Biden angry second amendment
"Why won't people like you shut the hell up and let me bankrupt the gun industry?"
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To read Biden’s extensive gun control platform, click here.

…Biden continues to appease the far left of his party with a heavy push for gun control.

“Weapons of war have no place in our communities. We need to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines,” Biden tweeted recently.

This is not an issue that plays well with the voters Biden needs to win in swing states like Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and even Minnesota. In March, just ahead of the nationwide shutdown, Biden was confronted by a Detroit autoworker during a campaign stop about his plans for gun control. The exchange did not go well.

“You are actively trying to end our Second Amendment right and take away our guns,” Jerry Wayne said.

“You’re full of shit. I did not. No, no, shush. Shush. I support the Second Amendment. The Second Amendment,” Biden responded, incorrectly calling the AR-15 as an AR-14. “Gimme a break man. Don’t be such a horse’s ass.”

Endorsing confiscation of lawfully purchased firearms, including the AR-15, is not support of the Second Amendment. With record numbers of new gun owners, continuing civil unrest and failure by Democrats to defend good police while remaining tepid on increased criminality, gun control is a losing issue for the “moderate” Biden campaign.

– Katie Pavlich in Biden is still out of touch on gun control

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  1. Slow Joe’s whole platform is built to pander to the moronic commie wanna-be’s and the useful idiot rioters in the country! Oh and by the way, we all know he’s just a walking transmitter for the Obama/Soros crowd.

    • Look, Fat. When Corn-Pop comes knocking on you door, give the ol’ double-barrel Biden treatment. The new Harris administration has your back. BTW, what color is your skin?

      • Never mind his skin color. the concern is your lily white dancing bigoted behind getting all dressed up in black face like the Gun Grabbing gov. of VA. You two bozos are real clowns pissing on Gun Rights with your knucklehead rhetoric and should become pen pals, butt buddies, etc.

        • Madam, the Right Honorable Ralph Northam would *never* do anything so despicable or absurd as to appear in blackface.
          The photograph you’re referring to, properly depicts him correctly as the most beneficent, upstanding Grand Wizard Deluxe of the Flaming Knights Of the Ku Klux Klan.

        • Don’t believe what I say because I don’t.
          If you expect me to do as I say sorry I won’t
          I’m just a sad black faced clown, no red nose instead just a frown.
          If you expected sensible policies I see only in colors black and brown.
          If I saw lady justice on her pillar I’d shout wrap that rope around her tight.
          To me she represents white might, her marble visage the color that is no longer right.
          She needs to come down, put in her place a symbol that’s black and brown.
          And reparations for the oppressed will be going round.
          If you believe what I say, you’d better kneel and pray
          Because tomorrow will be more of the same, just a donkeys bray.
          I’m the AntiTrump, against the man whose Presidency we need to dump.
          And I’ll say whatever it takes to get over the hump.
          If you cherish your life, I’d ignore what I say and vote the other way.
          Yes vote for me and after January rue the day, because my handlers will have me do as they say.

          And with that last line No Poet is finished.
          And once again the art has been diminished.

        • RE: Bo Jiden says: September 16, 2020 at 10:01

          Sir…All Klan attributes belong around the necks of Gun Control Zealots such as the Gov. of VA and you should try harder to see that those attributes stay put. Unfortunately there was no connection between your reply and Sumner;s post where the perps were black and white like most perps are…Making the boogie man black opens the door open for some white perp to make you his bi*ch.

          Since Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide you don’t have to wear a Sheet or a Brown Shirt to carry water for the Klan, etc. You can perhaps unknowingly carry Klan water with words that broad brush a skin color. It takes one individual on a firearm related forum to plaster a racist label on everyone fighting to strengthen Gun Rights.

          The vast majority of people falling for Gun Control are clueless to its ugly history and they assume they are doing something honorable. Once decent people see Gun Control as a despicable agenda rooted in racism and genocide they no longer want any part of it and its owners the democRat Party. Of course if all Gun Owners are made to be “racists” by people who either are racist or think they are being cute with slang then efforts to get the uninformed informed are made more difficult or impossible.

          TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

        • RE: No Poet and I know it says: September 16, 2020 at 10:11…

          No rhyme or reason for being a democRat Party lint licking fool so give us more my shortfellow fool, I mean you really don’t sound so cool. Your gibberish is rubbish only an upset child could pen Go softly into the night with you head in your behind where darkness is your only light…or just gfy.

        • Once again Little Debbie tries to prove her point
          With word salads and insults but her attempt just disappoints.
          She froths and she blabbers and tries to prove a point that to her seems to matter.
          In olden days they’d say she’s mad as a hatter.
          I’d feel sorry for her if she was actually real, not a created persona but an actual person who knows.
          An anger driven mirage who’s judgement bell tolls.
          Against the hated left she fires up her copy and paste.
          And post yet another diatribe against those she feels are waste.
          So yes Little Debbie No Poet will respond.
          But posting this response to you is like throwing rocks into a sea.
          It makes a plunk and ripples move out but does nothing that I can see.

        • I have several black friends who are farmers and they all own guns and they like to hunt and know what to do with a Deer after they shoot it. God bless them. Gun ownership is not a black or white thing, it’s a right. You ought to try some deer and pork summer sausage some time and you would know what I mean.

        • When will Geoff the Goof PR come to Debbie W.’s defense for the esteemed poet’s slap down? Oh, and get summarily ignored by Debbie W. Because even she knows that he’s a douchebag.

  2. Well, of course it is – the headline policies are intended for swing voters, things like deep gun control are intended to try to convince Bernie Bros to come out and vote for him even though Bernie got shafted again.

    Really, though, it’s not so much they want to ban all guns (although some true believers probably do), they just don’t want people they don’t control to have them.

  3. Would that be the same far left wing that hands out rifles from the trunk of a BMW to random rioters and charges with weapons toward fleeing 17 year olds?

    Maybe it’s the far left wing that shoots mothers in the head for saying “all lives matter?”

  4. ‘Biden tweeted’

    Joe Biden still hasn’t figured out the Jitterbug phone his kids got him 15 years ago. ‘Biden tweeted’. Sure. Right after he programmed the VCR, right?

  5. The democRat Party owns Gun Control yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is in in their despicable racist history and it remains alive and well in their nature today. Gun Control is truly a despicable sleazy agenda wearing a smiley face to fool an abundance of knee jerk history illiterate politically inept useful idiots.

    Sad to say there are some on this forum who lint lick the democRat Party with their baseless disdain for the POTUS. Those self-serving individuals ride in the wagon enjoying the guns and ammo they would not have if hilliary clintoon had been elected POTUS. Such ungrateful, sour puss self servers are to your Gun Rights what drunk farting gasbags are to fine dining.

    TRUMP/PENCE 2020,

    • Seems like they would learn that ” gun control “, I mean ” gun safety ” doesn’t sell well in most of the U S especially since they turned loose the anarchists.

    • Here is the Biden Campaigns at Hispanic Heritage Event in Kissimmee, Florida. The energy level is a near Zero. If you think he’s gonna debate Donald Trump I think you’re going to be disappointed. He’s going to try to weasel his way out of it. But after watching this I don’t think his campaign has enough gas to get to the finish line.

  6. According to Gateway pundit. Milwaukee Trump Supporter Arrested for Brandishing a Gun at Black Lives Matter Mob That Was Surrounding His Home. So when will the district attorney and mayor of Milwaukee be held accountable for their actions ? Will their homes be safe when everyone starts peacefully protesting at their homes? Patriots need to unite against this lawlessness and hold liberals accountable. Liberals like lockdowns, like crooked cops then blame good cops, they release criminals, then liberals pay bail for their BLM and Antifa buddies. Liberals built this.

    • Hey Thomas Jefferson, are you still raping those underage slave girls?
      When you own those pre-adolescent black girls, it’s so easy to hold them down and impregnate them, isn’t it?
      And the best part, the very children you father are just property to you and you can sell them for fun and profit, the joys of Fatherhood!

      So what other pearls of wisdom do you have to impart today, we are all interested in your comments on current events because you represent such high moral values.

  7. Anyone with common sense knows that guns are not the problem, guns are not dangerous to this country. Compared to Biden and his Klan. Biden and the lefties are a disgrace to this country, a atomic bomb waiting to destroy America, wiping out, all that this nation has fought and died for, Biden and his Klan is the biggest theater to America and the people of America.

