions for you.

          “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.” — Samuel Adams

        • Many people have committed felonies. Politicians, police, people who own bump fire stocks. If there weren’t convicted they never broke their “agreement.”

          I guess do whatever you want just don’t get caught.

      • When I was a kid, in the ’50s and 60s, pretty much everyone understood that you needed to abide by the (relatively tiny number of) laws of the country, else you would fuck up your life. And you saw the examples regularly, prisons, mental hospitals, bums on the street. Hell, if you screwed up in the military, a dishonorable discharge would assure that you worked for minimum wage for the rest of your *life*, no recovery possible. Now there are 80 million laws and most are not enforced at all, kids reach 30 years old without ever understanding that there are things you must do, and things you must not do. This argument is silly, the right to vote loses you nothing, compared to never being able to hold a responsible job. Actions have consequences, and if you once robbed a bank, you should not be working in a bank, ever, nor able to vote for someone who would force a bank to hire you. If you don’t like that, don’t rob banks.

  13. Confess I have never understood any religious garb, no matter the explanation or culture it comes out of . For men or women religious rules about clothing, hairstyles, grooming, all sorts of things around appearance and modesty make no sense whatsoever.

    Wear what makes you comfortable, prevents harm from the elements and conceals your weapon if you want your weapon concealed. If fashion is your thing, fine, work that into it.

    To me it’s as simple as that.

  14. Neat story, but that’s all it is…first photo, she’s carrying OWB(which is fine), BUT, the holster is clearly meant for right side carry, there is NO way she’s going to draw effectively from a reverse cant…

    • She will be on the news again… for brandishing at the very least. Give it time. She will abuse it. Complete nut job.

  15. Why have I never thought of this before? Wear a ninja suit. Comfortable, and no law enforcement in America is dumb enough to so much as approach you. Apparently, it’s the only way to hide your identity as well, so fuck it, I’m all for it. Might make driving a little hard, but I’m sure they will get used to it in the next 10 years or so…

  16. I thought when I saw the headline that it said Communist not Columnist & then Lo & Behold the Only reason this story got printed is because it is Black, Female, Tatooed & Oh yeah Muslim. Just another piece of Crap SJW bulls!t propaganda article. Notice that the Only time Fake News is For Gun Ownership is if it is held by BLM, MUSLIM or ANTIFA? We are supposed to be excited by a Stupid B!tch running around in a Halloween Costume just because she has guns? Nice job helping her sell her business.

  17. “She’s responsible in the way that she does it,” said Aliya Khabir, a communications consultant who is also Muslim, female, black, and licensed to carry.”

    Writer Jenice Armstrong is just another example of a racist Liberal. Elderly white or black, gun owners don’t count? Or young law abiding black people trying to stay safe in the cities worst neighborhoods don’t count?

    This is why Black Guns Matter was formed. And they educate everyone on their 2A rights. I bet if I looked into the Armstrongs writing archive I would find zero positive stories on Maj Toure.


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