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From “Police confirmed with KFOX14 they are assisting Fort Bliss on reports Tuesday of an active shooting at the VA clinic next to the William Beaumont Army Medical Center. Viewers say they’ve seen heavy police activity in the area of Fred Wilson Avenue and Alabama Street, and all traffic has come to a stop. Clarence Davis , a spokesperson for WBAMC, said the commander instructed officials to place the medical center on lockdown because of an active shooter at the VA clinic.” Stay tuned.

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  1. “Police confirmed with KFOX14 they are assisting Fort Bliss on reports Tuesday of an active shooting at the VA clinic next to the William Beaumont Army Medical Center.”

    Impossible … all federal government buildings are “gun-free zones”.

    Wait, does this mean that mandating a location to be “gun-free” does absolutely nothing to make the location “safe” much less “gun-free”? I am shocked, SHOCKED! I tell you.

  2. Doc in the VA clinic shot, shooter (unhappy with his care?) DRT (dead right there in EMS speak).

    All over folks, move along, nothing to tweet about here.

  3. As a disabled Vet myself, I have mixed emotions about this. 1st and “FOREMOST” I am “DEEPLY SADDENED” by the loss of life. However I suspect this was a extreme cry for help from someone who probably was at their last resort for care. While this was in no way appropriate, I bet this Veteran was at their wits end.

    Facing a cancer scare myself, from a suspect diagnoses from 3 months (three months) ago I am still unable to see a specialist as requested by my PCP. I spent the last two days on the phone with multiple departments at the VA desperately trying to reach someone to help including my PCP. A total of 9 hours in 2 days on the phone with the VA. Thats just from the last two days. My suspected diagnoses was 3 months ago. Neither I nor my PCP can get anywhere with the VA. If I had performed like this while in service I would be in a lot of trouble.

    The promises made for my service to country are clearly not being fulfilled. I could easily see a soldier who served his/her country in combat with PTSD feeling this sort of action is the only outcome as a result of the lack of service from the VA. I think many soldiers feel like they are at their wits end when it comes to the VA. And I suspect we will see more actions like this.

    Thankfully I do not suffer from PTSD and while I sometimes get frustrated I have never felt things were bad enough to act out in aggression.

    But something needs to be done about the VA. I have heard many Veterans express taking actions like this when trying to get just the basic care promised by our service. Our Veterans need help and the VA isn’t doing it.

    • It pains me to think, much less come right out and say, that there is absolutely zero interest in “fixing” the VA. They’ve had years and years to “fix” the VA, and had known about every single of is problems and the exact extent of those problems, yet absolutely nothing has been done to address any single one of them.

      The Powers The Be won’t “fix” the VA because, even if there were enough resources and man power to do so (which there isn’t and never was to begin with), they literally don’t give a rat’s ass. These politicians never have about anyone except themselves and (maybe some of) their cronies, and they are never going to.

      Then you have shitbags like Nancy Pelosi publicly stating that returning veterans are nothing more than potential terrorist threats, all while actively working against every single effort to “fix” the VA that is put forth, paltry and woefully insufficient as they are when they are even remotely hinted at. They send us to war in places that we have less than zero business being in to start with, to fight a war they damn well know we’re going to lose in the end anyway (because they made it that way on purpose after they fucking started it), and throw us away like a used rubber without even so much as a “thank you” most of the time.

      Sure, they may smile at you and shake your hand, but they cry crocodile tears at our funerals and laugh all the way to the bank after they illegally line their pockets with campaign dollars, stock options in their donor’s companies, and land themselves in a cushy desk job on the off chance they’re voted out.

      We’ve been nothing more than political pawns and bargaining chips since at least the end of WW2, and it wouldn’t at all surprise me if it has been much longer than that.

      Fuck ’em and hang ’em high. Every last goddamn one of them.

    • What he said. In NO WAY was shooting a caregiver justified.

      I have been in the VA system since 2009. I empathize with the frustration other vets must feel because of the crappy care they/we get in far too many cases.

      Glad I can just bitch out loud about it without harming someone.

  4. Well, if the Libturds weren’t so hell bent on throwing all the nations cash into buying happy meals for illegal immigrants, welfare and other ridiculous handouts maybe they’d have money to fix the broken VA system. But no, making sure some bum gets a tax payer funded 8th abortion along with food stamps and an Obamaphone are more important. Won’t be surprised if the democrats take away the GI bill altogether and give it to illegal immigrants.

    • They already limit it. They have been reducing our ability to pull our education benefits year after year. This year it was FTA ( federal tuition assistance) which only pays 16 credit hours a year- $750 a class…. or use the GI BILL. Also that NGSG ( National Guard Supplementary Grant) they promised everyone at sign up (included in their ads on posters!) that was going to magically pay tuition was ” subjective to available funds” , btw can’t use Disabled Vet education benefits and any another fed education benefit even if you qualify because of some insanely small print that states…..”availability of funds”.
      P.s. after this second contract, the gov’t can suck a f*ck.

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