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I’m sure there’ve been more inane reports on firearms on TV news. I just can’t remember seeing one.

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  1. This could almost be a modern art piece on the lack of content in modern reporting. “Fluxx piece” doesn’t even begin to cover it

  2. I find it difficult to believe that anyone could fail to understand that pressing the trigger of a loaded firearm causes it to fire given that it is precisely what they’re explicitly designed to do.

  3. while i always like members of the media shown actually testing guns, her trigger control control needs help. Yes, i know she said its unloaded. Still, don’t wave it around like that with you finger there.

  4. Was this particular report lacking any meaningful information? I guess so. But I’m not sure how that differs from 99% of the stuff on the news.
    Ever watch the reporting of an airplane crash? Same lack of meaningful information and lots of misinformation.

  5. I liked the instructor.

    We shouldn’t be too hard on the reporter. It can’t be easy trying to be a serious journalist all the while knowing that you had to raid your mother’s pantsuit stash from the 70’s in order to get dressed that morning.

  6. Love her overwrought, jacked up interview style. Give us a break sister. Kept waiting for that “unloaded” gun to go off while she was waving it around with her finger on the trigger. iDIoT

  7. I loved where they showed her firing it. Leaning back as far as possible and visibly displeased when the gun fired, with a look on her face that said, “eww, guns! Icky!”

  8. This news story was especially helpful in illustrating that the sole qualification to be a TV news reporter is complete, utter, airheaded stupidity.

    • Sadly representative of several ranges I’ve seen when visiting family on the east coast. Makes me appreciate well lit, properly ventilated ranges all the more when I’m back home.

  9. I like how his eyes take a long, wary look at her finger on the trigger as he’s telling her that how you can pull the trigger without knowing if you’re startled.
    That was a big, fat hint, but she missed it completely.
    Must be all those hair spray fumes.

  10. I know two different guys shot by their wives with a .25, one 3 times in the face, I don’t think he even had to stay over night in the hospital.

  11. Has any firearm ever just gone off sitting in a safe or drawer? Funny how they only fire themselves when someone is holding it.


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