Pennsylvania Governor Has a Message for Medical Marijuana Users: IMI Systems Quote of the Day

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“The people who signed up to receive medical marijuana will be on a registry that licensed gun dealers will have to reference as part of the background check process before selling a weapon. ‘People should not have to make that choice,” said Gov. Tom Wolf. ‘We’re not going to take their guns away.'” Wolf: ‘We Won’t Take Guns Away’ From Medical Marijuana Users [via]

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  1. avatar PA Gun Owner says:

    Yeah… Because I’ll believe a single word that comes out of Tom Wolf’s mouth…

    1. avatar Rusty Chains says:

      Any time the government keeps a list of those known to be breaking the law, the people on it will be subject to the whims of whatever bunch is in charge. Anyone who needs that stuff for medical reasons might want to rethink involving the government in their business!

      1. avatar California Richard says:

        If the Bureaucrats were actually serious about keeping their people off of government lists, they would rebrand “medical marijuana” as “THC fortified herbal, inhalable” or something. They would never use the word “marijuana”. Its like calling “heroin” or “opium” something else like “codine” or “morphine”.

        1. avatar Theus says:

          Alcohol kills more people annually than all the other drugs combined. Let Jeff go after that!

        2. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

          The 21A puts that beyond his purview.

      2. avatar Fred says:

        Being authorized for medical marijuana is not equal to possessing marijuana. One is a statement by a physician (At least, in theory), the other is possessing a substance. One does not necessarily, logically follow from the other and requires separate proof. Status offenses were shot down ages ago.

    2. avatar Hank says:

      You are a wise man. Never trust a Democrat, especially where gun rights are involved.

    3. avatar RJB says:

      Yeah, I live in Pa also and can’t for the life of me figure out why so many Pennsylvanians continue to vote these dim wit socialists Democrats into office over and over again. I’m embarrassed to have Tom Wolf as my Governor, he’s such a little bitch libby !!!!

  2. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    How does one know when the .gov is lying?
    When their lips are moving.

  3. avatar MICHAEL A says:

    No. They will leave that to the feds to do the dirty work. That way they can claim innocence even though they will provide the names and addresses to the feds. Hypocrites but they are democrats so there’s that.

    1. avatar Ranger Rick says:

      Spot on, the BATFE will have acess to the MJ user list. Either way the Dems will havw less “guns on the street”,

      1. avatar Chris Mallory says:

        You mean like that “Dem” Jeff Sessions and his announcement that he is rescinding the policy letter that told the Feds to stay hands off in states that have legalized pot? Both parties are evil and are just different sides of the same progressive, big government coin.

        1. avatar Dcommoncents says:

          Absolutely. I like to say they take turns burning both ends of the candle of liberty.

        2. avatar Richard McGannon, Esq. says:

          Remember folks…we got here because we let it happen. We voted these useless tools into office. So just repeat after me…”We are their subjects…this is a nation of men, not laws. Say it enough and you will come to believe it and feel better about it. OTHERWISE, you need to enjoy your 2nd A rights and PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.

  4. avatar Jb says:

    Yessir him and that asshat AG josh Shapiro.

  5. avatar Alex Waits says:

    Even if his “administration” doesn’t “come and get em” the next one will for political capital.

  6. avatar Geoff PR says:

    This ought be something that can be used as a litmus test to hang the Democrats on their hypocrisy on freedom…

  7. avatar Texheim says:

    And it isn’t nug grinding techniques

  8. avatar TwoJohnsonsAreBetterThanOne says:

    We need some common-sense gov control.

  9. avatar Chris in Oregon says:

    But go ahead and drink all the booze you want. What could possibly go wrong?

    “Oh, heavens to Betsty!!! Marijuana is sooo bad!!! Those people are -drug addicts-!!!”

    You know, I’ve never heard of someone burning a big, fat bowl and then beating their wife and kids. Seems to happen pretty regularly with alcohol, though.

    1. avatar Nick says:

      It’s my view that one doesn’t cause the other, rather those predisposed to spousal abuse have a huge overlap with those prone to alcohol abuse. After all, wife beaters often offend while sober as well.

    2. avatar neiowa says:

      Without rationalization the stoners wouldn’t have anything other than a dumb look and dead brain cells. But keep talking and demtard pols will believe you. It’s all upside for the not potheads though.

      1. avatar Chris Mallory says:

        When did it become any of your or the government’s business what a person uses to medicate what ever issues they have as long as they are not hurting anyone else? You are just a big government progressive, no matter if you call yourself a “conservative” or not.

