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And they said it couldn’t be done! I mean, it shouldn’t be done! Eccoci qua: Arsenal Firearms’ ATF-approved AF2011-A1. The redesigned 1911 can fire different .45 rounds in each chamber at the same time in order to . . . I’m not quite sure. Let’s check their website for an update on utility: “The stopping power of the AF2011-A1 is tremendous: 2 bullets for a total of 460 Grains weight impacting at 1 to 2 inches apart (depending on the distance of the target) will knock down a bull, while the whole 18 bullets, for a payload exceeding 4000 Grains, can be delivered to the target in about 3 seconds.” Wow, that’s a lot of bull. I mean, bullet. We liked the AF2011-A1 in March. We love it now! The only real question: how much did they get for the videogame rights?

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  1. “The only real question: how much did they get for the videogame rights?”

    More than they’ll net from actual sales, I’d wager.

  2. I register this thing right up there with My Little Pony AR15s on the ridiculousness scale. Still, I’d love to see a TTAG review of one just for kicks.

  3. Wow, I always thought this was a prank, somebody’s photoshop fantasy. I didn’t realize they’d be insane enough to actually produce them.

  4. Um… why? Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the 1911? Sure, let’s screw with the design and call it a party favor. One key advantage of the 1911 is how slim it is. Another is the short and light trigger. This thing’s thick, so why not get a Glock, and I can’t see how two triggers that fire at the same time makes sense. One trigger would be good enough. Two sounds like a requirement to learn a new technique.

    Myeh–how about I just have two 1911s with two holsters?

    • Because if it fired 2 shots with one trigger pull, the ATF would call it a machine gun.

      You’re technically still firing 2 shots with 1 trigger pull, you’re just pulling two triggers to do it.

      Also it looks like the it ejects to the left and the right, so fixing a stovepipe wouldn’t be too terrible.

  5. I saw this in one of the gun magazines earlier in the year. I seriously thought it was photoshoped. I seriously HOPED it was photoshoped.

    Isnt there a movie with a badguy who has a double barreled 1911 but with one trigger? I can pucture it but cant remember the movie or who had it.

  6. It’s just a way to get around the 10 round mag limit in California. Feinstein must be having kittens about now.

  7. “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should”

  8. How are they using “2011” for marketing when it is already the name of the STI/SVI double stacks? It looks like they didn’t do much research.

  9. “The stopping power of the AF2011-A1 is tremendous: 2 bullets for a total of 460 Grains weight impacting at 1 to 2 inches apart … will knock down a bull, while the whole 18 bullets, for a payload exceeding 4000 Grains, can be delivered to the target in about 3 seconds.”

    Gee – a semi-auto shotgun with an extended magazine will deliver eight 12ga slugs, with a weight of 546 grains each, for a payload exceeding 4300 grains. Might take a couple more seconds to empty the magazine than this AF2011-A1 thingy. However, one shotgun slug (in the right place) will certainly kill a bull, although it may take a while for the bull to fall down.

    And a 12ga shotgun won’t cost you anywhere near as much as this “thing”.

  10. Seriously. I want one.

    There is no rational reason. There is no practical reason. I just want one. And my desire is as equal and rational as cowboy action shooters or war re-enactors or gun collectors or hunters or anyone.

    Silly. Impractical. So what? The 2013 Chevrolet Corvette has a top speed of 205mph. In a country where the max legal speed is 85mph. Get ’em boys.

  11. Rather get a Koonan first, but it does look like mucho fun.
    I’m assuming the price is prohibitive though. If it’s more than 2k, than a S.T.I. 2011 would be a reasonable alternative or a p14 worked over by a custom shop.
    Doesn’t look like it offers much over a double stack design other than WTF factor at the range.
    Got no problem with novelty guns, just wish they’d market them as such.
    “They said it couldn’t be done. They said it wouldn’t be done. They were wrong.”
    That should be the descript on this thing.

    • I think the .45 ACP is cool enough, I’d buy one…but a .22lr version would be FAR cooler.

