Pennsylvania John Fetterman senate campaign
Pennsy Shrek wants to outlaw your "assault weapons." (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)
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Pennsylvania’s Democratic Lt. Gov. John Fetterman has a few ideas for ushering in crushing blows to the Second Amendment should he be elected in November. The man who once wielded a shotgun against an African-American man he wrongfully believed was involved in a crime wants to obliterate your gun rights.

Lt. Gov. Fetterman, the tattooed, hoodie-wearing, Senate candidate vying for the Senate seat being vacated by retiring Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) wants to become President Joe Biden’s biggest gun control ally. He’s got a few thoughts on gun control, all of which would relegate the Second Amendment back to being a second-class right.


Lt. Gov. Fetterman’s radical gun control ideas go further than the far-left proposals that even President Biden has proposed. President Biden unceasingly begs Congress to deliver him legislation to ban the sale of the most-popular selling centerfire rifle in America.

The Modern Sporting Rifle (MSR) – or AR-15 style rifle – continues to be the target of Democrats and their gun control supporters, despite the fact that murders by all rifles comprise just three percent of all murders, not just AR-15s. There are over 24.4 million MSRs in circulation today. They are unquestionably “commonly used” (owned) in the parlance of the U.S. Supreme Court’s Heller decision.

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

That would end if Lt. Gov. Fetterman is able to change his job title to “senator.” He isn’t satisfied with a ban on MSR sales. He wants to make it illegal to possess one.

“I’ve always supported a ban to the assault rifle ownership,” Lt. Gov. Fetterman stated on April 11. “We should not have weapons of war in the hands of civilians.”

That’s the often-repeated and completely false line that gun control ginned up to villainize the black rifle that’s similar in appearance to the military’s M-16 and M-4. The Washington Post reported that Josh Sugarmann, of the gun control group Violence Policy Center, coined the term “assault weapon” in 1989 to confuse those who didn’t know the difference between the two.

Thirty years later, Lt. Gov. Fetterman is still at it.

Kill the Filibuster

Lt. Gov. Fetterman knows that the Senate procedural rule known as the “filibuster” is what is preventing the Senate from steamrolling Americans’ Constitutional rights. That’s why he wants to get rid of that, too.

“That’s one of the main reasons why I called for the elimination of the filibuster. Eighty to ninety percent of Americans support the elimination — excuse me — banning assault rifle ownership and common sense gun control legislation,” he said.

(AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar, File)

Except that’s not true. Crime continues to be a greater concern than gun control. Lt. Gov. Fetterman talks a big game about tackling out-of-control crime, but is record proves differently.

He scrubbed any reference of Black Lives Matter from his website to keep anyone from connecting him with the group’s police defunding movement. “Pardons and commutations have soared since Fetterman took office in 2019, consistent with his progressive philosophy on criminal justice reform,” NBC News reported.

Gun Control Plans

Lt. Gov. Fetterman isn’t just eyeing a ban on lawful firearm ownership, which raises its own Constitutional questions. He’s carrying the water for gun control groups on other pet projects too.

He wants universal background checks, unenforceable without the creation of a national firearm registry. A registry like that, of course, is a violation of federal law.

He wants to repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), which forbids lawsuits against the firearm industry for the crimes committed by remote third parties – commonly known as criminals. Lt. Gov. Fetterman wants to pin the blame for criminal actions on gun manufacturers, not the criminals who commit the crimes.

Lt. Gov. Fetterman also wants to eliminate the “Dickey Amendment.” That’s the amendment that has been reaffirmed that keeps the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) from advocating for gun control. He wrongfully claims that the Dickey Amendment prevents the CDC from reporting on criminal violence or firearms, but that was never true, as NSSF has previously pointed out here.

Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

He also called NRA members, the “lunatic fringe of gun ownership.” Lt. Gov. Fetterman portrays himself as the center when it comes to gun owners, because, he says, “I own guns. I went deer hunting when I was much younger,” he said. He admitted, “I have owned a Smith & Wesson Model 500. In fact, I’ve been around guns for most of my life.”

That must include the time when he admitted to wielding a shotgun against an African American man he saw jogging and suspected of committing a crime. Lt. Gov. Fetterman, “chose to follow him in a pickup truck and pull a 20-gauge shotgun on him when he confronted the man. Fetterman used the gun to detain him until police arrived. Ultimately, the man was not involved in any wrongdoing.”