      2. avatar Red in CO says:

        Blow me. I’m not a pot smoker (actually, I truly hate the way THC makes me feel), but there are plenty of people who smoke marijuana and aren’t the worthless slacker stoners you seem to envision. More importantly, how the hell is it any of your business, or the state’s, what someone chooses to do with themselves, their free time, and their money? How is that ANY different from people saying guns should be banned?

        1. avatar Shallnot BeInfringed says:

          +1000. You took the words right out of my mouth!

          And there are a couple other posters around here (surprised we haven’t seen their screed already) that spout this crap too, the same type of bigoted nonsense as gun grabbers vomit.

          Apparently freedom only means the freedom to participate in activities they enjoy and approve of… but what others want to do must be BANNED!


        2. avatar John E> says:

          You guys lead a really sheltered life if you don’t believe that marijuana cannot be abused. I’ve seen blunts the size of cigars laced with formaldehyde and God knows what other chemical. The juveniles that I have worked with Don’t believe it’s wrong either do utilize marijuana. Even though they are less than an adult age. I don’t even get me started and how it limits productivity and education.

        3. avatar Shallnot BeInfringed says:

          No one ever said it cannot be abused… just that it doesn’t cause anywhere near the carnage as some people want others to believe. Are you aware that juveniles also imbibe alcohol, which is more dangerous and addictive than weed? Guess we should ban that too – for the children. Oh, wait…

          When you think about it, nearly ANY substance can be abused. Does that mean we should ban everything that someone might find a way to misuse? Because I’m sure that logic would be used to ban guns, as well. Household chemicals, bug spray, diesel fuel, fertilizer… gee, someone could find a way to misuse all those substances. We’d better make sure no one can get their hands on all that stuff, right?

          And that’s without even mentioning the freedom aspect of this. Apparently you haven’t thought this through very deeply, like some of the rest of us have…

  10. avatar Jeff says:

    Meanwhile the ignorant midget Jeff Sessions is making things worse too.

    Congrats America, we’re regressing back to the 50’s now like you wanted.

    1. avatar David says:

      I could go for some 50s type morality. You know, when bangers weren’t banging and women weren’t having to raise children by themselves because father’s aren’t held to any standards. And crime was low. And taxes were low. I could go on. So what’s so bad about that?

      1. avatar Jeff says:

        Everything you described is caused by the war on drugs.

        1. avatar LarryinTX says:

          Absolutely everything. And there isn’t even a noticeable movement to end it. Unbelievable.

        2. avatar GS650G says:

          Bit simplistic don’t you think?

        3. avatar H says:

          Thanks for saying that.

        4. avatar H says:

          Actually is one of the least complicated things to understand.

        5. avatar David says:

          More like the abandonment of God and His standards in the American culture upon which this country was founded. The negative results are just symptoms of the problem.

        6. avatar JasonM says:

          The gangs and crime are a result of the war on drugs, but the rise of single moms is a result of the war on poverty and the welfare state.

        7. avatar Jeh says:

          Gangs and gang warfare predate the war on drugs by centuries……..or do you actually think the irish and italians in the five points were killing eachother over bags of coke and heroin?

        8. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

          Actually, the breakdown of the family was caused by the War on Poverty.

        9. avatar Jeff says:

          You’re a dolt Jason, those gangs no longer exist. We’re talking about current ones, try to keep up.

      2. avatar Jeff says:

        Its accurate. Nixon and Co. started it for that very reason, it was basically a way to have slavery and control the left wing without saying it directly.

        Now Jeff Sessions and that dipshit Trump are regressing any progress we made to fix that abomination.

        1. avatar neiowa says:

          You actually use CNN as a source? What next, Snopes, wiki, SpongeBob, Barak Obumer (the countries “leading” pothead)?

      3. avatar JasonM says:

        Taxes in the 50s were incredibly high by modern standards. The highest rate for personal income taxes was around 90%. Also that 50s morality said that blacks couldn’t use the same bathrooms or schools as whites. And that it was okay to subjugate women.
        Some aspects of life were better then, but it wasn’t exactly Leave it to Beaver.

        1. avatar David Langley says:

          Sure. The institutionalized racism you speak of was only in Democratically controlled areas. Also, do you know what it took, in the context of the era, to qualify for the highest bracket? Overburdening taxes and regulation also kept the cost of goods more realistic, and the average citizen could do okay with only one wage-earner in the house. This allowed for a more cohesive family unit and better transfer of values from one generation to the next.

        2. avatar Jeff says:

          And Democrats then are the Republicans now, so what is your point?

