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Two people were killed while another was critically injured in three separate shootings in Philadelphia Sunday, prompting a commanding officer to call for an end to the violence and for people to stay home amid the coronavirus lockdowns in the city.

– David Chang in Officer Calls for People to Stay Home on Violent Sunday in Philly

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  1. So much for the “City of Brotherly Love”, eh?

    BTW, I hate the PHI airport with a passion. I think it was laid out by M.C. Escher.

    • PHL may have been designed by a long distance runner. You literally can’t change planes or even collect your checked bags without covering a couple miles.

      But the bigger problem at PHL is giving me the worst case of food poisoning I’ve ever had. How about 11 pounds lost in one night?! Ugly stuff.

      • Yowch! Man, you must have been seriously dehydrated after all that. One more reason to stay away from that airport.

        And yeah, I agree, you have to run all over hell’s half acres to get to where you need to go in that airport. It doesn’t even make sense half the time.

      • How about blaming the schedulers who put connecting services at opposite ends of the terminals and then arrange for handling delays. So you’re guaranteed to miss your connecting flight unless there is at least several hours to half a day in between.

      • I have family in south Jersey, and when I need to be there, I fly into Atlantic City International (ACY) an airport delightfully small and compact…

        • Yeah for ACY. My family in May’s Landing have made it their default airport.

          Newark (EWR) and PHI are equidistant for me. EWR is a pleasure; PHI is Dante’s 2nd ring.

    • I had the misfortune to have a connection at PHL on a trip back from the Middle East with my wife. The rudest CBP officers dealing with people that may or may not have fully comprehended what was being asked of them along with a verbal altercation between the baggage handler and CBP officer that included profanity and a lot of unprofessionalism on both side. By the time we got to the United (I think) booth the baggage handler had started up a conversation with the attendant ranting about the unhinged officer. It really was a major CF and one that made me feel bad this was some people’s first impression of America. I won’t fly through there at all if I have a choice, despite the airport.

    • On my last trip I drove an extra hour to fly from PHI instead of EWR. Not a perfect airport terminal layout but the traffic, parking and lack of delays made up for it.

    • Humm . . .

      They are criminals. . .They don’t let themselves be bothered with the laws that affect us, like illegally carrying a firearm, robbery or of course Murder, why in the h3ll would they be bothered with suggestions to stay home because of Corona virus?

  2. Sounds like a delusional, true believing, self righteous, koolaid drinking, police administrator….. He’ll be Chief one day.

  3. Why would they? You’ve already told them they get a free pass to commit crimes during the ’emergency’. Thugs gonna thug.

  4. Along with the shortage of protective mask(not in China) we must have a shortage of No Violence signs. Step up the production, get them No Violence signs moving,

  5. “Philadelphia Cop Calls for Criminals to Stay Home During Pandemic”

    FALSE! The cop’s “Tweet” clearly is addressed to the entire public not just the criminals.

    This is the sort of thing hat pisses me off with stories in the news media. When they spin up a title or a lead in that is obviously false, designed to redirect the story to mean something else.

    We have enough troubles to deal with without adding news media spin tactics.

    • He references two shootings. Does the general public shoot two people regularly or just the irrational scum they released from jail and refuse to confront?
      Please clarify.

    • Yes the title was false but it’s more of an attention grabber then “Cop ask people to stay home” ,

    • Since Robert sold TAG, it’s mostly the standard web forum (went WAY downhill) with clickbait.

    • “Stop the foolish violence”
      sounds to me like he’s addressing the “law abiding citizens” that want to cause murder and mayhem, no? you can infer from the tweet he is talking to the gangsta wannabes and thugs of the area. but hey, criminals gonna criminal.

  6. Would not matter if the cops cracked down because the SJW DA doesn’t believe in punishment. Add in the sanctuary city status and Philly becomes a good place to be from.

    • it’s not about punishment, it’s about money. Coos catch em, courts release them, judges lawyers and everything else involved makes money. Oh and visiting with a parolie I know all his meetings are call in now. “Hey nan, no more piss test and sht till May, I can dope for a month and still be clean.”

  7. Officer Scott Drisel: 2 shootings in the 12th District today when people should be home! I really can’t comprehend what people don’t understand about this!

    Officer Drissel must not have a keen understanding of his city.

