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“Back when I was a kid, Grandma used to tell me stories about coon hunting. No, I’m not talking about our furry little friends with the Zorro masks, I’m talking about the old derogatory term for black folks. See, in the South, a few generations back, when black folks got too uppity and started having delusions of grandeur about running for President or some other foolishness, the Good Ol’ Boys would pack their rifles and do a little ‘coon hunting’ to put them back in their places. I thought about Grandma’s tales when I heard about Rush Radio’s upcoming [“Girls With Guns”]¬†event.” Whoa. I think it’s safe to say that The Herald-Sun’s Paul Scott is WAY the F out there. But it’s OK (on some level, to someone) ’cause Scott is projecting racism onto his right-leaning enemies. BIG style . . .

Since, it’s conversion to conservative talk, WRDU has been a haven for disgruntled white folks who feel that this country is being snatched from their clutches. Usually, the format is just Obama bashin’ and folks blowin’ off steam about illegal aliens and welfare cheats but when you throw guns into the picture, that’s a whole ‘nother story. Maybe the station owners never heard that racists and rifles don’t mix.

Later, Scott accuses the alleged right wing racists of reverse racism.

What would happen if the local Hip Hop radio station announced that they were going to sponsor a “Gangstaz with Gunz” party at a shooting range in the ‘hood? You can bet that anti-violence activists would be holding prayer vigils from now till kingdom come, begging black folks to stop the violence and follow the teachings of Martin Luther King. However, when Right Wingers pick up rifles, there is no such outcry.

Scott seems a little confused on the equal protection under the law thing. But I guess pointing that out makes me racist. Just as owning a gun makes me a right winger. Engaged in a sinister plot to protect my white homies—although I’m not sure how Scott would process the fact that I’m Jewish gun owner. Anyway, Scott ends on a high note. As in what IS this guy smoking? Whatever it is, lay off Dude. It’s making you paranoid.

Sure there are some that would argue that there is nothing sinister about a few friends getting together at a firing range to chew the fat over the issues of the day. That seems innocent enough. (And Hitler’s Youth March was just a 5k run.)

I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if they used a giant poster of the First Family for target practice.

Let’s keep it real. Nobody buys a gun unless he prepares to use it. With the rhetoric being spewed daily on Rush Radio, I think that the intended targets are obvious.

The last thing this community needs is a bunch of paranoid, pistol packin’ mamas and pappas with itchy trigger fingers.

Not THE last thing. [thanks to you-know-who for the link]

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  1. What a tolerant and loving guy mr scott is . a regular gandhi of the midwest. having actualy coon hunted (furrie type, like picture) i can tell you it is fun . also in the south many wh do that are african americans. It is a “workin man’s ” sport.


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