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“A 12-year-old Dooly County boy is home from the hospital after his 13-year-old friend accidentally shot him in the chest with a high-powered rifle,” reports. Which is not a passively constructed description of the non-lethal incident. But this is: “James Daniel was holding the .223 caliber rifle while he was at Dallas Mote’s home on Halifax Road a week ago. When the family bulldog jumped on him, the gun fired and hit Mote in the chest. Investigators urge parents to educate their children on the dangers of guns to prevent accidents.” I’m confused. What’s dangerous about guns preventing accidents?

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  1. T/G he lived! How the hell does a 12 year old take a .223 at point blank in the chest and survive? This should be listed as either the miracle of the decade or bs. And on the selfish side bad forA2. Any charges being filed against the parents.guardians? There may be good reason for doing so

    • Single gunshot wounds are actually not often fatal, statistically speaking at least.

      There are a lot of non-vital areas in the chest, and a .223 is a very small round. Not surprising that he survived actually. Lucky, but not that surprising.

      • Yes a small round. A small round going 3200fps assuming a 16″ barrel ( The cavitation is beyond my humble ballistic knowledge but combine the speed and almost 1300 fpt against even a 90 lb kid, and I still think it verges on Divine Intervention. Obviously I’m wrong as the boy is alive, but I wouldn’t expect it again. And I still think someone older needs to answer for this.

      • If it was an fmj round it could have punched straight thru a slightly built teen without using half it’s energy. The only reason this round is so effective is that it normally comes out of bullet hose military style guns. Volume makes up for lack of punch.

        For those of us that cut our centerfire teeth on surplus Springfield, Mauser and Lee enfields it’s always surprising to hear people describe the .223/5.56 as “hi powered”.

        • That always bothers me. the .223 is of moderate power, at best.

          Another one is “High powered assault rifle.” The class is by its very definition not high powered.

  2. Why did the parents leave the home leaving two young teenage boys access to a loaded .223 rifle in an unlocked gun cabinet? In this case, it can’t even be ‘argued’ about teaching your kids proper gun handling since it was their son’s friend who was the one holding the rifle when it was fired putting the bullet into their own son.

    “to educate their children on the dangers of guns to prevent accidents”
    —‘To educate their children about the safe handling of guns and their potential dangers when not handled properly…’

  3. Now for the 64 dollar question. Will the parents face jail time for thier negligence or will thier emotional suffering be enough punishment? Should we use the system to grind this family up for this accident or just let the other parents handle it in civil court?

  4. This proves that family bulldogs are dangerous and should be banned. But not the French Bulldogs because they never fight, nor the Italian Bulldogs who just run away.

    • It’s not high powered UNLESS…unless it’s fired from an ASSAULT rifle. If you shoot one out of an assault rifle it is capable of exploding cars and punching a 6″ wide hole in a fat man’s chest, all the way through.

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