Ron Grobman with IWI and Colion Noir (courtesy Tactical Fitness)
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Does Colion Noir know how to shoot? Anyone who’s seen the gun rights advocate, social media personality and NRA Spokesman handling a gun knows he can. But can he really? You know: multiple takes. Editing. I may be from Israel, but when it comes to shooting, I’m from Missouri (a.k.a., The Show Me State) . . .

I spent a recent weekend shooting a whole “arsenal” of IWI firearms at Texas Defensive Shooting Academy, Colion Noir’s home range in Dallas. And I’m here to report . . .

On the first day, Tom Alibrando and I put Colion through the Level One Tavor Operator course. IWI’s National Law Enforcement Sales Manager and I introduced Colion to the Tavor X95. We quickly moved to a variety of shooting drills at various distances and positions, including magazine reloads and cadence drills

Colion was skeptical about the Tavor platform; he’s an AR guy through and through. Make that was an AR guy. Reloading speed, ease of operation, balance, unique shooting positions — the Tavor soon won a new convert.

On the second day, Tom and I introduced Colion to various variants of the bullpup, such as the IDF issued 13.5 in X95 and full auto variants in 5.56mm and 300BLK.

We continued in full auto with the Galil Ace 21N with a 8.3in barrel. By that time, Colion had a bad case of the full-auto giggles.

To finish with a bang (pun intended) we handed Colion the Negev NG5 (5.56) and NG7 (7.62×51).

The accuracy Colion achieved shooting full auto at a silhouette sized steel target at 100 yards was as good as you’d expect from someone who shoots guns for a living. All two-to-four round bursts smacked the steel with satisfying pings.

Colion Noir is a great shooter. He listen to instructions, learns from his mistakes and maintains focus for long periods of time. He’s also a humble and likable human being. It’s easy to understand how he became a celebrity, and will remain one for years to come.

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  1. I like Colion Noir, unfortunately I don’t like the Tavor. I had an early Tavor for all of two months because 1) I couldn’t shoot it well and 2) it shot gas into my face with every round fired.
    They are mechanically accurate, at fifty yards from the bench I put 3 rounds into half an inch with a Vortex 1-4 scope, but when I shot it from the shoulder I was way less accurate than my cheap AR with open sights, and that AR is one of my guns I shoot the worst. Add to that that my eyes were watering and I was coughing by the end of the first mag. This was at an indoor range, but shooting it outside wasn’t much better. Traded it off and never regretted a thing.

  2. I’m a big Colion fan. He is a lot of fun and provides some interesting commentary. Good guy, good advocate for 2A folks!

  3. I had the opportunity to be on his show a few years ago and he was the same guy when the cameras were rolling or not. Very easy to talk to and get along with. I have yet to shoot with him but who knows, maybe one day.

  4. Tavor / X95? This southpaw politely declines. I know, there’s lefty version but something about the ergos just turned me off. I have a Kel-Tec RFB and a Desert Tech MDR but I think that’s the extent of my bullpup commitment. I’m staying with the old fashioned stuff.
    It goes well with my gray hair.

    • You try an RDB, yet? It’s the best bullpup format I’ve messed with, and addresses most of the historical issues with the concept.

    • I’ve yet to handle a Tavor that wasn’t an airsoft gun… this southpaw is hoping the ergos will work in my hands as id really like to find a bullpup that will work for me that isn’t an FN PS90 (proprietary chamberings are a no-go for me) – which is a pity in itself, I’d really want to like the FN…

  5. Tavor trigger is junk. The rest of it is not much better. I ran a private full day course at a private contractor training compound a few years back thanks to some friends in the right kind of low places. I was handed one very nice firearm after another, all suppressed. The Tavors were my least favorite and actually malfunctioned quite a bit. Not just one of them… all 3 of them that were on hand. And malfunctions on those polymer paper weights are not a quick fix. I’ll stick to my AR platform any day.

    • The trigger on the newer X95 was immensely improved compared to its predecessor. IWI listened to the market on that issue and greatly reduced the weight.

    • My experience has been the opposite.

      I have never cleaned mine in my 4.5 years of owning it and I can’t get it to jam with either steel or brass in any combination of shooting including various types of mags from GI’s to Lancer’s with everything in between.

      However I did replace the stock trigger with a Geissele which makes it much better but I never shot it suppressed.

  6. Figures a black guy wouldn’t mind being sooted with every shot, lol. I also notice a lack of silencers…

    Am I the only one that thinks the Tavor/X95 seems cheaply made? I finally got to mess with one recently, and…yeesh. The words ‘solid’ and ‘well made’ that so frequently follow the gun don’t seem fitting at all. Loads of flexible plastic and a very funky gas system almost designed to maximize blowby into ge shooter’s face. My RDB seems more solidly built, and it is not what I’d call a ‘nice’ gun.

  7. Why mention his race? You know something we don’t, about black guys preferring soot?
    I mean as an antagonistic white guy I am looking for every weakness I can find in the “nigra”. Makes me feel better. 🙂

    • “Often seen grazing with its close cousin the Social Justice Warrior, the humorless White Knight can be identified by its frequent, mistaken calls of righteous indignation.”

      Noir’s skin is darker than most (also his name), ergo he won’t demonstrate ‘Tavor Face’ as readily as us pasty vampires upon shooting. The guns are notoriously and unfixably overgassed, and vent much closer to the face than their distant AK relatives. Especially when suppressed.

  8. Colin Noir for president!
    Love him and his show
    He did a great review on the CZ Scorpion that convinced me to buy one
    He does great ads for the NRA
    Tavor is a nice bullpup
    You have to send it to them to convert to left ejection
    I bought a Steyr Aug and like it better
    Easily converted from lefty to right ejection in one minute without tools


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