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I don’t know for sure that this will be hatchet job on America’s oldest civil rights org (a.k.a., Wayne’s world). But I wouldn’t bet against it. Calling the documenatry Gunned Down doesn’t lead me to believe that the NRA will get a fair hearing. This clip positions LaPierre as an “extremist” (ominous music and all) pushed to extremism by his extremist members. And ending the teaser with the assertion that the NRA wanted to “bash [the president’s] brains out” doesn’t presage warm fuzzies about the NRA. One thing’s for sure: the NRA will say nothing about this documentary. At all. Ever. But you can under this post.

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    • Yes, it makes one want to throw up, especially when you he Mara “The Vampire” Allison Liasson spouting off. If you go to their website, you’ll notice the comments were immediately shut down when the pro-gunners set into them.

    • Funny how all the proggies that want to restrict freedom of speech for “corporations” go silent when they are questioned if that includes the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

        • He’s in deep something.
          Just set my recorder. I might stay up and watch it though. I have to get up at 5am to get to work. Speaking of work, one of the most ridiculous things I heard a Democrat say at work after the Travon Martin shooting: “The NRA killed Travon, ’cause they the ones that made the stand yo ground law.”

  1. “I don’t know for sure that this will be hatchet job on America’s oldest civil rights org…”

    Really? I do.

    • No you’re good. Peoples Broadcasting is a Marxist commune. As such they don’t accept evil business commercial advertising/their filthy dollars which might lead you to commit capitalism. You do “contribute” some of your tax $ but this is dictated by the libtards in the fed gov’t, you have n not choice so you’re immunized.

      Now if you send them voluntary “contributions” you’re part of the evil empire.

      • I must admit that I do throw PBS a few bucks a month because I feel guilty for watching “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” and all the other Britcoms on KERA for all those years growing up. I know it isn’t, but I like to justify it in my mind that I’m only paying for THAT programming.

        • While the Pythons and Dr. Who are classic, every person should watch some, I would not give PBS any funding for any reason. Except of course for my tax “contributions”.

      • They don’t accept commercial advertising? Could have fooled me, because my local PBS station has about five minutes of “made possible by a generous contribution from…” before every show.

        They may call it “sponsorship” or “underwriting”, but I spent most of my childhood watching hours and hours of TV, so I can recognize a commercial when I see one.

    • Well, I do love GenePH’s comment…slightly surprised it was not removed though, being subversive and all:

      “More accurately called “The Power of the People with a Constitution.” “

  2. Watched the video above. Of course they are going to only take statements from “former NRA spokeman.”

    Act like the NRA betrayed Herbert Bush when it was the other way around (Bush passed some ridiculous gun control while in office including the notorious 922R).

    It was entertaining in a “I see through your nonsense” kind of way.

  3. Yeah…no. I don’t have TV anyway, and even if I did, I wouldn’t waste my time on what will undoubtedly be a honey-tongued hatchetation. I don’t need or care to know what PBS thinks of the NRA (or anything else, really).

  4. Am watching it. They are basically blaming the NRA for the Gabby Giffords shooting, Columbine, and Sandy Hook. They precisely blamed the NRA for Al Gore’s loss, and thus the sunset of the AWB, looser gun laws, and pro-gun SCOTUS decisions.

  5. I submitted the following comment at the PBS site. It was awaiting their approval before publication.

    The overwhelming bias, slanting, and emotional appeal to the of “Gunned Down: The Power of the NRA” — even descending to the contemptible ploy of exploiting the outrageous deaths of the children tragically slaughtered at Sandy Hook — was a disgrace to PBS.
    The victims of Sandy Hook, Columbine, and all the mass shootings by obviously deranged murderers, were sacrifices to the gun haters willful offering of them as sacrificial lambs to a deranged homicidal/suicidal maniac, for the evil purpose of advancing their agenda of an erosion of the 2nd Amendment rights of the American people.
    No one in his right mind could consider that “The Gun Free School Zone Act”, which forbid ANYONE — even licensed teachers, administrators, and parents — to have a gun within 1,000 feet of a school zone, was anything but an invitation and a guarantee of “non-interference” to homicidal/suicidal madmen, who were assured that they would have the ONLY gun within 1,000 feet of that school zone, and could kill innocent children without interference until they satisfied their blood lust and concluded their slaughter of the innocent with their suicide.
    Yes, the GFSZA has worked exactly the way its evil supporters have intended — it has repeatedly provided the anti-gun/anti-liberty combination with a host of victims to tear apart the hearts of all who see the pictures of their loving faces, and leave them open to the emotional appeal “We MUST do SOMETHING” and offer only more of the same ineffectual, “gun control” with the same perverse effects of encouraging the horror it pretends to prevent.

  6. Saw the fodder they call Frontline. Bloody shirt waving based on emotions. Kinda nice to see a documentary on how lost the far left is. My favorite was when they called Giffords “a secret weapon” – wow. Just wow.

    • I know, right? And that poor girl’s monosyllabic, slurred speech was a trainwreck.

      Shame on the NRA? No, shame on the people that thought it would be a good idea to trudge out and parade around a cripple for the masses to marvel at. That bastard husband of hers has no shame at all. I wonder how much coaching she required to get that little speech right.

      What happened to her was a tragedy of the highest order. But her brain was turned into oatmeal. Watching her struggle through 45 seconds of public speech made me a little bit sick to my stomach.

