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    • I wish Trump and the GOP would take action and ram through legislation to put armed personnel in all schools. We should be having sit-ins for real solutions. The Dems have their sit-ins to trample Liberty, we should play their childish games for a good cause.

      • This school had at least three armed police on duty. Not kiddy cops but the real thing complete with car-based AR15s and shotguns.

        Careful what you bring to the attention of the voters.

        • This “kid” was apparently bad news. He was no longer a student, 19 years old, when he was a student he was banned from carrying any kind of bag onto campus. He’d made threats of violence before and apparently they’re worried about bombs right now.

          The sad fact is, when you have someone like this, intent on doing harm, all that having armed security can do is hopefully stop it sooner, not necessarily prevent it entirely. Also, when you have someone like this, they’ll get ahold of something to cause harm, gun, knife, bomb, car.

        • Shooters like this may be crazy, but they are not STUPID.

          Three or five or TEN armed uniform cops inside the school who know what you look like and know you are trouble? No problem – pull the fire alarm and have your targets come to you.

          Three armed cops in the school can’t protect 300 students marching under the control of the teachers out the exits.

        • Where were they? Hanging back and waiting for backup, because their first priority was ‘I want to go home tonight’?

      • How is this a federal issue? That kind of “Government, do something!” attitude is what ruined this country.

        How much do you want to bet this killer didn’t just come out of nowhere? As per usual, we’ll most likely learn that he had made threats before, had acted erratically, and was (this is my personal favorite) “known to police”, as the expression goes.

        And nobody did jack squat, despite all the existing laws. So now we need all new federal laws? Good f’ing grief, man.

      • “Aw. . . . .” It’s an expression of approving bemusement, such as : “Aw. . . what a cute puppy!” It can also be used to convey disappointment: “Aw. . . you shouldn’t have done that!’ Or deprecating gratitude: “Aw. . . you shouldn’t have DONE that!”
        It might also stand for ‘Antitank Weapon,’ as in ‘LAW.’
        I’m sure that President Trump is in favor of all of those things.

    • Ya, silence about how Ohole was Pro ANYTHING anti-American. Silence about he did for terrorist, and terrorist-muslim, organizations AROUND THE EFFING GLOBE, what those organizations WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO

      E V E R









      Don’t let the (D)bag aholes sh_t on America, our flag, our Republic, or our rights.

      F em all.

      • Thank you for visiting this site Sir, we always love to see new people here.

        However, you seem to be emotionally unhinged right now.

        Respectfully, please seek help, or at a minimum refrain from posting until you can communicate coherently.

    • If Trump was pro AW ban, he would have said something about it! This was an excellent opportunity to push for it. Notice how he never has the whole time he has been president and a presidential candidate?

  1. Thoughts and prayers are never enough.

    Anyone up for meaningful dialogue yet?

    Can someone please tell me what “thoughts and prayers” do in these situations?

    Common sense says you don’t allow nuts and criminals unfettered access to weapons.

    These types of attacks don’t happen on a daily basis in Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia. Still looking for any mass killing incidents in these countries. Nope not a single one.

    This IS an American thing. YOU people OWN this. Truth hurts huh

    This is now the 30th mass shooting that has happened at the beginning of this year.

    You people talk big about your outdated archaic freedom to kill; But you love to ignore your “right” has violated the freedoms of innocent people who are possibly dead or dying. I’m sure you can explain to their families why your “right” trumps the lives of their children to live and go to school without fear.

    Again, Another senseless tragedy that could’ve been avoided if only we learned from the rest of the world.

    And the NRA, TTAG and it’s supporters won’t care because they covet their guns more than lives. They will come up with all kinds of excuses but in the end they support murder.

    Keep denying that your “Right” isn’t a problem to anyone.

      • And you can happily keep denying that your “rights” are the problem. Fascist.

        What are you going to say to the families whose “children” are probably dead or dying?

        This does not happen everyday in the rest of the world.

        Are you or anyone going to give me a sensible discussion about this or are you going to continue to sling ad-hominens, false equivalences and more debunked hogwash.