Lt. Gov. Fetterman admitted in a 2013 interview, “I believe I did the right thing, but I may have broken the law during the course of it,”

Gun Control Industry Support

None of that phases Lt. Gov. Fetterman, nor the gun control groups that support him. Everytown for Gun Safety, the gun control group financed by antigun billionaire and failed presidential contender Michael Bloomberg, committed to spending $2.1 million in ads supporting Lt. Gov. Fetterman’s and other campaigns. Everytown will spend nearly half of that in Philadelphia alone. Punchbowl News reported that Bloomberg gave an additional $500,000 to In Union USA, which has spent money boosting Fetterman.

That’s all the more reason for those concerned with preserving their Second Amendment rights to get registered, learn about their candidates, and get out on Nov. 8 and #GUNVOTE.


Larry Keane is SVP for Government and Public Affairs, Assistant Secretary and General Counsel of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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  1. Same guy that chased a black man down the street with a shotgun for being black? Why am I not surprised he would be the candidate of the party of the klan?

        • That helps but what they look for is a low IQ and the ability to spew leftist talking points.

        • Actually brain damage isn’t a requirement since they are already products of Liberal Progressive Educational Indoctrination. The concept is well documented in the Bible for the Implementation of Socialism. Rules for Radicals. Liberalism is only the soft opening credits. Next comes the current push of Progressivism. To be followed by the True goal, of the complete take over of the United States government and society as a whole by Socialism. The plan is clearly laid out in Rules for Radicals.

        • Seems to the Prime Requisite for just about anyone running for elected office on either side. Only got two words to say “Lets go Brandon”.

  2. He scrubbed BLM and Gun Ban and Confiscation, both, from his website.

    Between Fetterman and Barnes (That Democrat Senate Candidate in Wisconsin), I don’t know who the bigger s***bag is.

    Both of these pigs in their times as PA and WI Lt. Governors voted to release Murderers, Rapists, and Home Invaders out of Prison early, even if they failed reviews for release, even multiple times over.

    Human Scum!!

  3. And in exercising proper caution we can easily rest assured this hypocritical snotball isn’t the only one running with these sinister and most seditious plans. Traitors the lot of them.

    • Dr. Oz is a horrible candidate…An ex Turkish military officer?…He joined the Turks instead of our military…His allegiance belong to Turkey…He was never a 2nd amendment guy!…And he is in a dead heat with a hoodie wearing, slobbering Lurch/Uncle Fester baby…

    • Pennsylvanians were stupid enough to vote for Biden (which as he promised prior to the election) put a stranglehold on fracking which was a golden goose for PA. Goes to show you how the twin Leftist cancers of Pittsburgh and Philadelphia can pollute remaining entire ocean of the rest of the state.

      • The F we did. Go over to Epoch Times and read all of their coverage of all the shenanigans that went on here. that election was stolen, unfair and unsquare.

  4. Neanderthal man died out thousands of years ago, but from the looks of, and judging from the guttural and low level brain power exhibited in his nonsense, Fetterman survived that extinction.

    • MADDMAXX October 10, 2022 At 12:36
      Your comment is awaiting moderation
      They have found 1.5 to 2.6% Neanderthal DNA in modern humans outside of Africa, seems some of the Homo Erectus women liked the Bad Boy thing.

      Guess the “algorithm” doesn’t like “Homo”? Context DOES matter.

  5. He went hunting and owned a Smith & Wesson Model 500, those are his qualifications to make such false and incorrect and misleading statements?

    By golly, I owned a Ford F150 pickup truck so that means I’m qualified to make statements about formula one race cars.

    Democrats, changing the world by lie and tyranny oppression. (seriously, this should be their party motto)

  6. And yet the (R)s in PA run the least qualified candidate they could possibly find against him.
    Part of the Trump hangover.
    Republicans need to get their heads out of their asses and run legitimate, qualified candidates – not lunatics.

    • Like Romney, Kinzinger, or Liz Cheney, maybe? I don’t want to speak for you, but it does seem like a lot of the so-called “approved” Republican candidates are really just Democrats with a red necktie.

      • I’d like Nikki Haley to run, personally. The first female prez should one of ours…

        • Well, not really. Dems swallowed the “Big State” Commie thing, so BIG diff. Not saying Rhinos don’t irritate me, but still huge diff. Just look at “the Squad” for Gods sake.

