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You see? THIS is why America can kick ass halfway around the globe. The moment the U.S. government announced that Navy SEALs Team 6 had taken out Public Terrorist Number One, Osama Bin Laden T-shirts and bumper stickers were on their way to consumers’ homes.,,—they’re all hard at it now, churning out thousands of snarky shirts, bilious bumper stickers and other examples of in-yer-face-Osama-is-room-temperature chazerai. We are the most creative, capitalist and free speech-loving nation on the face of the earth. Which accounts for the fact that we are rich beyond measure—although we have run up the credit card a bit lately. Someone ought to look into that. Meanwhile, cel-e-brate good kills. C’mon! It’s a celebration.

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  1. Fuck him. I am offended that they washed his body in anything other than bacon before they dropped his ass in the ocean. It’s not my style, but I don’t care if anyone wears a pic of him getting fucked by a pig.

  2. I’m waiting for a picture postcard of him dead like they used to do with the dead outlaws in late 1800s. Bonus if there is a SEAL in the pic giving a thumbs up.

  3. >we are rich beyond measure—although we have run up the credit card a bit lately.

    Net worth = assets – outstanding debts. We’re in trouble, folks…

  4. We are the most creative, capitalist and free speech-loving nation on the face of the earth.

    Really? If we are so creative – why are Hollywood and television and books all completely devoid of creative and original ideas? We are not a capitalist nation. In capitalism one can save ones money, thus accumulating capital, and then one can open up a business. We are a fascist nation, in which ones money is seized by taxes and the hidden tax without legislation/representation called inflation thus preventing us from saving and accumulating capital, thus forcing entrepreneurs to borrow large sums of money to comply with the fascist regulations. Free speech – we are free to write and distribute books on how to commit murder, and how to fake an insanity defense for murder, and how to manufacture prohibited drugs – but Irwin Schiff was prohibited from distributing his book “The Federal Mafia”, about the illegal fascist seizure of our wages, and he was prohibited from speaking in public about it. How is that free speech? Also examine the campaign finance laws and you’ll see that free speech is prohibited about political candidates come election time.

    Which accounts for the fact that we are rich beyond measure—although we have run up the credit card a bit lately.

    The sum of our debts is dozens or hundreds of times larger than the sum of our assets. That is not being rich. What we call “money” isn’t even money. It’s “monopoly money”, “fiat money”, or most accurately, “counterfeit money”. We are poor beyond measure and it’s only that credit card and people’s gullibility and ignorance that maintains the illusion of wealth and prosperity.

    Meanwhile, cel-e-brate good kills.

    And lower myself to the subhuman level of the cretins who would want to kill me simply because I am an American? No thank you.

    C’mon! It’s a celebration.

    Yes, it is – but what you celebrating? You are celebrating a public relations/public manipulation/photo op that has provided your enemy with a martyr and new recruiting and motivational power. You are celebrating the death of people who may or may not be the people you think they are – the only source you have is the American government which is a very well documented serial liar and master of misinformation. Due to the cell network nature of the terrorist organizations the death of any one or any number of members is meaningless except for to the degree that it strengthens your enemy. What happens after your celebration? Retribution seems likely, and then our government shall have an excuse to remove more liberty, increase taxation, and expand it’s mass murder/war operations.

    While you are celebrating the dollar is collapsing, inflation is becoming hyperinflation, gold is rising, poverty in your own nation is rapidly increasing, and the shit is hitting the fan. You also celebrate the T-shirts and crass commercialism that demonstrates our lack of respect for human life and our culture of death – countless millions will be spent on this crap (primarily produced in China/our credit card) while our systems of agriculture, aquaculture, infrastructure of all types, education, finance, etc etc etc all go down the tubes. Yes, we can kill people all around the world. Yes, we can spend our money foolishly to parade our savage inclinations. My question is – can we save and invest wisely so we will not be starving under the coming fully totalitarian police state? As a firm rule I daresay no, we can not.

    And yes Mr. Farago, there is all of that – and much, much, much more. I gotta go cook some rice and beans and work on the fields. You enjoy your fascist lifestyle while it lasts.

  5. While I completely support the sentiment of these kinds of t-shirts, and have some cathartic Osama rifle targets myself, I kind of feel the BEST thing you can do regarding Bin Laden is to simply erase him. I’m not saying forget about what he did, but don’t let him be turned into a symbol. If we turn him into a negative symbol that almost gives his legacy more power, it almost bolsters his value as a positive symbol for our enemies. I don’t want to see Bin Laden t-shirts be some abstracted pre-teen fashion fad in 50 years, like Che Guevara…

    Also, I’ve had the ‘feed him to pigs’ kind of thoughts too, but while he was a terrorist who co-opted extremist islamic propaganda, stuff like that while a spectacular insult to his corpse and supporters is also a general insult to muslims, many of which are on our side regarding Bin Laden.

  6. I’m trying to find some Bin Laden jockey shorts. My Pinocchio Fruit-of-the-Looms are looking a bit worn.

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