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Gun enthusiasts love taking pictures of their guns. It’s common practice. America has a gun culture as robust, diverse, and complicated as comic book fans, fantasy nerds, PC gamers, or any other subculture. Like those communities, gun nerds have their own memetic language and fight among themselves. Unlike pop culture enthusiasts, the hobby of a gun nerd is based on a tool designed to kill. It’s distressing then, to the responsible gun owner, when fringe elements in their community post pictures online of them pointing guns at their d!cks.

And gun nerds are distressed. “These gun owners do not represent us,” Brandon Curtis, owner of Concealed Nation—a gun blog whose tagline is “we are responsible carry”—said in a post on his site. “Just as with any other types of trolls, do not feed them. I’ve seen a rash of these posts in the Concealed Nation Extra group, and all involved received a permanent ban. It comes down to safety, and those actions break many rules.”

But this still raises the question, why are people pointing guns at their d!cks and taking a picture of it? It has nothing to do with “owning the libs.” It is, essentially, sh!tposting, and internal fighting within the gun ownership community.

Like with any other fandom, there’s levels to gun culture. In the online gun community there are “normies” and “fudds.” Normies cover a range of people, anyone from a basic handgun owner to the completely uninitiated. Fudds—as in Bugs Bunny hunter Elmer Fudd—are the old heads, weirdos, and dedicated gun nuts. Some fudds hate normies and the way normies talk about guns. Even the normies who know their way around a firearm.

A chief complaint among fudds is the normie’s devotion to safety, typically manifested as knee-jerk praise of trigger discipline. For the uninitiated, watching trigger discipline refers to the act of keeping your finger off the trigger of a firearm until you’re ready to fire the weapon. It’s a safety basic, along with never pointing a gun at anyone or anything you don’t intend to harm, and always assuming a gun is loaded.

– Matthew Gault in Here’s Why Men Are Pointing Loaded Guns at Their D!cks

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    • That’s not what a Fudd is. A Fudd is someone who only cares about protecting say traditional hunting rifles and that type of gun and often sides with gun control advocates about banning AR’s and limiting magazine capacity.

      • Agreed. This excerpt is nonsensical. And also, what are these weirdos doing pointing guns at themselves? No explanation given (to be fair, it seems pretty inexplicable to me). I don’t know any gun owner, Fudd or not, who would advocate this. Clearly, I am happily unacquainted with a certain subset of pretty idiotic owners…

      • Yes, any gun owner who makes the statement “I strongly support the 2nd Amendment, but….”
        Frequently referenced by MSM to represent the viewpoint of gun owners on whatever idiot restriction they’re currently pushing.

      • EXACTLY! “Fuds” are the Elmer Fuds of the gun world…they own a couple of double barrel shotguns, shoot skeet and trap and hunt quail and only have enough ammo to go weekend shooting. They may actually own a 9mm pistol but will never take it out shooting because they would rather watch sailing or sit at the country club bar. They say they support the 2A but (and there is always a butt) will gladly watch as the Gubmit passes laws stripping all of us of the ability to own evil black rifles and mags over 5 rounds! As long as they can duck hunt they don’t care about the rest of the “gun culture”…that is what a Fud is.

        And WTF are normies? Never in 40 years of being in the gun culture have I heard that word used.

        • maybe it’s just the fact that there are so many out there…the government has been concerned about the proliferation of semi-auto rifles with large magazine capacity right from the get-go…particularly those that mimic military weapons in appearance…during the Reagan years they even seriously talked about placing them under the NFA….but settled on an AWB in the Clinton years as a control mechanism….expect something similar…(or worse)…if the dems regain power…..

      • everyone should admit that the nature of gun ownership has changed down through the years…something that became increasingly apparent as “black guns” began to dominate the gun shows and store shelves…something that the rest of the country has viewed with some degree of concern….

      • Enough about exactly what a FUDD is, what kind of twisted self hating, Homo erotic defect is in the mind of these gun owners?

        I mean, social scientists have always connected guns and manhood, just as bushmaster did with their ‘man card‘.

        But this goes far beyond a gun being just a lamp substitute for failed masculinity.

        Reminds me of an old nursery rhyme…

        ‘This is my rifle, this is my gun, one’s for fighting, one’s for fun!‘

      • Amen!

