Maryland moms demand action
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By Julie D.

Every now and again as I’m moving wet laundry from the washer to the dryer, I hear the now familiar tinkle of metal on metal. Another empty shell casing forgotten in a pocket. I pause and reflect on how I came to this place of understanding and tolerance; not for my son’s lack of emptying his pockets before putting his clothes in the washer, but for understanding and appreciating how that casing ended up in his pocket to begin with.

I am many things. I am a college graduate. I have a successful career. I am a voter. I am a news junkie. I am a wife. But, most important; I am a mom. Juggling a career, kids, caring for my ailing father and trying to run a home has been hard sometimes; but make no mistake, my children are my passion. Like moms everywhere, I would give my own life to protect them from harm.

In this way I am probably like a lot of the members of Moms Demand Action.

I grew up and still live in Minnesota. Here, people fish in both winter and summer and hunt in the fall. I never gave guns much thought growing up, they were just the norm. It seemed everybody’s dad or brothers had guns. My dad was a businessman. Not the sports type, he took up golf, fishing and bought a shotgun to go hunting with his clients and customers. For him, the point wasn’t the score, the size of the catch or the number of birds. It was part of the art of the deal.

The fishing pole and the golf clubs were tucked in the corner of our garage next to the wood pile. They were always tipping over and getting stepped on. The unloaded gun was propped in the back corner of the basement closet. It would slide to the floor when we pulled out the vacuum. We’d shove it back in and forget about it.

I became addicted to the news at an early age. I remember watching the CBS Evening News in black and white with daily coverage of the Vietnam War. I remember the images of the soldiers slogging through the rice paddies with rifles strapped to their backs or firing their weapons into the jungle at the unseen enemy. I was gripped by sorrow and worry for this unimaginable thing called war.

Guns were in almost every frame, but again my attention and interest was not focused on the guns. Their presence was expected. I was focused on the raw emotion of the stories unfolding before my young eyes. I was frightened by what I saw. My parents comforted me and told me the war was far away and that I’m safe.

In the 60’s there was a lot of news about riots and protests, too. The police and the protesters got a lot of air time. The police carried guns. That was nothing new. They were supposed to. The rioters and protesters threw rocks and started fires and smashed windows. A lot of people got hurt. The guns didn’t capture my attention, the rage and the violence did. I never forgot that feeling. My parents comforted me again. You are safe here.

I married my childhood sweeetheart. He was from Arizona. He came from a family of avid hunters. I was fine with that. I just made him promise not to put his gun in the closet where it would get tangled up in the vacuum hose and tip over.

He was appalled. It was not a gun that he owned, it was guns. Guns, he pointed out don’t get stuffed in a closet. They belong in a safe. Except for the loaded gun you sometimes carry for protection and keep by the bed at night.

I wondered what life was like in Arizona. I pointed out that we live in Minnesota where it’s safe. We don’t carry around a gun with bullets in it. Somebody could get hurt. My dad’s gun never had shells in it. For all I know he had never even loaded it. He just carried it around like a prop, offered his client the first shot, and then he tossed it back into the closest with the vacuum when he got home.

My husband and I had our first fight about guns.

I won part of the battle, but lost the war. No guns in the open in our house. Period. Our son was born and as he grew, his favorite toy was a pop gun. If that wasn’t available, his fingers would do and he raced around the yard shooting at imaginary targets. I didn’t give it much thought, little boys do that.

Father and son forged a bond over guns. Pop guns and pointed fingers gave way to a BB gun for target practice with plenty of supervision from Dad. Gun safety was the mantra. I was pleased that father and son were bonding.

The BB gun was eventually replaced by a .22 along with formal firearms safety classes and I was horrified. There were real bullets in that thing. Then came the weekly trips to the range for more practice and their conversations took on a surreal quality. I felt as if I had wandered into a Fellini film with no subtitles.

Calibers and specs and Rugers and scopes. I had no idea what was going on, but I sensed that something radical had shifted in our world. Then, another gun safe was installed. “For what,” I asked? “We have four guns. Daddy’s hunting gun, his pistol, the BB gun and the .22.”

