“Pewaukee” means “land of shells” in Potawatomi. And so it is, what with Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reporting that the Wisconsin town has stockpiled 58,000 rounds of ammo. As of the 2000 census, the self-proclaimed “city in the country” has 11,783 inhabitants; I make that roughly 4.92234575 rounds per resident. Or 2,230.76923 rounds per law enforcement officer (26). That’s also “more than 10 times the amount the average Lake Country [police] department has on hand – and officials are unsure how such an amount was purchased, at what cost or even where it was purchased. The department had so much ammunition, the supply exceeded the capacity of the armory and some was stored in the city garage. The Common Council learned of the stockpile Monday during a report by the Waukesha County Sheriff’s Department.” Alderman Roger Hathaway is not bothered. “It is not unusual to buy 500,000 rounds,” Hathaway said, comparing purchasing extra ammunition to buying extra worms to go fishing.” Just to keep the metaphors fresh, that dog won’t hunt.


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