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If you’ve ever seen an episode of Frontline, you couldn’t have been terribly surprised by last night’s NRA exposé, subtly titled ‘Gunned Down: The Power of the NRA’. The NRA’s real sin, according to the program’s slant, is that it’s just too good at protecting gun rights. Too effective at countering the best efforts of Congress, victims groups and the civilian disarmament industrial complex. In case you missed it . . .

The film recounted in great detail some of the more horrific crimes involving guns in the last quarter century or so, including the assassination attempt on Ronald Regan, Columbine, the Giffords shooting and Sandy Hook. Through it all, the all-powerful, all-seeing, all-knowing NRA, put their playbook into effect, manipulated the strings of power at its disposal and thwarted even the most “reasonable” attempts at gun law reform. If you value your natural, civil, Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, may it ever be thus.


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  1. Anti gun playbook

    STEP 1 – Demonize and vilify all gun owners and associations like the NRA.

    STEP 2 – Mislead the public with cherry picked stats, conclusion predetermined studies, and emotional manipulation aka blood shirt waving.

    It began years ago, intensified since Newtown, and will continue to intensify since raw hatred and emotion drive the antis in their totalitarian desires.

    • That’s exactly how Hitler convinced the Germans to treat Jews like second class citizens.

      Vilify, create biased statistics (using ‘science’, aka eugenics), then use emotional arguments to blame Jews for all of their problems.

  2. I thought it was kind of funny how they could do an hour long expose on the NRA and never once mention the Second Amendment, the Constitution or the Bill of Rights.

    • This is because, like all totalitarian lackies don’t, they don’t even acknowledge the Second Amendment, The Bill of Rights, or the Constitution at all.

      They don’t even acknowledge basic civil rights as a valid concept, much less the alleged foundation of our entire society, unless and until it becomes profitable for them. And even then, only the particular parts that they know will drive up their ratings.

    • Thanks for the heads up on that one. I guess the wife and I won’t be watching this while playing our favorite Friday night drinking game “take a shot every time the bill of rights or constitution is mentioned”.

      • It would be a sobering experience, but only if you drank to excess sometime before starting to watch.

  3. Something is very wrong with this country when tax payer money is being used by PBS to spread propaganda against our 2nd ammendmant rights.

      • And when these preening, self-absorbed, thumb-sucking, pearl-clutching liberals get 0%, then and only then will we who hew to the Constitution have no say in their programming.

    • It is a violation of the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution for the government to fund speech, for example, to fund PBS and NPR. This forces others to associate PBS and NPR who may not want to associate. This funding needs to end.

  4. So PBS is pissed off because the NRA said “Don’t judge the many by the actions of a few”? I thought the left loved using that line when talking about the various “Downtrodden minorities”?

  5. Frontline lost me a long time ago.
    A documentary on the 80’s, where President Regan was described as “Dangerous” and Saddam Hussein as “Eccentric”

    • Reagan WAS dangerous! He started handing out military weapons to the police, and pretty thoroughly demolished the Fourth Amendment — he tried to erase the Fifth as well, but didn’t have as much success there. He was perfectly happy with innocent people being shot in their homes in the middle of the night by faux soldiers, so long as more drug dealers were caught than innocents. Oh, and he didn’t see any reason the military shouldn’t be allowed to provide full-action backup for invade-and-arrest, or for that matter to be able to arrest US citizens.

      And he’s the one who launched the business of seizing assets that might somehow possibly in a fashion be sort of related to a suspicion of drug activity, even before any indictment, let alone a trial.

      Reagan was great on foreign affairs, because of his stage sense, but on domestic matters he was a tyrant, not just in the above matters, but he also pioneered using federal money to effectively coerce states into abandoning their sovereignty.

  6. NRA truly is the 800 hundred pound gorilla in the room. I never realized this quite as much as after the Newtown tradgedy. Thank God for the NRA.

    • Assuming of course, that the gorilla remembers to not compromise for the sake of public relations. After watching the show, it does seem that Wayne has come to realize that the members don’t see compromise as a viable strategy.

      • You realize that the “Cincinnati Revolt” was WAY back in 1977? That would be almost THIRTYEIGHT years ago!