  8. I agree with the officer, I can’t comprehend why criminals can’t obey laws like everyone else. The nerve of some people.

    • It is better that they are out shooting each other, over staying inside and breeding more reparations on Whites.

  9. Only one thing stops a criminal: DEATH! At best, everything else only delays further criminal activity and that’s dependent on the criminals moral judgement, which their history shows fails.

    • Although I agree with your comment at its fundamental core (death stops most activity legal or otherwise). I would guess that you have likely committed a crime if not a felony within the last 90 days of your existence without realizing it, making you a “criminal”. Now in all fairness you likely don’t feel that victimless crimes are crimes….however, they are crimes, by currently accepted legal definition. I would simply urge you to modify your argument to use the terms “violent criminal activity” or “criminal activity that includes a victim”. Just a friendly suggestion. Again, I agree with the sentiment of your comment and understood what I think is the true meaning of it.

  10. The lowlife scum are still shooting at each other where I live. Scum gonna scum. And like this cop mentioned our po-leece are IDIOT’S too…

  11. The town I reside in now has a 12am to 5 am curfew. It’s to stop the spread of c19. Uhh huh, it has nothing to do with a three cop police force. Why are the jails releasing prisoners? Seems to me jail would be a pretty safe place. Perhaps their going to need the room for all those who violate the curfew law? No seriously, why are “they” releasing prisoners?

    • It has more to do with the close quarters. Maybe not in your little town, but overcrowded jails are common in large urban areas (and all of California).

    • There are reports, which I cannot and will not vouch for, that this disease spreads 19x better among people in close confines.

      I have no idea how they arrived at that number as I haven’t had the time to read through their methodology. However, that headline by itself is enough for cops and administrators to start thinking that jails are a bad idea because the government is responsible for the welfare of the people in it’s “care” and such a situation could create a large number of infected who then have to be dealt with.

      Imagine having to take 1/3rd or more of a large jail to the local hospitals all at once.

      • “There are reports, which I cannot and will not vouch for, that this disease spreads 19x better among people in close confines.”

        About a week back, some national columnist wrote about how SARS-CoVID was going to wreak havoc in ‘flyover’ America.

        I laughed at her ignorance as to what was going to happen in places like NYC, where nearly everyone uses the subway, a *perfect* vector for our pal CoVID.

        On the upside, it could very well thin the ranks of the homeless…

        • “On the upside, it could very well thin the ranks of the homeless…”
          Geoff, where is your humanity?

    • Corrections staff are or are going to get hit with this too. Staffing is going to be a nightmare. You want to get rid of as many inmates as you can to focus manpower on the ones that really need to be there.

      Not that this won’t have negative effects otherwise. Releasing non-violent criminals still puts a bunch of thieves out on the street and they’re going to work their profession.

  12. Actually, he makes it sound like people are shooting each other as a form of entertainment, (which in certain locales it probably is) and they should respect their fellow criminals and not do that.

  13. He was simply asking to stop the “foolish” violence. In Philly, your standard violence – muggings, gang retribution, etc. – would be considered essential business activities, can can carry on. Nothing to see here folks.

  14. Two cops shot in Nevada in about two days. One died, the other saved by his vest.

    Crime isn’t going to get better now that Trump called for an extension of lock-down until May.

    This guy was at home (quarantine and all that) when he committed his shooting.

    • Geez. Sorry to hear about this. I visit Pahrump a few times a year for training, and I know someone who lives there. The loss of life is always a serious and sober matter, but this kid was unhinged and needed to be addressed sooner or later. Wasn’t even smart enough to use proper loads in the shotgun, or remain protected from cover. Hope the officer(s) come out of this okay.

  15. I have a better idea. Potential victims should stay at home alone, or with family, close warm personal friends etc. Potential criminals should gather together closely in large groups. In two weeks we’ll be crime free.

  16. This makes about as much sense as asking criminals to not commit crime & not be criminals!

  17. They need more gun free zone signs! Really simple, just like liberals!
    All great dem run cities are sh*tholes ! 90% of all shootings are from them!

  18. Yeah, all you criminals, felons, rapist, serial killers, burglars, and all around not so nice people ,just STOP IT and just stay at home. Ha, you gotta laugh at stuff like this to keep from crying.

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