        Fudds also believe that they should be given a free pass for using their Politically Correct guns, or claiming that they used a Politically Correct guns, to commit violent crimes. A prime example is my marijunna bootlegging tenant who shot at my son with a Remington 870, police variant, 12 gauge shotgun loaded with slugs. (In case any of you Tacti-Cool guys don’t understand, a 12 gauge shotgun is .729 caliber compared to the ..22 caliber of your puny rodent rifles, LOL.). A standard 12 gauge Foster slug masses 450 grains compared to 50-75 grain for the 5.56mm sage rat round. The bootlegger claimed that he was shooting his antique Remington 1870 (doesn’t exist. The first Remington shotgun was the model 1873) double barrel shotgun. His scum sucking whore of an attorney also put the marijunna bootleggers’ accomplice on the witness stand to testify as an alleged “gun expert.”. He claims that he is a gun expert because he “builds guns”. He thinks that assembling AR-15s from parts including maybe an 80% lower receiver makes him an expert. This Imbecile also claimed that he couldn’t have been shooting slugs because his shotgun has a full choke barrel. “The gun would explode, just like what happens to Elmer Fudd when Buggs Bunny sticks a carrot in the muzzle of his shotgun!” (Some of you Tacti-Cool AR-15 gurus actually believe this bull shit.)

    • You have to zoom in on the medium, not the message! This is part of an article in Vice, don’t have to go too far with that. I, personally haven’t seen one of these pictures until two days ago, and now,it seems,they’re everywhere. Never heard of the expression “normies”, and the explanation of any “dispute” among gun owners was blown way out if proportion.
      I guess if you read vice you’re probably not a gun owner and believe that we really do act this way Ignorance is bliss(my own ignorance of vice is).

    • Yep. And they teach you to never point a firearm that you do not wish to destroy, but it is impossible to tech people like that respect for proper gun etiquette and people wonder why there are so many willing to get firearms banned

  1. Shhhhh! I wont say this in front of certain people, but there ARE people who shouldnt own a gun. The same people who shouldnt be allowed to drive, drink alcohol, have social media accounts, etc. Natural selection is not allowed to work anymore!

    • Yeah, that’s true. There are those who are two irresponsible to be trusted with all sorts of things. Such as car keys, alcoholic beverages, a member of the opposite sex without at least two types of birth control being used …. it’s a long list.

      In my EMS/SAR years we referred to these unfortunate persons as being “Too stupid to live”. Meaning that they lacked the cognitive powers to avoid becoming Darwin Award Winners purely on their own volition, with no help from others.

    • I don’t like her and her h-wood attitude….but she’s right. If trump wants to win the election he needs to dump twitter. If he continues along the path he’s on he will lose to a senile old idiot and his black female sidekick, and she will eventually take over.

      • Two things. One, if Trump drops Twitter, he will have no access to a significant portion of the country. For better or worse, Twitter is the only medium that Trump has to reach half of the country without being 100% filtered by the media. Now, even Twitter is trying to do that. Second, Biden is probably not going to pick a black female running mate. He made that “promise” to get black support, and now that he is the presumptive nominee, his staff is looking around and saying “there are no black females that would strengthen the ticket right now.” The Biden camp is already slow walking that promise back and managing expectations. His pick will probably be a female, but I would be surprised if she is black.

      • I do not like all she does but she does show much talent in singing, piano playing, song writing and acting. Most of the pop music videos are not to my taste. When she does some classic, straight up with no effects, the work is usally very good.

        Plus she is correct about social media. Which is an uncommon and brutally honest statement from an entertainment industry rich person.

        • still remember when she slid down that wire to the stage…that took some balls!

      • Trump’s tweets mean nothing to me either way. If I get anything at all from it, it’s a good laugh at people that go nuts about it.

        Personally, I would rather see Twitter go away.

        He uses Twitter because the media will not give him anything other than hate. If you want him off of Twitter, talk to the heads of major media networks. He would very likely stop using social media if he could get honest reporting.

  2. A firearm is a tool designed to expel a projectile. The user of the tool decides what target the projectile is expelled towards- therefore the only tool “designed to kill” is the user.

    • so what exactly is a gun designed to do?….it is first and foremost a killing device that the user has control of…always has been…probably always will be…just a given….

      • To speak frankly- a firearm is a tool designed to expel a projectile. The user of the tool decides what projectile to expel, and what to expel the projectile towards. It’s not any more complicated than that- never was, never will be. It is disingenuous to say that one use of a multi-use tool is the one and only purpose for its existence.

      • Gosh, Frank, I guess we need you to explain to those of us who use guns for target shooting, competition, hunting, predator control, varmint control, self-defense (if done right, usually doesn’t require even firing the gun, let alone killing someone), and its quite wonderful sobering effect on petit tyrants, like Coonman Blackface Northam and Gauleiter “Half” Whitmer – you’ll have to explain to us how it is that we totally misunderstood the purpose of guns that we’ve been using MYRIAD ways, for years, that we got it all wrong.

