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And yea, I walked through the valley of flames for suggesting that a holster demo video by an attractive female might appeal to people whose interest in holsters wasn’t as wholesome as its creator’s intent. And lo, did they chastise me for my prurience: a fancy word for salaciousness. A fancy word for perversion. So I will resist the temptation to signal the signal hotness of the two hosts of the Outdoor Channel’s upcoming TV show X-Ring: Bianchi Cup winner Jessie Abbate and Matt “Not Named After the Beer in the Simpsons” Duff. Nor will I make clever references to the NuvaRing. I will simply link to the show’s Facebook page and quote the NRA Blog on the matter, and caution TTAG’s audience to read it anti-Jimmy Carter style: without lust in their heart . . .

The X-Ring is the center of the shooting world. It’s where hunters aim and shooters are made. And at the core of this X-Ring is a dynamic duo adding a whole new dimension the Outdoor Channel lineup.

Former MLB baseball player and current television personality of the wildly-popular Buck Commander series, Matt Duff, teams up with world-class shooter and all-American girl, Jessie Abbate, for a series unlike any other on the air waves.

Again, I caution thee to remember that this difference has nothing to do with carnal knowledge, real or imagined. Here’s the 411th:

Whether they’re spending time at the Whittington Center with the best and brightest youth of today, showcasing the world’s best at the Bianchi Cup, going behind the scenes on an exclusive Black Bear Hunt in Alaska, or introducing America to our unsung heroes during a Wounded Warrior Elk Hunt— Matt & Jessie will go everywhere and explore everything to uncover the unseen facets of the shooting sphere.

Can a sphere have facets? If the good Lord wills it, yes. And Lord knows we’ll be watching this show, for inner illumination alone.

[X-Ring debuts on the Outdoor Channel at 6 p.m. on Sunday, January 9, 2011]

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