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Courtesy Everytown for Gun Safety
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With Michael Bloomberg footing their bill, you wouldn’t think that Everytown for Gun Safety would need free media support like the gun control boosters at People Magazine are providing here.

Then again, Mayor Mike just dropped a huge stack of cash on a ridiculous vanity project, so he may not be in the mood to fully back the civilian disarmament operation’s new programs these days.

“Not only will guns not save us from the coronavirus, but they will actually put families at greater risk of harm,” said Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action.

Adds John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety, “The coronavirus pandemic has not stopped our gun violence epidemic — in fact, when it comes to crimes in the home, it’s made it worse.”

– KC Baker in Americans are Buying Guns at Record Numbers with Their Kids Home — and New PSA Warns of Dangers

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    • Incoherent it is! I just clicked on the video for the first time right now (042420 @ 1941 MDT), and it is up to 123 views after 2-days! 😂 😂 I bet 98% were from this post! 😂 Shows how much people watch Everytown’s channel!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I hope it costed a boatload of money to make!!!!

      I just screenshot the occasion and wish we could include images!

    • I am honestly surprised they didn’t finish the video with a sound of a gunshot as the beta runs up the stairs. After some of the other anti gun PSA videos they have put out I wouldn’t have put it past them.

  1. Bloomberg should be spending his money on more worth-while ventures. Like creating facilities and bring people together for making masks. Maybe even helping other companies make more hand sanitizer and tissue paper. How about doing something with all that money to help stabilize our economy?

    New gun owners really need to be paying close attention to all this. The biggest problems are in the obstacles blocking normalcy from the Democrat left.

    • How many American families could he have helped lift out of poverty, instead of blowing it on the already wealthy political consultants and ad execs? How many houses could he have provided to people that have had a rough life? He could have made the world a better place. Instead, he prefers to spread his wealth among the elites, while looking down on others that he doesn’t even try to understand.

        • Same as the Biden campaign. There’s no coherent message (not even referring to bumbling Joe). The only real message being sent out is that he’s NOT Trump. That, and he doesn’t really stand for anything. Unless you’re a bitter partisan, people tend to vote for a message. Good or bad, at least Bernie had a message.

        • That’s why Sanders had a real following.

          There is more embarrassment regarding Biden than there is anything else. He truly is not fit to be president.

          Not only is ‘I’m not the other guy’ not a winning strategy for any serious campaign, it is also a poor technique when hatred and standing-in-the-way-of-progress is what everyone sees.

        • The demtards – always with the “messaging” never any content, substance, accomplishment or reality. Always with the best/right way to lie.

      • Many are saying that Biden’s ties to China are troubling:

        “Donald Trump is warning “China will own the United States” if Joe Biden is elected president.
        But Trump himself is tens of millions of dollars in debt to China: In 2012, his real estate partner refinanced one of Trump’s most prized New York buildings for almost $1 billion. The debt includes $211 million from the state-owned Bank of China — its first loan of this kind in the U.S. — which matures in the middle of what could be Trump’s second term, financial records show.”

        Could someone cite a source that can accurately total how much Biden owes to the Chinese?
        I wonder which side of $211 million it is?

        ‘Them that pays the piper, calls the tune… ‘

        • “he who pays the piper calls the tune”

          Did China forgive this debt? What’s worse? Shopping for a good business loan, or being paid huge sums of money for no reason?

          Joe Biden raised eyebrows when he shrugged off concerns over the China threat. “Come on, man,” Biden said. “I mean, you know, they’re not bad folks, folks. But guess what, they’re not competition for us.”

          Why would Joe say that??? Is Trump out there saying we shouldn’t worry about China? There’s a reason for all things…

          In 2013, then-Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden flew aboard Air Force Two to China. Less than two weeks later, Hunter Biden’s firm inked a $1 billion private equity deal with a subsidiary of the Chinese government’s Bank of China. The deal was later expanded to $1.5 billion. In short, the Chinese government funded a business that it co-owned along with the son of a sitting vice president.

          In December 2013, Hunter landed in Beijing aboard Air Force Two, accompanying his father on an official visit to China. Less than two weeks later, Hunter’s company, Rosemont Seneca, became a partner in a new investment company backed by the state-owned Bank of China.

          BHR representative told The New Yorker earlier this year that Hunter used the opportunity to introduce his father to Chinese private equity executive Jonathan Li, who became CEO of BHR after the deal’s conclusion.

          Despite his relative lack of private equity experience, Hunter Biden landed a prominent role with the new company.

          But wait, there’s more…

          In 2015, a state-backed real estate conglomerate acquired a controlling stake in Rosemont Realty, a sister company of Rosemont Seneca where Hunter served as an advisor. As part of the deal, the Chinese promised $3 billion for commercial office property acquisitions in the US — a major windfall for the company.

          It wouldn’t be Hunter’s last episode with Chinese capital. In May 2017, he met with Ye Jianming, chairman of Chinese energy company CEFC, to discuss investment opportunities in the US. After the meeting, Ye sent a 2.8-carat diamond to Hunter along with a “thank you” card. When, six months later, a CEFC executive was arrested in New York on unrelated bribery charges, his first phone call was to Hunter’s uncle, James Biden. James told the New York Times that “he believed it [the call] had been meant for Hunter” and that “he had passed on his nephew’s contact information.”

          Are we over $211 million yet? You turn a blind eye.

        • It’s one thing to be funded by China…Who in this world does NOT have debt to China? Everything is made there. That is actually a very big part of why Trump has a problem with them. It’s the same reason I do. If everyone reading this looked in their own closets, it’s a pretty safe bet that the overwhelming percentage of clothing you have was supplied by China and Chinese firms. I fault Trump just as much as I fault you. The difference is that he not only has the power to change this, he actually wants to.

          It’s an entirely different thing to be actively taking money from them in exchange for political influence, access, and power. This is the very basis for what ‘corruption’ actually means. Biden and his son pursues this and wants it.