        I’m 68 years old. I owned guns for 61 of those. I have done ALL of the activities I’ve described – EXCEPT shooting another human being.

        GFY, you ignorant idiot.

  3. Pointing a gun at yourself is stupid.

    Since when are Fudds “…the old heads, weirdos, and dedicated gun nuts”?

    Last I checked Fudds were generally considered to be the people who don’t care about the 2A as long as they get to keep their deer rifle and bird gun…

    • The article is from Vice that’s why he doesn’t know what a Fudd is. It’s amazing liberals can’t get anything right about guns or gun culture. All he had to do was google it.

      • That’s it exactly. It was written by someone who is clueless about the subject. Any chance to make firearm owners look stupid is a win in their book.

    • …..or maybe those that appreciate and have an interest in ALL guns…not just a certain segment…

  4. He says guns are designed to kill, but he’s wrong.
    Guns, like a LOT of other things, are designed to that they CAN kill.
    I, like most here, have a screwdriver (many, actually). They are designed so that they CAN kill.
    Most of us own cars. They are designed so that they CAN kill.
    My computer screen, and laptop, CAN kill, if I desire to use them in such a fashion that death results.
    I really wish I could get more people to see that we all own things that CAN kill, and guns are nothing more than one of those things.

    • we’re talking about what it was specifically designed to do….no need to dance around the obvious in some sort of oblique denial…it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have access to them for self-defense or sporting purposes either…

      • While they were originally designed to kill, if they still are, they do a really piss-poor job of it. In fact, a lot of guns are specifically designed for nothing more than shooting at inanimate targets; that is their whole design function.
        If your car failed to start as often as my guns failed to kill, you’d be really upset.

  5. I know two kids, legal age to own guns but mentally just kids, who were at a drinking and weed party in my hometown. Kids party like that all the time and usually watch videos, eat pizza and play bad guitar while drunk and stoned… Yeah, I went to college and had fun like that decades ago. So idiot kids have a working semi AK type and are showing everyone how a gun is just metal and wood and can’t hurt anyone all by itself. One of them even puts a mag in, charges the gun, takes mag out, ejects round in chamber.. Some people are concerned and demand the boys stop being stupid because now they are pointing unloaded guns at each other’s heads and pulling the trigger on the empty chamber. Someone fucks up, gun goes off and friend literally blows friends heat off at the party. I was Chief of the fire dept and our medics responded to a dead body, I chose not to go as there were plenty of my crew there and I knew both the boys and their parents in our small town. Kid served some time in a halfway type house, was on supervised probation for years… killed his best friend. I saw him at the shooting range while he was on supposed supervised probation and he asked if he could shoot one of my guns… I knew his release conditions precluded him from drinking, owning guns or even shooting guns for hunting purposes. I declined his request and he understood but I was somewhat surprised at how little he had learned from his event. His parents drank and did drugs during conception and the pregnancy.

    • remember stopping by a local army base where I used to work…on a reserve weekend…and was absolutely stunned to see some of them running around the parking lot pointing their M-16’s at each other in playful manner…still shaking my head over that one….

    • Yes, I take heat for my position, but I think any concealed carry license should include a hands on proficiency demonstration.

      Not necessarily more difficult than a driving test, but a minimum level to assure society that this particular individual has been exposed to the rules and understands how important it is to follow them. An hour or two with the range to demonstrate the ability to keep the muzzle down range and hit the proper target should be required.

      Go ahead, flame on, but you can’t hurt me. A few nasty words, a schoolyard insult, is usually the best they have so let it fly.

      It’s not like they’re my friend Woody Williams, who knows what a real flame-thrower is.

      • Gun control helps to keep POC down. The biggest conviction in the Georgia Joggers life before he was killed? A gun violation. Just carrying a gun. But to a lot of whites, apparently you as well, are ok with layers of control. Keeps the POC in their place, right miner?

        Constitutional carry nationwide. Eliminate 99% of gun free zones. No UBCs. Only a racist would object to these.

      • Miner,

        Are you serious???? Yes, I believe every gun owner has an OBLIGATION to learn basic firearm safety, and proficiency with his/her chosen weapon. That’s MY obligation, as a gun owner, and I take it seriously. Some people don’t. That gives my a sad. What it does NOT do is make my think that I am the arbiter of what is right and proper.

        You note that the government licenses and regulates drivers. And you never, when driving, see another driver and think “How did that @$$hole get a license?” Never happens, right???

        That some gun owners need more training and practice? That’s a given – name another hobby/activity/profession where that is NOT true. But you trust THE GOVERNMENT to do that job.