  8. “Biden’s Gun Control Push Appeases the Democrats’ Far Left Wing”

    No matter how un Constitutional it is as they are Marxists and would destroy the Constitution and republic.

    • And you bet, the dumdum will keep talking!

      Did you hear the Townhall meeting, he claimed if reelected he would pass healthcare legislation with protection for pre-existing conditions.

      The moderator pointed out, “President Trump, you promised me in an interview in June that you would have a healthcare plan in two weeks, what happened to that?“

      What’s even more hilarious is it the Democrats passed healthcare legislation over 10 years ago that provided pre-existing coverage and now President Trump and the Republicans are trying to repeal that coverage just as hundreds of thousands of Americans are recovering from Covid19 and need the pre-existing condition coverage.

      • I don’t suppose you’ve noticed the steep decline in the quality and availability of healthcare, or the skyrocketing costs since then, have you? The Democrats’ operation was successful, but the patient died.

        Mind you, I’m not saying the Republicans have a great alternative, because they don’t, but being totally bereft of ideas is at least a tiny step better than the stupid and harmful “solution” the Democrats came up with.

      • I wonder where you get your information, Communist News Netwrk? I know for a fact they leave out over half his words when they quote him. Usually in the form of I will not to I will or other such ways. Sorry but I’ve listened to his speech and to what CNN said he said to know the Communist News Network lies all the time.

        • “Amid another bizarre criticism of Democratic rival Joe Biden, President Donald Trump claimed that he himself had received a non-existent honor.

          In a Sunday tweet, the president took aim at Biden’s record with Latino voters, accusing him of “relying on” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) to win their support.

          Trump then boasted of having received “the highly honored Bay of Pigs Award” from Miami’s Cuban community. But there is no such award.”

  9. Wait for the debate. Trump handled a hostile town hall with that pu$$y Stephanopoulos and a barage of angry leftists. Debates have sunk candidates through history and that will be the end of them both.

    Pence will take down Ka Mah Lah just the same.

    • “Wait for the debate. Trump handled a hostile town hall with that pu$$y Stephanopoulos and a barage of angry leftists.”

      Got a link on that?

      Something tells me ‘ole Joe is gonna avoid an in-person debate with Trump. Probably a ‘virtual’ debate in 2 different locations, and someone feeding Joe a script of what to say in real-time.

      They cannot risk Joe looking like the early dementia patient he actually is…

      • I am 70 yrs. old myself and I hesitate to criticize Biden’s dementia , but he is being incredibly irresponsible running for president while knowing what his state of health is. Guess he figures all he has to do is fly around the world on Air Force One and extort graft from other countries like Ukraine.

        • His wife should know better than to enable him at this point.

          If she can’t see the mental decline she is as blind as he is..

      • Sharp as a tack!

        “On a day when America recorded more than 1,400 new deaths from Covid-19, Trump effectively told the country to ignore his own words to Bob Woodward downplaying the threat early this year even though he knew how bad it was.

        He said he did a “tremendous” job on the virus, insisted “it’s going to disappear” and that “a lot of people think masks are not good.” Asked who said masks aren’t good, Trump replied, “Waiters.” He bizarrely said “herd mentality” would make it go away, in an apparent reference to herd immunity that medical experts say could cost several million lives. The President has pounced on Biden’s verbal slips as evidence that he lacks the mental capacity to be President. But his own confusing answers after six months supposedly leading the national effort to fight the pandemic failed to inspire confidence that he fully understands the implications of the emergency even now.

        He also illogically complained that Biden, who has no power, had not followed through on a national mask mandate and claimed falsely the US response to the crisis was the best in the world.”

        • Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden was widely slammed on Tuesday night over an incident that was described as embarrassing and patronizing where he played a Spanish sex song in an apparent attempt to connect with Latino voters.

          The incident happened as Biden spoke to Latinos during an event to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month. Last week, Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA), sparked backlash after she showed up unannounced to a Venezuelan restaurant in Florida in what was another apparent attempt to connect with Latinos in the state, where Biden is struggling.

        • Meanwhile, Trump supporters continue to dance in euphoria as they enjoy their inner fantasies listening to the gay anthems ‘YMCA’ and ‘Macho Man’.