        • “In 2012, his real estate partner refinanced…”

          Was Trump holding public office in 2012? Was he a longtime international business person? Let’s contrast that with the Bidens. Hmm, quite a stark contrast there, no?

        • Trump is a case study in how someone gets rich and famous in real estate and entertainment.

          Biden is a case study in how politicians get rich in Washington DC.

        • “but but buuut Russia is the enemy!”

          Name 3 things in you home made in Russia that is not an AK or ammo?

          We’ll wait!

        • Dude,

          It’s apparent you know nothing about Biden! Next time instead of being racist, just respond to Miner with facts, like maybe a list of business deals that Biden and Hunter did with China. Bet you can’t name any! It’s apparent that Trump wants us to become China and Biden loves America. Trump wants to take your AR-14’s and is racist. Biden sits at home and reads the Constitution to his family every night. He even has the “storybook edition” for his grandkids and takes them hunting for intruders on weekends with a double barrel shotgun.

          Trump even wants you to take fish tank cleaner to keep yourself from getting coronavirus. It’s also clear Trump has moderate forms of dementia.

          Yeah, so stop being so racist! We wouldn’t be in the mess today if it wasn’t for Trump! Trump=collapsed economy, AR-14 confiscation, big taxes on the middle class, and overseas manufacturing…



        • Miner – got that from the MSM did you? They LIE, ALWAYS. Assume EVERYTHING there is a LIE and you seldom will go wrong.

        • Dude, all very interesting, but none of it illegal.

          Most of your copy paste was lifted from an article in the “failing” New York Times.

          But for some reason, you omit a major portion of the New York Times article, let me help correct your admission:

          “The Bidens are hardly alone. President Trump’s transportation secretary, Elaine Chao, and her husband, Senator Mitch McConnell, are being accused of having profited from their commercial ties to Beijing. In 2004, the two had a net worth of about $3.1 million, according to public disclosures. Three years later, the range was $3.1 million to $12.7 million. The next year, their net worth rocketed to $7.3 million to $33.1 million.

          What changed? In 2008, Ms. Chao’s father, James Chao, gave the couple a “gift” of $5 million to $25 million (politicians are required to report money in ranges, not exact amounts). Certainly, their wealth has continued to grow.

          Mr. Chao’s generosity was made possible by the fortune he has amassed through his shipping company, Foremost Group, which has thrived in large part because of its close ties with the Chinese government. In late 1993, Mr. Chao and his son-in-law, Mr. McConnell, traveled to China as guests of the state-owned shipyard conglomerate and military contractor, China State Shipbuilding Corporation. There they met with an old classmate of Mr. Chao’s, the former Chinese president Jiang Zemin.”

          There is no doubt that Hunter Biden, like trumps kids and the children of many wealthy and powerful individuals, have profited from their connections.

          But unlike Donald Trump, the president, or Ivanka Trump and Jared both Special Advisors to the president, Hunter Biden has no position in the government and never has held a position in the government.

          And regarding Joe Biden, he has released his tax returns and been completely open about his finances. He is healed no position in the government for years.

          On the other hand, Donald Trump has refused to release his tax returns and continues to fight in court to prevent release of document detailing his financial shenanigans.

          And which of the Biden’s campaign managers, personal attorneys or other advisers have been sent to federal prison?

          Dude, Donald Trump recommends that you do a double shot of Lysol to clean out your lungs so you can get a breath of fresh air.

        • Miner,
          As always, you just change the subject and make straw man arguments instead of debating the topic at hand.

          Changing the subject:
          Senator McConnell has absolutely nothing to do with the Trump / Biden presidential race. I’m perfectly fine with holding McConnell accountable because I’m not a hypocritical partisan like you and every other leftist troll. It’s your classic “But what about, uh, hey, look over there!” You then bring up Trump’s children, yet you didn’t lay out how they’ve been getting billion dollars deals with foreign countries after flying with Daddy to meet high ranking officials. As a matter of fact, you didn’t lay out anything at all.

          You were originally (completely off topic for this blog post, but whatever) making a claim that Trump was beholden to China due to a loan taken out by a business partner years before Trump was running for president. That was not illegal. That was not unethical. It was business. Trump was a longtime international business person. I brought up your presidential candidate of choice, and his Very Real conflicts of interest regarding China. This is highly unethical behavior that deserves to be scrutinized. The reason is because Joe was the V.P. of this country. It’s beyond hypocritical to criticize Trump for what amounts to a hill of beans while ignoring what Joe and Hunter have been doing.

          The straw man argument. You set up an imaginary debate which you can refute, so it looks like you’re refuting the real argument. You say what Joe and Hunter did wasn’t illegal. Boom! Mic drop! Except, where did I say it was illegal? That’s right, I didn’t. You imply that I took quotes out of context. McConnell has nothing to do with Trump’s partner’s 2012 loan, and he has nothing to do with Hunter’s sudden ability to become an international business person. As a matter of fact, the articles I looked at didn’t mention McConnell, so you’re wrong again.

          It’s like you’re a robot incapable of independent thought. You get your left wing talking points, and look for an opportunity to post them here. You bring up unrelated topics out of the blue. Because You Are a Troll.

      • Lifting families out of poverty is not a goal of the left, and giving money away wouldn’t accomplish that anyway. The stated goal is income equality, and in order to accomplish that around 100 million families need to be dragged down into poverty, essentially everyone who is not already there, with a few exceptions for the ruling class, who will of course be in charge of the redistribution. One for you, one hundred for me, and so on.

        • Yes, the goal is power. Class envy is a tool of the left. That’s why they’re fighting “income inequality” instead of poverty. Lifting people out of poverty is something that can actually be accomplished. Making everyone in the country a millionaire will never be accomplished. Oh excuse me, I mean a billionaire. They’ve mostly quit talking bad about the millionaires, and even the multi-millionaires, because what do you think they are?

