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Anthony Huber, a felon convicted of domestic violence, hits Kyle Rittenhouse with a skateboard in Kenosha, Wisconsin on August 25, 2020.
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Anthony Huber was “protesting” in Kenosha on August 25. He was also one of the (at least) four men who attacked Kyle Rittenhouse that night during rioting. Huber was the one who tried to cave Rittenhouse’s skull in with a skateboard.

Rittenhouse shot Huber once in the chest, killing him. Now huber’s girlfriend, described as his “life partner,” and three others who were in Kenosha that night, have filed a federal lawsuit against Rittenhouse, a couple of militia organizations and Facebook.

Facebook? Yes, they’ve sued the social media platform. The plaintiffs argue that the militia groups — something called the Kenosha Guard and the Boogaloo Bois — used their Facebook pages to call on armed members to come to Kenosha.

From BuzzFeed News:

The five-count civil complaint filed late Tuesday in a Wisconsin federal court argues that Facebook “empowered right wing militias to inflict extreme violence and deprive Plaintiffs and protestors of their rights” by providing a platform for the groups to recruit members and plan violence. It also accuses alleged shooter Kyle Rittenhouse, a follower of the fringe anti-government group “boogaloo,” and the “commander” of the self-described militia group Kenosha Guard of being part of a violent conspiracy to violate the constitutional rights of four Black Lives Matter protesters, including the partner of a man killed during the protests.

You can read the lawsuit here.

“There is a failure on the part of Facebook to act based upon warnings that result[ed] in armed militias violating state law and in the case of Rittenhouse going to a peaceful protest to violently repress and deter American citizens from engaging in their constitutional rights,” attorney Jason Flores-Williams, who filed the suit, told BuzzFeed News.

Facebook’s robotic head honcho may have opened the company up to the lawsuit with some ill-advised public statements.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg told employees the company’s failure to remove the event page was “an operational mistake.” BuzzFeed News also reported that Facebook did not remove the page after the shootings occurred, despite its claims to employees and the press to the contrary. The company later apologized for misleading the public.

As for the three plaintiffs in addition to Huber’s girlfriend, one is claiming “extreme emotional distress and physical harm from witnessing the murder of Rittenhouse’s first victim.” Another one says she was pepper sprayed and suffered emotional distress. The third was allegedly “assaulted, harassed and had his movement inhibited,” something the plaintiffs’ attorney creatively calls “false imprisonment of a Black man.” This allegedly caused him extreme emotional trauma.

The lawsuit seeks compensatory and statutory damages — the amount to be determined — as well as an injunction against Facebook prohibiting the company “from violating its own policies that are supposed to prevent violent rhetoric, militia groups, and other racially motivated hate groups from congregating and interacting on its site.”




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    • Reminds me of that “lady” who successfully sued Mickey D’s for spilling her coffee, on herself. The reason we have warning labels on coffee now…

      *shakes head*

      Not sure when it became someone else’s responsibility for what you do to yourself (unless legal guardian), but there you are.

      • I suppose it doesn’t matter that it’s well documented that that particular McDonalds had a series of complaints about it serving coffee scalding-hot, not coffee-hot.

        *shakes head*

        But facts don’t matter when you got the righteous feels on, I guess.

        • Wrong, facts do matter, and more than anything else to me aside from honor. I looked into it, and forgive my incorrect remembrance of something that happened when I was a child. I retract my disparaging remark, but the point behind it still stands.