        That is just galaxy-brain level stupid.

    • You don’t get it, do you… Besides, how tf do you even know it’s loaded? Either way, a gun doesn’t fire unless you make it.

  6. Oh look! One of McChrystal’s Defeat Disinfo stooges.

    Lol is right. We’re laughing at you, not with you.

  7. I only see 4 examples, maybe from less than 4 people (hi-viz shirt appears twice) . 4 does not make a national trend.

    But seriously folks, even if no ND occurred, stop spreading unsafe gun handling. You’re not owning the libs, you’re owning yourself.

  8. This is the idiocy that not only justifies the skepticism of the virus-motivated new gun owner but also helps to feed the anti-gun left.

    Only a moron would do stuff like that.

  9. Hrm, about 20 years ago there was a woman in Indiana who famously shot her own big toe with a shotgun in hopes of removing a painful callus.

    Maybe these dudes are trying to treat a bad case of jock itch?

    • I’d love to see you draw from the small of your back when someone is grappling you from behind. Or without having to make extreme flagging motions to put the dangerous end towards a target in front of you. Try the 14 foot sprint on it too. Numerous examples of people being able to grab that shooting arm before the gun is even pointed at them after sprinting from 14 feet away. If you are scared about AIWB, get a manual safety. If you still cannot fathom the fact the the trigger needs to be pulled, then just stop carrying.

  10. We must have banned no less than 100 people from the National AR builders group on facebook. The only things these morons are proving is how big of a moron they are.

  11. I love how the TTAG scribe can’t even use the term “Fudd” correctly.
    This is worse than that idiot on TFB.

    • This is a quote from an article at Vice.com. Hence the tag, “quote of the day,” the author’s name, and link to the full article.

      • Dan, you know you can’t fix stupid.
        The depth of comprehension required to realize that TTAG did not write this drivel is taught in 3rd grade.

    • It isn’t TTAG, it’s people on social media that TTAG is reporting on. Please reread the headline.

      I’m wondering how many on TFB refer to AR15’s as assault rifles?

  12. Gun safety has been so ingrained for so many years of use that I actually cringe just THINKING about pointing a gun at myself. I also cringe when thinking of pointing a gun at anyone else.

    I can think of doing so to a hypothetical person in a self defense situation but that’s as far as it goes.

    That these folks can do this is concerning and it may indicate a laxness that will come back on them sometime. I hope not but I would not be surprised.

    Just like a person that will steal a dollar will very likely steal other stuff and be untrustworthy.

    And I still disagree with the definition of a Fudd. A Fudd to me are the guys who still think guns are all about hunting and collecting and that the gov’t/police are your friends and all this nonsense about 2A and the RULES are being paranoid and downright silly.

    Those folks need to be taken and shaken by the collar to wake up and take a look around. We left the 20th century a long time ago.

    • and where are we now?…lot to be said about how things used to be…and the non-gunowning public…still the majority…view much of the current scene as threatening much more than they once did….

  13. Imagine how incredible the stimulation must be as .45 JHP tears apart your testicles and by extension your legacy. All in one unbridled moment of hedonism. Imagine the ecstasy. Just imagine.

    • Funny, I see it as the quickest most secure carry method. The trigger does not pull itself fuddly mcfudderton.

  14. shitposting? what’s that? does not exist. ask the ones that shitpost all the time, they’ll tell you.

  15. Matthew Gault is no John Gault! This is about what I expect from Vice.com, just more click-bait crap.

  16. The only positive thing I can see resulting from this is if one of them actually emasculates himself and makes it impossible for him to pollute the human gene pool.

  17. This idiot “journalist” clearly knows nothing at all about America’s gun culture, let alone how it’s subdivided or what anyone in it is really up to.

  18. I find it interesting that this stupid white guy points his gun at his balls and Dick. Mean while I’ve seen pics of stupid blacks points guns at their own heads.
    All are Darwin Award winners. Potentially at least.

  19. So, now I’m a Fudd if i dont point a guns at my cods……….

    Ok, I’m good with that.

    What a bunch of dumbasses.

  20. Thank you all for the correction on the Fudd definition. I dont know where they come up with this crap. A Fudd has always been a hunter who supports the 2nd only as far as it involves hunting. He does not believe handguns and “black” rifles are protected by the 2nd because he doesn’t hunt with them.
    I’ve never heard of the term “normie” until this article. Assume they just made it up.

  21. Probably started as a hoax on 4chann like the eating tide pods and the ‘ok’ symbol/circle game = white power just to see how many dumb a**es they can get to fall for it, and media to report on it.


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