        Be advise that a search on “Cincinnati Revolt” will bring you a bevy of libtard gunbanner websites. Causes them to have stroke.

  7. So the NRA is simultaneously running scared (according to Shannon Watts) and all-powerfully making people shoot other people (according to PBS).

    “Support gun control, not the NRA, because the NRA is weak but has all the power.”

    What the actual, sarge?

    • Its powerful REAL powerful. And getting more so. We whooped Obama and Biden like red headed step children ( btw why do red headed step children get beat harder than blondes or brunettes?). This was a battle the NRA couldn’t win. After newtown this was the one the pigs had been praying for. Even gun owners thought we would lose. Look at all the mad scramble to buy buy buy. But we won. We showed em. We ARE the militia. And they are welcome to pry our guns from our cold dead hands. just don’t expect to find them magazines still full !

      • “( btw why do red headed step children get beat harder than blondes or brunettes?)”

        It was usually an indication the mother had well-oiled heel hinges…

  8. I liked how they called the Manchin-Toomey bill simple and the dark evil sounding music anytime they talked about an NRA victory.

    • Lol, I bet the viewership was a lot higher than 10. What’s hilarious is that the viewership was probably a majority of gun owners like us wanting to see the BS spew from their mouths.

      • That’s about what I make of it, based on the commentary on the PBS site. We should all submit (subject to PBS review, with some delay and possible arbitrary rejection) comments on their “public service message”.

  9. “Frontline” lost me before it ever got started good, with terminally egocentric Jessica Savitch assuring me that I had to watch the coming episode because “it is important”. Oddly enough, my family was actually watching quite a bit of PBS at that time–but not “Frontline”.

  10. Mr. Mauser(whoa, ironic), If your son had been beaten to death with a table leg would you have been relieved that he wasn’t shot? I doubt it.

    • Regulate free standing tables! Bolt them to the ground or wall, or apply for a renewable assault furniture permit! Permit revocable if furniture is re-organized into a configuration other than declared at time of application.

  11. The NRA is “too good” at what it does, eh? What the anti-gun crowd is really saying is that lying, twisting facts, denying truths and waving bloody shirts is a failed set of tactics. Of course they have to spin their failure as well.
    This kind of reportage is why I won’t give a dime to PBS. Think I’ll send a check to the NRA today and them them to keep being “too good” at what they do.

    • “This kind of reportage is why I won’t give a dime to PBS.”

      You’re right, you dont give a dime to PBS, its way more than that to the tune of nearly 25% – 40% of your income (depending on how much you make), now obviously not all of your taxes go to them, but some does. You’re welcome.

      • @Tex300BLK My Federal Taxes are a lot less than you think, but I know a portion of them goes to PBS. I was trying not to think about that because it gets me to thinking about what portion goes to other Federally funded crap I hate and kind of ruins a part of the day….nonetheless with a moniker like yours I won’t hold it against you. 😀

  12. Did you notice the part where they highlighted and modified a photo of LaPierre sitting next to David Duke? That was subtle. NRA = racists, right?

  13. The more they demonize the NRA, an organization chiefly dedicated to firearms SAFETY and training, the more they alienate the people. Even their Gun Control Handbook warns them not to do that. But they are not completely sane.

  14. How ironic. What were once the rebels against the “man and the system” are now in positions of power using the “man and the system” trying to oppress the people.

    Evil never does sleep and the fight against tyranny never ends.

  15. My favorite quote was, “The NRA simply works the levers of democracy better than anyone else.”

    Also, I think we can all put away the spears. PBS brought in Larry Pratt and let him talk for like 60 seconds. Totes fair and balanced.

  16. CNN reported on the bombing in front of the Colorado NAACP office and closed with “The NAACP is the nation’s oldest civil rights organization.”

    It’s a good thing they don’t allow comments. Then again, I’m sure they don’t enumerate gun rights among the civil rights.

    • Columbia University’s monthly alumni publication repeated this canard in a story about the NAACP’s then current president. There were a number of corrective letters to the editor published in the next month’s edition.

  17. The NRA is really good at protecting our 2nd ammendment rights. GOOD. If only other organizations like ACLU where as good at protecting the other 9 items in the bill of rights as the NRA was with #2, maybe we’d have a much better justice system.

