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“This season, the danger and the thrill of the chase are turned up a notch as Makris and team head to the Republic of Botswana’s famed Okavango Delta – the world’s largest inland delta – and the extreme wilderness of the Republic of Mozambique. Catch rhinoceros dart hunts in South Africa and watch as they relocate elephants on the luxury private game reserve of Sabi Sands, located in the Mpumalanga province of the region.” As far as mainstream media success is concerned, the problem with hunting programs is . . . hunting. So you can’t really blame the Outdoor Channel for playing down the animal killing part of the program. Or can you? New series debuts tonight at 6pm EST. Click here for preview (thanks for the embed guys).

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  1. I can’t. The want more viewers, and their research has (Likely) told them that John & Jane Q. Public are looking for less violent TV.

  2. I’ve heard that hunting is becoming increasingly popular with women. I’ve also read conflicting reports that sport hunting popularity is increasing and another that it is decreasing. There are lies, damn lies, and then there are statistics. Nice gun. Looks somewhat like my CAS Stoeger SxS 12g.

  3. I recall an especially hilarious hunting show on that channel. A Ted Nugent wannabe chasing pigs around with some overpriced 1911. Oh and his outfit! He must have been inspired by an 80s issue of Solder Of Fortune. Has anyone else seen him on the tube?

  4. At a time when elephant and rhinoceros populations are in decline to the point where they will shortly become unsustainable, shooting of those animals with anything other than darts would often be illegal and sometimes just plain stupid.

    While I do not see ethical issues that would prohibit the hunting of many animals, I do have a serious concern about killing any animal merely for the entertainment of television viewers. That’s not what hunting is all about.

    Despite what PETA and it’s friends in the Eastern media elite might say, hunting is not a blood sport. At the very least, hunting is a method of necessary and compassionate animal control. At it’s best, it’s an honored tradition that also puts meat on the table.

    Hunting isn’t an act for circus geeks or TV producers chasing after advertising income.

    • I would not be surprised if the Rhino population is moved to Ohio and the Mid West. Yes, they were native to this area.

        • Har har to both of you. Seriously, the rich white guys hunting in Africa thing is weird. It’s often a good thing, supplying income to impoverished communities, but it’s still a vestige of brutal colonial control.

          I’m a meat hunter here in Oregon, so I have no beef (venison?) with hunting.

        • I want to go rabbit hunting with a slingshot in Oregon. I just learned that Oregon has the third largest snake population in America after Florida and the South West.

    • I joined the alternative sect of PETA. Our version stands for “PEOPLE EATING TASTY ANIMALS” and I like mine with biscuits and gravy.

    • You must be among to fortunate people, that has a job in which you work 50 or 60 hours a week. This I commend you, but you don’t get much chance to watch “Under Wild Skies” or you would know the hunting isn’t strictly for entertainment. From watching “Under Wild Skies”, I want to hunt in Africa. It’s on my bucket list.

  5. I find pretty much all hunting shows incredibly boring and many downright disturbing. Then again, I only hunt for meat and population control and view it as a chore more than anything else. The whole posing with your kill for a picture while squealing like a little girl thing is totally beyond me as is wasting a tag on an animal that looks a certain way over one that will actually taste good.

  6. In africa, the big gae overpopulates the wileerness areas set aside for it. hunting of the SURPLUS big game provides the locals with money to support
    then maintenance of the reserve. elephants will destroy all the available habitat in anares they overpopulate . befor man, when their numbers went up , they moved to new areas when food got scarce. now if they leave the preserves they are in the locals fields. the locas will defend their food supply with traps and poison. poachers will kill them for meat and ivory for the black market.

    the money from hunting is Essential for the reserves. as a side benefit the locals get the meat .

  7. Showing these disgusting hunts of mature Elephants, one of the most compassionate creatures on this planet, made me physically sick! these men should be shot!

  8. There is some sort of mental instability in a person who thinks it is manly to kill an animal. By doing it, you display your own fear and inadequacy. If you want to prove you are a marksman, get a target and see how accurate you are with a number of repeated attempts. Score your marksmanship, unless you are embarrassed with your poor skills. Please don’t fool yourself by thinking you are passionate and showing respect by “toasting” the animal you kill. You are fools. You are immature self centered idiots. You do not even see yourselves for what you really are. I am wasting my breath by even trying to get this message across to you.


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