        3. avatar David Langley says:

          That was supposed to be “lack of overburdening . . . “

        4. avatar David Langley says:

          Another common myth created precisely for the kind of person who long ago decided to regurgitate their masters’ propaganda rather than have to do their own thinking. How pathetic. The end of Jim Crow and segregation in the South have more to do with the influx of people from other places and the urge to be more sophisticated and educated in the younger generations. Your master have rightfully gambled on you being so dumb you would believe Southerners, who hated Republicans for their century of efforts to free the slaves, desegregate the South and end the civil injustices suffered by Blacks, all decided to become Republicans after a democratic President decided to buck the traditional Democratic strategy and signed Civil Rights legislation that bad been pursued by Republicans? Once you’ve openly accepted that, your ready to believe anything they tell you. Did you ever really think about it, or just instantly accept such an absurd lie because it relieved your anxiety over something that clashes with your assumed reality?

  11. avatar GS650G says:

    How nice of the man to decide how it’s going to be handled. So comforting.

  12. avatar David Langley says:

    Taking guns away is a straw man argument, like most Commie arguments. When the Bloombergs of this country start paying people to sue any store that sold a gun used in a crime to someone on that list, nobody will sell to “legal” pot users.

    1. avatar strych9 says:

      Then pot will just go back to the black market.

      You can get pot, if you know where to look, pretty much anywhere bin the USA. That’s not going to change.

      1. avatar David Langley says:

        Yeah, and tax free as well.

      2. avatar Red in CO says:

        Not just “pretty much” anywhere. Literally anywhere. And it’s not even a matter of knowing where to look. Hell, ask any high schooler, or just literally walk around asking strangers in the most friendly way possible. No matter what federal law says, it’s not exactly regarded as a commodity that warrants discretion

        1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

          Somebody asked me if I knew where to get marijuana. I knew of two people off the top of my head within walking distance who did.

  13. avatar Gary says:

    People look to anything to take away the blame for someone falling prey to drugs. It just couldn’t be their high tone living, our religion, lack of support for a family member in need; or just an apathy for people struggling to understand and cope with the stress of life with too little “wherewithall”. So it has to be “the drugs; it couldn’t be us”. It’s all the people pointing fingers at people dying of cancer. The land of the free; is the biggest lie in the world.

  14. avatar Mark N. says:

    The solution is to get Congress to change the law and get pot off the Schedule 1 drug list. That would take care of the gun ban issue, as the question would no longer be a relevant consideration on a 4473, and would stop Sessions in his tracks. Sessions, sad to say, is a total hard ass on pot, and with the rescission of the Obama Administration letter taking pot of the priority prosecution list, I am waiting for the AGs in California to issue their threat letters to all the pot shops and all the owners of the buildings in which such shops are located stating that they are subject to being raided and all property, including real property, seized and forfeited to the government. It was done before when California legalized medicinal marijuana, but no action was taken after the change by the Obama Administration.

    Personally, I have no dog in the fight, since I do not imbibe, but it could have a massive impact here and in the states that allow recreational sales.

  15. avatar Illinois_Minion says:

    Serious question:
    If one gets a MJ license, they go on a list. If they do not renew that MJ license,. do they come off the list?

    I ask for a friend…

    1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

      Probably not. Legally, after a certain undefined point, they should. (If the list we’re talking about is NICS and marijuana is the only reason the hypothetical totally not you person is on the list).

      It shouldn’t be that hard to sue and get off the list. Not cheap, but not hard either.

  16. avatar Cjstl says:

    Why are religious “conservatives” like Sessions so uptight about weed? Are they that afraid that if they sat down and smoked it or enjoyed an edible, they might relax enough that the sticks would fall out of their asses?

  17. avatar Hunter427 says:

    My friends are Potheads their always doing dangerous and stupid things. They go the range all smoked up They have sank boats, drowned people, injured numerous people but their really really really unsafe but really lucky as far as the law goes. So no pot doesn’t go with motorized vehicles, boats, heavy equipment, and guns

    1. avatar Shallnot BeInfringed says:

      So you blame that behavior on the pot, not the idiot friends that YOU choose to hang around with? Wow, that’s some major projection!

      I know a lot of people who smoke weed on a regular basis, then act perfectly normal. They go to work, provide for their families, and live very productive lives. Did you ever think maybe it’s not the marijuana, but your friends crappy’ upbringing and consequent delinquent lifestyle that causes their problems?

      Naw, must be the pot, huh? SMH

  18. avatar Timothy McCoy says:

    After kissing BHO’s and Hillary’s a*s so much his tongue turned brown- right, I believe you Mr. Wolfe

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