        • The point Casey makes is correct. I took a Con law class (not a lawyer, just mandatory that I took the class) where the professor went into detail on this case. “The average man” understands consumable liquids to be a certain maximum temperature. The coffee in that cup was substantially hotter than a standard cup of coffee served elsewhere. Mcdonalds knew this because they were battling with Burger king over endless refills on coffee. Both restaurants offered seniors bottomless cups of coffee. Retired people were sitting in their restaurants and requesting too many refills. They didn’t want to throw people out so they simply made it hard to consume the product quickly by raising the temperature. When the victim, who wasn’t a senior, or the employee who put the lid on incorrectly, spilled the coffee in her lap it burned her badly enough that she needed several surgical procedures. The basic point was that a normal cup of coffee wouldn’t cause the life long damage this coffee did and that Mcdonalds knew the coffee was dangerously hot. She was the lawsuit but has lifelong damage to her body because Mcdonalds served her an unsafe product

        • Thank you for the truth in clarification. I never knew this. Really goes to show that you cannot believe so-called “facts” in the media. If there is something you must know about and it makes a difference in your life, you need to dig and find out what actually happened.

        • @Woody

          “…who wasn’t a senior,…” She was 79 years old, what is your threshold for calling someone “a senior”?

          I believe she placed the coffee between her thighs to hold it and drove over the same stretch of torn up, under repair, bumpy road that she used to drive to the restaurant…the HOT coffee spilled. It was a shame she was burned…it was 90 % her fault.

        • No, she was parked in the parking lot. The car wasn’t moving and in any case she wasn’t driving it. Next bit of misinformation?

      • At the time of that incident, McDs was famous for selling very-hot coffee. The woman did get third-degree burns from it. Near boiling-hot dumped in your crotch will do that.

        McDs responded by selling coffee considerably cooler than boiling hot, and warning customers to be careful…

        • Water doesn’t get hot enough at normal atmospheric pressure to cause a 3rd degree burn. I sip coffee at about 170 degrees and would drink it hotter if it didn’t cool off so quickly.

      • You might want to go take a look at that lawsuit. First the cup fell apart, leaving the woman who was in her 80 with 3rd degree burns and she ended up in the hospital. Second, the car was parked when this happened. Initially the lady wanted to sue for just medical expenses and also legal fees wich totaled less than $100,000. She was later convinced to sue for more so that it would force MacDonald’s to change their practice of serving coffee with a temperature that was close to boiling. It was a legitimate lawsuit.

      • I wish ignorant folks would quit using the McD case with the hot coffee as an example when they obviously don’t know wtf they are talking about. McD was found liable because they had increased the temperature of the water beyond safe levels to extract as much coffee from the grounds as possible. It was profit over safety. They deserved to lose. It was not the woman’s fault.

        These folks are also those that don’t understand that the AFT didn’t outlaw shoelaces, and the particulars of that case.


        • Everyone’s ignorant about something dear. But go ahead with being hyperbolic, don’t let my retraction admitting wrong on my part deter you.

        • Depending on brew method – we’ll assume drip method here – the correct temperature to brew coffee is 205 degrees Fahrenheit – i.e. just under the boiling point of water at sea level. There is a school of thought that 200F or even 195F are the ideal temperature, but that school of thought is wrong. The correct temperature is as close to boiling as possible, without actually boiling (or at least without being at a rolling boil, which causes loss of dissolved oxygen, which facilitates extraction of oils and flavor from the coffee grounds).

          So, I don’t buy that McDonald’s was negligent for brewing coffee at the temperature at which coffee is correctly brewed.

        • “McD was found liable because they had increased the temperature of the water beyond safe levels”

          How cold was the Kool Aid you’ve been guzzling?

      • You realize the coffee melted the cup and gave her a 3rd degree burn.
        It would benefit you to learn about facts and issues before you start blabbing about things.

        • It’s my experience that polystyrene loses integrity near the boiling point of water.
          I’d always assumed that the actual spill occurred as a result of the cup failing.
          No actual knowledge of the event, but I’ve ruined cups and burned myself.

      • 9×39,
        Nothing incorrect; nothing to retract.

        Since some coffee-making processes involve boiling the water, it is completely foreseeable for coffee to be any temperature up to that – most particularly at a restaurant whose business model is to serve everything without delay – and rational for every coffee customer to treat it as boiling-hot until and unless proven otherwise.

