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The TV report on the negligent discharge (if that’s what it is) doesn’t mince words: “One of the boys in the back seat pulled the trigger.” The web version [via] does: “Detectives say so far, it appears that the gun accidentally fired as it was in the hands of one of the teens sitting in the back seat. Reese was in the front seat.” Good thing it didn’t intentionally fire; more of the teens might have been killed.

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  1. Guns are evil, insidious and conniving things.

    They lure innocent children into picking them up and playing with them, biding their time ’til they’ve a victim in their sights.

    Then the damned things “just go off,” for no discernible reason – apart from their inherent malice.

  2. “Accident” has to be the most overused word in history. More accurate words would be either idiocy or inattention.

    “Oops” doesn’t cut it either unless everybody involved is laughing.

  3. This is just stupid. He pulled the trigger and the gun went off like its supposed to. Maybe if all guns were encased in a giant block of Nerf foam “accidents” like this wouldn’t happen.

    • Certain people would be even more careless then because its encased in foam so its no longer dangerous right?

  4. I have yet to hear a story of a cased or holstered firearm going off “accidentally.” I wonder why.

  5. I think my guns are lazy. They only go off when I make them. Anyone know where I can but one of these sentient guns? Then I could just leave it on the coffee table when I go to work, and never worry about home security…………

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