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God knows I love my country, especially but not exclusively the Second Amendment. Sometimes, though, patriotism can be so . . . kitschy. Not that I’ve got anything against kitsch. Whether it’s a gun-slinging guitarist using the American flag as a cape, the leg lamp in A Christmas Story or a velvet Elvis, I appreciate kitsch as an expression of genuine passion (as opposed to bloodless pompous artistic snobbery). I only wish that Jim Hush had the balls to shoulder his brace-equipped AR pistol, in contravention of ATF regs. (SO close!) Now that would have been a truly American statement. IMHO.


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    • Mmmmm…tacos.

      So awesome, one of the few benefits of proximity to Mexico, and one of a handful of good things to come out of there.

      I’m partial to pulled pork tacos: slow Bbq pork, shred, put in soft corn tortilla that was lighty fried in oil. Add cabbage, salsa, hot sauce, some cheese and some lime-cumin sour cream…damn.

  1. Guns and the attempts of gun confiscation largely started the serious Revolution. After the battles of Lexington and Concord, there was no going back.

    • Most lead used in bullets is recycled, so there is no danger of a lead shortage. We get plenty of lead from abroad for all kinds of things. Plus, the plant was closing much before 2008, one of the reasons was that it wasn’t worth it to bring it up to standard with cheap lead coming overseas.

      • Oh,, I wasnt worrird bout shortage,I was worried bout another danged import. Thanx for the info. Yes no lead shortage in china, they paint toys with it, apply it to the plastic in baby pacifiers, aresenic of lead pesticides , lol

  2. Looks like he’s attached the flag to his rifle, so it’s still a flag, not a cape. Rifle “flagpole” may still be kitsch, but it’s higher-grade kitsch IMO.

  3. I have an American flying in my front yard. When I see that flag flying, and what it represents, I can get all misty eyed. I actually have had an American hating progressive(but I repeat myself) ask me to take the flag down when I’m not there. Yep, he actually asked me to take it down.That is the level of self-hatred the progressives can have for their own country. What a shame that they have such shame for what is still, despite their best efforts, a beacon of freedom to the rest of the world.

    Greatest country in the world! G-d Bless America!

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