  18. I heard about that program. It motivated me to bump my NRA renewal up to the top of the bills-to-pay list this month.

    • It’s one more straw on the load that’s got me pondering skipping lunch for a year or to in order to go for the next membership level.

  19. It’s not only that – the whole video was Ridiculous.

    Never during the video, they never directly say the NRA was responsible, yet the video goes through these cherry picked stories about babies and innocent wives being victimized by psycho/socio-paths and then switches back and forth between those stories and the un-compromising NRA.

    It’s a smear campaign disguised as a documentary that blames the NRA for everyone’s misfortunes (misfortunes with guns).

    The tragedies illustrated in the documentary have nothing to do with the NRA. And it is ridiculous that the NRA, a civil rights organization, is to blame because of the criminal acts of the few and that we as a people should sacrifice our principles, freedom, and legacy for those few. Somehow the focus has changed from criminals and crazy people – to guns, and the demoralization of America is somehow going to be corrected by “gun control?” And if not – it’s the NRA’s fault (supported by millions of people that believe their freedoms and the freedoms of their progeny are worth more than their lives.)

    • Better yet send a letter to PBS stating that you sent the $50 to NRA and not to PBS just because of this “slanderumentary”.

    • This is something that’s been a constant in the continuing dispute over gun-control. Every time the gun-controllers make a major move, there is a corresponding, often larger, counter-move from gun-rights advocates. NRA’s membership expanded exponentially during the immediate post Sandy Hook politicization.
      And it continues to grow.

  20. Re the quote in the headline graphic … Yes something is wrong.

    Parents aren’t taking responsibility for properly educating their children. There is the hand-grenades-and-babes thing, re leaving loaded weapons in easy reach of very young kids, but still.

    • Yeah, for many with advanced age, it appears the dependency affect really starts to negatively impact ones judgment.

      You will know you’re loosing it when you start reading those AARP solicitations rather than simply tossing them in the trash.

      Be proud, self-sufficient and stubborn, and armed. Don’t be hoodwinked by the anti-gun, illusory ‘we’ll take care of you’ AARP con artists. They won’t; they’re simply out to perpetuate their organization and salaries.

    • Prior to 1994, you would have been correct.

      Since the tidal election wave of 1994, no, the AARP is no longer the big gorilla in DC. The NRA is now, and they’re a much harder hitting gorilla than the AARP. More seats have been lost or won on the NRA’s influence now than the AARP. The AARP can claim that they’ve gotten more pork and gimmedat’s inserted into legislation than the NRA, but in terms of who politicians fear more? The NRA wins, hands down. Not many (like only a handful) of people in Congress have lost their seats due to only the AARP. Dozens have lost their seats since 1994 due to only the NRA in an election.

    • AARP today is 75% insurance agency conning senior citizens in to buying crap insurance and 20% conduit for federal $/libtard programs.

  21. A wise man once told me if I could consistently get 70% success I was doing pretty damn good. I support NRA because, by my estimates, it has been consistently getting around 80% success. The gun-control forces were presented with a veritable cascade of perfect storms. They should have won big-time but they didn’t. Instead, gun control has been soundly defeated at the ideological level—its moral imperatives made invalid– by an astoundingly resurgent 2nd amendment counter-movement. The NRA’s role in this has been essential. After Sandy Hook, the NRA showed its real strength when, one by one—and to the complete dismay of progressive gun-controllers—politicians began backing away from supporting gun control efforts. The NRA has plenty of warts but, when the chips were all down, nobody else in the gun-rights movement could have done that. The gun-controllers should be winning but they aren’t. And the NRA is a big reason why they aren’t.

    • THAT’s what NRA/ILA should be reminding its members of in their solicitations for more money donations rather than the usual same old ‘if you don’t give more money Obama’s gonna’ take your gun rights’ platitudes.

    • I agree, the NRA is a good organization. I’m somewhat politically active. The last action was to oppose the confirmation of Murthy for surgeon general. The Republican senator voted against, the Democrat for. Ultimately lost that one, of course senator Reid changed the rules and it was a lame duck session. What gets me is the number of people I know who are tacit supporters yet take no action and won’t join the NRA. I’ll keep trying.