          “The Village People have asked Donald Trump to stop using their music at rallies, particularly legendary gay anthems “Y.M.C.A.” and “Macho Man”, following his public threats to shoot protestors and looters. Earlier this week, the band’s longtime leader, Victor Willis, released a statement saying the President’s recent comments have pushed him to his breaking point, reports Stereogum.

          “If Trump orders the U.S. military to fire on his own citizens (on U.S. soil), Americans will rise up in such numbers outside of the White House that he might be forced out of office prior to the election. Don’t do it Mr. President!” Willis wrote on his personal Facebook. “And I ask that you no longer use any of my music at your rallies especially “Y.M.C.A.” and “Macho Man.” Sorry, but I can no longer look the other way.”

          Man, you just can’t make this stuff up!

        • The same bob woodward who lied about sneaking into a hospital room and getting a confession from the head of the CIA about iran contra?

    • Yes, many people are saying Trump did really well at the Townhall:

      “The most obvious conclusion one can reach watching Trump lie about his own record and about what Biden proposes, is that Trump simply does not believe he has a superior plan to offer voters. He looked like a fast-talking salesman hawking an inferior product.

      Consider, for example, his answer when Ellesia Blaque, who was born with a serious illness, and asked about his efforts to get rid of the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare, which guarantees coverage for people with pre-existing conditions.
      Trump responded with a fictional tale about Biden’s health care plans, so detached from reality that ABC’s George Stephanopoulos had to stop him by asserting a barrage of facts to which Trump responded with the only ammunition he could find: even more lies. The President claimed that Biden and the Democrats will get rid of pre-existing condition coverage, while he will offer a plan to protect it.

      If one could create reality by repeating a lie, a Trump health care plan that is better than Obamacare — any Trump health care plan — would have materialized long ago. Trump has been claiming he has one for at least four years. Again, on Tuesday he repeated this promise. In reality, the Trump administration is asking the Supreme Court to get rid of Obamacare and has offered nothing in its place. It is the Democrats who created a plan that made health care accessible for most, if not all Americans. Trump lied about Biden imposing, “socialized medicine.” Biden has run since the primaries in open opposition to Medicare for all.”

  10. Someone show me why the following won’t work –

    Election night, Trump wins, but the absentee votes are still out there.

    What if we deliberately slow-walk the count by demanding each of the 50 million ballots be compared for a signature match with voter registration records. That will run out the clock on the electoral college mandatory reporting date, and Trump’s early lead is preserved…

  11. Biden and so many others are in thrall of coastal, isolated elites. Biden attempts to hide this by bringing up his Scranton roots, but he hasn’t lived there in 70 years. The truth is, his life is more about concalls with Bloomberg and lunches with MBNA than the Elks Lodge in Pennsylvania.

    One hopes that the voters figure this out.

  12. “Biden’s Gun Control Push Appeases the Democrats’ Far Left Wing”

    Of course it does. Doesn’t matter. Trump must go. He probably won’t, but whatever it takes to save the Republic from the madman in the White House is what must be tried.

    Pretty stupid though to include the laundry list of gun control wet dreams in his impossible encyclopedia of campaign promises. I expect he will lose more moderates than he gains from the far left.

    If Biden and the Republic is made safe from Trump, well then we deal with the next problem of all the collateral damage and ongoing fight to defend the SA.

    You have to know there are pro-SA outfits and politicians thinking in these terms already.

    • @enuf

      President Trump’s landslide victory is going to be EPIC!

      Just think…4 more years…more judges appointed and confirmed…..a SCOTUS slot..maybe two even!

      20-30 years of President Trumps influence in the courts from here. Now that’s a Legacy.

    • When “the Republic is made safe from Trump…”

      Face it: If one guy in the Oval Office can singlehandedly ruin the entire country in 4 years or even 8, then our constitutional republic was already dead.

      Plus, even if you elect an angelically perfect candidate this time around (don’t make me laugh), the problem comes roaring back the second you get a fallible human in office. Who put us in this position, where the guy who gives the immense federal bureaucracy its marching orders wields so much power over American life? Democrats? Republicans? Both? (Yes, both, one side more enthusiastically than the other.)

      Who to vote for, then?