        It is impossible, within Earth’s-surface conditions, for McDonald’s to have raised its temperature beyond that point; and no more obligatory for them or any business to “warn” customers of the fundamental physics of the product THEY ordered than for a florist to warn customers of rose thorns, etc.

        • For some reason this conversation reminds me of a movie…

          Lil: Get this to Johnny on the grapevine. Vermin is going to kill Johnny’s brother at the savoy theater tomorrow night. Got it?

          Polly the parrot: Got it.

          [flies away]

          Polly the parrot: [arrives at prison mess hall and lands on the shoulder of a prisoner] Vermin is going to kill Johnny’s brother at the Savoy theater. Pass it on.

          Prisoner: [to the next prisoner sitting next to him] Vermin is going to kill Johnny’s brother at the Savoy theater tonight. Pass it on.

          Prisoner: [to the next prisoner, “telephone” style] Vermin is going to kill Johnny’s mother at the Savoy theater tonight. Pass it on.

          Prisoner: [to the next prisoner] Vermin’s mother is going to kill Johnny tonight at the Savoy theater. Pass it on.

          Prisoner: [to the next prisoner]


          Prisoner: … at the Savoy. Pass it on.

          Prisoner: There’s a message through the grapevine, Johnny.

          Johnny Dangerously: Yeah? What is it?

          Prisoner: Johnny and the Mothers are playing “Stompin’ at the Savoy” in Vermont tonight.

          Johnny Dangerously: Vermin’s going to kill my brother at the Savoy theater tonight.

          Prisoner: I didn’t say that.

          Johnny Dangerously: No, but I know this grapevine.

        • I can shake my head all I want, as Mr. Rittenhouse’s situation of being accused by the criminals of committing their crimes is a mirror of my own status. Between that, and the decided lack of reading comprehension by some, including you in this thread, there’s plenty to be disappointed in the human race at.

          Continue on with your hair on fire though, it’s amusing to watch.

      • So now the criminals and cancel culture that are going around beating up innocent people, killing people, and burning everything to the ground are upset because they were stopped in their tracks but this young brave man Rittenhouse!!

        So these thugs that are terrorizing everyone are not so brave now?? They squeal foul and want to sue???

        The big coward babies!!!!

        I hope they get sued back and put in prison!!!

    • Do this in Indiana when the respondent acted in lawful self-defense, and you’re on the hook for the respondent’s attorney fees.

    • Especially when backed with Soros and other Globalist Elite monies from their ‘Social Justice’ Slush Funds like Arabella Advisors.

      IF you carry deadly force for self-protection you NEED qualified insurance or membership in a Mutual Defense Society like USCCA, ACLDN, etc.

    • That seems to be the case, so why don’t gun owners who have to use guns for self defense start suing the estates of the people they shoot for damages? It’s very emotionally disturbing to have to shoot someone who is attacking you. Your hearing will probably never be quite the same after having to shoot someone, so you can sue the attacker for causing the damage to your hearing.

      Rittenhouse and his team of attorneys should sue every single rioter who was present that night for the emotional distress, lost wages, and ammunition expense it caused Kyle.

  1. Do I hear ambulance chasers in the background???
    Though shit for the skateboarder trying to kill Kyle,
    Don’t bring a skateboard to a gun fight jerk…
    “”” FREE KYLE”””

      • Tom, as a cop, I have heard your chance of getting injured was highest when placing a violent ‘partner’-spouse under arrest. Is that true?

        • Yup. Those situations can be really bad.

          My worst injury was during a domestic argument where family was arguing over who got the kaftan, afghan, crocheted thing that was on “mom” when she died.
          Fu$&ef me up bad.

          Though, I’m gonna pat my own back here. When my backup arrived after my ankle got shattered due to a rather large guy falling on me, I told them. It’s just an accident.
          He tripped, I tripped, we both fell. I didn’t jujitsu enough to avoid injury.

          You, him, and the cooler weather are reminding me of those pins in my ankle.

          Good times.

        • Youch, yours sounds as fun as mine was.

          I have six screws, one plate, and a stainless-steel rod in my shin as a reminder of getting hit by a car while bike riding.