  2. It’s almost like it has been revealed that 90% of all media are completely in the tank for the DNC. Without the echo chamber constantly preaching to the mindless zombie hoard, they would have to actually come up with good ideas based on, *gasp* scientific data.

    • Yeah, that’s the ticket!

      More ‘good ideas based on, *gasp* scientific data’ just like this one:

      “Then, he asked aides on camera whether zapping patients with light or injecting disinfectant into the lungs to clean sick patients from inside could cure them of the disease.

      “Maybe you can, maybe you can’t. Again I say maybe you can, maybe you can’t. I’m not a doctor. I’m like a person who has a good you-know-what,” Trump said, pointing to his head.
      That led the Reckitt Benckiser Group, which produces Lysol, to flatly announce on its website that “under no circumstance” should disinfectant be administered into the human body. Washington state’s emergency management agency warned against eating Tide pods or injecting disinfectant, tweeting, “don’t make a bad situation worse.”

      • In other words, he never said that you should ingest Lysol, but he did say that he isn’t a doctor, and you’re reaction is to pretend that the sky is falling anyway. Same stuff, different day.

      • Typical TARD response. (TARD: Trump Aggravation & Resentment Disorder)

        He wasn’t talking about literally inhaling Lysol, but some people (most of them “liberals,” probably) are actually dumb enough to do it, so of course you assume that’s the only thought Trump himself was capable of.

        Meanwhile, drugs that can be inhaled already do exist, and light-based medical treatments are also a thing. You know it (probably…maybe…), Trump knows it, and I know it.

        Put a little less energy into reading Trump’s oh-so-horrible mind and a little more into improving your own state of mind. It’ll improve your life. And heck, you might even find that you’re able to win friends and influence people Dale Carnegie Donald Trump style.

      • -Anybody: Anything.
        -miner49er: But TRUUUUMP!!!

        It must suck to live only to hate the one guy that is rich, famous and powerful, while being none of these things.

      • Since you are oblivious to what’s REALLY in some of those Flu-Shots and other innoculations? Same stuff President Trump was asking about…. UV and IR light has been in use internally and externally for over a decade… and he was actually asking a really good question. What IF you flooded the lungs with UV light via intubation instead of using a ventilator>?? Would it kill the CV-19 cells? It might… only testing would prove or disprove. Why throw away the possibilities??? It WORKS on other things and that’s been “scientifically proven” many many times…. You’d be the guy screaming about people dying when the first automobils exceeded 50mph….. it’ll suck the life out of people!!! Yet people now go over 100mph on SKIIS! Hmm

      • Let’s just take it at face value, trump claims he was making a “sarcastic joke“.

        So he felt that a press conference concerning a pandemic that has killed over 50,000 Americans and is spreading, is the appropriate place to engage in sarcastic jokes?

        Even better, a joke that suggests a lethal technique that is completely against any sane medical advice.

        Yep, that’s presidential leadership.

        • Where was your faux outrage over the 61,000 deaths from influenza during the 2017 – 2018 flu season?

          Where was your faux outrage over the 67,000 drug deaths in the USA in 2018…47,000~ due to opioids alone?

          Where was your faux outrage over the 36,000 vehicle accident deaths in 2018?

          Where was your faux outrage over the 1,700 children who died from abuse or neglect in 2017?

          I have noticed that your posts on this site are 100% anti-firearm and almost 100% attacking Conservative thought and values. Your message of hate, discontent and intolerance never varies from predictable “Talking Points”.

          I leave you with two questions (and a rhetorical):

          (1) how many people have died from former President Obama and former AG Holder’s illegal scheme to knowingly sell thousands of firearms to Mexican cartels?
          That was Presidential Leadership?

          (2) Where was your outrage then?

        • My outrage is over President Trump suggesting crazy ideas about injecting disinfectant in those with C 19, then lying about it when people point out the danger.

          Regarding your other death counts, yes I am outraged at these death tolls. But we have spent hundreds of millions of dollars as a society to combat the seasonal flu, as well as the other societal problems you’ve mentioned.

          We both know that that operation was a product of renegade US attorneys and ATF agents in Arizona, the president has little if anything to do with that level of law-enforcement.

          What is interesting is that you make no mention of George bush’s administration’s involvement in gunrunning:

          “Project Gunrunner is a project of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) intended to stem the flow of firearms into Mexico, in an attempt to deprive the Mexican drug cartels of weapons.[1]
          The primary tactic of Project Gunrunner is interdiction of straw purchasers and unlicensed dealers to prevent legal guns from entering the black market; between 2005 and 2008, 650 such cases involving 1,400 offenders and 12,000 firearms were referred for prosecution.[2] However, other tactics (“gunwalking” and “controlled delivery”) have led to controversy.
          In early 2011, the project became controversial when it was revealed that Operation Wide Receiver (2006–2007) and Operation Fast and Furious (2009–2010) had allowed guns to “walk” into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.”

          “The ATF began Project Gunrunner as a pilot project in Laredo, Texas, in 2005 and expanded it as a national initiative in 2006. Project Gunrunner is also part of the Department of Justice’s broader Southwest Border Initiative, which seeks to reduce cross-border drug and firearms trafficking and the high level of violence associated with these activities on both sides of the border.”

        • @Miner49er Please, save us your outrage. If you think that you could personally get some H2O2 and inject it into yourself and cure yourself, I am surprised you can even tie your shoes. IV laser light therapy helps repair mitochondria, fight pathogens, boost mood/energy, enhance the immune system and more.people receive hydrogen peroxide infusions along with their chemo/radiation protocols to help kill cancer cells. This hydrogen peroxide is obviously compounded by a specialty pharmacy, mixed with the correct solutions and protocols are followed. Yes, if you go buy a bottle of H202 and inject it straight into your veins you’ll die. Don’t do that.

