Or You Could Shoot Him . . . JTILTH

Click below to see video of the disarmist in action. [h/t everydaynodaysoff.com]


  1. avatar Defens says:

    :56 has some nice dance moves, but for shear gun-fu excitement, the double-disarm at 1:25 is hard to beat. I’d give him three thumbs up and a ticket to Las Vegas (or Jakarta) for the finals.

  2. avatar RCC says:

    All the more reason to move. Once someone commits to an attack / disarm like that just don’t be there.

  3. avatar DrewR says:

    It’s like if Peter Pan had a high speed, low drag operator school.

    1. avatar CLarson says:

      Seriously. I am bit leary of any super cool move that relies on a oblivious opponent doing exactly what you expect. What happens if your opponent flinches and your flying grab fails to connect. Are you now prone in front of your armed opponent? That’s not good. I want to see the blooper reel.

      1. avatar jwm says:

        Jim Rockford:”Karate is based on the assumption that your opponent will fight fair.”

        1. avatar DavidW says:

          Actually, it depends on the form. Not all Karate styles are the same. Some are more “peaceful” than others. What one school teaches students in Boston is not the same as a school for the military. The latter is not all moves and breaking boards. It’s targeted on terminating an opponent and moving on to the next one… and staying alive. A good civilian school doesn’t teach students to go forth and kick a$$. Anyone who has had the privilege of seeing the Korean, Russian, or Israeli Special Forces, or our own, would recognize the difference between schools just teaching the means and those dedicated to training to complete a mission and return alive.

      2. avatar Bob H says:

        Im skeptical of any “disarming” move that involves leaving your feet and flying through the air in front of a loaded bad guy’s pistol while he’s already pointing it menacingly with his finger on the trigger.

        I could be wrong but 7/10 times dude in blue gets shot.

        1. avatar PDW says:

          Muay Boran.
          Used in the past by Thai military personnel as the weaponless version of Krabi Krabong.
          Muay Thai ( a sport ) is a derivative of Muay Boran.

        2. avatar Jeep1967 says:

          My thoughts exactly. In a real life situation, I wonder how often these techniques would result in discharge of the firearm resulting in injury or death for the “disarmer” or the victim that the firearm was pointed at.

    2. avatar 16V says:

      Bruce Lee carried a .357 mag with him everywhere he went.

  4. avatar CLarson says:

    What kind of gun is the big silver pistol. Seems to have a ridiculously long barrel for a semi auto. I don’t think most of this guy’s barrel grabbing tricks would work on the small easily concealable guns most criminals favor. 😛

    1. avatar Mercury says:

      The size of the gun is the least of the ways in which these techniques are impractical.

      As far as what the gun is, the only all-stainless long slide auto I know of is the AMT Hardballer, which is a collector’s item today and if that’s what it is they definitely shouldn’t be playing with it.

      1. avatar 16V says:

        They’re very odd ducks, so, seldom seen. But, there are several I can think of, especially current production.

        Springfield Armory makes 2 or 3 variants, a company called Fusion makes at least 1, MAC makes one IIRC, or is plated/coated anyway, Magnum, Research has had a long slide since I bought one 3 decades ago (thought obvs not a 1911).

        Last I checked, Hardballers were worth about jack diddly. I had a good one back in the day, I shot a coupla bad ones too. Hit or miss quality as far as I know, and only collectible in the novelty sense.

        1. avatar Mercury says:

          Last time I saw a long slide Hardballer go up for sale it went for about $1.5K. Like you said, novelty value; an original Hi-Power is a collector’s item too, and I certainly don’t want to actually shoot one.

          Regardless, and whatever it actually is, saying they shouldn’t be playing with it was more of a dig at the absurdity of the moves. Even a rare gun isn’t going to have its value reduced by being tossed on the ground a few times.

    2. avatar Jeep1967 says:

      That barrel was so long that when he had it concealed in the back of his pants, it must have nestled between his ass cheeks.

  5. avatar Ktmken says:

    This dude has seen more action movies than me, damn!

  6. avatar Anonymous says:

    Lame. If I was cavalier about loosely holding a pistol, it would be easy to be taken. Most people will have a firm grip on it, and if the disarmer gets in a wrestling match with a gunman, there is a very high risk of him not letting go of his pistol and someone getting shot. Rather than run up to him from behind, it would be a lot better to just pop him in the back of the dome with a handgun. WTF.

    1. avatar DavidW says:

      Done properly, disarming someone will result in your opponent no longer possessing a trigger finger, and by the time he realizes that fact, he will be finished.

      1. avatar Anonymous says:

        I didn’t see any fingers lost in that video.