          But hey, the Fentanyl in the ambulance was appreciated!

          The worst wasn’t getting hit, it was 25 minutes later when they picked me up off the roadway and the broken bits of bone started grinding together. Thank God for that Fentanyl in the ambulance. And her insurance company covering all of it, plus…

        • Tom. You have my empathy. I have a bum ankle. Flairs up occasionally. Night jump. I wasn’t injured on the jump, but a lot of guys missed the DZ. Funny thing, the army wanted those ‘chutes back. That’s when I shattered my ankle. Recovering parachutes from the trees. My surgeon, a bird colonel, said the swelling had to go down before surgery/insert pins. After a week in the hospital and copious x-rays he said the bone had begun to knit. Cast it. When I began having problems my ex, a physical therapist, said the older you get the more problems you’re going to have. Not being to walk well can be a cast iron bitch. Lucky it only happens occasionally.

        • Geoff,
          Yeah. IV pain killers. I tried to tell them that morphine really doesn’t do anything for me.
          They switched to something else.
          Then all was right with the world.

        • “I didn’t jujitsu enough to avoid injury.”

          Sometimes you just can’t. I literally didn’t jiu jitsu enough and I have two broken toes right now because of it.

          You really can do everything right and still lose. Shitty about the pins. Sorry to hear that.

        • GF,
          My friend.
          I only missed one flight. They crashed, I didn’t because I chose to hike out and they didn’t.
          Heck of a snow storm. Later, much later, when my nephew was a crew chief on an OH58, did he tell me what a piece of crap that was.
          My ankle injury didn’t happen till years later.
          Geez, I’m still reminded every time I hike.
          Oh well.
          S?(t happens.
          That’s what all those NDA’s are for.

        • Miller has changed from being a lib to a conservative. Thank goodness for small miracles, I suppose… 😉

  2. It’s ironic that these little turds want to “burn the system down” – except when they want to use the system for their benefit.

    • Leftists aren’t real big on consistency of principles, unless it’s the principle that they know how everyone should live and they should have the power to make that happen.

  3. A worthless and baseless lawsuit that would never survive an appeal if won.
    Has there ever been a mass lawsuit by gun folks against those who are infringing our constitutional rights? We should start one.

  4. And none of the “mostly peaceful protesters” were rallied via Facebook?!
    And the snowflake observers werent traumatized by the many acts of violence they likely committed?!
    And the snowflake observers didnt assault, harass and inhibit the movement of 1,000s of Kenoshans?!

    Everything they project onto others is meant to deflect from what they are, first and foremost a fascistic, violent, militia group.

    • “And none of the “mostly peaceful protesters” were rallied via Facebook?!”

      Or Twitter, SnapChat, TicTock, or whatever the ‘kool kids’ use these days…

    • If they can sue, our side can sue, too — and with much better reason, given all the BurnLootMurdering that happens when BLM shows up in force. Plus, BLM has a *lot* of money…time to get our hands on some. And go after Facebook too, just because Facebook.

      • Need some deep pockets to fund it, or a law firm willing to do it pro bono. But I imagine there are still considerable expenses even if the lawyers are willing to donate their time.

  5. Dear Ms. Gittings,

    I’m sorry your “life partner” was a moron who brought a skateboard to a gun fight.

    Here’s hoping his well-earned, posthumous Darwin Award may be prominently displayed in your home, to help you remember just what kind of person he was.

  6. “Rittenhouse’s first victim”.

    According to the video footage, Rittenhouse was the first victim, ergo everyone else were the aggressors. Kind of hard to argue being the victim when you are chasing the one you’re in “fear of your life” of.

    And boo-effing-hoo. Rioting, looting, and attacking someone. Then claiming emotional & physical damage at the rightful and just dispensation of force to stop your, you know… Rioting, looting, and violence against the person who defended himself righteously.