    • (R)s in PA run the least qualified candidate they could possibly find

      The “qualification” requirement was nullified over a decade ago, all that is required is money and this mid-term has really gotten out of control with everyone equating dollars spent to potential votes. Used to be you could talk to the people lay out your plan and that was enough now hundreds of millions is being spent on even local races, it is truly insane and unfortunately, I must agree with Iron Cat Beast that most of those “approved” candidates ARE basically RINOs including Dr. Oz’s (who I am not a fan of either) Primary opponent.

  7. The boob looks like every other bald-headed tattooed bully doofus. He likely owns the exact thing he’s wants to ban. The truth of the matter, he has nothing to run on and without an earth shattering talking point, he’s just another guy who breath stinks in the morning.

    Just like horse-face Beto. Beto has nothing to offer either.

  8. Fetterman is a certified nut case, and worse, he’s a infant with an agenda. The guy got elected because the Dems are attracted to senile, batshit crazy and useless parasites. Explains Joe Biden in the Whitehouse.

  9. He wants to make sure all those convicted criminals that he’s released can carry out their nefarious trade without fear of possible harm or even death at the hands of their intended victims.

  10. This guy looks like an old inmate who just got out after doing 30 years in the clink.

    No surprise he’s a huge supporter of crime.

  11. Anybody bother to tell him that hoodies and shorts are NOT acceptable in the US Senate Chambers… Might be a deal breaker to him.

    • MAXX,

      Nah. Fetterman is a spoiled, lazy, unaccomplished trust fund baby, who’s never had a real job in his life (like most Dim politicians), he wears the hoodie and shorts for ‘street cred’, to masquerade as a real person, and to hide that unsightly goiter on his neck. He’s about as “authentic” as Scranton Joe (and lies about his background as often).

  12. Well I got as far as “Weapons of War.”
    Tell me my good man , what hasn’t been used as a weapon of war?
    Tik Tok tik Tok tik Tok.
    Yeah I couldn’t think of anything either.

  13. That’s on top of being soft on crime and probably no-cash bail.
    Unless you are a white Republican/NRA member cis-male of course. Then they want to throw you under the jail with no due process and are just fine with that…Constitution be damned.

  14. quote———“That’s one of the main reasons why I called for the elimination of the filibuster. Eighty to ninety percent of Americans support the elimination — excuse me — banning assault rifle ownership and common sense gun control legislation,” he said.———-quote

    Poll after poll which has included the majority of even NRA members as well as many Republican Congressmen prove his statement is true.

    quote————–He wants universal background checks, unenforceable without the creation of a national firearm registry. A registry like that, of course, is a violation of federal law.———-quote

    Another bold face falsehood. No registration is needed or ever was. History has already proven that when the penalties are draconian enough the average citizen looks out for No. 1 and would indeed have no choice but to comply with a new gun law or risk going to prison, lose one’s job, pay a heavy fine and lose one’s gun rights for life. And what good would a banned gun do anyone???? You could not shoot it without risk of being caught, or sell it or use it in a self defense situation.

    Again History has proven people do indeed comply with new gun laws and with certain types of weapons being restricted or banned altogether. Remember the Far Right Nut cases are roughly only 3% of all gun owners and their rhetoric is largely one of a paper tiger smelling its own rectum gas as they squeeze every penny so hard it screams for mercy and would not risk losing their money, wealth and freedom by ending up in prison for years.

    • Same way the war on drugs is such a winner. You haven’t got a clue. Couldn’t buy one.

      We won this argument. Period. Nothing is being banned. Period.

      Have nice day.

    • 90% are NOT for banning assault weapons you lying racist Communist. And nobody is going door to door to pick up semi-auto rifles, as that would create a graveyard of corrupt police and military officials.

  15. Can you imagine a conversation between Fetterman and Biden?

    Fetterman: Hey, Joe, I heard that some movie studio is going to make “The Life and Times of Joe Biden.”

    Biden: Great. What’s it about?

    Fetterman: What’s what about?

  16. When my dad was getting up in years (upper 80s) his lawyer had a stroke. When I mentioned it he said “a lawyer is no good after a stroke” and we found a much younger man. In Fetterman’s case a politician is no good after a stroke, although he wasn’t much good before. At any rate he should not be running.

  17. This article needs a correction. From the article,

    “ despite the fact that murders by all rifles comprise just three percent of all murders, not just AR-15s”

    Three percent of all murders involving firearms. The percent of all murders committed using rifles is thus far lower.


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