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American gun rights activists have a blind spot: the rest of the world. On occasion, they’ll draw parallels between U.S.-based efforts to control guns and the UK’s Nanny State Gone Wild experience. But there are plenty of examples of foreign gun control that make Old Blighty’s draconian gun laws seem like they were crafted by Wayne LaPierre. Earlier this year, the Philippines flirted with a total gun ban: an extension of their normal pre-election gun ban. Which went into effect again at 12am on September 25th. Or was that September 27th? According to this report at, it doesn’t make any difference . . .

Earlier, [lawyer] Macalintal questioned the implementation of the gun ban, saying it could only take effect seven days after it was published on a national newspaper. The publication was done on September 20, but the gun ban took effect on September 25, only five days after.

“With due respect, it is grave error for Comelec to say that the gun ban in connection with the barangay polls takes effect today, September 25. Comelec Resolution 9028 or the rules and regulations on gun ban was issued on September 20. It provides that it will take effect on the seventh day after its publication in two newspapers. Granting the resolution was published on September 20, it means it takes effect only on September 27 and not September 25,” Macalintal said in a statement.

But Bacalzo stood firm on saying that they will not be releasing those arrested despite this problem.

“The gun ban stays unless the Comelec will tell us to stop, considering that now we are just deputies of Comelec in so far as election matters are concerned,” he said.

In other words, we don’t need no stinkin’ laws! And if you’re into Orwellian double-speak (War is Peace), here’s a good one.

National Task Force HOPE (Honest, Orderly, and Peaceful Elections) chairman police Director Benjamin Belarmino said police have put up 1,284 checkpoints nationwide to enforce the gun ban.

Think about that the next time you slide your gun into a holster and head for the range.

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