Their eyes rolled as they looked at each other conspiratorially. We have lots of guns, Mom. Surprise! Long ones, short ones, black ones, silver ones and a few painted with camouflage. We have guns from America and guns from other countries too! “Well, aren’t you two clever,” I said. “I hope that you left the price tags on because they are all going back.”

I lost that battle, too.

The news continued to occupy me. The CBS Evening News in black and white had given way to CNN. A 24/7 barrage of graphic, gory coverage in real time and in color. Wars and terrorist bombings in other countries. How sad for those people. How frightened those mothers must be for their children, I thought.

Then came the Oklahoma City bombing and the horrible loss of life. All those innocent people. The children in that daycare killed and injured. Those could have been my children. Stories of gang violence in places like Chicago and California and right here in Minnesota. Drive-by shootings in neighborhoods. In. This. Country.

I was outraged. Innocent men, women and children were getting shot and killed right in their own front yards, for God’s sake, by a bunch of hoodlums shooting AK-47s and “assault rifles.” Then came Columbine. Newtown. Parkland. This has to stop. Something has to be done, I thought. I thought the place to start was in my own home. I was a mom on a mission. It was time to turn this bus around.

I sat my guys down at the kitchen table for “the talk.” I had what I thought was a rational argument to present.  I had a lesson to teach and I meant to teach it. I imagine my outline pretty much followed the passion underlying the platform of the Moms who Demand Action.

I pledged my love for my husband, my son and our daughter. I tried to help them to see through my eyes, through my heart, that the thought of losing any of them to gun violence was unimaginable.

Guns don’t belong in a civilized society. Guns don’t belong in our home or our lives. AK-47s? Those belong in the hands of the Soviet army, not in the hands of kids in street gangs. People are getting hurt. People are dying for nothing. This is no longer about wars in faraway places. This is happening right here in America.

They listened to what I had to say. They were attentive and respectful of my anguish and my fears. Then my son asked to speak. He said there was far more to this than I understood. He asked me if I wanted to learn what he had learned and had come to understand, so that I might look at this a little differently. I agreed to hear him out. I didn’t expect to change my mind.

The teacher became the student.

At our kitchen table the night of “the talk” — and in hundreds of conversations since — I have listened to my son, now a young man, speak of the Second Amendment and what our forefathers intended. He has taught me about our country’s laws and legislation. He spoke of the more subtle nuances of our Constitution. He brought forward ideas of the anti-federalists, quoted men long dead, and spoke of seeing the Bill of Rights as a list of rights inalienable from birth until death.

He spoke of his experiences hunting and what he had learned in the marshes, fields and forests. He talked about the pleasure and pride he took from his training in marksmanship and in competitive shooting. He helped me understand that a gun was like a tool, no different than a hammer or a knife that could be used in many different ways. Used properly, safely, and legally, all are useful. Used improperly, all can be lethal weapons.

The tool is not the problem. What is in the heart and mind of the user is the problem. Evil people do evil things. If one tool for destruction is not available, they will find another. Not a shot was fired on September 11, 2001, yet the loss of life was staggering.

For him, for his father, and millions and millions of people in this country who own and use guns properly, responsibly and legally as guaranteed by the Second Amendment, this is a very big deal. They have committed no crime and have no intention of doing so. They have not hurt anyone. The hype generated around this issue by the media and politicians eager to grab the spotlight after each new incident have so muddied the waters that rational reflection and dialogue have become almost impossible.

My son has spoken before hundreds assembled at our state capital to speak out against proposed legislation to further erode the rights of law abiding gun owners.

Do we still have violence in our country? Yes. Will changing the size of a gun’s magazine or banning an entire class of guns, or further restricting law-abiding citizens from legally purchasing and using guns for sport, pleasure or self-defense solve the problem? No.

To all the moms out there, I gotta tell you; my son has grown into a great young man. He hears your concern and shares your outrage and your pain at the horrible tragedies that families across the country have experienced at the hands of bad people doing bad things. My son talks about the value of life and how precious it is. My son is a good man who owns guns.