        • So someone having rights makes them a fascist? Good lord, you must drink a lot of glue. Save some for the children to use in arts and crafts when your commie cohorts aren’t shooting them.

        • You want to have a serious discussion on my “firearm rights” and rights in general… Well here’s the problem, America has this pesky thing called Freedom. Not just a tag line or “word” other countries like to use. The United States government doesn’t “give” its citizens freedom, but rather it’s the citizens who grant their freedom. I know this is probably very hard for somebody like you to understand. You are not alone and in all honesty I’d guess 95% of the population wouldn’t really understand either. The fault in understanding is because you and others have and will always have a dependent mindset. Dependantcy can be things such as having clean drinking water or depending on emergency services such as police, fire, and rescue. But what you have always thought of and probably lumped in to your “rights” isn’t really a right or freedom at all. It’s just a service the government provides to you because it’s being paid for by its citizens. You might have other services in your life such as telephone, water, gas, electricity, etc. What I’m trying to get across is these are not guaranteed rights or freedoms and as such it’s actually the individuals responsibility to guarantee his or hers rights and freedom. The catch phrase “With great power, comes great responsibility” is actually very true. Though it’s more like “With true freedom, comes great responsibility”. Unfortunately in this day and age Americans are becoming less and less responsible and because of there lack of maturity they would rather give up actual guaranteed rights to get a false sense of security which is completely dependent on government services.
          To answer your question/statement about how my “rights” trump the lives of deceased children and there grieving families. I’d have remind them it’s not my “right” that harmed there child. It was a viscous human being that harmed there child. Directing your hatred and anger at a firearm or constitutional amendment is irrational and immature. It shifts the blame from the evil individual to in adamant tools and ideas.
          Here’s my best honest answer to completely eliminate the problem of innocent people being murdered by my second amendment rights….First as you very likely predicted I’m not giving up my guns until the criminals do it first. We can hopefully agree that bad guys are always going to have or get firearms, so that’s kinda a stalemate. Though the solution may lay in science and technology. I’ve watched some interesting documentaries on how scientists have been able to determine an individuals propensity to commit crime and violence through the use of brain scanning technologies. Let’s say they perfect the technology. Now we have a way to truly solve the core problem. Every American would be required to be scanned and we’d simply cull anyone with a propensity to want to commit violent criminal acts on others. Now that is a real solution to the gun violence in America. Funny thing is after we “cull” all the murders/potential murders, my rights and firearms would never be a problem.

        • Exactly, or even if you get stabbed your ending a threat and stopping it from continuing. They don’t understand that. They just want to sit in their room or office and believe no one really has to face that threat so it’s not a real one. Their ignorance keeps them from stressing so you can’t blame them. Well until they say it’s your fault somehow.

      • And only one person dead and many others are wounded BUT ALIVE. Imagine if china had our right, There’d be 3x as much.

        It’s easier to run away or fight off a nut with a knife than with a gun.

        Again, Incidents like this are rare and do not compare to what happens here everyday.

        30 mass shootings in 2018 in this country alone versus one stabbing incident that happens once every few years.

        No thanks, At take my chances with the knife because atleast I have an INCREASED CHANCE OF SURVIVAL than an attack with a gun.

        • How ironic only one dead and many injured is your argument. Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s the same statistics on this shooting. Like I said, ignorance will help you feel comfortable.

        • “Imagine if China had our right.”

          Yes, imagine. If China had our rights they would not have suffered 60 million deaths under Mao and they would not disappear currently when they descent against the government. Oh, and their internet would not be censored by the government either. So, yes, I wish China did have our right. Of course, that is ultimately the way all Pajama Boys like you wish to live. Why don’t you move to China if you hate personal liberty so much? That way you can run away from all the mass-attack knife wielders as much as you would like rather than have the option to shoot them in the face because the option to protect yourself rather than rely on the government to do so never crossed your mind. One warning, the government agents they send for you when you post something they don’t like online: those guys will have guns.

      • Yes how “ironic” of me to compare an incident were despite one person dead, dozens are wounded and can eventually heal from their wounds and go home to their families and said incident again IS RARE and only happens once per year versus what happens here EVERYDAY.

