Parkland Florida high school shooter in custody (courtesy
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CNN is reporting that the active shooter at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida is in custody. A teacher/administrator is a suspected fatality.

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  1. I feel less bad for secretly arming and teaching the teachers, many many wish they could have a hope of saving the children just in case, they work hard and deserve that right. Keep them in your prayers.

      • No way! Joe’s posts are awesome. Where else would I get to read about some “POS (D)” traitor?
        Joe R.’s TTAG posts and YouTube videos by flat earthers are the humorous highlights of my day.

        …I wonder if Joe R. makes flat earth videos. That would be awesome beyond words.

      • I know you probably weren’t dissing Joe but he and Serge are in the top 5 reasons I come here 6 times a day. 😂😂

  2. I’m reading conflicting reports about the number of victims here. I made the mistake of clicking on a link to a Twitter post relating to this. There is a sardonic glee to the liberal commenters on Twitter. Like they couldn’t wait for this to happen again, and then emphasizing that it appears the shooter was a white male. Now I remember why I got rid of my Twitter account.

  3. POS FOX News, and all other MSMs are lumping this with all the other “school shootings since 1999 Columbine”.

    Gun-control pitch details @ 11 PM . . .

    Again, and still, F em all.

  4. St. Valentine’s Day Massacre… part 2.

    We all know what the first one lead to and we all know what the ATF is trying to enact with “rate increasing devices” and “standard rates of fire.”

    Just wait for the news to break on Friday at 4.55 PM when the ATF makes those unconstitutional regulations law.

  5. 19 year old former student previously known to be a possible threat to the school, known as a “troubled” student. Not allowed to be on campus with a backpack.

    Allegedly used an AR type firearm. Cell phone audio from the scene sounded like an AR to me.

    So, from first report at least, a troubled teenager with issues, known to the school district, apparently known to the police, known as a possible threat to the educational institution, and he’s walking around while they talk about taking my guns away?

    • And it gets better. Alleged shooter known to have access to firearms and frequently joked about shooting up the school.

      Obviously the solution is to do nothing with him…but ban everyone else’s firearms.


    • It is VERY inappropriate to label any of these Monsters with the soothing moniker ‘troubled teenager.’ This Monster is NINETEEN EFFING YEARS OLD. It can vote, smoke, join the military, drive a car, fly an airplane, mate, get married, and buy alcoholic beverages in some jurisdictions.
      “Troubled teenager” implies a pimply-faced youngster who is having difficulty getting a Prom date–not a mass murdering adult phuque. This isn’t a good boy gone wrong; This is a vicious, cowardly, piece of human excrement that didn’t even make a sorry attempt at suicide, but instead wanted to live.
      Oh. . . and nineteen is old enough to roast like a chestnut over an open fire, hang like a rotten persimmon, gas like a cockroach in the kitchen, or lethally inject like a rabid mongrel.
      I mean that in the kindest, gentlest, most Liberally Progressive manner possible, of course.

  6. The groupthink around here is getting pretty thick. Perhaps instead of pretending you are inside the liberal mind you could instead suggest solutions to something that there is no way to spin positively.

    • Ok.
      My guns weren’t involved today, so leave me alone.

      There is a law on the books punishing what the killer did today. So leave me alone.

    • Would anything short of firearm registration and government databases be good enough for you? Was the alleged perp a prohibited person or do you even know? What ideas will work for you without knowing the full details of what truly transpired inside the school today?

    • suggest solutions to something that there is no way to spin positively

      Remove the ban on armed teachers / staff / parents.
      Train armed teachers / staff in CQB and hostage rescue techniques applicable to schools.
      Follow up on threats from (former) students to shoot up schools.
      Don’t let former students walk around campus.
      Don’t let anyone who’s threatened to shoot up the school on campus.
      Eliminate the welfare state to reduce cyclic poverty.
      Eliminate public schools to improve the quality of education, and allow schools to more easily expel bad people.
      Improve immigration (e.g. make it easier to get a guest worker visa after an extensive background check, while harder to get citizenship) to reduce illegal immigration.

      How’s that for a start?

    • Simple, deport all illegals and their family. Revoke the citizenship of anyone whose family was not here legally at the time. Homicide would go down 40-50% overnight.

  7. We protect our banks and money with people with guns…we protect our politicians and other notable celebrities with people with guns…we protect our government facilities with people with guns…we protect our children with “gun-free zones” and signs…Isn’t it time to take a realistic approach and protect our children the same way we protect our money, politicians, and government facilities??

    • They aren’t my banks, celebrities, politicians, government facilities, or children. If they are yours it is up to you to protect them.

  8. Now that they have the perp, rendition him to Gitmo and give him lots of “enhanced interrogation”.

    It’s what the progressives want to do us with the added stage of being “herded into the showers for delousing”.

  9. Whenever there is unacceptable gun violence in our country progun and anti gun citizens and groups go head to head and fight over gun control. I just wanted to mention that I believe we should all be working to figure out what the real causes of this violence is and to work as a team to reduce the mass shootings and gun crime. Maybe there should be a nationwide policy, which the names and details of these shooters lives are erased and the reward of becoming a household name is removed from the equation. I believe as a gun owner, there are many reasons why this is happening in our society and gun control alone is not the only answer. And it makes me wonder if this gun crime is happening due to some sort of instigation by anti second amendment forces. By television brainwashing people or otherwise. I would be happy to help get this message out or to help working to end this plague.


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