I would love for you to meet him, to listen to the other side of the story. You could learn a lot from him. I did.

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  1. Sorry, toots, but you aren’t fooling me. Your son didn’t convince you. You’re just trying to sound like he did so you can be all “muh boy!”, which doesn’t mean shit to anyone else. Period.

    • “Will changing the size of a gun’s magazine or banning an entire class of guns, or further restricting law-abiding citizens from legally purchasing and using guns for sport, pleasure or self-defense solve the problem? No.”

      You mention specifics when, in reality, you want them ALL banned and confiscated. That’s what MDA wants even though they’ll lie straight to your face. Oh, sure, they’ll say they just want the ARs and AKs. The eeeeevil “assault rifles”. But, the truth is they’ll never stop. Crimes will still be committed with firearms and they’ll want everything banned until that’s left are flintlock muzzle loaders. And, then they’ll want those gone, too. So predictable…

    • Unlike you, San, some people can be presuded with rational arguments and honest facts. Unless you know this woman personally there is no way you can know if she is making up parts of this story or not. But it appears that you have come to the conclusion that she is a liar. Now I’m going to make an assumption about you and quote someone I think you probably hold in high regard. Bill Clinton famously said during the Lewinsky affair “you might be wrong”.

      • “Unless you know this woman personally there is no way you can know if she is making up parts of this story or not.”

        You are correct Mr. Gordon. However, you can logically assume a few things. One. She is an activist with MDA. A not so subtle group when it comes to gun control. I perused the front page of their website. They are a few cents short of radical. Two. She tried to convince her son and husband that guns were evil. Thankfully they were smarter than she was. Three. Now she is a “supporter” of guns? No. Ball game over. She lost. Furthermore, it’s people like this who are the real threat to the 2A and to America itself. People who you are sure they are being truthful but who in reality want absolute control over your lives.

        • Sadly there are those on this thread who didn’t read the article carefully. She is not MDA, and I submit that she wants MDAs to change their thinking. She says, “To all the moms out there, I gotta tell you; my son has grown into a great young man…. I would love for you to meet him, to listen to the other side of the story. You could learn a lot from him. I did.”

        • “She is not MDA, and I submit that she wants MDAs to change their thinking.”

          So the sign in the picture is photoshopped?

        • Whoa. Just saw the small print under the picture. I stand corrected. Talk about misleading. I’m disappointed TTAG.

        • You feel mislead? That’s what happens when you not only don’t read the entire article but couldn’t be bothered to read the caption under the picture. These are articles, not flashcards for you to respond to. If you don’t have time to read an article don’t bother replying to it.

    • Interesting that you KNOW her heart. You called her a liar. Plain and simple. I call you a fool.

    • I could pen my life story too and how I grew up and became pro gun instead I cut the chase and point out the fact that Gun Control is rooted in racism and genocide. In other words Gun Control is a racist and nazi based agenda that hi has no place whatsoever in America.
      Bottom line…Gun Control Zealots need to justify their racist and nazi based agenda. Good luck with that.

    • Sam,
      Lighten up. No matter the motive or orientation, I would welcome millions more like her. I’m a dad with daughters and, guess what, they shoot. Cut her some slack.

  2. If your son was old enough to shoot guns before the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, I’m going to guess he’s at least 30 today. So I have to ask, “why are you still doing his laundry?” He’s an adult. Make him wash his own underwear.

    • Everything she wrote and your sole takeaway is who is doing the laundry?

      How about he is in town visiting for a few weeks?


      To TTAG;

      P320 entry? Just a guess, did you rinse (laundry) and reuse this story?

    • She must be at least 70. I remember the black & white newscasts in the 60’s about VietNam and I wasn’t at all concerned. (My parents were very concerned, tho.) It was a far-away place.
      I was in jr.high. We girls were more concerned about homework, boys & the Beatles. We didn’t hunt or fish. We watched Bonanza, Stoney Burke and National Velvet.

      • Me too. I also remember all the adults going apeshit when Kennedy was assassinated. None of that bothered me at that age but a few years later doing duck and cover in the halls at school didn’t sit too well.