  22. I commented last night but yeah I’ll never get that 53minutes back. Kinda’ reminded me of the vile remarks about W. Everybody criticizes old Wayne but he gets my vote. I’m sending $ to the NRA.

    • The NRA is a master at playing its game long and deep. For a lot of the time, that strategy goes against my 60’s radical roots. But when, seemingly within minutes of Sandy Hook, ole’ Wayne started talking about “Good guys with guns stopping bad guys with guns”, he adroitly seized the moment at a time when it should have been absolutely owned by bloody-shirt waving gun-grabbers. I really didn’t think the NRA could do something like that.

    • What is this Second you speak of?

      1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 14, 15.

      There is no two in this living document.


      • pretty much the only one left in that list that actually matters anymore is #3.

        Everything else has been screwed up by the black-robed wizards.

        • Even the Third got trampled.

          A few years back some cops were involved in a domestic dispute in Nevada. They asked a neighbor if they could use their house. When he refused the cops assaulted them and did it anyway. That is technically a violation being agents of the state using someone’s residence without consent.

  23. Yes… there is something wrong with this country. There’s something very wrong with any country that has people who wish to restrict or even strip essential rights away of hundreds of millions of people using the deaths of a few thousand.

  24. As a 40-year NRA member, I would like to thank PBS for their acknowledgement of our efforts.

    “And through it all, the all-powerful, all-seeing, all-knowing NRA, put their playbook into effect, manipulated the strings of power at its disposal and thwarted even the most “reasonable” attempts at gun law reform. If you value your natural, civil, Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, may it ever be thus.”

  25. Frontline is a clown show. Over 100,000 people are killed every year by bad doctors and bad hospitals, and very few improvements have ever been made. So maybe the NRA and PBS could learn a few things about lobbying from the AMA.

  26. The is something wrong when someone thinks that shooting your mother with a stolen gun means guns are easily available,

  27. So much derp.

    I think the comment section of the frontline video gave me cancer. So much willful ignorance its truly astounding.

  28. I recorded the FRONTLINE episode on the NRA and watched this afternoon. My 19 year old son was home from college and stopped to watch as the part talking about how super lobbyist Wayne LaPierre had single handedly stopped more mindless gun control legislation after the Sandy Hook murders. He started yelling at the TV “NO, NO you fool, the 5 million members stopped that legislation!” and left.

    I guess he gets it.

  29. The anti’s call for more gun control and when it does not work they call for more gun control. Its obvious it does not work anywhere in the world. You know, just like France with strict gun control laws . So today we have a mass shooting in France with full auto AK 47’s. Sure gun control works. You can bet that unarmed and helpless cop would have given anything for a gun to fight back. The anti’s want everyone to be unarmed and helpless.

  30. “When did the NRA start fight against gun control?”

    When the gov’t started to control guns.

    • When Harlon Carter and a bunch of great American seizes leadership of NRA from the FUDS in the “Cincinnati Revolt” of 1977. Some of the old fart FUDS are STILL pissed (and some are still blathering over at the huffpo)..

  31. Gee, what’s not like? Let’s start with the pre-loaded question that is a typical liberal false assumption….that the NRA shifted their support for “good” gun owners to just gun owners. You are a “good” gun owner, you use a gun for hunting and sport shooting. If you use a gun not for these two purposes, then you must be a bad gun owner.

    Hmmm? It started around the 60’s he says? Noooo? (sarc) After JFK, Martin Luther King, and RFK were assassinated……hmmm? Ahh, but isn’t it interesting how all those assassins were, by every measure that matters, decidedly-politically-Left? I wonder, has there ever been a Right-wing assassin?

    Finally….everyone has a right to a “weapon?” Exqueeze me? Can anyone trust this level of conniving twittage? It’s a dangerously adolescent intellect that uses an incendiary word in place of an honest one. A shooting instructor corrected my exuberance when I called his M-16 “a weapon.” He said, “it’s a firearm young man,…it only becomes a weapon when you use it as one.” One of the most important moments in my gun owning, gun shooting life. I was 11. How old is this dood? He’s either doesn’t know the difference between a “firearm” and a “weapon,” which means he’s an idiot, or he does know the difference, which makes him a liar….with malice aforethought.

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