      Actually I bet one could make a .22/.45 side-by-side by putting a .22lr conversion kit on one gun.

  12. That guns gone be holster makers nightmare. None hostler for normal size 1911 gun fit it. You well need extras strong belt keep your jeans from going down ankles when hostler that gun do it wait. Ever one watch you try concle care that gun gone laugh there ass off watch try that. You better off try concle care desert eagle. If they allow shoot that gun at gun matchs your come in dead last. It does have one binfit you well have ever person at local indoor gun rang watching you shoot see if can hit target with it. The price point for gun gone be so high not gone sell alot of them.

    • Now that is cool. That’s what I like about this site. I’ve been around guns all my life and never saw anything like that before.

    • I have been in touch with Joseph Szecsei, inventor of the Double Bolt (of which some versions are currently built by Fuchs) for some years, and there isn;t a nicer person to talk to or discuss guns with. His personal website is: and he should have an updated website and catalog shortly with several new variations on his design. TTAG is a big site – you guys could do a feature on the guns if you have the time. May be a first review, too, if he hasn’t had anyone else review his latest designs. 😉 Just let him know who gave you this info and say Hi from me.

    • I looked into that awhile ago after seeing one at the NRA Museum. As I recall, I discovered that they STARTED at about 50,000 USD and went up from there.

      It’s cool, but not 50,000 dollars cool.

  13. Because there wasn’t enough Block in a Glock.

    Seems silly as all get out, but who knows? Maybe the tricks they’ve done to get it to work will come in handy on something else.

    Still think it’s silly.

  14. I tell you what, I’d love to shot this gun, and I’m curious how reliable it would be. Two .45 rounds would indeed be a lot of stopping power, big holes, and a lot of lead down range.

    I don’t believe that I would buy one, because I’m guessing we’re looking at $2500 plus of 1911(s), but I would love to rent one, and I’m impressed that they were as to put this thing together. It looks to be a considerable engineering feat.

  15. While this will probably sell for its novelty, I hope Arsenal firearms decide to market their bolt action rifles and their high end Zanotti patent shotguns over here. Those would interest a lot more people and actually get shot and hunted with.

  16. On the positive side, you would have no problem hitting double taps with this gun. Though, I really don’t see the point of it at all. It kind of reminds of some type of the gun you would see in the weird movie Wanted.

  17. Those are some grim faces in the range sessions. Plenty of clenched jaws. Doesn’t look like a fun shooter at all.

  18. I think this is another one of those “if you like it, go for it” products, like those .410 revolvers… and just like those, if it’s a matter of opinion, who can argue against yours? But it drives me crazy when the makers of these things try to pitch them with practical arguments in their favor. You are entitled to your own opinion, yes— but not your own facts.

    It surprised me that no one (until two posters ago) pointed out the biggest trade-off for this bit of whimsy— recoil. Double recoil *at the very least*— free recoil energy goes up FOUR times.

    Get out your trusty old double-barreled shotgun and try it out— touching off both at once isn’t merely twice the recoil. Gun weighs the same, velocity is the same, but ejecta mass doubled— that’s a bunch more energy for your body to absorb.

    I used a little online recoil calculator just to confirm: only doubling bullet and charge weight, but leaving all other factors the same, the recoil impulse (in lb/sec) doubled, from 1.2 to 2.4. Ditto for velocity of recoiling firearm (ft/sec), from 12.86 to 25.71. But the free-recoil energy (ft/lbs) went from 7.70 to 30.80!!

    There can be nothing practical (in my mind, anyway) about a trade-off like that.

    • You’re assuming that the weight of the double-1911 is the same as the weight of a standard 1911.

      given that it is significantly larger than a standard 1911, I’d wager that it’s somewhere between 1.5-1.75 times the mass of a standard 1911.

      Thus, while the recoil would still likely be greater than with a standard 1911, it would be significantly less than 2x the recoil as your post seems to imply.

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