        • I was in 7th grade. When the announcement was made over intercom the girl net to me and fell to her knees crying. I looked at her and thought WTF hes a Democrat.

    • I can’t speak for the woman in the article, but at my house, men generally aren’t permitted to operate the washing machine. It’s HER washer, and HER dryer, and none of us males are smart enough to operate them. The single most reasonable reason for that is, half of us are rather severely color blind. She HATES IT when something red goes in with something white, LOL!!

  3. You and your husband did a fantastic job raising your son to be a man. Thank you for contributing to the hope for a brighter future for America. I really can’t thank you enough.

  4. In the hope that you actually are a right thinking individual now, congratulations for seeing things in the clear light of day. If you’re just blowin smoke like the previous poster suggested, I feel sorry for you, and remind you that we know we’re right and wont back down!

  5. So what’s different here?
    Hundred of thousands of people have had that same conversation and it inevitable always ends with fingers in ears and shouting of bias confirming slogans. Essentially both her and her son were reading from scripts. There are no new “arguments” and haven’t been for at least a century. It isn’t just because he’s her son. Plenty of parents stomp all over their childrens ideas and vice versa.
    If we can unlock the secret perhaps we can end the fight.

  6. Firstly, I doubt a mom wrote this. If she did, and reads this, my apologies for being incorrect Ma’am.
    The only thing that stuck out was “…and Rugers…”
    Let’s have a REAL story.
    I have an Aunt who is a great person, grew up shooting, but after her friend was killed in a mass shooting, her opinions on guns changed. She thinks giving up Ar15s will change something, and it can end at the AR15, but it can’t.
    I explained some of the evil things which happened in my life, and that no one used a gun to perpetrate these crimes. She knows all to well of these things, and made the choice to mind her own business, instead of helping save me.
    Taking a different course, I told her “I’m from the Gov, and I’m here to help!”
    “It’s come to our attention that you have horses Ma’am. You see, people have been hurt by horses, now, maybe not YOUR horses, but horses are dangerous and people have become afraid. We are going to come and take them, and put them in a meat grinder, before they DO hurt someone!
    Regardless of what you paid, we’re offering $200, you will not be able to deduct losses on your income taxes, sorry. BTW, when we said ‘offer’, we offer not to kill you or your doggies, if you comply.
    You see Ma’am, we are still allowed to have guns, we have no compunction about using them. Hell, we’ll brand you a terrorist and still sleep fine at night. This is non-negotiable. I’m from the Gov, and I’m here to help!”
    She didn’t see the humor, not sure if she saw the light.

    • I was doing some work for a guy that blamed Vietnam on M 16’s and A r’s. Guess people can blame anything that happens on whatever they wish to.

  7. Been married a few times…never had to “convince” any wife guns were OK. With either set of son’s! Happy you apparently got religion… swell your mind was so easily changed😃

  8. At some point people can become too emotional. And become irrational in their thinking and actions. And this is what the anti civil rights people have become. The anti civil rights folks of today in 2020, or very much like the anti civil rights folks in the 1950’s. Both are racist groups. They think blacks can’t handle gun ownership. And they think only a very limited types of white people can handle guns.

    There should be 2A education and weapons instruction at every public school. In grades K thru 12. But that is not a priority in the 2A community. But its the best way to take away the fear about guns.
    There use to be archery teams at most H.S. as well in the 1950’s.

    • Always agreeing with this.

      Teach all the children everything age appropriate about firearms, every grade add to what they know.

      In two generations we will have changed the country.

    • At the very least the Eddie the Eagle education. Don’t touch, move away, get an adult.

      • That’s fine for two to ten year olds. And, ten is stretching it. By ten, they should have been allowed to fire some small bore weapons under VERY STRICTLY CONTROLLED conditions. When they become teens, they should be welcomed into the world of hunting, and most of the training and teaching necessary to keep them safe should already be behind them. At age 18, they can graduate to 5 inch 54 caliber and other crew served weapons.