    Also: >>>FREE KYLE<<<

    • ” Rittenhouse was the first victim, ergo everyone else were the aggressors ”

      Exactly right. Whenever I get in to a discussion about this case (frequently), I’m careful to never refer to the people who were shot as victims. I always use the word casualties. Rittenhouse is the only victim.

  7. Some ambulance chasing attorney has no chance of winning such a frivolous lawsuit. His clients are pals of violent scumbags who clearly attempted to murder Kyle Rittenhouse. This is all political intended to smear the innocent and gain sympathy and standing for bullies, looters and arsonist scumbags.

    • It is actually a successful attempt to gather free advertising for the ambulance chasing lawyer with the kind of folks most likely to hire him.

    • They don’t believe in the constitution. They’ll use it when it suits their purposes, of course, but do not see that it should constrain them.

  8. Based on Anthony Huber’s rap sheet for strangling his previous domestic partners, it seems like Kyle did that woman a favor by actively defending his own life with lethal force.

  9. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    I hope this goes to court and they win $1 in damages each. Then the people who chased Kyle get charged and posthumously convicted. Well the one without a bicep can be charged…and once again…😂🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅🤣🤣😅🤣🤣

  10. It’s called gettin’ while the gettin’s is good. “Life partner” is code for a four week long live in boyfriend relationship. The girlfriend raised over $150k from gofundme. She made it sound like her and her daughter depended on skateboard dude for money, and with him gone they were in trouble. Supposedly, she left her ex-husband AND her daughter so she would be free to Ho around.
    From gofundme:
    “Hannah Gittings was Anthony Huber’s partner. On Tuesday 8/26 Anthony decided to use his voice and stand up for a cause that meant something. While peacefully protesting Anthony selflessly tried to Aid in taking down an attacker when he was gunned down. Anthony leaves behind a significant other and a step daughter who need our help. They are in need of money very fast. she can’t retrieve her house or car keys from his body or see him until they find a funeral home and pay for it. Please help if you can. Anthony was a hero”

  11. Not enough they should sue Rittenhouse parents too why werenot they minding their 17 year old child not letting him runn around playing soldier boy?

    • I guess I am too old to be a delicate snowflake who believes people killed in self defense while they were committing serious felonies and threatening the life of others should be coddled and called “heros” by other losers who also do not know how to behave properly and that actions have consequences (e.g. Attack someone with a blunt weapon to the head, one is asking for the person they attacked if they still live to respond with lethal force in self defense). All of the violent rioters deserve to be lined up against a wall and shot. I venture to guess that playing “socialist warrior” in the real world of life or death, kill or be killed might put a huge detriment on the thoughts and actions of the little kids and baby adults who fantasize about being some kind of socialist super hero.

    • To the ersatz Debbie W… Beside not having the competence to click reply You and the ratbassturd with the skateboard have a lot in common…you’re both gutless wonders. Grow some shorty, get your own moniker and cease being a snot nosed dirty diaper democRat or gfy.

    • “She’s not going to enjoy discovery.”

      She just might.

      Masochism is a ‘thing’ with some women, Chip. But her legal bills might do wonders in shrinking that GoFundMe money she has been collecting…

  12. Ironic isn’t it. Puke with skateboard got what he deserved. Idiots think only they are allowed to use violence & force.

  13. And the ambulance chaser attorneys come out of the wall… Why am I not surprised? And the plaintiffs looking to get rich off of someone who was so smart as to attack someone armed with an AR-15 with a skateboard. So many falsehoods in the accusations I lose count.

  14. The edge of a skateboard to the head could very well be a deadly blow, it wasn’t a Nerf bat. How anyone could think that Kyle had no right to protect himself is a big problem.

  15. With that photo of Huber striking Rittenhouse on the head, Rittenhouse needs to be suing Huber’s estate and his partner for the assault and his attempted murder as well as the pain and suffering he’s going through. He needs to turn that case around fast.