  3. “…“Responsible gun owners Victims like me keep their firearms locked, unloaded, and separate from ammunition….”

  4. Rule #1 has been a constant in my home for decades. Never an accident.
    What’s the problem again?
    Oh yeah, little king mikey and his money.

  5. That’s right…you slaves don’t need no guns in your shacks. Those guns are for distinguished slave masters and their security teams. Should your shack be attacked and invaded just let your democrat slave masters know and if they are not busy they’ll take care of the burials, etc. It’s for your own good, democrats know better so shut up about them guns and get back to picking cotton.

  6. The father of a friend of mine in elementary school liked to store all his rifles and shotguns leaned in corners throughout the house. My friend, and all of us who ever visited, knew damn well not to mess with them. And we didn’t.

    My dad kept his rifles and shotguns in soft cases in the attic. We knew damn well not to mess with those either. But it was our dad so we were more willing to suffer his wrath.
    Sometimes we would sneak up when no one was home and look at them. Of course we had long since been taught the rules of gun safety and knew how to make sure they weren’t loaded and not point them at anyone. Thus we never had any tragic accidents.

    Maybe the problem isn’t guns, but parenting, or the lack there of.

    Also, a gun that is unloaded and separate from ammunition is a paperweight and of no use for defense.

    • “Maybe the problem isn’t guns, but parenting, or the lack there of.”

      This applies to violent gun use as well. It’s well documented, but ignored by the Party of Science, that despises the traditional family.

  7. Idiots who believe anything that comes out of that group deserve what they get, the rest of us do not, and will not put up with their bull$hit. The latest gun buying panic induced by a virus was for a large majority, first time gun owners. I will bet a sizable percentage of them will never fire their guns, but feel better having them. The percentage that does take it seriously will figure out that gun owners were right all along, guns are fun AND valuable tools for self defense if treated with respect they deserve. I always have a gun on me… always.

    • One can hardly afford to turn down a potential ally when the enemy is at the gates. Liberty is a difficult thing to relinquish once experienced.

      • “Liberty is a difficult thing to relinquish once experienced.”

        Which, I suppose, explains why the nation accepted house arrest so easily, and completely.

        • The nation did accept that but let’s put things into perspective. So did the planet. It just seems different for us as we are the “land of the free”.

        • “The nation did accept that but let’s put things into perspective. So did the planet.”

          The “perspective” is that surrendering quietly to government is the legacy of the rest of the planet. The surrender here is unequaled in our history. Doing government bidding is normal in the rest of the world. It is precedent-setting here.

          What is the measure of “success” regarding the struggle against the virus? What is the limit to the number and kind of events for which our governments may herd us into our pens, without concern for our constitutionally protected rights?

        • “Which, I suppose, explains why the nation accepted house arrest so easily, and completely.”

          Hence the protests and beach parties. Not every revolutionary participated in “the” Tea Party. Some had a much more subtle influence e.g. Mrs. Dogood.

        • “Sam’s limited knowledge does not include 1918/19 or chicomland”

          The US is not China, or Russia, or North Korea, Belarus, or Venezuela. People in those countries do not voluntarily shut themselves in their homes. Doing so under threat of physical violence is not volunteerism.

          The Spanish Flu did not result in house arrest of the entire planet, and specifically not the US.

        • The Kansas flu of 1918 did not result in house arrest for the US or for the world.

          That’s why the death toll was in excess of 50 million worldwide.

          If you want to repeat history and suffer, that’s one thing.

          But we are talking about my country and we’re smarter than that.

        • “If you want to repeat history and suffer, that’s one thing.
          But we are talking about my country and we’re smarter than that.”

          Shutting down a whole nation, a whole economy is “smarter”? Based on what?

          SARS, MERS, ZIKA, EBOLA, AIDS still exist. Seasonal flu still exists. Why have we not stopped living until all those are eradicated, or we have an actual vaccine? Vaccine being a popularly, sloppily assigned synonym for “immunization”.

          Why do we accept 30,000-80,000 deaths each year, driven by seasonal flu? Why do we accept that the flu “vaccines” are guesses made eighteen months to two years in advance of the need? Guesses that are often wrong, and the death rate is higher than an earlier year? Why on Earth would anyone want to crater the economy that supports all the healthcare? Why blindly accept all the “experts”, who have wrong at every turn?

          And what is your plan when it is determined there can be no “vaccine” for this flu?

        • The experts have been wrong at every turn?

          Au contraire my friend, we have virtually eradicated many dreaded diseases such as smallpox, measles, polio, etc. All eradicated not buy praying to a sky daddy or by sacrificing virgins but by actual scientific endeavor by the “experts”.

          And you ask why haven’t “SARS, MERS, ZIKA, EBOLA, AIDS” wiped us out?

          Because they aren’t virulent enough to get the job done and we are developing successful treatment strategies that reduce the severity of their impact on a population. Treatment strategies I might add, that were developed by the ”experts”.

          But ignore the experts, follow Dr. Trump and inject yourself with disinfectants to clean out your lungs, at least your stupid behavior won’t endanger anyone else.

        • Nice try.

          No, actually it wasn’t. The ex[erts have been wrong at every turn in this pandemic, where we need to “be smart” about dealing with it.

  8. Their PSA can KMA.

    It’s not even necessary. I predict that at least 80% of these panic-purchased firearms will be never taken out of the box. If you can be patient, there’s going to be a deluge of poly-framed 9MM pistols hitting the market at some point.

    • Yeah, but the only problem is, I’m not in the market for a poly-framed anything. If perchance an FNX Tactical in .45 comes up for sale inexpensively, that’s the only one I’m even moderately interested in, and for a singular specific reason. A .460 Rowland conversion with decent capacity, that’s not one of Gaston’s creations. Them’s the plans for that poor old FNX.