      Simply talking about corruption or saying Trump is a terrible person doesn’t cut it. In national politics, they’re ALL corrupt, and they’re ALL shitty human beings. So the only logical thing to do is to look at: 1, what they’ve done in the past, as that’s likely to be what they’ll keep doing; and 2, what their most important constituents want them to do, as that’s what they’re most likely to do.

      So, regarding item #1…

      We have nearly 50 years of Biden to look back on. He’s one of the architects of the whole crappy situation we find ourselves in, and that includes the election of the reviled Donald Trump.

      As for Trump, if you look at what he’s actually *done* by way of policy and governance — not what he’s tweeted or what the MSM tells you he thinks — it’s actually reasonably okay if you’re of a conservative persuasion; on border security and judicial appointments alone, he beats the past 4 presidents hands down.

      Item #2, what their most important constituents want them to do…

      Well, Biden and Harris seemed to think all the recent BLM/antifa violence was a-okay until it started hurting their poll numbers; the people on their side who throw money around are all about more of the same; the DNC is run by the vile Clinton/Obama cabal, and Biden has shown that he’s 100% in the globalist camp; and there’s little evidence that any of this will penetrate the skull of the average D voter.

      As for Trump, it’s hard to say; the Democrat-lite GOP establishment hates him, and he doesn’t seem to be on board with the neocon warmongers, either; economically, he’s a protectionist, so Main Street loves him even though Wall Street still runs the show; he seems to be listening to conservative groups like the Federalist Society, and his handling of the coronavirus crisis was refreshingly federalist, as he mostly left policy to the states; and like any Republican, he also knows that although 2A-aware gun owners are mostly a captive voting block and he has room to be a squish, they can turn on him viciously if he goes too far.

      All of that says to me that even though I hated him at first, didn’t vote for him, and still don’t like him, Trump is the best possible choice.

      Bottom line, a vote for Biden is a vote for MORE of everything that brought us to this point, and that’s intolerable. I’d rather take my chances with an orange-colored, hairpiece-wearing, Twitter-addicted wildcard, but if you want more of the same, then go for it.

      • Face it: If one guy in the Oval Office can singlehandedly ruin the entire country in 4 years or even 8, then our constitutional republic was already dead.

        Yeah, as hard as he tried even OBAMA couldn’t get it done.. And he tried REALLY hard…

        • Yes, Barak Obama tried really hard and he indeed did secure our right to carry firearms on hundreds of thousands of acres of federally managed lands, plus legalizing bump stocks to boot!

        • Ya barry fit squeezed that in his busy schedule between taking away social security recipients 2A rights, publicly lamenting that congress wasn’t sending him gun control bills to sign, making a backdoor longarm registry in all the southern border states, and oh yes his DoJ sending guns to drug cartels to try to create a crisis to get more gun control.

    • The Biden Harris team openly supports socialist ideology. That same ideology has killed more people in the 100 years than capitalism has in 224 years.

      I really don’t like Trump either, but I wouldn’t vote for many people I do like if their ideology is wrong for the Country and for humanity. We have a choice, socialists ideology closely aligned with communist ideology by those who admire Mao, Marx and Lenin or a more fair system, not a perfect system, but better than the other.

        • Yes, unless it’s doctored video, Harris and Biden are saying it themselves now.

      • The Biden Harris team openly supports socialist ideology..

        Y’all apparently didn’t get the memo, it’s now the “HARRIS-BIDEN” campaign…. Former Vice President Joe Biden pitched U.S. military veterans on the notion of a “Harris-Biden administration” on Tuesday afternoon during a campaign swing through Florida.

  13. I don’t appreciate your report. Made me puke early in the morning…

    Whoever loves our constitution and freedom that we have left, cannot even consider voting for Biden or any of the other libtards.

  14. Weapons of war? What weapon does that exclude? Seems our Founders fought with weapons they had, some were better quality and more accurate than the military issue weapons of the day. Let’s not forget the simple sling with a stone, used in warfare. The shield and sword, also used in warfare. Want to keep and bear a spear? That is another weapon of war.

    Most don’t know that at one time the civilian population in this country had better weapons than the military to include mortars and canons. If the Founders thought the civilian population should be less armed than the military, they forgot to mention that in the debates and pamphlets of the time.

