Chicago Mayor Daley: Access to Guns Kills More People than it Saves

As TTAG reported earlier, Chicago residents faced with rising gun violence are buying illegal guns. The black market got another boost recently when an 80-year-old Korean War vet purchased an illegal $150 handgun. After an intruder shot at the vet, he fired back, killing the perp. Mayor Daley has been wrong-footed by the story, and the groundswell of pro-gun gestalt its unleashed. After asking a reporter if he’d like a rifle shoved up his ass, threatening the U.S. Supreme Court with a nighttime mugging and vowing to subvert any decision to strike down Chi-Town’s gun ban, Daley has moved on t dismissing the octogenarian’s choice of self-defense. “I’m not arguing about this instance. Everybody understands the frustration,” Daley told the Sun Times. “But access to guns will destroy America faster than any other war. Take Europe. Take Japan and other countries that don’t have access to guns. They don’t have the amount of killings . . . You cannot have America as the Wild West . . . If you firmly believe that people should have full access to guns at all times, then you have a totally different society.” Hyperbole aside, a safer one?


  1. avatar Frank says:

    Is this mayor a complete ans utter idiot? Does the Washington DC case prove this? More guns less crime.

  2. avatar joe says:

    Oh, so much inaccurate information you throw around. How 'bout doing some real research on availability of guns and gun violence. The evidence is mixed, but tends to lean toward gun control. The examples of DC/Chicago are fraught with problems, not the least of which is access via nearby States/Counties, the illegal drug trade, etc.

    Nevertheless, you pander toward the party line. The research is there, how 'bout you take a step up?

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