        • Can’t find fault in that. It’s not my bag personally, but I wouldn’t hold it against you, lol. Might ask to swap for a mag or so if I saw you at the range with it though. :p

      • Well, I’m looking for a “nightstand” nine for under $500.00. I currently have a Tristar C100 doing that duty, but I’d like to get something that has a rail to mount a light to. Unfortunately, that also appears to be what the panic buyers were looking for, so they’re all sold-out locally. Yeah, they’re available online, but I’d like to put my hands on a few of them before I buy. My gut feeling is that there are going to be a crap ton of those for sale in like-new condition in a few months.

        • Understandable, rail & slide cut for an optic along with the .460 conversion is exactly why the FNX Tactical is the only available option for me in a polymer frame, or not. I have the “horrible” characteristic of having a distaste for Glock’s ergonomics, and I’ve been handling Gaston’s wonder guns since my father purchased a G17 for his duty sidearm in 1983. Some models are better than others on that note, but not significantly enough for my medium sized paws, imho. I have other reasons, but discretion being the better part of valor, I won’t get into here unless I have that weapon in hand to show proof of. And it’s not mine.

          No hate here, you do you. I don’t judge. Frankly, the above is out of my price point, which is why I designated inexpensive. I had to save up to afford my other weapon & the upgrades for it, a Vepr 12-03 that’s on the worked out side.

        • “I had to save up to afford my other weapon & the upgrades for it.”

          Correction: …my other weapon project…

          Thinking on a worrisome development while I was typing that, BiL’s Mother was just put into hospice this morning. Not been a great day, consequently.

  9. The logic behind the campaign (all of it) is simple, unassailable, and, well, logical: If there are no guns in the home, people living there cannot be harmed with a gun found in the home.

    We need an effective way to deal with that. A technique that strikes an emotional chord at least as strong as fear of injury. Reason, data, the Constitution, do not reach the emotion. If we cannot successfully approach the anti-gun mafia on an emotional level, there is no sense talking to any of them, about anything. We have to accept eternal “war” over the matter, war without end, war without victory.

    • “We have to accept eternal “war” over the matter, war without end, war without victory.”

      Sounds like marriage.

    • The problem with trying to reason with anyone who’s whole existence is governed by how they feel about something. Devoids the entire conversation of facts and in many cases truth. This has been the battle plan of the democrat party for over 50 years. Their understanding of how to indoctrinate the masses through emotional manipulation. Has been the linchpin of their agenda. Simply look how far their agenda has come in the last few decades. From Abortion to lGBQTUVWXYZ rights to Anti 2A firearms control. These have all been emotionally driven victories. For decades Children have been taught that how they feel about themselves is more important than being correct. All part of their long game Indoctrination process of. Feelings over Facts. Victory may well require War without Mercy.

    • Since Gun Control is clearly rooted in racism and genocide the question for gun control zealots is….How do you justify your racist and nazi based agenda?
      The democrat party owns the legacy of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the KKK, lynching, Eugenics and Gun Control. All are democrat party atrocities and all are racially intertwined.
      This apologitic, We’ve got to explain to them why we need guns is as dumb as it sounds.” It’s not the Bill of Needs it is The Bill Of Rights.
      Until the sugarcoating is stripped from Gun Control and it is seen for what it is this pissing contest will never end.

    • “If there are no guns in the home, people living there cannot be harmed with a gun found in the home.”

      If there are no guns in the home, people living there cannot be defended. Do you really want your family to die? What kind of mother is unwilling to protect her children? Maybe if you’re lucky they’ll only have to sit in the corner and watch that deranged meth head rape you while you wait for the police to arrive.

      There’s some emotion for you.

      Thing is, emotion only does its work if there’s a hook for it to latch onto. Appealing to protecting your own children might work…or, if guns are already a bugaboo in someone’s mind, probably not. Most anti-gun people are so deep in fear of guns as talismans of all the violence that is out to get them that there’s no reaching them at all. Ever. And even if we had the perfect message, the cabal that controls the media’s giant megaphones will never allow us access.

      That said, we DO need to learn how to harness emotion to our arguments. Despite appearances, there are a *lot* of fence-sitters out there who actually can be reached.

      A couple million of those people just hopped off the fence and took a couple of tentative steps into the green fields on our side. Some of them may have been very logical about the decision, but most of them acted emotionally — as almost all of us almost always do, and if we’re honest we’ll admit it.

      So we do need to keep that emotion train running — and fuel it with logic. Because now they’re receptive.

      They just made a highly significant decision, one which puts them on the wrong side of “common sense” as it’s constructed by the liberal/progressive establishment, and they’ll be needing to justify it. That’s where logic comes in; its job is to evaluate and either reinforce or ameliorate our big emotional decisions. And logic and facts happen to be our biggest strength.

      • “If there are no guns in the home, people living there cannot be defended.”

        This is the logic trap for us. The anti-gun gang would respond that guns are not the only effective means of self-defense. But, primarily, the threatened occupants can run away. (Note how there is always an escape route open when talking with anti-gunners)

        As to “Do you want your family to die”, the emotional, comforting response is likely to be, “Don’t make things worse; just give them what they want, and they will go away.”

        The biggest obstacle we face in looking for an emotional “hook” to use with anti-gunners is that wanting to harm or kill another person is not the default condition for the majority of people. The default is to look for a way out that harms no one. (This is also most likely to be the default for all these new gun owners)

        • I bought guns because I knew I couldn’t run away fast enough with four kids and a wife. I’d have to Stand My Ground and deal with the miscreants!

        • “I bought guns because I knew I couldn’t run away fast enough with four kids and a wife.”

          Then you should have assumed the role of Nordic hero, fighting off intruders with a soup ladle, while wife and kids run away. Or you should be practiced at rolling up a wet dish towel, and defending your fleeing family. See? There are other self-defense tools in the house. No need for a gun that your children will shoot one another with. Better yet, just stand there, surrounded by your family, calmly and politely directing the intruders to all the valuables, holding open the front door as they leave. Nice is better.