    • So with public education thoroughly in the hands of communists all the way from kindergarten to the PHD, with men virtually eliminated as teachers up to high school and fleeing from high school, college, and university at a rate that will make education almost entirely female in less than 20 years, you want to have them teach future generations about guns?

  9. BeCaUse oNe NeEds HoRsEs!!! (sorry, I forgot that part)
    Next time you meet an anti-gunner, just name some random thing they don’t need, the more expensive and useless the better.
    They drive a VW? Brand them a Nazi supporter.
    They using something made in China? Commie!
    Be outrageous, reductio absurdum full speed ahead!

  10. I find it quite ironic, in that she said that “AK-47’s only belong in the hands of the Soviet army”. Apparently, she never read any history, and what happens when only the criminals and crooks in government are allowed to own weapons. As for whether this mom really and truly changed her mind? Well, that seems to be the million dollar question many are asking here.

    • It isn’t necessary that Mom likes guns. Or, your neighbor, or anyone else. It is only necessary that everyone respects the constitution, the bill of rights, and OUR RIGHT to decide for ourselves. There are people in my life, whom I love and respect, who DO_NO_LIKE_GUNS. What makes them cool is, I don’t take guns into their homes – and they don’t try to control my decision to keep and bear arms. Mutual respect goes a long way. :^)

      Fortunately, I didn’t marry a woman who hates guns, lol. Had that happened, that mutual respect thing may have fallen on it’s face at some point.

  11. “….Guns don’t belong in a civilized society…”

    Actually the inverse is true.

    Much of the world’s population is uncivilized and can not be allowed firearms or be trusted with freedom. (according to their rulers)

    Only in a truly civilized society are firearms and freedom responsibly accepted. (Because people with firearms don’t have rulers..or kings..or dictators)

    • “….Guns don’t belong in a civilized society…”

      I have a slightly different take on it –

      Ownership of guns are for those times when society isn’t very ‘civil’, and situations must be dealt with, now…

    • The irony of that common “argument” (more like a sound bite) is that it’s essentially arguing for a return to strength based weapons, where the weakest and most vulnerable members of society are helpless against the strong. Then, when presented with that counter argument, they inevitably spitter something about how people aren’t actually that bad, in which case you can point out that if *that* is true, why do we need to remove guns from society? We POTG tend to get a bit too mired in details and statistics when talking with anti-gunners. Keep it broad, keep it brief, keep it something they can connect with emotionally. Another good one is “anti-gun equals pro rape”

  12. Wow. A formerly anti-gun Mom is trying to explain how her husband and son changed her thinking and some people here are insulting her for it?

    How come these people cannot comprehend a victory? A small one, just one person, but a win never the less?

    Ya’ll won, deal with it.

    • She’s dead-weight having a self-congratulatory ramble, the cause of gun rights would better off without her.

        • And thanks to ” all or nothing: folks like you we will one day be left with nothing.
          So proud of yourself for chasing those who are in the middle away, until one day you notice, there are only those who are against guns and those who are for them but damn there are way more against.

          And sure you are going to take up arms against them. I haven’t seen any in the blue cesspools doing much more than complaining so odds are you will too when they change the laws.

    • Reading is fundamental. I’m not seeing much in the way of comprehension in what the article is stating from many of the obtuse making comments. Summary: She USE TO dislike guns. She attempted to persuade her husband and son to dislike guns or at lease get them out of her house. Her son gave her an education regarding guns which she had not received previously. She now appreciates guns.
      Now that you have the Cliff Notes, you may make educated comments.

  13. The article was wonderfully written and illustrates how attitudes and opinions, and even beliefs, can be changed through education and perhaps a bit of faith. The faith she had in her son and husband made the difference in her ability to understand the importance of responsible gun ownership in America. I was born in VA and spent many, MANY weekends either at a gun range or hunting with my father. Then we moved to a small town in WI, where the attitudes about guns are somewhat different. As it happens I now live in AZ, a state where real men (and women) with real guns proudly reside. And, yes, I own several guns – rifles, shotguns, pistols – and more than one is loaded and ready for use at all times. It is for the reasons cited in her article – and the progression of events she cites that have demonstrated the gradual decay in our society – that we must resist (now more than ever before) any and all government attempts to restrict or abolish our 2nd Amendment rights.