    • Yep and I hope he gets every penny of the gofundme money from the life partner, especially considering that gofundme wouldn’t allow him to use their platform. Then he can sue the losers at gofundme for discriminating, and Ayanna Pressley for labeling him a white supremacist terrorist. They aren’t the only ones that can play that game.

      • Kyle’s lawyers are pretty damn sharp. He’s going to be acquitted, and those massive leftist GoFundMe accounts will eventually belong to him. Even if there’s no $$ left when it’s over, forcing the vile progs to spend their ill-gotten gains on court costs will be a good thing in itself.

  16. You know you’re doing something right when bottom feeders cannot say or do anything but steal your moniker. That’s to be expected from those who lint lick bullies, looters and arsonists…what filth.

  17. Huber was a POS domestic abuser, the other turdbird that died had done ten years in prison for molesting kids. That’s sweet karma if you sk me

  18. I don’t know what the law is in Wisconsin, but in California GF wouldn’t get past the pleading stage, and would never have the opportunity to present her case to the jury. Marriage is required. I don’t know about the alleged pepper spray incident, but if it wasn’t Kyle, game over. The civil rights clams are pretty iffy all around, since Kyle did not engage in racial discrimination, and wasn’t acting as an agent of the police/State.

  19. Max projection much!?! The lefties are the biggest cry-bullies. They actually have me wanting the boog just so they shut up about every cracked fingernail.

  20. This is why we must have a “loser pays” system. Of course, the American Association for Justice (formerly the American Trial Lawyers Association), an extremely powerful group of ambulance chasers, will never permit it.

    And let’s be fair to plaintiffs’ attorneys here. The defense bar doesn’t want a loser pays system either. It would cut down on the number of lawsuits, and the defense bar depends on lawsuits to maintain their hourly billings. I know because I was a defense lawyer.

  21. Can anyone name a case where a “life partner” won a wrongful death case? I can see a baby momma on behalf of the kid, but not strictly as a “partner.” She has no liability for his misdeeds and debts, and she has no claim to his estate.

  22. So they used Facebook to organize the riots and violent protests, but now they’re suing Facebook for allowing people they don’t agree with to do the same? That’s a new level of irony and hypocrisy.

  23. Would it not be ironic of some one would confront this attorney, Jason Flores-William, in a dark alley and administer a severe ass kicking with a skate board?

  24. ohhh well girl…video of your ‘loved one’ RIOTING sack of sh–uit hitting the kid with skateboard No soup or money for you!

  25. The defense is going to have a field day with some of these allegations. The footage of the kid putting out fires, rendering aid to protestors, painting over graffiti, the interview where he says he’ll help anyone and everyone… good luck proving he was there to violently engage “peaceful” protestors.

  26. I wonder if this means all the people who had their businesses destroyed or were injured by the “fiery but mostly peaceful” protesters can sue Facebook and Twitter for allowing BLM and Pantyfa to coordinate on their platforms?

    • If the suit against Facebook is allowed, then yes, it would indeed.

      People, businesses, towns, cities, and entire states could sue Farcebook and anyone else that let the sponsors of violence — BLM included, and especially them — have space on their platform.

      But it’d also end up with zillions of lawsuits based solely on “Person X offended me,” which would arguably be worse than the pickle we’re in now. Plus there’s law giving platforms/providers legal immunity for what people say while using the service. Plus, BLM is sacred and shall not be questioned. So that part of the lawsuit is never gonna fly.

  27. Kyle needs help not useless platitudes. He stood up while many leaders in Wisconsin did nothing. The do nothing and useless part of our government whether local or state and many parts of the federal government has become the real enemy and problem. Please pray for Kyle he’s a Patriot trying to stand up to the evil libbys. Hubers fake girlfriend thinks she’s gonna get rich. Fact is she’s exposed now and going down. The majority of our nation is behind Kyle. Tort law is gonna change because it infringes on the 2 amendment.

  28. If this gets ANY consideration from the legal system, they need hung for it. Rittenhouse had the absolute right to defend himself from the mob attack. And the lawyer who’s acting in their behalf needs disbarred.


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