    • Agreed.

      All sporting arms have a history in military conflict, in wars and killing. Doesn’t matter if they began as a sporting arm, either the gun itself or elements of its design have an ancestry in military arms.

      As you say, in the founding era of our Republic they fought with what they had or could obtain. Their own rifles and muskets and shotguns, but also all the common military long guns of the period. The Continental Congress even tried to buy repeating flintlocks, which pre-date the Revolution by over a century.

      As far as I am concerned the common American citizen has the Constitutional right to own any and all arms of current day military utility. Essentially anythign you can carry, but perhaps even more than that.

      Private citizens and committees paid for cannon, for example.

      So, could a really rich guy or a bunch of people or a town or county buy an M1 Abrams tank? All the latest improvements?

      I don’t see why not.

  15. Far left Democrats do not agree with gun control. They are the ones buying long guns and carry them at protests. They dislike Biden but will vote for him because they see Donald Trump as the new Hillary Clinton.

    • I do not know if that is true or not, but it doesn’t matter.

      My grandfather fought in the Argonne. Bayoneted and shot by German’s of the Kaiser’s army. Somehow he survived but concealed great scars on his body the rest of his life. Re volunteered for the Army Air Corps after that and served until 1927. ived an honorable a good life and on Memorial Day, if you watched very closely, you would catch a tear or two in a brave elderly man’s eye.

      Donald Trump called that man, an underage immigrant who volunteered to return to Europe and fight for this dream of “America”, a “Loser” and a “Sucker.

      There ar enot words strong enough to communicate what I think of that, in this forum, without seeing it deleted.

      My closest frind of forty years did two tours in Vietnam. His wounds were not John Kerry wounds and the muscle mass ripped away by hot metal is still missing, which is a real thing of war, unlike Trump’s self-retracting miracle bone spurs. My long time friend is not a “Loser” or a “Sucker”, he volunteered to serve his country and got chewed up for it.

      That is but one reasnons of many why I can only see Trump as a Traitor to this Republic, a Domestic Enemy and a wannabe Tyrant seeking more power. Luckily he is also a coward, so truly authoritarian action is not likely.

      If Biden is elected, well we’ve got the same old fight for the Second Amendment. I know that fight well. The risk there is far less than supporting Trump. The risk of a moderate liberal pretending to be everything to every sort of liberal to gain their votes, well that;s nothing compared to the massive anti-Americanism of Donald Trump.

      The dishonor, the threat to the Republic is simply to great.

      No To Trump.

      Come 2024, we’ll see what options we have.

      • People who were there said he didn’t say that. Anonymous sources say he did. If a person cannot make public who is accusing, their testimony is suspect.

        I have doubts he said it. Especially since it is so much later than the alleged incident and so close to an election.

        • Trump claimed he never called John McCain a loser. But he did.

          “As for McCain, Trump told a conservative forum in Iowa in 2015 that his view of McCain changed when McCain lost the 2008 presidential election to Obama. “He lost, so I never liked him as much after that, ’cause I don’t like losers,” he said. Trump went on to dismiss McCain’s war service: “He’s not a war hero. He’s a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured.”
          Trump in 2015 also tweeted a news article on Twitter calling McCain a “loser.”

      • Donald Trump called that man, an underage immigrant who volunteered to return to Europe and fight for this dream of “America”, a “Loser” and a “Sucker.


        Literally everyone who can be found to go on record, even people who have since fallen out with Trump and had plenty of negative things to say about him, has said that incident never happened. But muh anonymous sources…

        If you believe what’s said about Trump in the establishment media, you’re both a loser and a sucker.

        Trump probably did say something roughly similar to that about Vietnam, in which many thousands of American men got drafted into a war that the government was never serious about fighting — and although my father fought in that war and is justifiably proud that he answered the call when it was the last thing he wanted to do, I happen to agree. If Trump did say that about Vietnam, he was mostly right; the entire nation, except for a few corruptocrats and those rich/connected enough to dodge the draft, was suckered on that one.

        • I happen to agree. If Trump did say that about Vietnam, he was mostly right; the entire nation, except for a few corruptocrats and those rich/connected enough to dodge the draft, was suckered on that one.

