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Last week’s best caption was contributed by was pieslapper. This week’s winner will win a Flambeau Zerust Vapor Capsule for their safe or range bag to keep their guns pristine. Just enter the best caption for this photo in the comments by midnight Sunday to win. Good luck.

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  1. So, deputy … how many shots you reckon it’ll take to “recoil” myself to the washroom?

  2. I’m so sorry, Barney! I grabbed my rifle instead of my guitar. That’s going to leave a mark.

    Chicks dig scars.

  3. I stopped my meds and now it’s so clear to me. Wait till Barney’s in the door and pew, right between the eyes.

  4. “Howdy boys, we been expectin’ you. Aunt Bee even baked ya’ll a home made apple pie, help yerself. An when yer all done, just kindly show yerselves to the cell on the left. Key’s on the wall over there by Otis. Barn show the nice gentlemen where they can wash up, and Ope get yer frog out of the wash basin. Now I’ve got to get down to Floyd’s and get me a hair cut, I’ll see you folks.”

  5. “Aunt Bee will win that pickle contest, Floyd.”

    Okay, I stole that one from MadTV. I disqualify myself and stuff. But it’s still funny.

    • “Cocoon” was one weird ass show, right up there with that one about the kid that goes missing back in the 70s, reappears in the 90s and hasn’t aged a bit. Or that one about a ladie’s husband that died, but a strand of his hair was absorbed by an extraterrestrial essence and created a clone of him. The clone and the lady then go on a soujourn to reunite the extraterrestrial presence with its own kind. The military gets involved, a dead deer is resurrected, stop lights are ran and through the clone a dead man impregnates the woman. What was that show called again?

    • That’s the funniest thing I’ve read all day. On a side note, I live in Mayberry and I don’t recognize anything on that map lol.

  6. How about: “Red Skelton, Beverly Hillbillies, Hee-Haw, Green Acres and Peticoat Junction, this is the Rural Purge”.

    Damnit, why couldn’t The Brady Bunch have been inadvertently included?

  7. “I know the show’s in black & white but this flag is still red, white and blue. Any arguments?”

    Sorry. Playing the pariot card.

  8. “now charlene, when you get done with otis over there, i want you to pay your uncle andy a visit.”

  9. Well Secretary Clinton, we’re going to have us a little talk here about Benghazi, your private emails, the Clinton Foundation…

  10. “Now Gomer, I done told you when you signed up for the Marines you warn’t supposed to say nothin’. But naw, you musta blabbed, and look they done kicked you out.”

  11. Remember the episode this was taken from. Goober takes a car apart and puts it back together inside the courthouse. Goober keeps dragging out removing it at andy’s request and Andy points the gun at goober and tells him he better start working fast to get that car out. Classic episode.

  12. Funny thing, Mr. Mayor. I’m the COUNTY sheriff. I reckon that means you aren’t my boss. Now, are you ready to quit your yellin’ and be reasonable?

  13. No you can’t leave I told you we’re going to sit here and listen to my entire album before I release you back into the community.


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