  7. Well… it probably wasn’t THE most biased piece I’ve ever seen on TV, but it definitely leaned about 85% against gun owners. I almost burst out laughing when they pointed out how NRA friendly the W. Bush administration was by noting that the SCOTUS ruled that a citizen had the ‘right’ to own a gun.

    Like most good agitprop the key is not in what they say, but in what they don’t say. Like right after the above statement they noted that congress passed a law protecting gun manufacturers. What they didn’t say is that the left was filing frivolous lawsuits to try to bankrupt gun manufacturers, or that the protection the law provided was no different that protecting GM from lawsuits over their failure to keep their cars out of the hands of drunks. No company should be held liable for the criminal misuse of their product. They made it sound like a kickback from the Bush administration for NRA support. Maybe not an out and out lie, but no less dishonest. Of course, come to think of it, I don’t think they mentioned the 2nd Amendment, the Bill of Rights or the Constitution a single time.

  8. I cannot think of a single subject that the media gets more colossally wrong than guns and gun rights. It’s shocking, actually. I don’t know what’s worse — the blundering errors of fact or the shameless emotional manipulation and incitement of mass hysteria.

    • That’s probably because you’re paying closer attention to what they say about guns. I’ve never seen a subject that I am familiar with get reported well.

    • They get all of it wrong. You just happen to know enough about guns to spot the errors. Think about how many times you have read, watched, or heard a mainstream media piece about a subject you have expertise on and how many of those pieces had significant errors. Yet we all tend to assume the error rate is lower with subjects we know less about.

      • Journalism does not exist. It has been replaced by a format.

        Brief summation
        Soundbite or quote
        Wrap up.

        Very little research goes into the stories and once published by the AP or some World Press Organization, it just gets repeated, all falsehoods included.

        Just this morning I heard on WSB radio news “The Peachtree City Police Chief has not spoken to his wife since he shot her.” They then said that it was not his choice not to see her then they went to a soundbite from a hospital representative who said “We are limiting her visitors to immediate family members only”.
        The story ended with that and I was like “WTF!? A spouse is not an immediate family member?!

  9. Arghh…I wasted 53minutes of my life. It’s a wonder they didn’t blame the NRA for killing puppies and child slavery too. PLEASE don’t ever give $ to PBS. Odd they gave so much “credit” to old Wayne. And odder still they didn’t trumpet any evil gun laws passed in places like New York,Conn.Mass,California or Colorado…

  10. If this was supposed to make me hate the NRA, they failed. I’m donating more money to them now. Makes me proud to be GOA and NRA member.

  11. After watching it, I realize that the sad thing is that it will have the effect that they are hoping for with non-gun owners.

  12. Very one sided. If you go further than that you play into their hands.
    Criticizing PBS is part of the mantra of the religion the show says we are apart of. Everything isn’t right with the “right” and wrong with the “left.”

    So often here I hear a wish that the left will examine the facts. (Notice they didn’t mention that NY times reported that the assault weapon ban had no effect on crime.)
    If you paint them with a wide brush how will they be in a place to learn?

    It was propaganda though but judging from their previews this is how Frontline does it’s thing.
    People who watched this weren’t seeking answers, just support for their beliefs. After all it was on at 10:00 EST on PBS. Hardly mainstream viewing.

    Hey it’s for sale for $24.95.

    NPR did a balanced report on gun ownership. One of their reporters went to a range in Va. and reported enjoying shooting.

    No insults please. No stereotypes. Let’s leave room for the facts to win out. If not and they win by brute force what have we?

  13. Well, I learned something. I never realized Lapierre apologized for saying “jack booted thugs.” At least I don’t remember it.

    His hard line was why I joined the NRA. It took me a long time to realize Lapierre is just an opportunist interested in controlling legislators, not in changing gun laws. To him this is all a game. What gun rights get protected is incidental to him. His goal is to keep gun owners stirred up and to look like he is perpetually delivering something to us. The NRA opposed DC v. Heller. They could have brought cases to court a hundred years ago. They could have filed an amicus in the Miller case. But they didn’t.

    Screw the NRA. What rights we yet have are despite them, not because of them.

  14. I’m seeing a lot of the typical left/”progressive” bashing on here, and as a proud gun owner with political views a little to the left of Noam Chomsky allow me to say KNOCK IT OFF. Yes, feelings on gun ownership do tend to skew a certain way on the left-to-right axis of American political culture, but there are significant outliers. By framing gun ownership and gun control as a hard left-right oppositional issue, opponents of gun control handicap ourselves tremendously.

    • No one is framing gun control as a left wing issue. It is a left wing issue. Leftists governments will never succeed before disarming society. After they get your guns, they will take your voice. Oops there goes another one of your rights.
      To say you are left of Chomsky is to say you are full on Socialist rather than Libertarian Socialist. Neither of which has succeeded as a form of government in the history of the world. I judge success of a form of government as one that through freedom gives every citizen opportunity for prosperity and happiness. America’s Constitution is the worlds best hope to achieve this. It’s not a perfect Union. It is a “More Perfect Union”. At least the founders understood the limitations of any form of government. You Socialist can’t seem to grasp that reality.
      I’ll take a free market capitalist republic and all its flaws over your utopia all the way to the grave. That is my belief and my right to express it so no, I will not “knock it off”.


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