          There is no end to anti-gun emotional response to just about everything.

        • “Read “In Cold Blood” would be my response.”

          People here would follow that line of thought, but anti-gunners? Nah.

          The event was, like, uuhhhmm, you know, 150yrs ago. Truman Capote, who? Kansas, what? “Won’t happen to me because I am a nice person, living in a nice neighborhood.” Besides, it was once, long ago; not like today.

          The issue we face is one of tagging. All people with guns are criminals, pre-criminals, bigots, homophobes, etc. The emotional argument that no good person would own a gun, is the hurdle.

        • Sam
          Not so in my experience. Scares the hell out of the snowflakes and makes them think, even if just for a minute. It’s called planting a seed. There are modern day examples as well but the families that were slain are lumped in with “gun violence” and no one has felt it necessary to write a book about it. Maybe because it isn’t as rare these days. I personally knew an older man who had no gun and was beaten to death in his home. Very sad.

        • “Don’t make things worse; just give them what they want, and they will go away.”

          I love that sort of response. Fire shots across the bow with the reply “and if they want rape, torture, and murder?”, then watch the indignant sputtering commence. Reality just isn’t their strong suit.

          It’s almost as if they see things happening around them, take ISIL for instance, and think it’s all just some morbid made up fantasy to frighten the children. Like the couple who went biking through Islamic militant territory in Tajikistan, after proclaiming that evil in the world didn’t exist. Whom were then run over whilst cycling, then stabbed with knives, & assaulted with an ax. Helluva way to find out evil does in fact exist, by it visiting you personally.

          Delusional, like many it seems.

        • Nah, it’s not a logic trap, just the absence of an emotional hook. You have to understand where your target is receptive — and it might take more than one try.

          The anti-gun side has been hammering their message en masse, nonstop, for decades to get where they are — and they *still* don’t have majority support. Our better, more powerful and empowering message could and should do better if we were better at promulgating it, but success won’t come overnight.

          You said it yourself, Sam: any victory must be regarded as temporary, and the battle is endless.

        • Ing raises a good point here about the logic trap vs. an emotional hook.

          Realistically the hook is easy. Dealing with people who are afraid of gun ownership (in the general sense, not maybe for themselves specifically) is fairly easy in a 1 on 1 situation. The combination of just asking “Why?” repeatedly until they can’t answer any more because they really haven’t thought it through and then pivoting to asking how they have the right to dictate how others live if they can’t even explain why it should be so in the first place is devastatingly effective.

          In terms of mass marketing that concept the challenge is to break it into bits that will fit into a TV interview schedule where you get 30-60 seconds to answer and I’m far too detail oriented to do that. We also need spokespeople who are less prone to take the bait offered by antis and run off down a rabbit hole when they need to be staying on message.

          In terms of the first part I’d start looking at the concept of punishing the innocent but at a more basic level. Most people, like the vast majority, believe you’re responsible for your own actions so the “hook” can be based on collective punishment since most people instinctively recoil from that.

        • “We also need spokespeople who are less prone to take the bait offered by antis and run off down a rabbit hole when they need to be staying on message.”

          Truly a problem, borne of wanting to cram as much real information as possible into a 20sec sound byte.

          “In terms of the first part I’d start looking at the concept of punishing the innocent but at a more basic level.”

          Admittedly, my most direct experience talking to anti-gunners (live) is my brother-in-law. He has the entire anti-gun playbook memorized for any occasion. Using a variation of what you suggest, I told BIL that he has every right to not own a gun, to see to it that no one in his family owns a gun, and he should respect my right to decide to own a gun. Pointing out that I passed the NICS background check, I pressed BIL to explain why people who pass such a check should be denied the right to a gun. BIL responded that my “right” put him and his family at risk of sudden, senseless death. A death they couldn’t defend against because no one knows who is carrying a gun around. My right to own a gun violates his right to be safe (his “right to life) at home, at work, and everywhere else. Better that even law abiding citizens not have guns, than one person is killed by someone acting foolishly with a gun. I defaulted to constitutional protections of my right to own a gun. BIL responded that the constitution was written when life was more crude and uncivilized, that we are much more sophisticated and enlightened as people than the founders. Guns no longer protect us from our rude environment, they endanger our environment. BIL acts like some sort of slot machine; push the belly button, and the favored anti-gun platitudes come out to address your argument.

        • So, like I said this is always easier 1 on 1 where you can get a feel for the person in question. Harder from a distance.

          However, my general tactics with this are similar to what’s below:

          “Your “right” put him and his family at risk of sudden, senseless death.”


          “Your right to own a gun violates his right to be safe (his “right to life) at home, at work, and everywhere else.”


          “Well, it’s a death they couldn’t defend against because no one knows who is carrying a gun around.”

          “So why not apply that to cars? [Or something else he owns/uses and has no issues with. Preferably something he likes or which makes his life significantly more convenient.] I mean, I have no idea who’s drinking and driving, texting and driving or just plain crazy and driving. I could die and there’s no way to defend myself against the unseen drunk. In fact, in most cases even if I had a heads up, I can’t stop the car, deflect the car or outrun it. Better that no one have [object in question] than that one person is killed…”

          Further specifics rest on how this question is responded to but the general point here is to just keep pushing them a level down, philosophically speaking, until you find the point where they have no particular answer. At that point their inability to answer will generate doubt at the “basement” level and cause them to question the integrity of the structure above. The reaction to this is somewhat unpredictable in the short term, but over the longer term, if you keep doing it gently, you’ll have created the whole idea behind Inception, you don’t give them the idea, you cause them to create the idea themselves, usually through introducing doubt about an already held idea or belief.