    • I had a wildly different takeaway from the article…

      I read the perspective of a woman who doesn’t like, understand, or trust firearms; but has accepted them because she’s outvoted. I also don’t believe any of it, because timelines on some things simply don’t add up with others.

      I think this whole article is bullshit written by someone who ISN’T POTG trying to plant a seed that the fabled “fence-sitters” are real. I’ve said it for years: there are pro’s, anti’s, and those who really don’t give a crap either way. This woman, if she exists, is none of those things. She’s fictitious.

      • She still lives in MN and probably still watches (and is indoctrinated by) liberal (leftist) MSM. I grew up in a small town in WI near Milwaukee and understand the prevailing attitudes up there better than most. I don’t think the article is BS; I think it is about a woman who has spent a lifetime grappling with guns and both sides of the issue. The last part of the article leads me to believe she has accepted that responsible gun ownership along with our 2nd Amendment rights provide the means to protect the rest of our liberties. I don’t know why she would write this article unless she had come to believe as the rest of us do. But so much in the media these days is patently false or misleading that it’s no wonder we have become suspicious.

  14. If more of the Demanding Commie Mommy’s were educated in the Constitution and civics there would be less of them.

  15. Drop all the ignorant “Commie” crap and you’d have a shot at convincing one of those “Moms”.

    Betcha’ her husband and son weren’t calling her a “commie” when they educated Mom on The Truth About Guns.

  16. Dear lord, it just goes on and on. Think whatever you want about guns, with your unprincipled, cloistered waffling, it’s a fart in the wind either way.

  17. Thanks for your honesty. My father, a WWII veteran, didn’t want guns in the house. Guess he saw enough killing. He told me to never kill anyone because you will remember it for the rest of your life. We had a used BB gun we shot in the back yard but that was it. I never thought about guns much until I enrolled in the ROTC Rifle Team in college. Had a great time and realized I was the best shot in my freshman class. I never signed on the “dotted line” and went to grad school instead. Never thought about guns again until we bought land in the foothills of NW GA to build a house and bought a Taurus Judge as a snake gun. It was fun shooting it off and on. Then when Obama was elected I started putting 2 + 2 together and recalled the material on Marxism I read in college. Changed political parties, realizing what Jefferson meant by the need for “vigilance.” Started reading more to continue to uncover its deception and then to the gun store I went. Then I went to defensive classes, joined the NRA, GOA and 2AF. Tyranny comes in many forms and is mostly masked in deception and the lies that say, “we want to keep you safe.” If you think about it, that is a bald faced lie. Who on earth can keep you safe, anyway? No one but yourself, and perhaps a friend or neighbor who has individuated to become a sheepdog instead of a sheep. Tyranny comes in the form of a predator. A wolf in sheep’s’ clothing—in this case, with my apologies to the wolf. Perhaps the Zombie apocalypse has already arrived in the form of the Marxocrats and their useful idiots of Antifa and BLM who use the favorite Marxist tool of deception to mask their tyranny. Zombies are brain dead, somewhat similar to the frontal lobotomies given to Antifa, BLM and those who blindly repeat “we will follow fearless leader” mantra (re: “Rocky and Bullwinkle Movie”). Have you ever found in the annals of history, any human beings who have created a Utopia that actually worked? It is an act of supreme arrogance that the Marxocrats believe they can accomplish this. All they are in it for is the power they can get for themselves by taking away the self-determination our Natural enumerated liberties as accepted, not given, in the Constitution.

    • Washing machines are infiltration points for Naval Spetznaz units prepping the US for a final takeover by tampering with USPS sorting machines.

      Once Putin engineers the upcoming election they’ll blow the grid and the Ruskies will invade using UN troops backed by the inter-dimensional, psychokinetic, telepathic lizard people from the 217th reality (described by the Black Mages of Saturn) from beyond the ice wall at the edge of the Flat Earth.