        1. avatar Von says:

          I didn’t see the bad guy with a finger on the trigger or a proper grip.

  7. avatar Rabbi says:

    Major mistake that I see in almost every disarm video. Never use your attacker’s gun. You don’t know if it works, if its loaded, if its jammed or even if its real

    1. avatar Hannibal says:

      Might be worth the 5-12lb of press on the trigger to find out.

  8. avatar cmac890 says:

    This was obviously more about the action star moves than any sort of practical application whatsoever. With that in mind, what this guy needs is a real cinematogropher to hide his lack of skillz.

    The kick to the ribs was a nice touch though.

    1. avatar adverse4 says:

      I spent 10 years training to fight. Result? I know hundreds of ways to get my ass kicked. On the other hand, I am still alive.

  9. avatar OldLawProf says:

    At age 72, I do well to accomplish a 12 pound double-action trigger pull. I ain’t running, I ain’t fighting, and NO – I ain’t dying.

  10. avatar adverse4 says:

    If your opponent cooperates all works well. 99% of disarm techniques are BS in real life. However practicing them is not entirely useless. A will to fight back is just as important, if not more so, than “training”. Thing is, too many people assume too much.

  11. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    I couldn’t stop laughing at monkey man!

  12. avatar Cliff H says:

    Situational awareness is a thing.

    Only thing worse than being stuck on the X – being totally focused on your victim/target.

  13. avatar Spartan357 says:

    cuz nobody ever notices an urban ninja in blue bdu’s nearby when they’re gonna half assed pretend to rob someone

  14. avatar strych9 says:

    The flying leg-armbar to what looks to be a leg locked Americana.

    Should have gone balls out for the Crucifix and pistol whip to the throat.

  15. avatar Kyle says:

    Those Brazilians do love their dance moves. They got it in the Jui-jitsu too.

    Nothing done, can’t be done better with a flourish I guess.

    Me? i just go for a misdirect and shoot…or just hand um my wallet and cry like a 4 year old. Kinda depends on the situation.

  16. avatar Charlie says:

    What’s that stacatto nonsense he’s uttering? Russian?

    1. avatar PDW says:

      Probably Portuguese ( Brazil )

  17. avatar Conservatarian says:

    Oh look, a video of play time.

  18. avatar MLee says:

    I want to see the one bad guy with good situational awareness who shoots his ass! 🙂

  19. avatar tmm says:

    Eh, not impressed. And yea, you could just go Indy on him.

  20. avatar The Rookie says:

    Methinks some of these moves came out of watching some of Shatner’s moves in the original Star Trek. All that’s missing is the Butt-Fu strike off the deck wall.

  21. avatar Mike Betts says:

    Meh. It would have been much better if they’d had “Kung-Fu Fighting” as background music.

  22. avatar derfel cadarn says:

    Stupid shit like this always works in the movies. Reality is a entirely different concept.

  23. avatar DJ says:

    I’m in my 60’s. Too old to even think about fighting…..you lose I’m just going to shoot you.

  24. avatar MStB says:

    He was also twisting the pistol into the hand, not out of it. Facing the weapon hand, he was twisting counter clockwise, which just puts the weapon more firmly in your grip. Should twist clockwise, so it moves against fingers, out of the hand.

    Still rather pop him from a distance, though!

  25. avatar Steve p says:

    That’s adorable

  26. avatar Lawbob says:

    I kept waiting for the gunman to anticipate the Brazilian jui jitsu fighter (aka Charlie Brown) and pull a Lucy on him.

  27. avatar SkyMan77 says:

    Now that’s some silly sh*t right there… Dude would get shot quicker than you can say Napoleon Dynamite…

  28. avatar retrocon says:

    My first thought was about the scene in “Galaxy Quest” where Tim Allen, playing a Capt. Kirk like character is “tumbling” as he moves stealthly toward the objective, and Signorney Weaver asks: “Does the rolling really help?”

    And he says, “Yes.”

  29. avatar Ad Astra says:

    Anyone else see a good chance for our would be hero to shoot himself in the gut while whipping the would be attacker’s pistol around to use against him?

  30. avatar 5WarVeteran says:

    While all nice and pretty looking I would have to see that done with live blanks. You see when you “disarm” the weapon needs to be instantly pushed in the direction that takes the trigger finger OUT of the trigger guard. Forcing the finger in to the trigger guard could also cause the shooter to grasp the weapon harder and fire it.

    Done improperly and you are dead.
    Just sayin.

  31. avatar Russ H says:



  32. avatar Patrick says:

    New branch of Voda Consulting ?

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