          Properly used aporia is a good way to do this. Takes some practice, but it’s damned effective. Bill Clinton used it against his own party and to great effect. In the above example “So, why not apply that to cars?” is the rhetorical question to which either answer causes problems for the other person and a internal conflict for them. If it can’t be applied to cars, given the explanation of why it should be, why not? Or does he really want to go down the road of banning cars? Probably not. Conundrum created. [Though, again note that the object may not be a car specifically. It depends on the person.]

          A truly good salesman doesn’t sell you anything. He sets you up and you sell the item to yourself and then watches you buy it.

        • “A truly good salesman doesn’t sell you anything.”

          In my sales training classes, we were indoctrinated with the theme that a good salesperson sells themselves, not the product. Sells trust in the salesperson. Trust that the salesperson has the best interest of the buyer at heart, and can be trusted to advise and educate the customer fairly. Once the trust is established, the buying decision is a natural outcome. (which is probably why I wasn’t any good at sales)

          Ordinarily, I do not engage anti-gunners, because it is pointless. BIL is a different story, just plain, raw fun.

          Overall, your comment is instructive for people who do want to “engage” the unicorns, the “undecideds”. Provides a good read.

  10. As a side note: The Canadian shooter was prohibited from owning firearms due to an assault conviction in 2001. Rampage started after an argument with his wife over finances. More to come in today’s press conference. More “Common Sense” firearms laws. For criminals to ignore. Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • Announced during RCMP news conference. The weapons used were obtained illegally(not licensed). One was traced to Canada. Others are believed to have come from the United States. Pistols and long guns used. No word as to the type of long guns.

  11. I still have yet to hear about horror stories resulting from these coronavirus gun purchases. The media would have you think that all these new gun owners are shooting up the town. The opposite is, in fact, true. It is very quiet out there.

    • You’ll hear them when the economic slowdown takes it’s toll, and people use them to commit suicide. The story will write itself: “Because Gunz”

    • “I still have yet to hear about horror stories resulting from these coronavirus gun purchases.”

      You gotta gitcher mind right. All these gun purchases are driving historical amounts of domestic violence, without a gun even being involved. Doancha see? Without liquor stores and pot dumps being open to balance the equation, domestic violence would be rampant, probably every household.

      Guns are a gateway to crime. Get rid of guns, and you get rid of crime. (Well, except for those places where bad people live, and there is nothing to be done about that; tough luck). Once a person gets a gun in their hands, they succumb to the implied power it represents. It means that the gun owner can use all sorts of force on family members, knowing that if necessary, the gun will ultimately prevail over whatever resistance the other members of the domicile might put forth.

      Behind every bully, there is a gun, somewhere. Without guns, there would be no crimes committed that involve guns. Think of the children.

      (“I’m melting. I’m melting.)

      • “Once a person gets a gun in their hands, they succumb to the implied power it represents.”

        Especially if you received your ‘man card’ when you purchased the weapon, that makes it extra special!

        • “Especially if you received your ‘man card’ when you purchased the weapon, that makes it extra special!”

          Oh, wow. Where do I get one of those? Is it suitable for framing, or are you required to present it when contacted by law enforcement?

        • My petite, very female, spouse resents your implication that she has a ‘man card’…she would never give up the power that she wields as a woman for being a mere Man…nor would she give up her Ruger LCR.

          Query: are your posts going to become increasingly incoherent as the election nears?

        • “Query: are your posts going to become increasingly incoherent as the election nears?”

          Realizing you are responding to Miner49, but….

          Query: is your ability to grasp, and play with, snarc/ridicule/irony/parody going to become increasingly limited as the election nears?

        • Nalgatory good buddy. Snark, irony and parody are the mainstays of my life. That said, trolling buffoons like Miner bring the best worst out in me.

          See ya in the funnies Sam.

        • “don’t forget- facetiousness is a higher form than sarcasm”

          Good catch. I left that out of the list.

        • Hey, the main card wasn’t my idea, it’s just more of the propaganda used to convince weak minded individuals that they are not complete without owning a lethal weapon.

          “ Read more: https://www.ammoland.com/2010/05/bushmaster-man-card/#ixzz6KcmLdpKe
          Under Creative Commons License: Attribution
          Follow us: @Ammoland on Twitter | Ammoland on Facebook

          Windham, ME –-(AmmoLand.com)- Inspired by the overwhelming response to Bushmaster’s “Consider Your Man Card Reissued” sweepstakes, today Bushmaster Firearms announces the latest part in the series; the Man Card online promotion.

          To become a card-carrying man, visitors of Bushmaster.com will have to prove they’re a man by answering a series of manhood questions.

          Upon successful completion, they will be issued a temporary Man Card to proudly display to friends and family. The Man Card is valid for one year.

          Visitors can also call into question or even revoke the Man Card of friends they feel have betrayed their manhood. The man in question will then have to defend himself, and their Man Card, by answering a series of questions geared towards proving indeed, they are worthy of retaining their card.“

          You Fellers don’t have a man card? Looks like you have “betrayed your manhood“ as bushmaster put it.

          Well, the good news is, some on this list have said that Alex Jones has a cure for your ED, you might want to check it out.

  12. Hurkey durkey turkey jerky, the moon is made of Will Ferrell, duh!

    That made about as much sense as those asshats. God I’m so tired of people just saying whatever shit they want with zero ramifications.

  13. Interesting subtext in that ad. Notice how the husband (the male gun owner) comes across as a totally clueless dufuss until the clever and all-knowing wife sets him straight. The left not only has a long-running campaign against guns, but they also have a long-running campaign to emasculate the American male. I guess they just couldn’t resist slipping in a little jab while they had the chance. Deconstructing propaganda can be fun sometimes.