          Go FUCK yourself…. We put up with more hell AFTER we came HOME than we ever did in country.. A whole generation was destroyed mentally and physically, hundreds of thousands of young men wound up on drugs, in prison or took their own lives NOT because of the time they spent running through the jungle, but because of the way our “fellow Americans” treated us when we came home.. Was your father greeted with signs proclaiming HIM a drug addict, a BABY killer, rapist, and murderer while shit with YOUR attitude threw rocks and bottles at HIM?… You are entitled to YOUR opinion, but sometimes you need to consider your audience BEFORE you open your stupid fucking mouth… Is your father still alive? Have you told HIM how you really feel? You are no better than those cowardly cunts that protested or ran off to Canada, who is the real SUCKER? The guy who wanted to follow in the footsteps of his fathers generation and prove himself worthy of being an American, OR those (past and present) that carry water for the Communist cocksuckers that want nothing less than the total destruction of MY Republic… Before you hit that reply button take a second to review the the first three words of my response to your ignorance, you’ve made yourself “persona non grata” in MY world and I will not only not respond to your dumbass, I will ignore you from here on out… Fuck you…

        • You flew off the handle and missed most of what I actually said. I’ll say it again.

          My dad knows what I think, and we’re on the same page. He answered when his country called and did his duty to the utmost of his ability, even though he hated every single second of the experience. He’s proud of having done the honorable thing, and I’m proud that he was brave enough to do it.

          He also knows that the US government screwed over every single person it sent to fight in Vietnam, because our corrupt, spineless politicians never had the will to win — and the treatment you got when you came back is part of that massive screwing-over.

          So yes, EVERYBODY got suckered on that one, and that’s the plain truth no matter who says it.

      • @enuf – seriously, enough really is enough!

        I work closely with the VA and if what you say is true how is it that the entire VA has been revamped with massive improvements under his administration? It was in terrible shape 3.5 years ago but now I feel like it’s becoming one of the best run departments in the federal government. And I ought to know, I’ve worked with just about all of them.

        I don’t believe he said anything like that about the soldiers/veterans. I believe he was likely talking about the government duping the immigrants and the words were twisted as they usually are by MSM, leftards, and the “never Trumpers”.

  16. Biden should not have told that guy he’s full of shit. Full of shit, and other explicitives like that are a working man’s words, blue collar language. So Joe if your going to bring yourself to my level, man up, because “your full of shit,” just got you punched. I’ve noticed that a lot lately, from police officers to wanna be president, there language is deteriorating, they should be above street talk.

    • Yup, Biden’s no prize, and no surprise either.

      At least he didn’t add tens of thousands of deaths by lying about his true beliefs in a pandemic.

      Trump Lied, Americans Died.

      And are still dying this very day.

      • When Trump banned travel, the left accused him of over reaction and racism. Remember that? So by simple logic, those on the left would not have banned travel thereby increasing the the infection rate?

        A leader does not incite panic no matter how dire the situation. If he had stood in front of the Country and said we were all going to die from the virus, can you imagine the panic? Panic is contagious, it leads to more panic and that leads to social breakdown.

        China started the lie about the virus, the WHO supported and repeated the lie. Had your dream team been in place the situation would be worse based on the first reactions when the virus became known.

        • “When Trump banned travel, the left accused him of over reaction and racism. Remember that?”

          No, that didn’t happen.

          And Trump did not ban travel, he only banned Chinese nationals from entering the US. Thousands of Americans and other citizens entered the US on flights from China every day for months after that so-called travel ban.

        • Not only it did happen, Left leader Nancy Pelosi made it a point to go to Cinatown to tell the nation how everything is fine and to show how non racist SHE is.

      • Biden’s no prize, and no surprise, either… True.

        So don’t be surprised when everything we’re currently dealing with, including the election of the vile orange man, comes right back around and gets even worse 4 years from now. After all, Biden has spent his whole life building the shitshow we find ourselves in now; to expect anything other than a worsening spiral would be insane.

  17. With War on our streets every night everybody needs a tank or MRAP with belt-feds….ur silly remarks ain’t cutting it anymore!

  18. When “Shite for Brains” Biden talks about gun control, I think of Leonidas at Thermopylae. “μολὼν λαβέ” (Molon Labe)


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