      You’ve seen the evidence. Now, plan accordingly. Vote Biden, because he’s immune to the lizard people’s mind tampering.

      And yes, heavy /sarc here. Sad I have to say that, but… Legos.

  18. What does the OKC bombing have to do with guns?
    He did have a Glock 45 on him when arrested but he didn’t kill any kids with it. He and those other scum used explosives not guns.

  19. There are a lot of people that did not like guns. VietNam left a bad taste in our mouths, we had no use for firearms(for ourselves). Many of us saw the light and realized the NWO wants the masses to be compliant and easy to control. The problem is that people with evil intentions will keep their guns and prey on those who do not have any.
    It was about 14 years ago that I saw the light and realized that good people with guns is what this country needs.
    How can you judge what someone believes now? It is possible to change your mind because you see the other side.
    My adult son was amazed that I would even think about getting a firearm. My wife was an orphan at 11 because of a murder/suicide. One daughter works in the medical field and the other is a elementary educator.
    I brought the idea up and they were all for it. I had stopped drinking a few years before and they all were open to having self protection, even though none of them were brought up with it. So we bought a few handguns and went to the range and got some basic training. We are all responsible and keep them locked up accessible to the adults in the houses. I even got a C&R license to collect firearms that I like.

  20. Sounds like someone who is easily persuaded into opposing this belief. If her son was killed by someone with a gun, she would definitely demand action. I can only be so sympathetic, but this stuff, trying to provoke the feels, doesn’t work. Write back when you start carrying everyday, and training often, holding the second as close to your heart as your family apparently does in understanding that freedom is not free, and is also violent.

  21. I was anti-gun also… but that was because I was ignorant, not blind.

    The Left always believes they can legislate their way into a utopia… If we only just pass one more law… How about they go ahead and name all the laws that were already passed before passing another one. Moreover. it’s becoming increasingly clear that their vision of the future is anything but a utopia.

  22. Damn! So many of the comments belie soothsayers, clairvoyants, and mind readers. Able to see past the prims facie information presented and draw the exact opposite conclusion…all without reading that damn story. I know…you just look at the pictures and spew your spiel. This is the kind of no-thinking approach that the anti-gun crowd stereotypes gun people with. Dont make their job easy for them. Read, think. Then comment.

  23. I’m pleased to see so many TTAG comments going after Julie D. with hatred and brutal put downs. She obviously fails the Purity Test to be permitted in the company of real gun folks like us. We can’t be allowing anyone who is less than 99 and 44/100% Gun People and those 44/100%’ers damn well better shape up or ship out.

    You are either a Pure POTG or you are a Marxist-Fascist Elitist!

    All Hail The Pure Folk!!!!!!!

  24. she hasn’t aged much in looks if that picture is of the woman who wrote the article. Opossum bloodline’s maybe?

    • The article’s photo is of Liz Banach, active member of Maryland’s MDA brigade, and recent participant in Anne Arundel County’s Gun Violence Prevention Task Force. You can read about the County Executive’s order creating the GVPTF, and their final report –

      In spite of being written by the fine folks at Mike Bloomberg’s Johns Hopkins, I’m sure it’ll be stuffed in front of the Maryland General Assembly as justification for more gun control legislation the next time they’re in session. It’ll probably spread past the Maryland borders, too. I mean, Hopkins is reputable, right? I mean, the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Policy and Research couldn’t possibly be a biased entity, right?

  25. There’s no excuse not to check pockets before the laundry. Even worse than a spent case, there may be paper in them. Good luck cleaning that up.

    • Poo on paper, we have several times heard clunking in the dryer and discovered a very clean cell phone.

  26. I found no mention of author being a member of MDA or anything else. The photo is not the author it say right under the photo.
    I cannot say who wrote the article as I was not a witness.
    But there are some immature and rude commenters around here not to mention ignorant about their favorite subject.
    MDA won’t be moved by this story either as that whole cub is about money and only money, money for Shannon Houghton Watts and nobody else. She is a liar and a traitor but pure capitalist, at least she is half capitalist. She has made a monkey out of many women in this country…

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