  14. If it ain’t on me it’s mag out, chamber empty, and slide back, except at night when she’s in the drawer ready to go. As the NRA’s third rule of safe gun handling says, “Always keep the gun empty until ready TO USE.” Ready home defense is such a “use.” As far as I recall, the NRA safety card with all 3 rules comes with each firearm sold. ALWAYS welcome new gun owners to the fold (indeed I teach some) but let’s make sure we’re all smart out there.

  15. I like how biden is setting up his unstable mental defense on national tv , Joe lobotomy can’t be held responsible because of his dementia for all to see! He didn’t know what he was doing helping his son extorting millions of our foreign aid monies, along with his brother, wife, uncle, and probably his paper boy! A rope and a tree would be to kind, I know where I can rent a wood chipper, you know to help the economy!

  16. And of course the comments are turned off for that video on Youtube. Oh dear! Like I say, they don’t want a conversation, they don’t want opinions, they don’t want comments. Lay down, STFU and do as we want and say…THAT’S WHAT THEY WANT!

    They’re not getting it.

  17. Save us from Coronavirus. Come the fuck on.

    We now have the data to say that 20% or more of the population has or has had this. That data is consistent across states and nations. Really we’ve had these numbers for a while.

    That’s 65,400,000 people in this country which means that with the death numbers at noon today we’re at 57,780/65,400,000 =0.00088. That’s a fatality rate of 0.09% (rounded up).

    “BuT pRoTesTs aRe irReSponSiBle! LocKdOwN iS gOOd! StAy aT hOmE!!!”

    My response: Fuck you.

      • The United States. We have a population of 327 or 328 million, officially 328.2. So, in reality add a couple hundred thousand to the infected.

        327×0.2=65.4. Add zeros as appropriate. 65.4 million people have or have had this disease in the US and 57,780 of them have died. That’s 0.088% of those infected have died. Nearly all with serious comorbidities.

        This shit just ain’t that dangerous.

        Also, the UK’s total population is 66.65 million.

        • “ 65.4 million people have or have had this disease in the US”

          Your assertion is very interesting but you have no source listed for your claim.

          Since your whole argument is based on this number, having no evidence to back it up pretty much invalidates your point.

      • Yes. I missed a 0 in my typing.

        That might have been a Freudian slip since I’ve been thinking for awhile that the numbers for this will work out in the end to somewhere between 0.1 and 0.4 once we have a good idea of how many people really have had it and what number of people actually died because of it rather than died while having it.

        Or maybe because the most recent data suggests that the chance of death for healthy people in most cohorts is 0.2%

        So it’s quite possible that I’m expecting this to end up in the hundredths, like flu often is, and that’s why I missed that zero. I would be interesting if it ended up in the thousandths, but I suspect it’s unlikely I would think since the deaths lag behind the infection rate by quite a bit so at some point that will catch up.

    • “We now have the data to say that 20% or more of the population has or has had this.”

      I would really appreciate if you would cite the source for this data point, I think we would all find it interesting. Are you suggesting that over 60 million people have been tested positive for C 19?

  18. Everytown is stink personified. Snowflakes ‘R’ Us.

    But the “gun owner” dude in the vid is stoopid. The proper response would be, (drawing weapon from 4 o’clock, finger off trigger and displaying ostentatiously) “As long as it’s HERE, my kids are safe. Are YOURS?”

    • Unfortunately some gun owners ARE STOOOPID. I sleep with a scanner on, I have since the mid 70s. I heard a call last night that I can’t ever recall hearing get dispatched. “Accidental shooting. Man shot himself in the leg cleaning his gun. Applying direct pressure, bleeding profusely” I shook my head in disbelief as I lay in bed.
      How many safe gun handling rules did the idiot violate? Was he a new COVID-19 gun owner?

      • Yes, I agree that he violated just about every firearm safety rule in order to score a hole-in-one. I wonder if it was a Glock? That pesky “pull trigger to disassemble” has caught newbie and seasoned alike over the years.

        I worked with an officer back when Glocks were still pretty new to LE who futzed one into the cleaning table after quals. He cleared the chamber on his G17 with a partially full mag still inserted, then dropped the mag and pressed the trigger. He caught two days on the beach for that F-up.

        LEO’s are not immune to rampant dumbassery.

        • Whoa Old One, he cleared the chamber with a partial mag inserted? Huh? That just isn’t possible with any slider I know of. If the mag’s in it’s gonna chamber another round. Doesn’t matter that it was a Glock! So, yeah, pull the trigger and it goes bang! “A couple of days on the beach”? Should’ve been released from the force for stupidity.

        • Yup, I know it’s not possible. I thought my sarcasm was plain…sorry, I should have placed quote marks around the word “cleared”. Two days w/o pay was the official discipline…the informal harassment he received from the rest of his peers lasted much longer. No one was hurt and it served as an object lesson in safety and firearms handling for the rest of the officers.

        • @ Old Guy Mont.
          Two friends have Ruger LC9s and neither knows how to clean them. One is a woman about 35 or so and it’s the same thing, you have to pull the trigger to disassemble and you can’t pull the trigger without the magazine inserted.

          So I could see someone who isn’t proficient or not paying attention, it could happen. I happen to know what the I’m doing and another thing for sure, the weapons are pointed in a safe direction….not my LEG lol
          I’m not too much thrilled with those LC9s to blunt about it.

  19. They were so chicken that they turned off the ability to comment on their ridiculous and poorly acted POS.

  20. Ok first off , if you have kids don’t leave loaded guns lying around.

    Secondly where does that 4.6 million number actually come from ? I’m suspicious. We don’t even know how many kids live in homes with guns , how the hell can we know how they are stored.

    Third locked , unloaded and separate from
    Ammo ? Maybe. But a gun for home defense should be ready to access if not on your person. Get a speed safe. They are like 50 bucks on amazon. And it can’t shoot anybody if it’s in the safe. If you really want to be safe , keep it in condition 1 so you open the safe , load the chamber and go.

    And finally 4th why did the guy buy a gun if it’s not on him ?


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