        The children who were affected by the actions of your gun-reich supporter have only a slight chance of ever surviving.

        It’s easier to survive been stabbed than shot.

        30 mass shootings in 2018 in this country alone versus one stabbing incident that happens once every few years.

        No thanks, I’ll take my chances being stabbed than shot at, At-least I’ve a statistically higher rate of survival than being shot.

        It’s easier to fight off a lone loon with a knife than a lone loon with a gun.

        • Check out Australia, mate. Gun control that the lot of you people slaver over, and what? Homicide doesn’t even take a dip, just follows the existing trendline. I’m hoping some of this is getting through to you, but I’m figuring you’re a troll account who feeds off the idea that people are paying attention to you.

        • T H A N K G O D RealAmericanPatriotsAgainstAntiFreedomProGunnersThatHateAmerica

          A I N ‘ T

          F R O M

          H E R E

          Cause she’s a real commie tool.

        • Thank you once again, real stupid. You made Trumps first 4 years possible and you will give him another 4 years.

          Completely clueless and on their side. Gotta love it.

    • What do you mean “YOU PEOPLE”!

      That’s so incredibly racist!

      Really waters down any point you were trying to make….. the nerve….

    • Guns is not the core of the problem. It’s our crappy mental health system. We need to change how mental illness is diagnosed and treated. Experimental psych drug doses prescribed in the field are primitive and are the source of the problem at its core.
      Saying guns are the problem for school shootings is like saying cars are the problem for drunk driving fatalities as well as a spoon is the problem for obesity.

    • STEP 1) Complain that there is no meaningful dialogue.

      STEP 2) Create a strawman instead of trying to talk to those who don’t share your views, and viciously beat said straw man to a pulp.

      STEP 3) Complain that there is no meaningful dialogue.

    • “…Common sense says you don’t allow nuts and criminals unfettered access to weapons.”

      Are you sure you know what the word ‘unfettered’ means? Because based on your (trolling) comment I am pretty sure it doesn’t mean what you think it means.

  2. Sending “Thoughts and prayers” via tweet has become an unfortunate meme at this point. Since it’s surely not helping anyone and ends up just being a talking point for the left (who instead propose measures that also won’t do shit but will puff up their base), it should be avoided in lieu of more actionable statements, even if it’s as simple as expressing that federal investigators and responders are available to help local authorities in any way necessary. It’s not exactly visionary, but it’s something within the purview of the office that isn’t quite so blandly predictable and trope-ish now.

    Glad they got the guy alive this time, makes it harder for conspiracy theorists to go nuts and maybe we can actually blame the killer instead of inanimate objects.

    • “trope-ish” like the evil POS (D) sucking the a _ _ (hard enough to cause a prolapsed colon) of satan and fellow evil POS communists and dictators, in every ‘world-stage’ venue they can muster.

  3. Just call me unfeeling.
    This happened literally in my back yard and Im sick of all the news on TV about it already. Just waiting for the bloody shirt wavers to get going. B
    News just repeats the same crap over and over. Nothing new no new information.
    Shit happens. In this case it shouldn’t have. This kid was known bad news and nothing was done about him. Expelled from the school. Banned from entering the property. Other kids knew he had guns and even said he would be the one if it happened to their school.
    Next………….blame the guns extended mags, same shit just waiting for the BS on tonights news to continue. Same crap different day no solutions offered to a known issue.
    Cant legislate crazy take it out on us. Legal lawful gun owners.

    • Yep. This attack could not have been telegraphed harder.

      School officials: ignored it
      Parents: ignored it
      Police: ignored it

      Why? Well it could never happen here, this is the safest city in Florida!

      This is what fatal complacency looks like.

  4. As a Christian man my heart aches for those lost to this madman. Evil is rampant in this world unfortunately. But, my Christian beliefs don’t tell me to be a sheep among the wolves. I am the Sheep-Dog. We should all be Sheep-Dogs to protect our young in anyway we can! Three cops on campus? Where? Just would like to know.


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